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The Third Content Area

Series 65 Exam Prep Practice Test 1 EXPLICATED

The next section has 40 questions that covers recommendations and strategies for clients. Knowing what type of client and the corresponding account to match, as well as, the analysis and evaluation of the best investment vehicle or vehicles for each client. The overview of these questions are as follows:

  • Know the difference between Individual, joint, sole proprietorship, general and limited partnership, Limited liability company, C and S Corporation, trust and Estates
  • Determining Client profile and the financial goals and strategies they want to achieve by collecting the following information:
  • Current income, retirement expectations, planning for disability and time horizons
  • Current cash flow, balance sheet, existing investments, tax situation
  • Risk tolerance, values, attitudes, experience and demographics
  • Series 65 Exam Practice Questions

    Below you will find some free Series 65 Exam practice questions. As with all of our books and exam content, theyve been updated for the current test content. The Series 65 practice questions below will give you an idea of the types of questions you will see when taking the real Series 65 Exam. At the end of the practice test, youll find an answer key. Good luck

    What Does The Series 65 Test Cover

    The Mometrix series 65 Practice test covers the exact same content as the Series 65 Exam. The focus of this exam is retirement planning, portfolio management strategies and fiduciary obligations. The breakdown and detail given to each specific topic can be mastered with daily study and diligent review of the Mometrix practice and test and flashcards. The detail and breakdown can be seen in the following overview of what the test covers:

    • Being able to study economic factors and understand business information.
    • Analyzing information to determine client investment recommendations and strategies
    • Memorize laws, regulations and guidelines, including prohibiting unethical business practices.

    Check Out Mometrix’s Series 65 Study Guide

    Get practice questions, video tutorials, and detailed study lessons

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    How Can We Help You

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    Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law Exam Test Reviews

    Series 65 Exam
  • How do I register for the real Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law Exam test?
  • Why should I use to prepare for Series 65 RIA test? We have ten great reasons why is the #1 source on the internet for preparing for the Series 65 RIA test.

    What score do I need to pass Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law Exam test? To pass the Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law Exam test you need a score of 72.The range of possible scores is 0 to 100.

    How do I know the practice tests are reflective of the actual Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law Exam test?

    At, we go to great pains to make sure that our tests are as realistic as possible. Our practice tests help you prepare for the real test in several key ways:

    100% Passing Guarantee

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    Practice Environment

    Certifications – The Big Picture

    Completion Certificate


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    The First Content Area

    The first area of content covered has 19 questions associated with general business flow. The importance of how to look at a company or business to see if it is financially stable to invest in and comparing it to other benchmark companies. A background in finance and statistics is very helpful in understanding these concepts. If you do not have this background to pull from, not to worry, the Mometrix Practice Test will also get you familiar with these concepts.

    The candidate should know the following:

    • Business cycles during economic trends and how to recognize them.
    • Monetary and fiscal policy and how it effects businesses.
    • The value of the US dollar and how inflation/ deflation effects its fluctuation.
    • How interest rates and yield curves relate to economic indicators, such as, the Gross Domestic Product , employment indicators, trade deficit, Consumer Price Index .
    • How to decipher the important information from Business Financial Reporting, Statements, Ratios, SEC Filings, Annual Reports and prospectuses and how it effects your decision as an Investment Advisor to place or withdraw clients from investing.
    • Understand the basics of Quantitative methods, statistics, derivatives, price to earnings and how they all effect each business you are recommending as an investment.
    • Systematic verses unsystematic risk and how to explain the differences to the client.
    • Know how opportunity cost and capital structure effects the timing of investments.

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    What Is A Series 65 Exam Prep Course

    A Series 65 exam prep course consists of the study materials, tools, and resources needed to prepare for the exam. Most of the top courses can be accessed online, offering a range of learning methods to accommodate students’ varying study needs and preferences. Courses may include self-study materials or be guided through virtual or live instruction, or some combination.

    An essential element of a Series 65 exam prep course is the test bank, which allows students to take numerous practice exams to gauge their comprehension as they move systematically through the course. When students can consistently score at least 90% on the practice exams and a final exam that simulates the actual exam, they are deemed prepared to pass the Series 65 exam.

    Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam

    How to Pass the Series 65 Exam by Knowing the Series 65 Exam. Test Specifications.

    The Series 65 Exam is a challenging test that test the minimum requirements for an Investment Advisor to perform the functions of the job. This three hour test, which includes one hundred and forty questions , is designed to validate and assure that each advisor can perform all the minimum basic requirements and functions of an Investment Advisor. It is extremely critical to have working knowledge and experience of the terms and definitions associated with the questions on the Series 65 Exam. Due to the cost, detail and amount of information covered in the test, it is important to study and prepare for the Series 65 as early and as much as possible. The Series 65 Study Guide provided by Mometrix, as well as the Series 65 Flashcards, are specifically designed to help you obtain the very best test score possible. The passing score is a 72, which means you need to get 94 questions correct.

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    Series 65 Practice Exams

    Are you looking for Series 65 exam questions? If so, we have exactly what you need. In fact, our exam prep course includes over 2,300 of them. Yup, over two thousand practice questions. Take a FREE sample exam by clicking the FREE PRACTICE EXAMS link above. This exam comes directly from our Series 65 test prep course.

    Do Your Series 65 Questions Mirror The Exam

    They sure do. Within our course, you will find topic and section exams in addition to a final exam that matches the exact weighting of the actual exam outline. Below you will find the four areas of concentration of the exam, followed by the exam outline:

    • Economic factors and business information
    • Investment vehicle characteristics
    • Client investment recommendations and strategies
    • Laws, regulations, and guidelines on unethical business practices

    I followed the program and passed the first time! I am now studying for the Series 63 and then plan on taking the Series 6. My company offers incentives to use other online programs, but upon reviewing the manner they present their material and the content, theres no comparison. I will continue to be a PassMasters client.

    Series 65 Student,FL

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    Choose Your Essential Self

    Please note: The online access period for your securities licensing course is 5 months. Additional 5 month extension may be purchased to extend your study time for $49. The extension can be ordered from the Extension icon on your Student Dashboard.

    *Midterm Exam is only included in select Series Exam Preparation Packages.

    What Is A Passing Score On The Series 65

    Series 65 Exam Flashcard Study System : Series 65 Test Practice ...

    To pass the Series 65 exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 72.3% by correctly answering 94 of 130 multiple-choice questions in 180 minutes.

    Candidates increase their chances of passing the exam on the first attempt by completing an exam prep course. Candidates who don’t pass on their first attempt can sit for the exam again after 30 days. If they fail on their second attempt, they must wait another 30 days to retake the exam. After a third failed attempt, candidates must wait 180 days for another try.

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    The Fourth Content Area

    The final section of the test asks 40 questions regarding laws, regulations, guidelines and prohibition of unethical business practices.

    • Be aware of the State and Federal Laws that regulate Investment Advisors and the post-registration and registration requirements.
    • The regulation of Broker/Dealers, agents, securities and the issuers
    • Remedies and Administrative Provisions, actions, penalties and liabilities
    • Ethical practices and fiduciary obligations when communicating with clients and prospects
    • Contracts, guarantees, fees, commissions, performance based fees, disclosure of compensation, custody, discretion, trading authorization, standards and suitability
    • Conflicts of interest, excessive trading, loans to and from clients, sharing profits, confidentiality, insider trading, selling away and market manipulation.

    As you can see, the Series 65 Examination covers a very broad, extensive, amount of information. It is a lot of information to retain, making it necessary to implement plenty of study time with your Mometrix Practice Test and Flash cards. This is an opportunity to excel in your career and promote your knowledge and skills to your peers. A client will feel more comfortable trusting you with their finances knowing that you have succeeded in passing the Series 65 Exam. Start studying early and get the best score possible the first time.

    The 4 Best Series 65 Exam Prep Courses Of 2022

    The combination of a feature-rich study package for every need and budget, leading-edge technology, and a money-back guarantee makes ExamFX our choice as the best overall Series 65 exam prep provider.

    • Comprehensive offering of study packages to match learning styles

    • Reasonably priced, full-feature packages

    • Course access limited to 90 days

    • Limited menu of separate study materials

    Founded in 1996, ExamFX has become one of the country’s top technology-based exam prep course providers. Each of its three study packages comes loaded with essential study materials, driven by proprietary technology, all backed with a money-back guarantee. That combination makes ExamFX our choice as the best overall exam prep course provider.

    Some students could get by with ExamFX’s $159.95 Self-Study package, which includes an interactive learning portal, online exam simulations, a readiness exam, instructor support, and the company’s Guarantee Exam, which qualifies students for a money-back guarantee.

    The online exam simulations are one of the best tools in ExamFX’s toolbox. Utilizing a proprietary adaptive learning technology, the online exam simulations keep students focused on areas that require further comprehension. It’s supported by an extensive question bank that provides a continuous stream of new questions for an unlimited number of exams.

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    Track Your Exam Performance

    Each time you complete a practice exam in our system your progress is provided in an engaging manner which makes it easy for you to track your progress. For each exam in our course, you will know exactly what you scored on your first attempt, what you scored last time you completed it, what your average score is and how many questions you have seen for that exam from that exams question bank.

    See the graphic below to see all the data at your disposal in our program:

    Series 65 Practice Exam

    What is the Series 65 exam, and how do you PASS it?

    If you are interested in becoming an Investment Adviser Representative, you need to pass the Series 65 Exam. The official name of this test is the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam. Topics include investment recommendations, strategies, and products. This is a NASAA test that is administered by FINRA. Start your test prep now with our free Series 65 practice exam.

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    Looking For Series 65 Sample Questions

    With current content, designed to mimic todays exam, Pass Perfect is the place to find free Series 65 questions. Our proven prep packages help you retain information instead of memorizing so you will pass. And our Pass Promise guarantees it. Take a look at some Series 65 example questions before you start studying because the first step to passing the Series 65 exam is understanding what it looks like.

    Most Comprehensive Premier Package: Kaplan Financial Education

    Kaplan Financial Education

    Kaplan’s Premium Instruction package comes with everything anyone needs to successfully pass the Series 65 exam, making it our choice for the most comprehensive premier package.

    • SecuritiesPro QBank, a robust test bank allowing for hundreds of unique practice exams

    • Course access for five months with a five-month extension for $49

    • Personalized instructor support for Premium packages

    • Instructor support not available for all packages

    As a financial education company since 1970, Kaplan has set the standard for high-quality, comprehensive exam prep courses. While Kaplan offers solid mid- and lower-range courses, its Premier Instruction package sets the standard for reasonably priced, high-end Series 65 exam prep courses.

    At $159, the Basic Package may offer the least value for the money of the three packages. But it does include SecuritiesPro QBank, Kaplan’s very best study tool. QBank provides access to hundreds of practice exam questions that help users zero in on weaknesses. The exams, which can be downloaded for offline use, are customizable according to students’ study progress.

    In addition, the Basic Package includes a performance tracker and study calendar to help students stay on track with their study goals. The Basic Package also includes Kaplan’s popular License Exam Manual, making this a fairly solid course. For $199, the Essential Package adds checkpoint exams, a midterm exam, and a video library.

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    Which Of The Following Stocks Would Be Considered Cyclical

    A ) Automobile manufacturer

    See Answer

    Answer: A

    Rationale: The performance of cyclical stocks follows the business cycle. In times of GDP expansion, they do well in times of recession, they do poorly. The classic cyclical stocks are home building, automobile manufacturers and durable goods producers. All of these purchases are deferrable in hard times.Pharmaceutical companies are defensive and are not affected by the business cycle in good times or bad, people must take prescribed drugs. Gold mining stocks are counter-cyclical. In bad economic times, people flee to safety and buy gold stocks. Computer software companies are growth companies.

    The North American Securities Administration Association

    Series 65 Exam Practice Question Workbook : 700+ Comprehensive Practice ...

    The North American Securities Administration Association was organized in 1919, making it the oldest international organization devoted to protecting investors in the stock market. The Series 65 is just one of the tests administered by the NASAA to ensure that all Investment Advisors have obtained enough minimal knowledge to give solid investment recommendations to their clients. The Series 65 license allows Investment Advisors to be able to charge a fee for their services, if they feel it necessary to do so, although it is used as an option when it is ethical and a benefit to the client.

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    The Second Content Area

    The second section of review has 31 questions pertaining to different investment vehicles. The characteristic types of investment vehicles and their definition of each of the following:

    • Cash and cash equivalents CDs, money markets, treasury bills and commercial paper.
    • Fixed income securities Treasuries, FNMA, TIPS, Corporate Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Bond Ratings, Municipal Bonds, Foreign Bonds
    • Tax implications of each, risk and advantages of each, how to determine the value of the premium, discount, duration, maturity, yield to call, yield to maturity and coupon
    • Types of Equity Securities common, preferred, restricted, foreign and convertible stocks, warrants, ADRs, employee stock options and shareholder rights.
    • The analysis of stocks and mutual funds, the difference between open and closed end, unit investment trusts, real estate investment trusts , determining the net asset value and the discount/ premium of each.
    • Definition of Types of Derivative Securities Options, futures and forward contracts
    • Definition of Alternative Securities hedge funds and limited partnerships
    • Know the difference between insurance based products Variable, fixed, equity and life insurance annuities

    How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Series 65 Exam

    Unlike many other securities exams, preparing for the Series 65 exam primarily involves memorizing rules and laws. People with good recall might require less preparation time than those who struggle with recall. Regardless, some exam sections are more challenging than others, especially for people with no background in securities.

    Exam prep course providers recommend a total study time of between 50 and 70 hours. People who work full-time at another job while preparing for the exam should plan on at least three to four weeks of preparation.

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