Same Day Eye Exam And Glasses

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Do You Suffer From Blurry Vision Difficulty Reading Or Blurriness When Looking At A Computer Screen

Not Your Typical Eye Care Company | Stanton Optical

You could be suffering from Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common refractive error that occurs as the natural lens in the eye begins to harden. As the lens stiffens, it loses its ability to focus on near objects, resulting in blurry vision. Vuity eye drops may be the solution youve been seeking.

Whether you need an optometrist for a routine eye exam, to find the right pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses, or for more advanced eye care services, you want to know that the eye doctor you are seeing has the right experience, expertise, and “chair-side” manner to make you comfortable on your visit. With years of outstanding service in the community, our optometrists, Dr. Jeffrey Boudreaux and Dr. John Bollich have a reputation for excellence.

Our eye clinic is located in Lafayette, in the same shopping center as Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Here are Google maps and directions to our Lafayette Eye Clinic which provides optometry and eye examination services to Broussard, Breaux Bridge, Youngsville, Scott, and the surrounding areas.

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Have You Ever Broken Glasses And Need New Eyeglasses Urgently

Whether you need a new pair of glasses or need your glasses repaired urgently, same-day eyeglass replacement and repair is becoming more and more common.

Many optometrists understand that their patients cant wait days to be able to see clearly, which is why many now offer a same-day service for new glasses and repairs.

What Happens During An Eye Exam

Eye exams consist of a series of tests that gauge both your overall ocular health and your vision. Some components you may experience include:

  • A visual acuity test
  • A peripheral vision test
  • A refraction exam
  • Binocular testing
  • A slit-lamp exam
  • Eye pressure measurement
  • A dilation exam
  • A color vision test

For even more detail on the above components, read: What to Expect at an Eye Exam.

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Same Day Eye Exams In Jacksonville: Comprehensive Eye Checkups For Men Women & Children

If you need a quick walk in eye exam on the same day, VAL-Uvision is here for you and your family. We provide comprehensive vision screenings and examinations for patients of all ages from young children to senior citizens. These exams include preventative screening to detect any problems with a patients eyes or vision and provide immediate treatment as soon as possible. Our local eye care staff is here to help you with all your eye care needs!

Get Your Eye Exam Today

Find the right eyewear for you at Eyes On Brickell Optical Boutique in ...

If its been a while since your last exam, your prescription may have changed. Dont pay for glasses youll need to replace soon. Instead, schedule our same day eye exam service, and get your new prescription glasses fast.

Did you lose your prescription but need same-day prescription glasses?

No problem. We have eye doctors available on premises to provide an exam and measure your prescription. Shop frames if you need glasses and lenses. Then place your order. Well make sure you get your glasses in less than a business day so that you can move on with your life.

We never sacrifice quality for speed, so all our lens packages come with premium coatings, including an anti-static, anti-scratch, and anti-glare finish with UV protection. Of course, having new glasses in less than 24-hours is important, but only if youre getting the best quality lenses with your order.

Getting same-day eyeglasses helps ensure your bad day doesnt carry over to the next. We offer the fastest glasses production in the area. Simply schedule your eye exam. Choose from hundreds of frame styles. Then

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Same Day Glasses In Cedar Park Tx

Our eye practice in Cedar Park, TX offers the unique benefit of same-day services. Not sure what that means? Were happy to expound.

Essentially, you can come into any of our locations for your eye exam, receive a correct prescription and leave the same day with a new or newly updated pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses.

We are able to provide this benefit by hosting a full-service, in-house laboratory at each of our office locations. Our labs boast the most advanced finishing technology, and each one is stocked with a variety of premium coated lenses. Our labs also contain specialty lens materials so we can take care of your more complex prescription needs if necessary.

Because our lenses are being prepared in-house, they arent subject to the occasional mistake or misreading of your prescription that can occur in other practices who send their prescriptions out. And most importantly, all of our lenses are finished with the quality standard that our optometric team prescribed for you. Schedule an appointment now!

So drop by the office nearest to you and get your new lenses today!

Can I Get Prescription Glasses The Same Day As My Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are the best way to monitor the health of your eyes and your vision, and all patients are recommended to undergo an eye exam at least every two years more often if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses or if you have been diagnosed with an active or developing visual problem like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Whether you usually wear prescription glasses, or this is going to be your first time wearing glasses or contact lenses, you may be feeling impatient about waiting for them to be provided. In most instances, patients have their eye exam and choose their preferred frames one day but need to wait for their prescription lenses to be created so that they can be placed into their chosen frames, ready to be worn. But what if you are in a hurry? Can you get prescription glasses the same day as your eye exam? The answer to this is yes you can if you choose an eyewear provider who offers same-day service.

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How Do I Schedule An Appointment

Its easy to set up an appointment with us. First, check out our online scheduling page to schedule a time. Second, you can always call us at . And if youre not sure when youll be available, walk-in anytime during business hours well get your eye exam started promptly.

Heres what you can expect when you come in for one hour glasses at Lensworks:

Set Some Time Aside For Your Eyes

Mya Gets BRACES and GLASSES in the SAME DAY!

So, how long do eye exams take? Reserve about an hour for the exam itself, with the understanding that you might need more time to take it easy while your pupils are dilated.

Although the minutes or hours you spend at the optometrist might vary, the broader answer to this question should always be the same: Your appointment should take the amount of time necessary to ensure the health of your eyes and vision.

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We Create Eyeglasses On

At Atlantic Eye Care, we produce our own custom eyeglasses in our on-site laboratory. Our glasses lab allows us to ensure every lens is made in a quick production time with exceptional quality. We take pride in our ability to create custom glasses that fit the unique specifications of each patient. Our technicians have the expertise to craft beautiful lenses with our state of the art technology.

Do I Need An Eye Exam To Get New Glasses

You must have a valid prescription from an eye doctor to purchase prescription eyeglasses. If you have a valid eyeglasses prescription from a previous eye exam that’s still current, you don’t need to get a new exam to buy glasses.

Eyeglass prescriptions typically expire after one to two years. If your prescription has expired, make an appointment for an eye exam.

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* World Eyeglasses Fort Lauderdale *

World Eyeglasses is a full service eye care center and lab offering prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and exams to our customers throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Our in office lab allows us to create and modify your eyeglass frames on-site, saving you time and money. Our eye doctor is a board certified optometrist who treats eye problems and conducts eye exams. From designer frames to the latest advances in lens technology, World Eyeglasses is Your best choice in quality eye care.

Heres what sets us apart from other vision care providers:

Do You Carry Every Rx

Emergency Eye Care, VSP, Eyemed Provider, Same Day Glasses, Eye Patch ...

The top of our prescription range is -12 and +6. Our astigmatism limitation is -4.00. We offer single vision and sun lenses that are cut for your prescription on the spot. We generally stock lenses to accommodate these prescriptions in both sun and clear lenses.

In the rare case we’re out of stock, we’ll order your Rx and send you an e-mail when they’re back in the Studio.

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Why Should I Buy Eyeglasses From My Optometrist

In recent years a trend has developed in the eyecare world to consider buying eyeglasses from online stores rather than the traditional method of ordering through your trusted eye care professional. These sites may claim that they offer not-to-be-beat prices and convenient to-your-door delivery, but the disadvantages of ordering online are much more significant than any apparent advantage they claim to provide. The truth is that there are many aspects of customer service and accurate filling of prescriptions in which your trusted family optometrist is far superior to any online service. Below are outlined some of the major advantages of purchasing from your trusted eyecare professional.

The Myth of Online Savings

Personal Relationships and Expertise

To an online store, you are a faceless consumer. To your trusted eye care professional, you are a patient in their care. The aim of the online store is to sell you a product. The aim of your eye doctor is to help you look and see your best, and safeguard your long term eye health and visual comfort. Part of fulfilling this role is maintaining a personal relationship with each and every patient. The same cannot be said about online retailers.


Even For High Prescriptions

Same day glasses made on the same business day only in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Any prescription type and strength. Hundreds of styles. Premium lenses and coatings. Emergency? Were here when you need new glasses fast.

Whether you need new glasses after a medical procedure, get through midterms, or read to your grandkids at bedtime tonight, we understand its an emergency. Thats why we offer same-day service on any prescription strength and type.

You wont find replacement glasses with our level of quality this fast, anywhere else.

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Have Your New Lenses Cut In

Sit back and relax. Once you choose your frames, it will only take 20 – 30 minutes to cut your prescription lenses, install the lenses into your frame, and get you on your way.

When your lenses are cut and attached to your frames, youre all set! No need to wait weeks and weeks for new glasses to come in.

Value #3, Honesty: Sometimes, certain custom lenses may take longer to complete than an hour or even the same day. If thats the case, well keep you informed and work to get you taken care of as soon as possible, guaranteed.

Your Vision Is Important

Eye Exam Wilmington Delaware (

The IQ Optical team has successfully made millions of custom prescription eyeglasses for every lifestyle, with a combined 300 years of experience. With comprehensive eye exams and a tailored buying experience for every need, IQ Optical uses a combination of data and expertise to hand-select the best variety of lenses and coatings.

Best of all, IQ Optical offers all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The IQ Optical team prides itself in its dedication to making excellent glasses, which means if youre not happy with the final product, neither are they.


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Get A Fast & Thorough Eye Exam

Once you arrive at the office and check-in at the front desk, a member of our friendly staff will take you back for your eye exam.

During the exam, our experienced optometrist will determine your prescription and check on the overall health of your eyes. We want to make sure that your renewed and updated prescription is a perfect match.

Value #1, The Right Prescription, Every time: Customers shouldnt have to come back for adjustments to prescriptions. Get it right in-store and face-to-face.

Is A Contact Lens Exam Different From An Eye Exam

Yes! A contact lens exam involves a fitting where the doctor takes additional measurements and assesses the tear film, visual correction, comfort, and fit of a specific contact lens. It can be conducted in addition to a comprehensive eye exam during the same appointment, but you should make sure to tell your optometrist that youre looking to wear contacts prior to your visit.

If its your first time wearing contacts, this process also includes training on how to insert and remove them. All of these procedures ensure that your contacts will be the right size, fit comfortably, and give you the clearest vision possible.

A contact lens exam will add some more time to your appointmentplan for additional time, plus a potential follow-up appointment to see how youre doing with your contacts. Ready to have a contact lens exam at Warby Parker? Heres how you book it.

Read more: How is a Contact Lens Exam Different from an Eye Exam?

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We Are Locally Owned Proudly Serving Madison County

Madison Eyes is proud to be a family-run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service and value for all of our customers. From same day vision exams and contact lens fittings, to a huge selection of top name brands of eyewear and sunglasses from leading designers, our eye care office has it all and more. Our Madison eye doctors are here to satisfy all of your vision care needs!

If you are in Huntsville or the surrounding area such as Triana, Harvest, Moores Mill, and New Market, give us a call today!

What Makes Us Different From Other Nearby Eye Care Providers:

Eyeglasses for everyone at Young at Heart Vision Kids and Family. We ...
  • We offer same day service for glasses and eye exams for most prescriptions!
  • Most vision insurances are accepted, including VSP, EyeMed, Spectra, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, NVA, National Vision and more!
  • We welcome outside prescriptions!
  • We welcome walk-ins & same day appts
  • Full service, on-site optical lab
  • Affordable rates & ongoing promos/discounts

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What About Specialized Lenses

Unfortunately, specialized lenses require a longer processing time. But, we still believe that in most cases the extra elements produce higher quality eyeglasses. If you wear glasses daily, consider waiting on your prescription with better quality lenses and features.

Same day glasses work well for emergency eyeglass replacements or as extra eyeglasses. Usually, most prescriptions are available within one week regardless of the type of frames, lenses or features you select.

How Long Will My Pupils Stay Dilated

Your pupils may stay dilated for up to six hours after an eye exam, but it differs from patient to patient. Its important to plan ahead by bringing sunglasses to the appointment and having a ride home arranged for afterward. Youll be sensitive to bright light and glareespecially from screensso close-up work may not be possible as the effects of the drops wear off. Its best to avoid reflective surfaces and rest your eyes as much as possible following your exam.

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How Long Does An Eye Exam With Dilation Take

An eye exam during which the optometrist dilates your pupils can take an hour or more. This is because the eye drops that dilate your eyes may need up to half an hour before theyve taken full effect .

Once your eyes are dilated, the optometrist will be able to look through your pupils to examine the interior parts of your eyes, including your retina and optic nerve.

Not all eye exams require that your pupils be dilatedit may depend on your medical history, date of last dilation, prescription strength, or other factors. Some eyecare offices now have advanced machinery that can photograph the back of the eye without first dilating your pupils . Make sure to chat with your doctor on what the best course of action is for you and your retinas!

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