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What Grading System Does The Cpe Test Use

How Hard Is The CPA Exam? (EXPERT GUIDE)

All Cambridge English exams use the same scoring system based on the Cambridge English Scale.

Scores for the CPE range between 180 and 230 points. To obtain the CPE certificate, candidates must achieve a score of 200 points or more. Note: all the parts of this language test have the same coefficient.

Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency Exam

The Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency exam is also called the CPE and more informally known as the Cambridge Proficiency. CPE originally stood for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiencyin English.

The CPE is the toughest English language exam of all the Cambridge suite of exams, and if you hold this qualification it proves according to Cambridge English – that you have mastered English to an exceptional level. It proves you can communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a highly competent English speaker”.

In all honesty, we know that a lot of native English speakers would struggle to pass the Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency exam, and thats a fact!

Take The Cpa Exam As Soon As Possible

Start Today! There is no “perfect” time to take the CPA exam and the longer you procrastinate the harder it will become to pass.

Be aware that in order to sign up for the CPA Exam you will need to meet your states specific education, residency, age and citizenship requirements.

You also need to understand the CPA Exam Application process as it is a process that takes a long time and proper planning.

You will also only have 18 months to pass the CPA exam once you have passed your first section so you need to choose the order you take the CPA exam very carefully.

I recommend you start with the section that you are most familiar with the content whether it’s FAR, AUD or REG. Typically you will want to save BEC for last because it has the highest pass rate.

At the end of the day there is no wrong answer when picking a section to take first as long as your answer isn’t to procrastinate!

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Applying For The Uniform Cpa Examination

Before applying for the Uniform CPA Examination through CPA Examination Services , please familiarize yourself with this jurisdictions educational requirements to determine if you are eligible to apply as a first-time candidate. You are also advised to read The Candidate Bulletin before submitting applications online. You are able to apply for one or more sections of the examination at a time however, you are advised to only apply for a section of the examination if you are ready to take it within the next six months.

NASBA Advisory Evaluation

New York offers the NASBA Advisory Evaluation as an optional service. An Advisory Evaluation will identify any academic deficiencies in your education before you submit a first-time application for the Exam. Please visit CPA Central for more information about submitting an Advisory Evaluation in this jurisdiction. You must create a CPA Central user account to begin the Advisory Evaluation process.

Send any additional required information or documents to:

CPA Examination Services NY

Aicpa Recommends You Study Between 300

CPA Exam Guide Podcast

My recommendation is that you should ignore that recommendation and just focus on your personal situation, your work schedule and your family life.

If you are a slower learner then you are going to need more time and you will need to adapt.

Passing the CPA exam is all about maximizing your short term memory so the quicker you can sit for the exam the better.

This may sound counter intuitive but the less time you give yourself to study, the more pressure you are going to feel to get things done and the faster you will get through the material and the more fresh it will be on exam day.

Think of it this way.

If you give yourself 16 weeks to study, you will burn yourself out.

You won’t feel pressure to get studying done early on.

You will also have a much harder time remembering what you taught yourself in the early weeks because it will be stale by exam day and out of your short term memory.

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Take Your Exam At Langports

The CPE paper-based exam is compulsory at the end of your Cambridge CPE closed course. Langports is an accredited exam center for Cambridge exams, meaning you will take your exam at Langports. Our Exams Centre Manager is always available to help you with your exam needs. Check the next CPE exam dates here: Exam Dates

Find out more from our Langports English Exams Centre website:

Knowing What Is Expected

Students will benefit from an explanation of the exam format. They must answer all parts of the question. Although the writing assignment asks them to discuss several points, this must be done in the form of a single, unified essay.

The writing assignment asks the students to summarize sections or points from the readings. Students need to know that it is not to their advantage to summarize the entire reading in fact, it will count against them if a large portion of an essay is unfocused summary. The prompt asks for discussion of some aspect of both reading selections, and students should be careful to do that. They should be aware that in order to `draw a relationship’ they must state what the second author says.

The assignment also asks students to discuss the topic in light of their own knowledge or understanding and to compare their ideas to those of one or both authors. This analysis should constitute a substantial portion of the student’s essay.

Good essays have a focus that is made clear to the reader and that holds the different parts of the essay together. Linking ideas clearly and effectively strengthens the essay. The purely mechanical use of ordering or transitional words, however, does not substitute for genuine linking.

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Where Is The Cpe C2 Test Accepted

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam C2 exam is offered to over 2,800 testing centers worldwide. It is also accepted in 130 countries worldwide, and take note that all these testing centers have passed and met the Cambridge English high standards.

Here is a list of universities, organizations, private institutions, and government offices worldwide that accept the CPE C2 Test and require the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.

How To Create A Cpa Exam Study Plan That Works

Is The CPA Exam Worth It? [2022 Salary, Statistics & Case Studies]

Step 1: Identify Your Primary Learning Resource

As always, you need to determine your study personality before you start studying and using a CPA review course.

To use myself as an example, I discovered that I am a self-studier. Meaning that I learn best by reading and teaching myself.

So I decided that it would be in my best interest to cut out the video lectures and just focus on reading the text and answering questions and then only use video lectures as a reference if needed.

As you know CPA Review Courses have two primary resources. Their lectures and the textbook.

They both present the same information just differently.

So it’s best if you figure out which resources helps you learn the fastest and use that as your primary learning tool.

That being said, if for any reason you come across a topic that is too complex to teach yourself, or you find yourself spinning your wheels, then you NEED to go to the video lectures or the text and see if their explanation helps you.

If that still doesnt work then it is time to contact customer service or visit the forums for help.

Just remember that the CPA exam is so broad that it is not the most effective way of studying if you end up spending several hours on one topic, so pick your battles wisely.

RESULT: Saved me 15-20 hours per section

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Cut Out Study Activities That Are Busy Work

Remember that as you study for the CPA exam that your MOST valuable resource is time.

You don’t have time like you did in college to take notes over everything.

You also can’t expect to be able to just cram before your exams and re-learn everything in the earlier chapters.

You have to be smarter.

For example, instead of making my own flashcards, I just invested in pre-made cards.

Then IF I ran across something that I didn’t want to forget I would make a quick flashcard for it.

I focused on just-in-time learning instead of shotgun learning where I made flashcards for anything and everything.

RESULTS: Saved me around 1 hour per week for each section X 24 weeks = approximately 25 hours

Create A Cpa Exam Final Review Study Funnel To Dominate On Exam Day

Without a doubt, the MOST crucial period of your journey to passing any exam is the final 14 days prior to your exam. This is also known as your Final Review Period.

You need to have a plan of attack for how you are going to ensure you remember what you need to know on exam day.

Feeling overwhelmed about this process?

Ive got your back!

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Why Is The Cpa Licensure Model Changing

The CPA profession is always moving forward, adopting new technologies, new skills, and new best practices. The job requirements of most CPAs today are completely different from those of a CPA even 10 years ago. As the profession evolves, so must the skills and disciplines tested on the CPA Exam.

To meet the needs of the accounting profession, newly licensed CPAs must adapt to these changes. CPAs are now required to perform more advanced tasks and contribute to increasingly complex projects earlier in their accounting careers.

What Levels Can The Cpe Test Assess

The structure and model of the CPA Exam is expected to change by ...

The CPE is one of the most difficult English certificates to obtain, and is one of the most advanced English language qualifications. On the CEFR scale, the Cambridge English Proficienc corresponds to a C2 level.

Gymglish creates short, fun, personalized online language courses. Our goal: your motivation, participation and progress

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Your Mock Cpa Exams Are For Testing Knowledge And Time Management

The final week before your exam is going to be full of dry runs at taking the real deal.

Simulated CPA exams are crucial to your success for two reasons.

  • It tests your overall knowledge

  • It allows you to practice time management

  • Understanding the material is only half the battle of the CPA exam.

    You need to go into each section with a plan and you need to practice this plan as many times as possible.

    Each section is going to have multiple testlets and because of how the exam is designed, once you complete a testlet you can’t go back to it.

    Here’s what you need to do to prepare for each section of the CPA exam:

    • Determine how much time to give yourself per testlet – typically no more than 45-60 minutes per testlet

    • Save at least 10 minutes per testlet to double check your answers and for intelligent guessing

    • Plan to take the optional break!

    • Save yourself extra time for simulations

    • Keep track of your time as you progress

    • Practice Practice Practice!

    For more info on HOW to find time to study and pace yourself, check out

    Test Dates And Locations

    The company that administers the CPA exam, Prometric, has an online page that will help you find a testing location and time. There is also a seat availability tool to make sure there is space available in the time you choose.

    The CPA exam schedule is given in four quarterly testing windows:


    Be sure to check with your individual schools to see when they require you to submit your CPA exam scores. You want to schedule a date that gives you plenty of time to do well on the test!

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    Who Is The Exam For

    While the test can be taken by anyone, it is especially beneficial for students looking to pursue their higher education from educational institutions in native English speaking countries. The certification from the CPE is accepted at many universities worldwide. The certificate guarantees that the holder has a good command of the language. This can be quite beneficial in securing admissions to foreign colleges and universities. This test can also affect visa applications and immigration to English speaking nations where you may have to prove your language ability. Having a good CPE score could boost your chances of being granted a visa, whether that is for work, study or leisure. For professionals looking to develop a career abroad, particularly in fields where communication is important, CPE can be very helpful in securing jobs and progressing therein.

    Craft A Killer Cpa Exam Study Plan & Routine

    CPA Exam: How to Find CPA Study Time While Working Full Time

    As many of you know from my Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Mentorship Course and iTunes Podcast, I failed the first 4 sections of the CPA exam in a row by a range of a mere 2-6 points.

    What was I doing wrong?

    I treated the CPA exam like a college test! This meant I was going through the lectures + highlighting like a robot. Then I would read through the text and make any notes on the important concepts I saw, and then make my own flashcards on top of that.

    I tried to memorize the entire textbook for every section! For most of us, this was no problem in college, because the tests were much MUCH less broad.

    The CPA exam is a beast of an exam, unlike anything you have ever done before, and requires study tactics unlike anything you have had to perform.

    The moment of clarity happened for me when I found out I had failed the 4th part of the CPA exam. I decided that this test was no joke, and if I was going to succeed I was going to have to drastically change my study method.

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    How To Mentally Prepare For The Cpa Exam

  • Prepare for the fact that you may fail this exam

  • Determine what is less and more important than becoming a CPA and prioritize your time accordingly

  • Communicate with your family about what it will take to pass

  • Keep a list of reasons WHY you must become a CPA

  • Expect to NOT understand everything you learn the first time around

  • If you do not mentally prepare for the CPA exam then you are setting yourself up for burnout and failure.

    How Is The Cpa Exam Graded

    The CPA exam is an extremely complex exam that has many different variables that can affect your score. Getting a 75 does not mean you got 75% of the questions correct! It is more of the percentile of where you scored compared to everyone else who took the exam.

    The following is my understanding of the factors that go into your exam:

  • When taking your exam there will be some “pre-test” questions which are essential questions that are being given a test run to see how test candidates score to them. These questions are not included in your score and are not graded.

  • Don’t forget that the CPA exam is an adaptive test that will change in difficulty based on the questions you are answering correctly. So if you are answering the difficult questions correctly the next multiple choice section will contain increasingly difficult questions.

  • Points are given to multiple choice questions based on difficulty. So even though you are maybe getting several wrong in a difficult multiple choice section you still may receive more points than those test takers who did not advance to the more difficult multiple choice section but were still in a medium level. So don’t feel discourage if you feel like the questions are insanely hard.

  • Key Takeaway

    The reason I provided you with this information is to prove to you that there is absolutely no way you can know how well you scored on the exam .

    Just take your exam and immediately begin thinking about starting your next exam.

    Easy enough right?

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    Cambridge C2 Proficiency Preparation Courses

    If youre not yet at the level to take the CPE exam, the best way to prepare is specifically designed Cambridge C2 Proficiency Preparation Course at a registered English language school. Courses tend to break down into two forms. First, some schools will offer a General English course in the mornings followed by an exam preparation add-on course in the afternoons of maybe one or two hours per day . Second, some English language schools will offer a dedicated full-time Cambridge Proficiency Preparation course. The advantage of this option is that everything you do is focussed around the kind of language development and techniques required for the Proficiency exam.

    Not all English schools can offer a Cambridge C2 Proficiency Preparation course because this is an exceptionally high level of English and schools dont always get enough students at this level to form a group. Even fewer schools will run a full-time Proficiency preparation course or be prepared to run the course even though there are only a few people enrolled for it. Therefore, its important to ask when youre booking a CPE Preparation course whether the course will definitely run regardless of numbers enrolled, and whether it is a full-time Proficiency preparation course or a part-time one.

    Which Cpa Exam Section Should I Take First

    Which Section of the CPA Exam Should You Take First?

    Short answer: it depends. Determine which sections content youre most familiar with and what subject appeals to you most. Think about your recent accounting classes or work experience. Then, read more about each exam section in detail for more specific advice, and play to your strengths!

    For an exam this difficult, there isnt a one-size-fits-all study plan. Thats why Gleim Premium Review Systems come with an interactive study planner and access to Personal Counselors, exam experts who will work with you to develop a personalized plan that will help you pass the CPA Exam on your first attempt.

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