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How Much Money Can I Make With Pmp Certification

Take the PMP Exam at Home – What to Expect

The Project Management Institute researched and found that the median salary for project professionals with PMP certification is 25% higher than those without the PMP designation.

A few common job titles and average salaries are:

  • Senior Project Manager salary: $103,583
  • Construction Project Manager salary: $82,388
  • IT Project Manager salary: $91,628
  • Engineering Project Manager salary: $92,977
  • Technical Project Manager salary: $94,997
  • Marketing Project Manager salary: $58,645
  • Clinical Project Manager salary: $70,523

What Is Pmp Exam Prep

Since youve made the investment to earn the Project Management Professional ® certification, its time to make the commitment to prepare for the exam. Regardless of how advanced your project management experience or education might be, you should still prepare vigorously for the exam. PMP Prep consists of multiple available resources either through a class, self-research, or a study group to prepare you for the PMI PMP Certification Exam.

It is highly recommended that PMP candidates invest in PMP Prep. Most successful PMP candidates spend an average of 35 hours or more preparing for the exam. This is because the PMI PMP exam is the worlds leading project management certification consisting of 180 multiple choice questions that prove you have the leadership experience and expertise in Project Management. The best way to ensure that you will qualify and pass the exam is to prepare for it.

Pmi Membership Status Ccr Renewal Fee:

#PMI member – $60

#Non-PMI member – $150

Note: PMI’s membership renewal fee is different and separate than the certification renewal fee. A candidate can complete the renewal process at any point during his/her cycle, post-meeting of the PDU requirements by submitting the payment, no later than 90 days after the cycle end date.

PMI will send the candidate an updated certificate with the new active certification/CCR cycle dates, after processing the completed application and the renewal payment. It generally takes six to eight weeks for postal delivery of the document.

PMI certification holders will have to agree to comply with the terms of use, including adherence to the audit norms. In case of an audit, the candidate will be allowed to renew his/her certification only after he/she has completed the audit and complied with all the terms and conditions.

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How To Book Your Pmp Exam

Once you have that confirmation number you can then schedule to take the exam on the Pearson VUE Website at

This separate scheduling is necessary because PMI doesn’t perform the test themselves instead they use Pearson VUE, a testing company with testing centers around the world. Depending on where you live you may have to travel quite far to take the exam. As a result, you definitely want to schedule this well in advance.

Know Your Processes Process Groups And Documents

PMP Application Audit

The PMBOK® Guide outlines 5 process groups, 49 processes, and 10 knowledge areas. Ensure you have the to ensure you learn about the new processes they added more recently! To master these, you should memorize their order and fully understand what they are and how they apply to real project management situations.

You should memorize the Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping matrix from the PMBOK® Guide and learn the documents created during the Initiating and Planning stages and know what each one does.

The PMP exam’s situational questions will test your ability to identify relevant content and leave out the insignificant information. These tend to be lengthy, so read through each question more than once to help you focus on the correct information. The few knowledge-based questions you may see on the exam will test you on how much information you know. Usually, these will include facts found in the PMBOK® Guide. You may be asked to identify a chart or graph, where processes belong in the knowledge area, or the ITTOs that belong to particular processes.

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Get Familiar With The Pmbok Guide

After you’ve laid out a timeline for your study plan, research the resources you will need. The first and most important is the PMBOK® Guide. This official guide published by PMI will give you the conceptual clarity you need to pass the exam. Make sure you’re using the newest and most updated 6th Edition.

The guide may be lengthy and dry, but it is crucial to passing the PMP certification exam. People who cannot clear the exam after multiple attempts have usually sidestepped this guide in their preparation.

A good strategy is to plan to study one knowledge area of the PMBOK® Guide every week, and begin with reading the guide itself before moving onto other study material. This will help you approach the same topic from different angles and better understand the subject. You can even get more detailed and study one process from each knowledge area every day. This will give you daily and weekly study milestones to reach.

Starting your preparation with the PMBOK® Guide will help build the foundation for your studies. Make sure you read through the book at least twice before sitting for the PMP exam.

Ensure You Are Qualified

Visit the Prerequisites and Exam Details page to determine whether you meet all education and experience requirements for the PMP® credential. You will be required to document your qualifications in detail on the PMP® application. If you have specific questions about your eligibility, contact PMI directly.

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Pmp Certification Eligibility Criteria

Letâs start with the most basic question: Who can take the PMP exam?

PMP certification eligibility is based on the following prerequisites:

  • Years of experience leading projects: If you worked on multiple projects that overlapped in a single month, only one of those projects can count toward your experience requirement. It doesnât matter if some of your project management work went unpaid, as long as the experience you gained happened in a professional environment. School or personal projectsâlike planning your own wedding, for exampleâdonât count.
  • Hours of formal project management education: Before you apply for PMP certification, youâll need to spend time learning the ins and outs of project management. Any course, workshop, or training session that covers core project management tenets and provides an assessment or certificate of completion applies toward this prerequisite. Be prepared to provide the name of the courses completed, institutions and dates attended, and qualifying hours accrued. Thereâs no expiration date on contact hours youâve earned.

PMP certification requirements vary based on your level of education. If you graduated from college with a bachelorâs degree, for example, you can qualify to take the PMP exam with less on-the-job project management experience.

Hereâs a breakdown of PMIâs PMP requirements:

Eligibility Requirements

Get Your Pmp Exam Prep Training

How to Study PMBOK Guide FAST for 2022 PMP Exam

You have the PMBOK® Guide and a study plan in place. By now, youve probably realized that the PMBOK® Guide isnt written to be read straight through and understood. In fact, many students tell us that the book is difficult to understand. Training guides in other formats help you understand the material in the PMBOK® Guide and how you can apply it in your day job to be a better project manager.

There are lots of different ways that you can boost your learning through training including:

  • Classroom courses
  • Virtual self-paced courses.

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Pmp Exam Prep Courses

Project Management Academy’s expert instructors prepare 10,000 students a year to pass the PMP exam on their first attempt.

As a member of Project Management Institute Authorized Training Partner program with Premier Status, you can be sure you are getting your PMP exam prep training from the very best.

There’s a reason Project Management Academy has become the most trusted name in project management training® – we have a track-record of helping students pass their PMP exam with world-class instructors, a unique PMP training approach, and outstanding study materials to give you everything you need to study and pass the PMP exam!

Project Management Academy’s PMP Exam Prep course objectives are to help students:

How To Earn Pdus

You can earn PDUs by attending local PMI Chapter dinner meetings, by volunteering for PMI, or by attending seminars offered by a trusted and experienced education provider. There are lots of ways to earn PDUs so you are bound to find something that you can do.

The good news is that there are many ways to earn free PDUs.

Our favorite way is podcasts! And among podcasts there is no better than The Project Management Podcast which will give you a total of 60 Free PDUs.

Another way to earn PDUs is to start preparing for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner ® exam which is becoming a natural next step for any PMP. To learn how to both prepare for the PMI-ACP exam and earn PDUs towards your PMP certification check out

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Reason : Expand Your Market Reach And Scope

PMP certification holders are a global yet close-knit community. There are many Project Management forums and online communities that attract PMP professionals from across the world who are willing to share tips, insights, and pool their experiencehelping everyone stay abreast of the latest industry developments and trends.

What Is Global Teaching Assistance

PMP Exam Preparation Guide (Special for Exam 2020)

Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.

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Pmp Exam Prep Options

Based on how you learn, there are multiple resources available to you. The goal is to help you find the best fit for your learning style and schedule. PMI recommends working with either or the PMI® Authorized On-demand PMP® Exam Prep course. PMI Authorized Training Partners are organizations aligned with PMI that have successfully completed a PMI Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer PMP Exam Prep® Program and whose instructors use PMI-developed training course content. The PMI® Authorized On-demand PMP® Exam Prep course is an online, self-paced prep course designed to help you prepare for the PMP Certification Exam on your terms. Understanding the differences in these resources can help you decide which option is best for you.

How Do I Fill Out My Pmp Application

Your journey to becoming PMP-certified begins with the PMP application. You do not have to complete the application before enrolling in UTC’s course. However, we encourage students to at least begin the application process before the start of class. UTC is available to help you with any application questions you may have.

The goal of the PMP application is to detail your experience and training to show you have got what it takes to become a PMP professional.

Application Steps:

  • Confirm your eligibility. Ensure you meet the experience and education prerequisites.
  • Gather your information. Document your experience and training by gathering information about projects you have led including where you worked, your role and responsibilities, and the duration of your projects. You will also include training you have completed such as institutions attended, courses completed, and qualifying hours.
  • Dive into the application. You will need a account to kick the process off. Have all the information you gathered in the previous step handy so you can sail through the application. If you need a break in the middle of the application, do not worry! You can save the application as you go.

Your application will be reviewed by PMI upon submission.

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Work Smarter On Your Own Schedule

Youre constantly evolving uncovering new opportunities, driving the change you want to see and improving your performance. So is Project Management Professional ® certification. The PMP remains the leading project management certification around the world and across industries. Now it can also unlock your competitive edge and prove you work smarter. Take the PMP® certification exam at home or in your office, when it fits your schedule.

Before taking the PMP Certification Exam, learn the different PMP prep options available for you to pass on the first try!

Get Familiar With Other Study Resources

How I passed my PMP Exam in just four weeks!!!

Why do you need study materials besides the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition? While it is imperative to study the guide, it is also not exam-oriented. It provides the theory or facts behind the processes, but not how they are linked or how to apply them in real life. Using additional resources and study materials will help you pass the scenario-based questions on the exam.

There will also be math calculations on the exam. The math level is not difficult, but there are too many possible calculation questions on the exam to ignore. The best thing to do is make peace with it and master the level required for the exam. PMA provides our students with a book of exercises to help with Earned Value and Critical Path math proficiency.

Critical Path knowledge is crucial! Similar to math questions, PMI loves to test students on their Critical Path knowledge: specifically, forward and backward pass. After all, the heart and soul of what a project manager does is scheduling, so PMI wants to make sure you can manually accomplish what computer-based schedulers do automatically.

If you have not mastered math, specifically Earned Value and Critical Path calculations, you are not ready for the certification exam.

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Know What To Expect From The Exam

  • Remember how you planned to spend your 230 minutes. As you practiced taking the exams during your weeks or months of study, you should have planned how to use your exam time most efficiently. Stick to this plan as closely as possible to prevent panic or rushing at the end of the exam period!
  • Watch through the exam tutorial. When you begin the exam, you have the option to run a 15-minute tutorial explaining how to navigate the computer. Once you complete it, you can begin the test timer. We recommend using the exam tutorial so nothing slows you down.
  • The PMP exam is not adaptive. Some computer-based exams are adaptive, meaning questions may become more or less difficult based on the exam-taker’s answers. The PMP and CAPM exams are fixed: all questions are on the computer at the start of the exam, and the order and difficulty do not change while you take the test.
  • You can brain dump, but not during the exam tutorial. A brain dump is anything you have trouble remembering. Most students start with the formulas. Practice your brain dump every night for two weeks before exam day. Try to write it from memory during the last two nights. Once you complete the tutorial and start the test timer, begin your brain dump immediately without even looking at the first question.
  • PMP Certification Training

    Free Pmp People Practice Test 2022

    The PMP exam is administered by the Project Management Institute, which is the leading professional organization for the project management profession. The PMP can be considered to be one of the most recognizable project manager certifications. The updated version of the PMP exam content outline has undergone significant changes. It is now covering three domains which are People, Processes, and Business Environment.

    From leading teams of project participants to creating the teams themselves, or even making sure the project team members receive the training they need to be as productive as possible, the People portion of project management is of paramount importance. People Domain in the PMP exam focuses on the soft skills you need to successfully lead a project team in todays changing environment. It involves questions on the manners to manage conflicts, engage and support virtual teams, and enhance team performance via the use of emotional intelligence. The people domain of the Exam will cover 42% of the Exam area, which can become the most important questions for you in your PMP Test.

    Our PMP People Domain practice tests are designed based on the latest PMP Exam Pattern. Practicing these questions which cover all the content of the People Domain will help you to sharpen your knowledge and skills in order to get ready for the actual Exam Day. Our practice tests are available for you to take as many times as you want for your preparation.

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    What Is The Pmp Exam

    Now that weâve laid out who can take the PMP exam and how much it costs, letâs take a closer look at the PMP exam itself so you know what to expect.

    The PMP certification exam is administered by the Project Management Institute . Once your PMP certification application is approved and youâve paid the PMP exam cost, youâll receive an email from the PMI with instructions and a PMP certification eligibility code for scheduling your exam online or at a testing center. Be sure to schedule and take the PMP certification exam within 1 year so you donât have to reapply and start the process all over again.

    The PMP exam is made up of 180 questions, and youâll have 230 minutes to complete the test. The PMP exam content outline covers predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches across the following 3 domains:

    • Business environment

    If you donât pass the test the first time, donât worry! You can take the PMP certification exam up to 3 times in a single year.

    When the confetti settles after passing your PMP certification exam, itâs time to shift to maintenance mode. Your PMP certification will be valid for the next 3 years. During that time, youâll need to earn 60 PDUsâwith a combination of project management education and activities that give back to the professionâto maintain your PMP certification.

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