When Is The Ap Lang Exam 2022

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How Are The Ap Exams Structured

2022 Live Review 1 | AP English Language | Reading (Rhetorical Analysis) Multiple-Choice Questions

There are 38 AP exams in total. Although each exam covers its own subject, the structure and time of all AP exams are similar. Here are some of the commonalities among all AP tests:

  • Most of the exams last for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Generally, the first portion of the exam is multiple-choice questions.
  • Answers for the multiple-choice section will require participants to fill out a bubble with a pencil on a separate AP answer sheet.
  • The AP Japanese and AP Chinese Language and Culture Exams have an exam application instead of an answer sheet.
  • The total score on an AP exam for the multiple-choice section only counts the questions that were answered correctly. No points are lost or received for incorrect or blank questions.
  • The second portion of an AP exam generally includes free-response questions where participants are required to provide their own answers.
  • The type of free-response answer required depends on the type of AP exam and could be an essay, an equation, or a verbal response.
  • The AP exams are officially administered by the College Board, but theyre hosted at a variety of locations including schools, rec centers, and other large, spacious areas.
  • The exams are usually graded by a group of volunteers which usually includes many AP teachers.
  • Will I Get Ap Credit For The 2022 Ap Spanish Exam

    Students who take the 2022 AP Spanish exam will be eligible for college credit.

    As in previous years, a student must obtain a score of 3, 4, or 5 to be eligible for college credit.

    For tips on getting a perfect AP score, check out this interview with Dawn Mueller, an educational consultant with Tutor Doctor.

    When Do Students Typically Take Ap English Language When Is Best

    Most schools offer AP® English Language to students in their junior or senior years. However, the course requires no prerequisites, so if your school allows it, you could take it in an earlier year.

    According to our research, many students who take AP® English Language first took an Honors English class in order to be better prepared for the rigors of AP® English Language.

    AP® English Language is a writing-intensive course, so you will be most successful if you wait to take it until you have acquired some experience with the mechanics of essay writing and are comfortable crafting a written argument.

    Students who take AP® English Language often take it prior to taking AP® English Literature. The typical timing is to take AP® English Language during the junior year and AP® English Literature during the senior year.

    You will want to consider these factors as well as your academic goals beyond high school to decide if and when you should take AP® English Language. Seeking advice from teachers, guidance counselors and your parents can also provide valuable insight that can help you make the decision.

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    Don’t Forget Your Other Classes

    Most teachers should be sympathetic about homework and assignments during the AP test period, but you still want to be sure that your schedule isn’t crammed with cramming in case you have to deal with non-AP class assignments, too.

    Your high school GPA is very important for college admissions, so don’t let AP exams completely distract you from your other classes!

    Type : Reading Comprehension

    AP RESULTS 2022

    These questions are focused on verifying that you understood what a certain part of the passage was saying on a concrete, literal level. You can identify these questions from phrases like “according to” “refers,” etc. The best way to succeed on these questions is to go back and re-read the part of the passage referred to very carefully.


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    Ap Comparative Government And Politics

    This year, 15 percent of students who took the AP Comparative Government and Politics exam scored a 5. The highest percentage of students who took the exam scored a 3. Students scored especially high on Unit 1: Political Systems, Regimes, & Governments and on Unit 3: Political Culture & Participation.

    The 2022 AP Comparative Government & Politics Exam scores:

    Tip : Brush Up On Grammar

    The graders of the exam want you to use appropriate grammar and punctuation in communicating your argument. By brushing up on your grammar, you are helping yourself avoid silly mistakes when you are under the time constraints of the exam. Hopefully, you can brush up so well that you wont even have to think of the comma rules or about parallelism. Your strong grammatical foundation will boost your confidence and impress the graders!

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    Don’t Burn Yourself Out

    If you have multiple exams in a week, or two days in a row , limit heavy studying during that time and instead confirm that you’re getting enough rest. Right before an AP test, getting enough sleep and eating a healthy, balanced breakfast or lunch will do far more to improve your score than will memorizing a few more facts or doing one more practice test.

    Expert Guide To The Ap Language And Composition Exam

    2022 Live Review 6 | AP English Language | Rhetorical Analysis Task: Writing the Essay

    With the 2023 AP English Language and Composition exam happening on Tuesday, May 9, it’s time to make sure that you’re familiar with all aspects of the exam. In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of the test, do a deeper dive on each of the sections, discuss how the exam is scored, offer some strategies for studying, and finally wrap up with some essential exam day tips.

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    Tips For Taking The Ap Exam

    Knowing the 2022 AP exam dates and schedule and preparing for the AP exam is only half the battle. In order to reach your full potential, youll also need to take the test successfully.

    What do we mean exactly? Well, theres a whole additional set of skills and attributes used when actually taking an exam that arent associated with studying. Here are some crucial tips to follow during the AP exam to drastically improve your score.

    Format Of The 2022 Ap English Language And Composition Exam

    • Multiple Choice Section – 45% of your score
    • 45 questions in 1 hour
  • Free Response Section – 55% of your score
    • 2 hours and 15 minutes for:
      • 1 synthesis essay
      • 1 point for any of the following:
        • Crafting a nuanced argument by identifying complexities
        • Explaining the limitations of the argument by placing it in a broader context
        • Making rhetorical choices to improve the argument
        • Employing a style that is vivid and persuasive

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    Ap Us Government And Politics

    AP U.S. Government and Politics students scored highest on Unit 3: Civil Rights and Liberties, with 14 percent of students earning perfect scores on that unit. Packer notes that while students performed will on the multiple-choice section, performance on the FRQ section was low.

    The 2022 AP US Government & Politics Exam scores:

    How Do I Prepare For Ap English Test


    One thing you can do to help prepare for the multiple-choice section of the AP lang is to use flashcards. Whether you make them on your own based on topics you know that youll see on the exam or use one that was made for online purposes, be sure to take them with you to study on the go.

    Flashcards are a great option for the AP language and composition exam because you can often find ones that have multiple-choice questions on them. Also, if they are online, there are often fun games you can play to study them. However, it can be difficult to know what information to put on flashcards.

    Another excellent way to study is to take practice tests. This is the closest you can get to the real test, so it is considered the best way to study. Make sure to find tests that have answers with detailed explanations to best learn from them and time yourself while taking them to make them more realistic.

    Your final option for studying for the AP English language and composition exam is to use a study guide that your teacher provides you with. Typically, at the end of the course, your teacher will give you some sort of review with vital information to study by yourself or with your peers.

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    What Will Be Tested On The 2022 Ap Chinese Exam

    The 2022 AP Chinese exam will test students on the whole course content, so be prepared to answer questions on these topics:

    • Unit 1: Families in Different Societies
    • Unit 2: The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity
    • Unit 3: Influences of Beauty and Art
    • Unit 4: How Science and Technology Affect Our Lives
    • Unit 5: Factors That Impact the Quality of Life
    • Unit 6: Environmental, Political, and Societal Challenges

    Is Ap English Language Worth It

    Our research has uncovered many benefits to taking the AP® English Language exam. Primarily, for you as a soon-to-be college student, passing the AP® English Language exam can give you some much-needed confidence that you are able to handle the academic rigors of college classes. This higher level of confidence might help you jump into your first college semester without fear of failure.

    You may also see some benefits when applying to colleges. Admissions counselors like to see AP® courses on your high school transcript. It shows them that you have approached your academics earnestly and that you are prepared for college. While AP® courses do not typically factor into the college admissions formula, they could lend weight when other factors may be equal.

    Of course, the most well-known benefit of taking the AP® English Language exam is to gain college credit. Students have been known to graduate high school with a full semester of college credit under their belt.

    This opens up many different possibilities. You can choose to graduate early or explore a minor or double major. Either way, the flexibility and potential savings cannot be ignored.

    You can review the chart below to see how passing the AP® English Language exam could translate into college savings. Each college handles AP® course credit differently, so you should check with the college of your choice before assessing the financial savings available to you.


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    Sections And Question Types

    The AP English Language and Composition Exam consists of two parts: the multiple-choice section and the free response section. Each section is specifically created to challenge the student and display their knowledge of syntax and literary functions while answering passage questions that encourage critical thinking and organizational writing skills.

    Multiple Choice

    The multiple-choice section is made of two types of questions. There are approximately 23 to 25 reading questions for a student to answer and 20 to 22 writing questions to answer. A passage of text is provided for the student to respond to prompts or questions based on the sample passage. There are 45 questions in total and 60 minutes to complete them. This section has the largest amount of questions but only comprises 45% of the exam score.

    Free Response

    How Do Ap Exams Impact Your College Chances

    2022 AP English Language Free-Response Questions

    Top colleges are looking to admit students who are intellectually curious and who challenged themselves in high school with rigorous coursework. The more selective the school youre applying to, the more beneficial AP classes are. At Ivy League schools and Top-30 colleges, its common for admitted students to have completed upwards of 12 AP classes.

    Many high-ranking colleges use a tool known as the Academic Index to facilitate admissions decisions. Academic Index is a representation of your entire academic performance by a single numerical score and failure to meet a schools threshold can lead them to deem you unqualified for admission. AP classes will help boost your Academic Index and improve the odds that your application will receive serious consideration.

    CollegeVine can help shed some light on how AP classes affect your odds of college admission. Our free chancing engine uses a variety of factorslike GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activitiesto show how you stack up against other applicants and predict your odds of admission at hundreds of colleges across the country. It even provides tips to improve your profile .

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    Preparing For The Ap Exam

    Preparation for the AP English Language and composition exam is not an overnight studying experience. It is a dedicated learning and organized preparation over the expense of the course. A student must study 3 to 15 hours per week to receive a score of five for their efforts on this AP exam. Preparation is meticulous and time-consuming but it can be more effective if a student elects to use a text-to-speech audio reader like Speechify.

    When Is The 2021 Ap English Language Exam

    The 2022 AP® English Language and Composition exam will be given in-person using paper-and-pencil tests. The AP® English Language and Composition exam will take place on:

    Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 8am local time

    Curious about when other AP® exams are happening in 2022? View or download the complete AP® exam schedule here.

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    Unit 2 Foundations Of Argument: Analysis Of An Authors Choices In Appeals And Evidence

    Big takeaways:

    Definitely do this:

    Check out these articles:


    Can you identify these elements of practical argument?

    • You wont be asked to name drop of the exam, but it can be helpful to use devices when discussing strategies. Try this Quizlet to help prepare.

    Ap Lang Multiple Choice Practice

    AP Psychology @AHS: December 2016

    A good AP language practice test will provide you with answers, give detailed explanations, and have a variety of questions. However, it can be difficult to know that you are taking a good AP lang MC practice test. Our experts have gathered some below that are free to use.

    Practice Test Name
    54 multiple-choice, 3 free-response

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    Ap Exam Dates And Schedule

    Youve spent the entire year working hard to master your Advanced Placement course. You knew it would be difficult, but youre always up for an academic challenge. Now that your class is coming to an end, attention shifts from studying the material to practicing for the exam. Its something your teacher has prepared you all year for, but now its time to double down on your efforts and put your best foot forward. A great score could help bolster your college application even more! You probably already feel confident about the tests, but do you know the exact 2022 AP exam dates and schedule?

    Maybe youve looked up the dates once and forgot or you havent given it a thought yet. No worries! Either way, weve got you covered. Here, were going to take a closer look at the 2022 AP exam dates and schedule for each exam.

    This way, youll know exactly when your AP exam is coming up so you can make plans accordingly. Its important to mark these dates down in your calendar so you dont miss them. You wouldnt want months of hard work to go to waste because you forgot the day of the exam!

    Advanced Placement Exam Fees

    Taking an AP exam is not free. The cost per exam in 2022 is $96 for students testing in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools. For students taking an exam outside of specifications, the cost per exam is $126. AP Seminar and AP Research exams are the notable exceptions. The fee to take either of these exams is $144, regardless of whether a student is inside or outside the U.S.

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    Ap Art And Design: Drawing

    14.7 percent of students who submitted an AP Art and Design: Drawing scored a 5. The highest percentage of students, 38.3 percent, who submitted a portfolio earned a 3. Of 19,000 students who participated in the AP Art and Design: Drawing portfolio, 342 earned a perfect score across all components. On the selected works section, 9 percent of students earned a perfect score.

    The 2022 AP Art and Design: Drawing portfolio scores:

    How To Study For Ap English Language And Composition Exam

    2022 Live Review 2 | AP English Language | Writing Multiple-Choice Questions

    Have you ever heard someone say: Sorry I did not have time to write you a shorter letter? This seemingly ironic saying aims to teach us the lesson that concise, effective language and composition requires more time and effort than sloppy, long-winded writing. Well, the good news is that while we have endless effort at our disposal, time must be managed carefully for the 3hrs 15mins-long AP English Language & Composition exam you will take in May. So, how can you use your months of classwork, years of writing, and strong effort to perform well on the exam?

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    What About Ap Test Dates For Future Years

    You might be wondering what the AP exam schedule is for 2024 and beyond. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the schedule exactly. This is because the AP Calendar tends to change a bit from year to year. Since there are always slight changes, we can’t say for certain what the 2024 calendar will look likeeven though the changes from year to year are often minor.

    Here are the schedules from the last five years, with changes from the previous year highlighted in yellow:

    European History

    The AP testing schedule from 2022 to 2023 didn’t change much, but past years have had a lot of difference from year to year. While there was understandably a lot of change in 2020 due to COVID, there was also quite a bit of change in AP test scheduling from 2018 to 2019nearly half of all the AP exams moved around time- or day-wise .

    If you look back five or even 10 years, the dates change more, and the exams evolve as well. Some AP tests have been added over time , and some have been taken away, such as French Literature and Studio Art.

    In short, you can expect the AP test schedule for the next year or two to look somewhat similar to the 2023 schedulebut you can’t do any longer-term planning beyond that!

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