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Take A Pre Licensing Course

Tennessee Real Estate Exam 2021 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

Taking a pre-licensing course before signing up for the real estate licensing exam is critical. In an exam prep course, you will learn the material on the exam as well as tips for being a successful real estate salesperson or broker in your state. Youll walk away well-prepared for the agent or broker exam in your state.

I recommend looking for a real estate exam prep program that is specific to your state. The California real estate exam is different from the Michigan real estate exam, and understanding those differences is a key part of passing the test.

Online real estate school can be a good option as you prepare for the real estate test, as long as it is state-specific. Taking a real estate course online can give you some time flexibility if you need it.

What Real Estate Examprep Master Does

Real Estate Exam Prep Master prepares you for the specific topics in YOUR state’s license exam. Our inside knowledge of what’s covered combined with our proprietary exam mastery methods ensure you’re fully prepared.

With the Real Estate Exam Prep Master program, you get tools to take control of your study schedule and to practice with three different learning formats.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Your State

Real estate license requirements vary from state to state. Here are the general real estate license requirements that apply to all:

  • All states require a high school diploma or G.E.D equivalent.
  • All states require U.S citizenship and proof of state-specific residency.
  • All states require up to date forms of government-approved I.D . Anything expired will NOT be accepted at the test-taking site.
  • Many states require a background check or submission of fingerprints. Normally if a background check is required so is the submission of fingerprints although they are usually handled at the same time and do not require additional steps.
  • Some but not all states require proof of errors and omissions insurance.
  • Must complete required state approved pre-licensing courses.
  • Must pass state administered real estate exam.
  • Must pay state mandated real estate agent fees.

For specifics look at our full guide on Real Estate License Requirements by State.

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Where To Take Real Estate Exam

There are three main testing centers that host the real estate exam: PSI Exams Online, AMP Testing Center, and Pearson Vue. These centers have hundreds of locations across the country that you can choose from. You can schedule your test at one of these locations once you qualify to take the exam. Your states real estate commission will have more information about where and when your exam will take place.

Take And Review Notes

Tennessee Real Estate License Exam Prep : All

As you prepare for the exam, make yourself several notes and note cards. Consider using a digital note card program to keep these close at hand. Take these note cards with you, and review for the exam every second you get.

Dont let the note cards make you stressed, though. Use them as a tool to keep the information fresh in your mind.

Remember, repetition aids learning, and the more your practice, the more prepared you will be for the exam when the time comes. Make note cards for any difficult things you find as you study, and review, review, review.

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Free Real Estate Practice Exams

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Use our free Real Estate practice exams to pass the Real Estate License Exam – an assessment taken by candidates who wish to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

Real Estate Agents work to advise home buyers and sellers on market conditions, real estate prices, mortgages, and how to best present their homes in order to sell at the best price.

See our free sample tests for the latest actual real estate exam questions and answers.

Summary: Take a free real estate practice exam below and see how you do.

Use Alternative Study Methods

Another way to provide yourself with a well-rounded study plan is to supplement it with alternative study methods. Flashcards for the Real Estate License Exam and study guides for the Real Estate License Exam give you an opportunity to see the content in another format. For many individuals, this can help them learn and retain the information better.

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Brokerage Responsibility And Agency Management

The section of the Real Estate License Exam makes up approximately 17% of the whole exam and covers knowledge of real estate trends and developments, fair practice laws, math calculations, and real estate forms. It also includes items specific to running a real estate agency, such as agency creation and closure, and commissions and fees.

Tennessee Real Estate License Exam Prep

Tennessee Real Estate Exam 2020 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

Shipping Notice: This product is delivered direct from Performance Programs Company and is expected to process and ship in 5-7 business days.$26.95Publication DateJanuary 03, 2020LanguageEnglish

Features of Tennessee Real Estate License Exam Prep :

National Principles & Law Key Point Review Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice Tennessee-Specific Laws and Practices National Practice Tests Tennessee Practice Tests Tennessee Sample Exam

We know the real estate licensing exam can be tough, and very nerve-wracking to prepare for. Thats why we created Tennessee Real Estate License Exam Prep the way we did. Since we have been managing real estate schools and developing curriculum for forty years, we know how all this works or fails to work.

In the end, as you know, its all up to you. Unlike other publications, we are not going to tell you that using this book will guarantee that you pass your state exam. It still takes hard work and study to pass. But we have done our best here to get you ready. Following that, the most we can do is wish you the best of success in taking and passing your Tennessee real estate exam. So good luck!!

Product Details

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How To Study For The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

One of the requirements for getting your real estate license in Tennessee is completing 90 hours of pre-license education.

Thirty hours must be taken in real estate principles and another 30 in a Tennessee-specific course for new affiliates.

The remaining 30 hours can be filled with approved electives.

Taking these courses is the best way to study for the exam, since all important topics are covered throughout your total hours.

This foundation sets you up nicely to reduce real estate exam difficulty at least somewhat.

Where you complete this educational requirement is up to you. You can choose any of the realty classes offered in Tennessee.

Tennessee even allows you to review the pass rates from different schools. This means you have the option to take an in-person class, or a virtual one at the location that offers the best results.

Both formats offer different advantages, so its really about your personal schedule when it comes to deciding which is best.

In-person learning allows you some face-to-face time with both future colleagues and industry experts.

It lets you get a little ahead when it comes to networking, and makes it much easier to pull a study group together as you approach the exam.

You also have the luxury of a predictable schedule when you take an in-person class. Sessions are offered at the same time every week, allowing you to get all 60 hours pre-loaded into your calendar.

New York Real Estate Exam

Pass your New York Real Estate Salesperson Exam guaranteed or your money back. Our practice material is written specifically for the real estate salesperson exam given by the New York Division of Licensing Services. Includes 350 Core Real Estate questions and answers for a total of 425 Questions to help you prepare. Imagine sitting with confidence on exam day having practiced our difficult questions you won’t find anywhere else!All questions have fully explained answers. Take unlimited tests on your computer, phone or tablet. Complements any other study materials. OnlineInstant scoring, review & reporting.PrintableInstant download.

No Time Limit. No Recurring Charges.Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

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Celebrate Or Get Your Money Back

We’re confident you’ll pass, but if you don’t, send us your state’s failure notice, and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.*

* Unfortunately, the states of Florida, New Jersey, and Tennessee do NOT permit guarantees to passing the state real estate license exam. You may still purchase Exam Prep, however we cannot offer or honor the Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.

What Is The Cost Of Taking The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

How to Get a Real Estate License in Tennessee? [Step

To take the real estate exam, applicants hoping to become real estate agents in Tennessee have to pay a $39 fee. This is the same fee you will shell out should you need to retake one or both parts of the exam.

To register for the exam, its easiest if you log in online through PSI Services. You can also call them directly to schedule your exam at 855-340-3710 or email them at

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Who Is The Tennessee Real Estate Exam Prep Course For

Many students go though the Tennessee licensing course just to find out that they forgot much of the information when showing up for their real estate exam. If you are asking yourself any of these questions then this course is definitely for you:

  • Am I really prepared for my real estate exam?
  • What concepts should I focus on?
  • What should I know for the national portion?
  • What should I know for the state portion of the exam?
  • Is everything I learned likely to show up on the exam?
  • Will there be math?

How Many Questions Are On The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

Taking the real estate exam in Tennessee is no small feat. The test is long, four hours total, and rigorous. The total number of questions, and the time for each section of the test, vary by license type.

If youre going for an affiliate broker license, youll have 80 questions in the national section, and 40 questions in the state section.

Youll have 160 minutes to complete the national section, and 80 minutes for state.

To get a broker license, you must answer 75 questions in the national section, and 50 in the state section. Youll have 150 minutes for the national section, and 90 minutes for state.

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Online Real Estate Practice Exams

Pass the real estate exam with confidence! Our real estate practice exam prep comes with 1,000 practice real estate exam questions with detailed answer explanations. Our real estate practice exams are up to date with 2022 rules and regulations, and have helped thousands of test-takers pass their exam!

With our real estate exam prep, you will have 1 year of instant access to take unlimited real estate practice tests, real estate vocabulary test questions, study flashcards, math prep, exam prep videos, and support from a Licensed Real Estate Instructor. Our program has a 100% Pass Money-Back Guarantee!

How Many Math Questions Are On The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

Tennessee Real Estate License Exam REVIEW!!

Located within the national section of your real estate license exam, the number of math questions also varies by exam type.

The affiliate broker exam has eight math questions, while the broker exam has six.

These real estate calculations cover basic math concepts, calculations for transactions, and specifically for brokers, calculations for valuation, and rate of return.

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Property And Ownership Laws

When ownership is changing hands, it is a realtors responsibility to make sure everything is done by the book. The section accounts for 11-15% of the exam, and covers such concepts as property classes and characteristics, types of ownership, government and personal rights to land, water rights, and environmental hazards and regulation.

Why You Should Study With Our Tennessee Real Estate Practice Test Free

These are all the benefits of using our Tennessee Real Estate Practice Test:

  • Study anywhere at any time without an Internet connection.
  • Your own study plan will be set up automatically according to your test date
  • 3 features: Weak/Medium/Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should work harder on.
  • Customize your study reminder to receive a notification at any time you want

Don’t hesitate anymore! Visit our Free Real Estate Practice Exam and start your studying right now!

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Real Estate Exam Administration

Depending on which state you live in, the Real Estate Exam can be administered at one of hundreds of locations across the United States. For the most part, the state-specific and national portion of your exam will likely be administered by one of the following three national testing centers:

  • PSI Exams Online
  • AMP Testing Center

Your test will be scheduled through the appropriate testing center once you have qualified to take the exam. Please check with your states requirements below to see when and where your real estate licensing exam will be administered:

Worried About Passing Your Tn State Exam

Tennessee Real Estate License Exam AudioLearn by AudioLearn Content ...

We know you have a busy life, and sometimes, its not realistic to study for hours every day in the weeks leading up to your Tennessee Real Estate licensing exam. Thats okay, even just a few hours with our prep guide will mean you are able to pass your TN exam confidently first try.

  • Average pass rate is only 64%.

  • Studying is hard and often a very dry task.

  • We helped over 50,000 students become licensed agents.

  • 95% of users pass state exam on the first try.

  • Use our guide for a couple hours a week to pass with confidence.

Our goal is to help you build confidence in the material andpass your TN real estate exam the first time you take it.

Sample Practice Exam

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How Many Times Can You Fail And Retake The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

Should you fail either one or both parts of the Tennessee real estate exam, you have unlimited opportunities to retake within specific parameters.

If you do pass one section, but not the other, your initial passing score is only valid for two retake attempts or a six-month period, whichever comes first.

Should you not pass the other portion of the exam within those parameters, youll have to retake both sections.

What To Study For The Tennessee Real Estate Exam

Your pre-licensing coursework will help get you started when its time to study, but its not the only source.

Knowing where to get an idea of what is on the real estate exam itself means looking a little deeper.

In Tennessee, the best place to look for a specific exam outline is the exam bulletin created by PSI Exams.

PSI administers the actual test, and shares an outline of the information covered on both sections of the real estate exam the national portion and the state portion.

Youll also find a list of suggested resources to review, in addition to materials given out in class.

Key topics covered in the national portion include:

  • Property ownership

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We Recommend At Least A Week Some Customers However Report They Started The Program Just Three Days Prior To Taking Their State Exam And Still Passed

I passed the Michigan Salesperson Exam on the first try I felt very well prepared to take and pass the test no anxiety as I had used the review materials and completed the reading and quizzes.

Peggy G., Michigan

Having so many practice test attempts through Real Estate Express helped me feel confident when it was time for my test! Passed the first try!

Molly L., Texas

The Exam Prep Master was an excellent choice as it helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt. I went through the 4-hour state exam within one hour and 45 minutes. The prep was very close in the type of questions that were in the licensing exam. I would recommend the Prep Master again.

Stephen C., Texas

Exam Prep Master easy to navigate. There was a lot of material included. The pre-licensing course and Exam Prep Master provided me everything I needed to pass my Florida Real Estate Sales Associate examination on the first try! I completed my course final on a Wednesday and took the state exam that Friday and passed!

Tommy B., Florida

I learn best by taking the tests, and identifying the areas that need improvement. There were so many tests in the Exam Prep Master that I was greatly prepared for the state exam, which I passed with almost no stress, on the first try.

Lenny F., Florida

Kerri Jo A., California

Simulate The Testing Experience

How We Passed Our Real Estate Exams On The First Try – Tennessee Realtors

The Real Estate License Exam is a long test, frequently with over 100 questions and lasting anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours. Its a good idea to simulate the testing experience at least a few times before taking the actual exam. This practice will give you an idea of how you perform for that kind of duration, show you how to pace yourself so that you can complete all of the questions, and help you develop strategies to overcome mental fatigue if it begins to set in.

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Take Care Of Yourself

In the days prior to taking the real estate exam, make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat healthily. Avoid the temptation to cram information the night before, staying up late into the night. No matter how good your prep course is, if you are exhausted, you will fail to do well on the test.

Get a good nights sleep the night before the test. This will do more to help your pass rate than any amount of cramming.

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