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How Do I Prepare For Nclex Next Gen

How Hard Is The NCLEX-RN Exam? (Pass Rates)

With the change in testing format and additional questions added to the NCLEX, nursing students may be concerned about preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX.

Students can help themselves by seeking resources to develop clinical reasoning skills. The basis of clinical judgment tested in the Next Gen NCLEX uses critical thinking and decision-making skills as their base. While these changes are not expected until 2023, it is wise for nursing students to start preparing now.

The NCSBN hopes this new model will better evaluate nursing graduates to care for more complex patients as the healthcare system evolves.

Technological advancements and a rising number of senior adults with chronic diseases have impacted the healthcare system. The Next Generation NCLEX will help nursing schools and students to raise the level of patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Why Do Students Fail The Nclex

Failing the NCLEX may indicate that your study habits were not optimal. Identify your areas of opportunity, and be clear about how you will alter your approach for your next attempt. You may have tried to cram too much studying into too short a time, or you might have not studied enough.

Failing the NCLEX may indicate that your

study habits

study habits

Study skills, academic skill, or study strategies are approaches applied to learning. Study skills are an array of skills which tackle the process of organizing and taking in new information, retaining information, or dealing with assessments.

wiki Study_skills

Safe And Effective Care Environment

This category makes up approximately 21-33 percent of the NCLEX questions. Questions in this category cover safety issues in patient care, particularly the administration of medicine to patients, safety measures to prevent further injuries and infections, isolation precautions, safety for pediatric patients, and special safety precautions for patients with psychiatric problems.

This portion of the exam may also include questions pertaining to laboratory tests, test results, and unique nursing procedures that may be associated with test results ethical and legal nursing problems nursing management and issues related to giving patients the best care. NCLEX questions on these topics are randomly spread throughout the exam.

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How Do I Know If I Passed My Nclex

Some NCLEX test-takers can find their name and license information on the state board of nursing website. While it may take up to six weeks to receive a notification with your official results, some people have accessed their license status online on the BON website within a few days of taking the exam.

What Type Of Setting Do Nurses Work And Specialize In

NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Guide

Within their given fields, nurses comprise a higher percentage of medical professionals in a given specialization, standing alongside the doctors, administrators, medical billing specialists and others in specific groupings:

  • 30.5% of RNs make up the general medical field and hospitals, with doctors, anesthesiologists, and other medical professionals rounding out the remaining 69.5% of this employment category.
  • In physicians offices throughout the U.S., nurses account for 7.8% of medical professionals in this field.
  • Outpatient care centers across the country have a 15.4% share of nurses who make up these ambulatory care units. Their role is to care for patients who do not require an overnight stay in a hospital, or to look after patients who have a shorter recovery time following surgical procedures.
  • In the home health care services line of work, 13.2% of the field is made up of RNs.
  • There is a 9.6% share of RNs who are employed by outpatient care centers, with rehabilitation specialists and other medical professionals comprising the remaining 89.4% of those in this field.

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What Kind Of Questions Are On The Nclex

Most of the questions on the NCLEX exam are going to be multiple choice. There are different types of multiple-choice questions and youll also see some of these types:

  • Identifying the correct body part, or system
  • Answering questions about a chart, graph, or audio/video clip
  • Mathematical questions involving medication calculations and lab values

What You Need To Know About Changes To The Nclex Exam

Every new nurse must pass the National Council Licensure Examination to get their state license. The test determines if a nursing graduate has the skills and knowledge to practice nursing. To meet this goal, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing developed and continues to update a sound and legally defensible examination.

Ongoing assessments of the NCLEX exams use research from entry-level nurses. The organization then refines the tests to keep pace with rapidly changing healthcare.

The result of these assessments has led to the Next Generation NCLEX . The NCSBN is in the final stages of research and testing. The new test questions and format will be released no earlier than 2023.

So what does this mean for nursing students? This page covers updates to the test and how nursing students can prepare for the NGN.

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How Many Times Can You Take Nclex In Colorado

3.9 3.8 Applicants may be approved to take the NCLEX a maximum of three times within three years of the date the Applicant first took the NCLEX in any state, territory or foreign country. The three NCLEX attempts include all unsuccessful attempts to pass the NCLEX in any state, territory or foreign country.

What Types Of Questions Appear On The Nclex

NCLEX-RN Practice Test 2020 (50 Questions with Explained Answers)

Some test-takers find the NCLEX questions quite tricky and hard on their first try.

Here, well focus on the NCLEX-RN. Still, both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are administered via a computer adaptive testing system, so both work the same way.

The NCLEX-RN exam includes 4 types of questions:

  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Select-all-that-apply
  • The CAT adjusts the tests and the level of difficulty of questions according to your performance. Initially, youll be given a question that the computer believes you have a 50/50 chance of getting right.

    When you answer the least difficult questions correctly, your next set of questions becomes more difficult. The level of difficulty increases until the computer decides youve demonstrated a satisfactory competency level.

    Theres no exact number of questions that participants have to answer. You can get anywhere from 75 to 265 questions in total. Note that the number of questions doesnt necessarily indicate that youve either passed or failed the test. You can answer the minimum number of questions and still fail or answer all 265 questions and pass the NCLEX-RN.

    The highest result of education is tolerance

    Hellen Keller

    To make sure the questions dont confuse you on your test day, get familiar with how the NCLEX looks early by taking a practice test. You can find countless sample questions and tests online.

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    What Is The Easiest State To Pass The Nclex

    Home»Blog»Nursing School»Class Prep»Exam Prep»NCLEX

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    Do you want to know if there’s a state you can go to where the NCLEX will be easier?

    Keep reading because I have some good news and bad news. The first will be the bad news.

  • Which state has the highest passing rate for NCLEX?
  • Why Is The Nclex Changing

    The NCLEX is a measurement tool used by each state to determine if new nursing school graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to practice nursing. Every three years, the NCSBN conducts an analysis that highlights the changes in healthcare.

    Because nurses are responsible for decisions and healthcare changes rapidly, the NCLEX must adequately measure knowledge and clinical critical thinking skills made by new nurses.

    Changes to the NCLEX were discussed in 2009 after several research reports revealed that current clinical decision-making models may require updating.

    Over the following six years, the NCSBN collaborated on two studies. Evidence proved that the importance of clinical judgment is highly rated by newly licensed RNs, supervisors, facilities, and educators.

    The combination of this data and the rising number of medical errors led the NCSBN to research new testing methods.

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    Health Promotion And Maintenance

    The Health Promotion and Maintenance category makes up about 12 percent of the NCLEX examination. Questions under this category deal with birth control measures, pregnancy, labor and delivery care for a newborn infant, growth and development, and diseases that can spread easily like sexually transmitted infections. If a patient is pregnant, it is very important that the nurse be able to act as a teacher or counselor for the patient. This makes it necessary to understand all components of a patientâs pregnancy. Knowledge of a proper diet, development of the fetus, signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications and certain pregnancy related procedures will be helpful for this section of the exam.

    How Will Ngn Impact Nursing Curriculum

    NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Guide

    Nursing school curriculums are expected to change slightly as schools scramble to prepare students for the NGN. However, the NCSBN does not believe it will be necessary for nursing schools to fully change their curriculum. It is only necessary to continue to teach clinical judgment effectively to prepare new graduates for the examination and their clinical position after licensure.

    Each nursing college must meet accreditation standards, but there is some flexibility in how concepts are taught. The NCLEX is the last standard a new nursing degree graduate must meet before being licensed to practice by the state board of nursing.

    While somewhat similar, the NCSBN clinical judgment measurement model does not replace the nursing process. It is an evidence-based framework that tests nursing graduates.

    The NCSBN hopes the NCJMM helps nursing educators evaluate clinical judgment in the classroom. It can also be used to develop teaching methods associated with decision-making and critical thinking to bolster clinical judgment.

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    States With The Highest Pass Rates On The Nursing Licensure Exam

    Before nurses can work in the United States, they must pass an exam to become licensed. The National Council Licensure Examinationmore commonly referred to as the NCLEXis a standardized test specifically designed to ensure nurses are ready to start practicing. There are two versions of the test based on education level: Those who have earned a diploma in practical nursing take the NCLEX-PN, while those who have earned an associate or bachelors degree take the NCLEX-RN. Both consist of questions that test nursing knowledge as well as presenting scenarios to test a potential nurses ability to effectively make decisions, critically parse a complex process, and navigate the kinds of tricky situations nurses will face in future workplaces.

    Each state has its own board of nursing under the umbrella of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing . While nurse hopefuls in all states must gain their license before practicing nursing in their state, the protocol can vary in different places. Some states combine registration for the exam with the license application, while others require candidates to apply for licensure with the state board before being allowed to register for the exam. The test can be taken in any state, even if its a different one from where the nurse will end up practicing.

    Your States Licensing Exam Process

    The examination and application process can vary from state to state. In some states, the application and examination process is automated, while in others, applications must be submitted by mail and can take several weeks.

    Make sure you understand your states requirements for applying for and passing the real estate license exam.

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    National Council Licensure Examination

    Prerequisite to nurse licensure in the USA and Canada
    Year started
    Annual number of test takers NCLEX-RN:
    Candidate must be a recent graduate of an accredited nursing school. Fluency in English assumed.
    Fee $200 USD or $360 CAD
    Scores / grades used by State Boards of Nursing in United States and Board of Nursing in 10 Canadian provinces
    Qualification rate

    The National Council Licensure Examination is a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States, Canada and Australia since 1982, 2015 and 2020 respectively. There are two types, the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. After graduation from a school of nursing, one takes the NCLEX exam to receive a nursing license. A nursing license gives an individual the permission to practice nursing, granted by the state where they met the requirements.

    NCLEX examinations are developed and owned by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. . The NCSBN administers these examinations on behalf of its member boards which consist of the boards of nursing in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    What Are The Options Available To My Agency

    I Failed the NCLEX Exam | What to do if you Fail the NCLEX

    When you decide that the above licenses are unsuitable for you, you may want to consider other options. For example, virtual brokers allow agents and brokers to operate in multiple states without obtaining a license.

    This allows them to operate in more than one state. While this is easy in theory, there are several problems associated with managing properties overseas. Agents and brokers need to be the best. Otherwise, everything will go wrong.

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    How Many Questions Are On The Nclex

    How many questions youll see on the NCLEX exam depends on two things:

    • Are you taking the RN or PN exam?
    • How many questions do you get right or wrong?

    If youre taking the NCLEX-RN exam, youll get between 75 265 questions.

    If youre taking the NCLEX-PN exam, youll get between 65 205 questions.

    Why range? Because the number of questions you get also depends on how many questions you get right or wrong. If you just crush it with correct answers across the board you might make it out in around 75.

    On the flip side, if you just cant remember anything and bomb you may also get around 75 questions. The test will keep giving you questions until it has determined a 95% competency level. But the average has been reported to be around 120 questions.

    The average time spent on the test ranges from 45 minutes to two and a half hours. Because there are so many questions and material to cover, one of the best ways to study is using NCLEX study cards like these here.

    How Does The Nclex Work

    The NCLEX is the single most important exam youll take after leaving nursing school. It determines if youre eligible to provide nursing care in your state. For most students, taking the NCLEX is one of the most difficult events in their education. Its for a good reason, too.

    There are two types of NCLEX exams:

  • NCLEX-RN – a nursing test for prospective registered nurses
  • NCLEX-PN – a nursing test for prospective vocational nurses
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    Is The Nclex Hard

    How hard is the NCLEX, exactly? Lets see what the standard pass rate is.

    Between January and March 2020, the first-attempt NCLEX pass rate for U.S. educated nursing students was 86.16% . When we compare that to the 87% first-time pass rate from 2017, we can see that this is more or less the standard pass rate.

    The numbers tell us that passing the NCLEX isnt easy. About 13% of test-takers dont pass itand dont become registered nurses the first time.

    Just like theres no minimum number of questions you need to answer, theres no exact number of questions you need to get right. A solid rule of thumb may be to give correct responses to the medium difficulty questions at least 50% of the time.

    Is Nclex Easier In Other States

    500+ Must Know Facts for the NCLEX Exam (Quick Review

    For example, educational requirements allowing one to sit for the NCLEX-NR or to obtain licensure in the state may vary. Once you have obtained a license in a state, it is somewhat easier to obtain licensure in another state. This is particularly so if both states belong to the Nurse Licensure Compact .

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    How Many Credits Or Courses Are Required In Your State

    The number of courses required to obtain a license varies from state to state. For example, Florida only requires 63 credit hours, while Texas requires 180 credit hours. Depending on the state regulations, the required number of academic credits you must earn at your school depends on each states regulations.

    Contact your states real estate commission to determine how many hours you will need to obtain your license.

    Highest Paying States For Rns

    Its no surprise that California tops the list of highest-paying states for registered nurses. However, some of the other states that cracked the top five were somewhat surprising, offering high annual mean wages for RNs:

    Massachusetts is the only East Coast state among the highest paying states for RNs, whereas the other four states that round out the top 5 are located on the West Coast or outside of the continental U.S.

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    Why Do Some Nursing Students Fail The Nclex

    Three scenarios can cause you to fail the test:

  • Time is up before you answer at least 75 questions.
  • You answered all 265 questions and didnt showcase a satisfactory level of ability and knowledge.
  • The computer determined your level of ability and knowledge isnt satisfactory even before you answered all questions.
  • Failing the NCLEX isnt the worst thing in the world. A lot of nurses had to retake it, and theyve been successfully providing nursing care ever since.

    On the other hand, passing the NCLEX is kind of hard. To make it a bit easier, dont wait too long after you finish nursing school to take it. This way, youll need less time to prepare and refresh your knowledge than if you were taking the NCLEX later.

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