What Is The Series 7 Top Off Exam

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Qualification Exam And Ce Windows Extended For Individuals Affected By Hurricane Ian

Series 7 Top Off Exam Introduction

FINRA, the MSRB, NASAA and NFA have extended exam and Regulatory Element CE windows for individuals in major disaster areas. Windows due to expire between Sept. 29, 2022, and Oct. 27, 2022, have been extended to Dec. 4, 2022, for individuals in these areas.These extensions were implemented to assist individuals who may have significant difficulty taking a scheduled qualification exam or completing their CE within their defined window due to area power outages, network unavailability and property damage.Please contact FINRAs Gateway Call Center with any questions: 590-6500

How To Pass The Series 7 Top

Find Out How To Pass The Series 7 Top-Off Exam On The First Try!Tips On How To Pass The Series 7 Top-Off Exam

  • Find a Series 7 Exam Prep Class that suits your individual needs as a student studying for Series 7 Licensing. AB Training Center offers in-person live classes, online, OnDemand, and self-study options. The suggested study time for Series 7 licensing is 90-120 hours
  • You need to take advantage of the unlimited practice tests. They are the best tool to ensure one’s familiarity of key terms and definitions.
  • Instructors of Series 7 exam prep classes say that options tend to be one of the biggest challenges in the Series 7 exam. Questions relating to options make up the largest part of the exam, however, most Series 7 exam takers have never been exposed to options before.
  • Be sure to know the weight of all topics presented on the exam. This will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses while studying in your Series 7 classes.
  • Study, Study, Study. It is suggested that all students taking Series 7 classes spend a minimum of 90 hours with their materials and score consistently in the mid-80’s on practice exams before attempting to sit for the exam.

How To Study For The Series 7 Top-Off ExamWhat To Focus On To Pass The Series 7 Top-Off Exam

Steps For Taking The Series 7 Exam

Best Series 7 Tutors Nyc First Why I Think Pet Is #1

Professional Exam Tutoring: Of course, I need to start with the company that I think adds the absolute most value among Series 7 tutors in New York City: Professional Exam Tutoring.

With decades of experience, Professional Exam Tutorings tutors have a deep background working in the financial services industry on both the sell-side and the buy-side. Jim Moore is friendly and knowledgeable, and ensures that each student will work with the tutor that most suite their needs . The companys tutors are known for being great at breaking down complex topics. A major difference between Professional Exam Tutoring and other tutoring services mentioned below, is that the company offers premium tutoring supplemented with customized notes.

Each students specific needs and goals are accounted for. This includes study attention span, work schedule, strengths/weaknesses, and topics already covered. Professional Exam Tutoring tutors will also provide you with candid advice as to where you are in your study progress. Further, for those interested, certain tutors can be scheduled to even suggest career advice for those looking. In-person sessions have a 1.5 hour minimum but online sessions are available for an hour. On top of all of that, Professional Exam Tutoring offers a full refund on your first three sessions if you are completely unsatisfied with our services.

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What Is The Pass Rate Of The Series 7 Top

The pass rate for the Series 7 top-off exam is 72%. Scores are adjusted through a process called equating, which takes into account the difficulty of the unique mix of questions on different exams. This way everyone tests on a level playing field. The 10 experimental questions are not included in the scoring.

Key Steps To Passing The New Series 7 Top

Series 7 Exam Study Materials
  • Start by taking a 75-question assessment exam. This exam will establish your baseline level of knowledge and provide insight into the types of practice questions to focus on and the level of mastery you will need to develop to pass the examination.
  • Note: Your score on this exam is not important instead the goal of the assessment is to understand what you are up against.
  • Next, we advise reading the textbook. The goal of the reading is general understanding and to provide a high-level overview of the concepts. The focus should not be retention or memorization. That will come with watching our online video lectures, taking notes on them, and drilling practice questions.
  • Note: Make sure to pace your reading so that it makes up no more than 25% of your total study time. While the reading is important, you want to leave more than enough time for our other resources.
  • After the reading, complete a full-length practice exam to gauge your improvement since the initial assessment.
  • Note: When creating online exams, always select unused questions only. Do not include previously answered or previously incorrect questions. The goal is NOT to memorize the practice questions, but instead to review the topic so that you answer questions on that concept correctly the next time.
  • Note: We suggest spacing these exams out, with the aim of completing the final benchmark exam about 2-3 days before your exam date.
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    Which Is The Hardest Series Exam

    The Series 7 exam is by far the longest and most difficult of all the securities exams. It lasts for 225 minutes and covers all aspects of stock and bond quotes and trading, put and call options, spreads and straddles, ethics, margin, and other account holder requirements, and other pertinent regulations.

    May I Take The Series 7 Exam Before The Sie Exam

    Yes, although the more natural progression is to take the SIE exam first, mainly because you dont have to be sponsored to take it. The SIE and Series 7 top-off exams are co-requisites, which means you can take and pass them in any order. Of course, you have to pass both to earn your Series 7 license.

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    Can I Get My Series 7 Without A Sponsor

    Yes, although the more natural progression is to take the SIE exam first, mainly because you dont have to be sponsored to take it. The SIE and Series 7 top-off exams are co-requisites, which means you can take and pass them in any order. Of course, you have to pass both to earn your Series 7 license.

    How Useful Is The Series 7

    The 7 Most Difficult Series 7 Top-Off Exam Topics – Part I

    As Ive alluded to, you should know that the Series 7 is widely perceived by employers as irrelevant for the actual day-to-day work of their finance professionals. Ben Affleck captured this sentiment in a his famous and totally NSFW speech to his fresh crop of finance bros in the movie Boiler Room:

    Remember, this is NSFW. Many many f-bombs.

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    Hard Series 7 Questions: Where Should You Spend A Little Extra Time

    Whether you hire a tutor or not, some areas are worth focusing on more than others for the Series 7 Top-Off Exam.

    Here I elaborate on the topics that seem to trip up the large majority of our students. Since the new exam was introduced we see the same difficult themes pop-up again and again. The Series 7 pass rate is hard to lock down it isnt published by FINRA. That said, I hope this helps you get an idea of the topics that you should hit early in order to pass. Spend some time on these and your chance of success will climb.

    Ok, lets get into it.

    Tips To Help You Pass The Series 7

    Brian Marks, managing director of New York-based FINRA Licensing Exam preparation firm, Knopman Marks Financial Training, offers his advice for acing the Series 7 first-time around:

    1. Put the time in

    My recommended prep time for the Series 7 exam is 80-100 hours. Study the right material and do at least 1,000 practice questions before the big day. Then it wont be such a big deal.

    2. Think concepts, not questions

    Passing this test is less about memorizing answers and more about understanding the material. Learning answers by rote is a formula for failure. People try brute force to memorize formulas rather than understanding the concepts. If your memory fails on the exam, there is no backup.

    3. Dont waste time on the technical subjects

    Dont spend too much time on the options and corporate bonds sectors when these two topics only account for about 20% of the exam. The new Series 7 exams place more emphasis on clients and constructing portfolios for them. Theres a trend towards testing practical knowledge to ensure that people are well equipped to meet clients investment needs.

    4. Know the bell curve rule

    The first and last 25 questions are usually the easiest, so dont panic if it suddenly gets more difficult in the middle.

    5. Train for what youre getting yourself into

    6. Make sure your study material is up-to-date

    7. Go above and beyond

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    Best User Experience: Knopman Marks

    Knopman Marks

    Although Knopman Marks offers just one exam-prep package, its comprehensiveness and easy-to-follow format provide students with the best exam prep user experience.

    • High first attempt passing rate

    • Comprehensive features

    • Mobile app for offline training

    • Limited course package offering

    • No money-back guarantee

    Established in 1991 by Harvey Knopman, a 40-year veteran in the securities training industry, Knopman Marks has earned a reputation for developing and delivering high-quality exam prep courses. What it lacks in course options, it makes up for with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow single course that provides users with an excellent user experience, as evidenced by its 95% passing rate.

    For $350, students receive both a physical and an electronic textbook. The course includes online and printable practice exams that come with rationales and textbook references. There are more than 15 hours of video lectures covering 20 lessons and digital flashcards. Students also have access to downloadable study supplements. There is even a mobile app for offline training. It all seems overwhelming, but Knopman also provides a step-by-step study guide.

    Students also receive personalized attention from instructors which includes updates, tips, and more.

    For another $225, students can take as many in-person or virtual classes as needed. Classes are scheduled roughly once a month.

    How Much Does A Series 7 Exam Prep Course Cost

    Series 7 Exam Study Materials

    Obtaining the necessary means to pass the Series 7 exam successfully is viewed as an investment for people who seek a career in the financial industry. Investment firms positively view it as an investment because many will cover the cost of exam prep for qualified job candidates.

    If you pay for a Series 7 exam prep course yourself, you can expect to pay between $150 and $400 depending on the extent of learning tools and materials included in the course. A self-study course will cost much less than one that provides for online classes and personal instruction and other resources. Some providers offer supplemental live in-person or online instruction for an extra $150 to $250.

    If you are concerned about using your own money, it’s best to go with a provider that offers a money-back guarantee.

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    Series 7 Exam Restructure: Everything You Need To Know

    Beginning October 1, 2018, prospective securities industry professionals looking to become registered with a firm at the representative level will be required to pass the new Securities Industry Essentials exam in addition to a revised representative-level qualification exam. These exams are considered corequisites in meeting the exam requirement and obtaining a registration. This means there is no required order in which these exams must be taken or passed.

    What Is The Difference Between Sec And Finra

    FINRA is a not-for-profit entity that is not part of the government. The Securities and Exchange Commission is a government organization that is meant to protect investors and ensure the integrity of the securities market. The SEC oversees FINRA and acts as the first level of appeal for actions brought by FINRA.

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    Top 5 Topics To Know For The Series 7 Top

    When it comes to prioritizing what to study, in todays post we discuss the top 5 topics to know for the Series 7 Top-Off.

    After all, pragmatic studying is the name of the game. When you only have so much time to study, you need to go about it as efficiently as possible.

    Thats why in this post we break down the top five subjects that will get you the most bang for your buck when it comes to studying for the Series 7 Exam .

    Weightings Are Important

    When it comes to the Series 7 Exam, not all sections are likely to be tested equally. Not only that, but there is also the possibility that the weighted subject material tested on one exam will not be proportionately tested on another exam .

    For instance, perhaps an inordinate number of Options-related questions shows up the first time. The second time you take the Series 7 Exam, may be a totally different experience. It could have fewer Options questions, and more questions in other areas .

    Thats why we tend to recommend taking the safest approach. Specifically, cover as much as you can from the core sections that have not changed much over the years.

    Top 5 Topics to Know for the Series 7

    Lets start out with a list:

    • Bonus! Mutual Funds

    Most of these areas have not changed in most Series 7 study material for close to twenty years. Hence, there is a very high chance that these are going to be disproportionately weighted on your exam.

    Make sure to take the time to cover these sections quite thoroughly.

    What Is A Series 7 Exam Prep Course

    Series 7 Top off Exam Prep (Accrued Interest) 2021

    The purpose of the Series 7 exam is to assess the competency of entry-level registered representatives seeking to join the securities industry as a General Securities Representative. A Series 7 exam prep course consists of the study materials and resources a person needs to prepare for the exam. Basic exam courses include a study guide and practice exams and are typically designed for self-directed study.

    Generally, higher-cost courses include more study resources with more extensive materials. Premium courses can consist of virtual online classes in addition to instructor support. Practice exams supported by question banks are a vital component of exam prep courses, allowing students to gauge their readiness for taking the exam. A useful course provides students with a study guide and calendar to help them organize their time, helping them to track their progress toward their study goals.

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    Best Mobile Learning Experience: Achievable


    As a fairly recent startup based in San Francisco, Achievable has taken a high-tech approach to delivering an exam prep course by creating a best-in-class mobile learning experience.

    • No online virtual learning

    • Limited instructor support

    San Francisco-based Achievable was founded in 2016, which is relatively recent compared to its competitors. What Achievable lacks in actual video or audio content , it makes up with its mobile-first platform that allows for studying on-the-go. For students who prefer to study wherever and wheneverduring a commute, during lunch, while in bed, etc.Achievable is your best option.

    Achievable offers just one Series 7 exam prep course that includes an online textbook, flashcards, review questions, and full-length mock exams for only $149 and good for one year. Their practice exams are randomized, pulling from a question bank so large, you can take 25+ exams without seeing a duplicate question. While it doesn’t offer a video course, Achievable does sprinkle videos throughout the textbook material to reinforce key concepts or provide a visual explanation of complicated topics.

    Achievable applies a learning science using algorithms to optimize students’ study schedule by focusing on problem areas while pushing students further to learn new concepts. Students are quizzed continuously, making it easier to remember information while keeping them motivated as they see their performance improve.

    What Is The Pass Rate Of The Series 7 Exam

    While FINRA doesn’t publish a pass rate for the Series 7 exams, it is widely accepted to be around 65%. Regardless, the most reliable indicators of passing rates are those published by exam prep providers. As you have seen in this article, some of them are above 90%. All the providers listed in this review have a pass rate of at least 85% or, if no pass rate is published, they offer a money-back guarantee.

    People who do fail the test on their first attempt tend to do better on their second attempt. If you fail on your first attempt, you are allowed to retake the test after 30 days. The 30-day wait rule also applies if you fail on the second attempt. If you fail again on your third attempt, you will have to wait 180 days to retake the exam.

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    How Long Does It Take To Study For The Series 7 Exam

    The length of time it takes to prepare for the Series 7 exam depends largely on an individual’s time commitment and study habits. Depending on a person’s knowledge and experience, the material can be difficult to absorb for someone new to finance. Most providers recommend a timeframe of 80 to 100 hours. A good exam prep course provides instant feedback on your practice exam progress and helps you to zero in on areas that need improvement.

    How We Chose The Best Series 7 Exam Prep Courses

    Series 7 Exam Study Materials

    Using some baseline criteria like cost, pass rates, money-back guarantee offers, and operating history, we narrowed the field to 15 that we reviewed more thoroughly. From there, we sought to view the providers through the eyes of different types of students and their considerations for the ideal provider.

    We know many students are looking for providers offering the best overall value. Some students gravitate toward the premium packages but want one that won’t break the bank. Others look for the most comprehensive package they can get for their money. An increasing number of students are more attuned to the technology available, primarily through mobile applications. Finally, everyone wants to know which provider is the best overall. So that’s how we measured the 15 providers and came up with the best in each category.

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