St Thomas Aquinas Prayer Before Exam

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Prayers To St Joseph Of Cupertino

Saint Thomas Aquinas : Prayer Before Study

St. Joseph of Cupertino was a seventeenth century Franciscan friar. If St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the most intelligent people who ever lived, St. Joseph of Cupertino was not.

Joseph was known as a holy man, very devoted to prayer so much so that he is reported to have frequently levitated during prayer. But he had trouble in his studies. He was reportedly absent-minded and a slow learner. He struggled in his seminary education, but during his final examinations, his examiner is said to have only asked him questions he knew the answers to, allowing him to pass and go on to ordination. His intercession is often invoked by students before exams.

O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a like favor in the examinations for which I am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.Through Christ our Lord.St. Joseph of Cupertino, Pray for us.Amen.


O St. Joseph of Cupertino, who by your prayer obtained from God to be asked at your examination the only preposition you knew. Grant that I may like you succeed in the examination. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.O St. Joseph of Cupertino pray for meO Holy Ghost enlighten meOur Lady of Good Studies pray for meSacred Head of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom, enlighten me.

Catholic Prayer For Studying

Thank you, God, Source of all wisdom, help me to use my time And to use my intelligence well, as I prepare for exams.Help me to be a better person and to listen to your Holy SpiritAs my loving Spirit, I pray that you may know this:May you place me in a state for prayer and help me to understand.The supreme wisdom is knowing that I am your child.Please help me to be calm so that my work can truly reflect yours.This is a profound truthMary, Mother of my Spiritual Life, guide me in the Ways of Your Son.My work can help to transform the world for Godâs glory.

Prayer For Guidance When You Face Tough Choices In Exams

Lord Jesus,

Help me with my student life and hear my prayers for test exams. Guide me through as I look for an answer to every question on this exam. Help me achieve the grade that I aim for and give me the protection I need against any form of temptation.

Let the difficult moment be my opportunity to praise you as my everlasting Father in heaven. Amen.

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Prayer For Success In Studying

God, I pray that you grant me success in studying for this test. May I work diligently and use my time effectively. Grant me success and good grades.

I recognize that hard work isn’t enough. I need the wisdom that you supply to apply what I have learned. I humbly ask that you bless me with success for your glory.


Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer Before Study

Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer Before Study

St. Thomas frequently recited this before he dictated, wrote, or preached.

Ineffable CreatorWho, from the treasures of Your wisdom,have established three hierarchies of angels,have arrayed them in marvelous orderabove the fiery heavens,and have marshaled the regionsof the universe with such artful skill,

You are proclaimedthe true font of light and wisdom,and the primal originraised high beyond all things.

Pour forth a ray of Your brightnessinto the darkened places of my mind disperse from my soulinto which I was born:sin and ignorance.

You make eloquent the tongues of infants.Refine my speechand pour forth upon my lipsthe goodness of Your blessing.

Grant to me

  • Distribute copies of the prayer for students to use in their personal prayer life.
  • Discuss the following with the students about the prayer:
  • What do the first two stanzas say about God?
  • How can God help us be better students according to the prayer?
  • What part of the prayer do you connect with the most?
  • Instruct the students: choose one sentence or word in the prayer and spend 5 minutes meditating upon by reciting it, clearing your mind, and letting God speak to you through the words.
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    Prayer For Thanksgiving After A College Admission Exam

    Lord God in heaven,

    I seek your best as I was overwhelmed by the college admission exam for the university I was applying for. I have faith in you, Lord, and I trust in your wisdom and holy guidance. I have prayed for passing this exam, Lord, but wherever these lead, I will still be forever grateful for your eternal provisions and granted promises.

    I trust in your grace and the peace that your mighty power gives, and I walk confidently for I know you are with me, especially during the hardest of times. In Jesus name, these prayers for test exams I pray. Amen

    So Then Why Should We Pray To St Joseph Of Cupertino For Help With Exams

    How did St Joseph of Cupertino become the patron saint of test taking? Its an interesting story.

    St Joseph of Cupertino was what people used to call slow before the era of political correctness.

    Early on in his life, he was anything but a success.

    St Joseph of Cupertino described the Saint this way:

    He was absent-minded, he was awkward, he was nervous a sudden noise, such as the ringing of a church-bell, would make him drop his schoolbooks on the floor. He would sit with his companions after school-hours, and try to talk like them, but every time his conversation would break down he could not tell a story to the end, no matter how he tried. His very sentences would stop in the middle because he could not find the right words. Altogether, even for those who pitied him, and wished to be kind to him, Joseph was something of a trial. .

    Source: EWTN

    No one wanted to be his friend. Even his mom was ashamed of him and gave him lots of grief.

    One day something happened that changed St Joseph of Cupertinos life. A friar came into the village begging for bread.

    St Joseph thought to himself, I might be horrible at everything, but surely I am good at begging for bread.

    And thus his journey began with the Franciscan Friars.

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    Prayer Of Academic Thanksgiving

    God bless you!I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn new skills.I am grateful for your guidance and support during this period of study towards the final exams.All my hopes and fears about the outcome are laid before you.As I wait for the results, may you bring me peace now that you have placed your peace within me.Thank you for holding me in your arms of love.I am grateful that you will always be there for me, no matter what happens in the future.

    Prayer For Wisdom And Knowledge To Pass Many Tests

    Prayer Before Study – St. Thomas Aquinas

    Dear Lord,

    As I study before I take this exam, please direct me to the right path and grant me the knowledge and wisdom that I need to help me pass the test. I pray that you walk with me as I take on this exam. Grant me your blessing and help me be prepared for the pressure ahead of me.

    I surrender to everything, and I cast all the hopes I have in your Holy Spirit as I pray these prayers for test exams in Jesus name. Amen.

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    Prayer Before An Examination

    Dear Lord, As I take this exam I want to thank you for reminding me that my value is not based upon my performance.But, I am grateful for your immense love and support.Bring your heart into mine so we can share this journey together.Please help me with this test and all the other tests that will come my way.Take this exam and bring back all the things you have learned.Be kind to me if Iâve missed something.Please help me remain calm and focused, and confident in my abilities and the facts.Be confident in the knowledge that you will always be there for me, no matter what happens.

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    Prayer To Help Calm My Nerves During Hard Situations In Exams

    Lord Jesus,

    As I begin to write, please calm my heart and give me hope as I answer every question on the paper. Help me see this test paper from your perspective and bless me with freedom from the temptations that aim to direct me to sin against you. Help me write with confidence, Lord, and help me recall what I prayed for before this exam.

    Hear these prayers for test exams, Father. Amen.

    Prayer To Increase Knowledge

    Pin on Quotes

    God, I ask that you increase my knowledge. Right now, I know that I’m taking this class and studying for this test because you want me to. Also, I know that you love me. Furthermore, I know that you take care of those that you love.

    Therefore, I know that you will help me with studying for this test. I know that you will help me remember the things I need to remember. Plus, you’ll help me ignore any distractions.

    Finally, I thank you for giving me the knowledge I need to do well on this test. My help comes from you.


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    Prayer For Exams Without Anxious Thoughts

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    With an open heart, I am praying before your untouchable grace with the intent to have calm and peace in my spirit. I lay to you my fear of failing the exam and I ask that you take away all anxious feelings that seek to falter my focus. Hear my requests and grant my desire to redirect my anxiety into something that is more productive and would help me pass the overwhelming examinations.

    I trust you with my studies, Lord, and I pray these prayers for test exams in Jesus name. Amen.

    Prayer To Remove Worries

    Lord, as I begin to study for this test, please remove all my worries. I give them over to you as you have taught me to do. I know that you care for me and will take care of me.

    May your love for me give me confidence as I place my trust in you. I know that you guide and direct your servants. Guide me in my study time.

    Also, give me faith in myself and help me to study to the best of my abilities. Let my studies please you, and let this bring me peace. In the name of Jesus,


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    Prayer For Success In Testing And Exams

    Jesus Christ,You probably know that Iâm very nervous about the exams and tests that I will have to take very soon.Ask for Your help to calm my anxious thoughts.Let me be calm and allow you to take care of my nerves.As I prepare to take the exam, I ask for Your peace.Also, please give me clarity and help me remember everything Iâve learned.Please give me the wisdom and ability to put my thoughts on paper.It is in Your precious name that I pray, Amen.

    Prayer For Preparation For Study

    Prayers for Students – Prayers for Preparation to Study and Before Exams

    Lord, I know that you are with me as I get ready to study. I know you have a plan and purpose for my life. May your purpose be fulfilled as I am studying for this exam. Grant me peace concerning this test. Help me to focus on my notes and make the best use of my time. I am studying for this test to honor you.

    I thank you for the ability to study and learn. They are a gift from you. Also, thank you for your help in recalling information to my memory. Let my study time be effective, so that I may learn what you want me to learn. I ask these things in your name.


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    Family And Peer Support

    Along with believing in yourself, having a support network of family and friends helps, as well. Knowing that you have someone praying for your success in studying provides even more encouragement. When you get ready to study for a test, ask a family member or friend to offer a prayer before studying. This will add an even further boost to your confidence just by knowing that you have support in your prayer and studying efforts.

    Prayer For Successful Results In Exam

    I am doing my best, Lord. This exam and its result are now at the feet of the cross. This is a place of grace where I can find peace. Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe and ensuring that I have your support no matter what happens. I am grateful to you for my journey with you, and that you have given me the opportunity to live in your blessing. Amen.

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    Aquinas Prayer Before Study

    Creator of all things, true source of light and wisdom, origin of all being, graciously let a ray of your light penetrate the darkness of my understanding.

    Take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, an obscurity of sin and ignorance.

    Give me a keen understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.

    Grant me the talent of being exact in my explanations and the ability to express myself with thoroughness and charm.

    Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in the completion. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    A Prayer Before Study By St Thomas Aquinas

    A Student

    Robert Woods Member Publications: Other, News: Other

    A Prayer Before Study

    Creator of all things, true Source of light and wisdom, lofty origin of all being, graciously let a ray of your brilliance penetrate into the darkness of my understanding and take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, an obscurity of both sin and ignorance. Give me a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally. Grant me the talent of being exact in my explanations, and the ability to express myself with thoroughness and charm. Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in completion through Christ our Lord.

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    * Keywords: wisdom, light into darkness, understanding, memory, exactness, thoroughness, completion

    * Thanks to Mark Williams for sharing this prayer.

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    What Is The Power Of Prayer

    The power of prayer is prayer’s ability to change your perspective. By praying to God about your upcoming test, you take your focus off of your situation and turn it towards God. By doing so, you change your state of mind. Therefore, you move into a more positive frame of mind as you find life purpose in religion.

    Basically, you can think of prayer having a calming influence on your inner thoughts. In this regard, it’s similar to meditation and mindfulness. Once your mind is calm, your stress and anxiety level will decrease. In turn, your body will settle down, allowing you to focus more clearly.

    Overall, you’ll be physically and mentally prepared to focus on your studies. Moreover, you’ll be able to remember more since your mental blocks have been removed. Ultimately, you will be able to study more effectively. Plus, you’ll experience the positive effects of gratitude as you thank God for the ability and opportunity to study within your prayers.

    Prayers For Good Study Habits

    Father God, you know that I need help with studying. Please guide me to better study habits. I realize that I need help in organizing my study time. Please help me do this.

    Also, I know that I get easily distracted. Please help me to concentrate, so I can learn what I’m supposed to learn. Also, help me to remember these things when I need to.

    Make me a good steward of the time and opportunity you have given me. Grant me your favor in my study habits.


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    A Prayer For A Passion For Learning

    Loving Heavenly Father, grant me a passion for learning and a longing for wisdom. May I eagerly look forward to study time. Let me not see it as a chore I grudgingly do. Instead, let me see it as an opportunity to grow.

    Help me to grow from my study time. As I learn about the world around me, help me to know you more through what I learn. I accept that I was created for a connection with you.

    Let me experience that connection as I study.


    Prayer To St Joseph Of Cupertino

    A PRAYER for STUDENTS – St. Thomas Aquinas

    O St. Joseph of Cupertino, who by your prayer obtained from God to be asked at your examination the only preposition you know.

    Grant that I may, like you, succeed in the examination. In return, I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.

    O St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for me.

    O Holy Ghost, enlighten me.

    Our Lady of Good Studies, pray for me.

    Sacred Head of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom, enlighten me. data-toggle=tooltip data-html=true>

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