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Whats Unique About Warby Parker

Virtual Vision Test | Warby Parker

Warby Parker designs all of their frames in-house. They only use premium materials such as custom-designed cellulose acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium.

Also, they work with Verité, an independent, non-profit civil society organization to make sure their factories have fair working conditions.

But perhaps the most unique and appealing aspect of Warby Parker is their innovative online buying experience. Both their website and app are well designed and easy to use. They have a Home Try-On Program that allows you to try five different frames for free before committing.

Whats Available At Walmart Vision Center

When I first visited Walmart Vision Centers website, I saw that it offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses and contact lenses. If you dont already have a prescription, you can also get eye exams and contact lens fittings through independent optometrists whose offices are located next to select vision centers.

If you visit the website to shop online, you can click through womens, mens, girls and boys prescription eyewear to find more than 1000 styles with prices beginning at $9.88.

While on the website , I saw options along the top of the screen that let me filter my results further.

Screenshot from Walmart Vision Center

After looking at available frames, I found that Walmart is not the place to shop if youre looking for brand-name frames. I clicked on a few high-end brands , but there were only one or two styles listed under each, and they were sold by third parties.

I found a much bigger selection of generic frames sold directly from

Depending on your prescription and preferences, you may need a specific type of lens. Single-vision lenses and progressive no-line lenses are available at Walmart Vision Center. While you can only order frames online, you can choose from a variety of prescription lens types in-store including clear, basic tint, polarized tint and transition lenses.

Walmart Vision Center also carries most popular brands of contact lenses including Acuvue, Air Optix and Biofinity.

What We Didnt Like About Roka

Roka is relatively expensive compared to many of the other brands we checked out, with a fully decked-out pair of photochromic progressives costing around $750. While this is probably offset for most potential buyers by the fact its actually pretty hard to find good performance eyewear even at most brick-and-mortars, especially if you dont like the sci-fi look of Oakelys offerings, keep in mind that you wont save a ton of money over the in-store experience.

As of this writing it appears that Roka has discontinued its in-home try-out option, which we appreciated during the shopping process.

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What It’s Like To Take An Online Exam

This wasn’t my first time using an online prescription checker for my eyeglasses. I’d done it in 2017 after it first came out.

To take the test, I used my phone as a remote and placed my computer screen a few feet in front of me.

Warby Parker uses two tests to assess your vision and charges $40. The test also informed me that it wasn’t meant to replace a comprehensive eye health exam.

When I called my vision plan to ask about my benefits, I learned that had I gone in to an eye doctor instead, I would have only had a copay of $10. That would’ve covered a comprehensive eye health exam, not just getting a new prescription.

The American Optometric Association, which represents optometrists, recommends that people who use eyeglasses or contacts get their eyes checked once a year. The organization says that virtual prescriptions checks aren’t a good idea, because people might forgo more comprehensive checkups.

“We’re moving in the wrong direction of advancing standards,” Sam Pierce, the president of the American Optometric Association told Business Insider.

The AOA has reported companies to the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration, calling on the agencies to take action on some of the online tests available. Eye exams like Warby Parker’s are currently registered as class 1 medical devices, which means they’re exempt from FDA review. To date, no online eye exam has been cleared by the FDA.

Still No Substitute For In

How to Read Your Eye Prescription

Optometrist Vince Zingaro of Malvern, PA, calls the new app a slippery slope.

The introduction on the companys website states the app is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam, but its clear that no one is going to get one if they qualify for new glasses through the app, Dr. Zingaro says.

This creates the potential for, at best, a poor-quality eye exam, and at worst, detrimental vision loss, Dr. Zingaro suggests.

For example, its not uncommon for a patient in the 18-to-65 range to have no complaints with their vision, as these individuals often think they see well, yet they may have dry eye, retinal holes/tears, allergies, risk factors for glaucoma or other ocular conditions.

It seems very possible that these findings may be hidden on the screening from this app, Dr. Zingaro says.

At his practice, Dr. Zingaro says hes helped patients without CL complaints and improved their wearing experience by switching them to another lens with the latest technology based on their lifestyle and ocular surface findings.

Another problem with the app: Its hard enough to convince the general public about the importance of an annual eye exam, he adds.

The app is a bit confusing and misleading by blurring the lines between a comprehensive exam and a refraction, Dr. Zingaro says.

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Doctors Are Not Amused By This New Eye Exam App

Many optometrists are up-in-arms over this new mobile app for eye exams. After finishing undergrad, it takes four years to become a doctor of optometry. Students learn to identify, diagnose and treat diseases and issues affecting the visual system, going much deeper than your run-of-the-mill vision prescription. Warby Parker reminds users that their new virtual eye exam is not intended to replace annual trips to the doctor. Even still, there will be many individuals who will see this as an opportunity to save time and money, neglecting the health of two of their most delicate organs in the name of convenience.

The Future Is Bright For Mobile Health Care

If exam developers are able to produce accurate, disease-identifying mobile tests, they may revolutionize the way we care for our eyes. A mobile test would provide eye care to millions of people across the globe who wouldnt have access otherwise. These apps could even help traveling doctors render more comprehensive services without their traditional in-office equipment.

Mobile eye testing is really the the tip of the iceberg the virtual healthcare possibilities are endless! Were excited to see the helpful and responsible applications mobile exams will have in the next decade, along with the ways our medical organizations will regulate them.

Is your company interested in building its own health care app? 7T has experience building HIPPA compliant apps for healthcare providers and insurance companies. Let us walk you through the process of building an app that enhances the life of your customers and patients.

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How Does The Virtual Vision Test Work

When you launch the app, youll immediately be guided through a simple quiz to determine whether the test is right for you. In general, the service is a good fit if you:

  • are 18-65 years old
  • have no eye health concerns
  • currently have a single-vision distance prescription
  • can see well with your current glasses or contact lenses

If youre eligible, the app will then walk you through a simple vision test. You can complete it anywhere youve got 10 feet of space and adequate lighting, and itll look and feel very similarly to vision tests youve taken at doctors offices. The whole process shouldnt take more than 10 minutes total.

If you want to get technical, the app employs a proprietary distance estimation algorithm that their team developed in collaboration with Apples Vision Framework. Through exploring novel technologies during the creation process, their team has created a suite of algorithms that allow the tool to measure the distance from the user to the device during the exam, rather than relying on the user to manually adjust. This is designed to decrease the room for human error and increases the accuracy of the test.

There’s A Better Way To Measure Tv & Streaming Ad Roi

Vision Care Made Convenient | Warby Parker
  • Real-Time Ad Measurement Across Linear and CTV
  • TV Ad Attribution & Benchmarking
  • Real-Time Video Ad Creative Assessment

If you’re in need of a contact lens or eyeglass prescription renewal, Warby Parker says you can renew from home with its Virtual Vision Test app. The test is said to be as easy as reading an eye chart at a professional’s office and costs $15 if a Warby Parker doctor approves your results.

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Elegant Looks To Fit Almost Anyone: Jins

Jins, a Japanese brand with New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles retail stores, concentrates on classic looks in wire and plastic, generally offering similar styles in standard and oversized versions. While more and more brands offer low-bridge fits nowadays, Jins has focused on flexible, inclusive fitting more than any other brand we ran across even many of their acetate frames have adjustable nose pads, and many others are offered in multiple fit options.

What we liked about Jins

The Jins site is very clear and simple to shop. Search tools are effective full measurements are given for each frame in a clear, easy-to-navigate layout a favorites collection tool lets you put interesting frames aside for later comparison and virtual fit tools are fast and accurate.

Jins range of fit is impressive. While our acetate frames fit out of the box without adjustment, they offered a lot more range than many similar models we looked at from other manufacturers given the addition of large adjustable nose pads as used on many wire and browline styles. This makes the frames a little bulkier, but if youve had trouble finding a good fit, it is likely worth it, and the streamlined styles are very accommodating.

Pricing is relatively inexpensive, with single-vision pairs available starting at $90 progressive photochromics can run between $330 and $430, depending on frame selection. They also come with a 30-day warranty.

What we didnt like about Jins

Bottom line

Bramptons Family Eye Care Clinic

Brampton Optometric Clinic has been serving the eye care needs of the Brampton area for over 30 years. We are a family based practice that provides full-scope eye care in a comfortable, caring atmosphere.

Our clinic offers comprehensive eye examinations, laser eye surgery consultations, emergency eye care as well as specialty testing. We are equipped with the latest optometric instruments allowing us to more accurately diagnose and monitor many different eye diseases.

Our office has a large selection of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. We also offer contact lens fittings and stock many popular contact lens brands in-office.

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Warby Parker Revamps Its Eye Exam Appand Bets On Telehealth

When Warby Parker started in 2010, it had a simple pitch: upend traditional optometry by providing an online marketplace where customers can buy prescription lenses at prices that dont make them want to gouge their eyes out.

Since then, both the companys mail-order service and the online glasses market it pioneered have exploded. Competing services like Zenni have sprung up, though all players in the eyewear game are still outpaced by the traditional optometry outfits like Lenscrafters. But Warby Parker is now a $3 billion-dollar company, and just last month, it quietly filed to go public. Now, at an opportune moment, Warby is unveiling a revamped virtual prescription-renewal service that it hopes will catch the eyes of even more customers.

The refreshed service comes with a new app called Virtual Vision Test, which works for wearers of both prescription frames and contact lenses. It provides an at-home vision test similar to what youd get at an eye doctor, and it can give you a renewed prescription that you can use to buy glasses or contacts.

Warby Parker’s new app, Virtual Vision Test, runs on iOS and iPadOS.

Can you read the bottom row of letters to me?

The Best Place To Buy Prescription Glasses Online Overall: Eyebuydirect

For @ Home Try

With a mix of affordable house brands and good deals on a range of premium brands, Eyebuydirect offers flexible, complete search tools and a shopping process that is smooth and easy to navigate, with superior VR/AR try-on tools. If youre looking for value comparable to Zennis but want the option of browsing familiar names, its hard to beat.

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Lenscrafters Styles For The Online is the web-only retail storefront for the Luxottica brands. The offerings are similar to LensCrafters, though youll find a more streamlined experience and some different models on sale between the two shops.

What we liked about

As you shop, youll want to pay attention to sales and special offers, which can reduce prices by a significant amount. We waited for a 50% off lenses offer, which we were able to couple with a 20% off total coupon, bringing the price of pair of Ray-Bans with all available options down to a very reasonable price not quite in the Zenni range, but competitive with online-first retailers like GlassesUSA and Warby Parker. is an in-network provider for a range of major insurance plans . so depending on your coverage you may be able to save without having to put in for reimbursement.

As with LensCrafters, we really liked the glasses we got from the brand-name and house-branded frames and lenses were well-executed, with clear optics and solid fit and finish. All spare parts for the Oakleys were included, and as with LensCrafters, you get a data sheet detailing the lens construction.

What we didnt like about

Bottom line

If you like LensCrafters selection, dont plan on visiting a physical store and want a slightly slicker online shopping experience, gives you that, along with a discount structure more like other online-only direct-to-consumer brands.

What Happens After The Test

Afterwards, your results get sent to a doctor who reviews the results in detail within two days. If they determine your current prescription is still a fit and it hasnt changed, youll be notified by email and sent a renewed subscription. If the doctor deems your current prescription not strong enough, or that your vision needs have changed, you wont be charged the $15 and theyll recommend you go to an in-office eye doctor for a comprehensive exam.

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Warby Parker’s Vision Test App Can Help Renew Your Glasses Prescription

You might not have to visit an optometrist just to get a basic prescription update for your glasses. Warby Parker is trotting out Virtual Vision Test, a revamp of its Prescription Check app that lets you renew your glasses or contact lens prescription using only an iPhone and your existing eyewear. Prop up your phone, stand 10 feet away and you can walk through a familiar “can you read this” test that will gauge whether or not your glasses or contacts need updating.

The update isn’t automatic. An eye doctor will review the results and give you a verdict within two days. If you’re seeing well enough, you’ll just need to pay $15 to renew your prescription. If you’re either struggling or just aren’t eligible to use the app , Warby Parker will recommend that you get a thorough eye exam.

The company is clear that this isn’t a replacement for your eye doctor, and that you’ll have to meet certain criteria beyond what we just mentioned. You have to be between 18 and 65 years old, with no existing eye health concerns and a single-vision distance prescription.

Warby Parker Virtual Vision Test: What Is It And How Do You Use It

Warby Parker co-CEOs talk holiday sales growth, virtual vision tests, and diversity in optometry

The first thing youll need to use Warby Parkers new Virtual Vision Test app is an iPhone 6s or above. You can then download the app from the App Store . The app itself is free, but be prepared to part with $15 for each successful eye test.

To use the Virtual Vision Test, you need to be aged between 18 and 65, have no major eye concerns and have a single-vision distance prescription. Plus, Warby Parker states that you need to be able to see well with your current glasses or lenses. Youll also need your prescription details.

Make sure you have enough space at home – 10 feet in fact, so that you can stand back far enough to accurately carry out the test. The room will also need to be quiet and well-lit.

Once you have answered and passed some basic eligibility questions, youre ready to take the eye test. While wearing your existing glasses or lenses, you will be led through an eye chart, similar to the one youd find at an optometrist. There’s an explainer video on the Warby Parker website .

The results will then be sent to be verified by an eye doctor, at which point you pay that $15 fee. If the test isnt successful and it is recommended that you need to visit an eye doctor in person, you wont be charged. If it is successful, your Warby Parker prescription will be updated and renewed.

What it does offer though is a convenient way to check your prescription and keep it current, but not everyone is convinced by the accuracy and purpose of at-home eye tests…

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