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Who Is Real Estate Express Best For

Real Estate Express Exam Prep – Review and Guided Tour

Let me be very clear about this Real Estate Express is for those who are able to learn independently. Yes, you have access to an instructor, but I would not plan on relying on that person to help you pass. If you have a question here and there, sure, but they will not hold your hand. There is very little external support and the information is delivered in a very dry format. This is not limited to Real Estate Express. Unfortunately, this is the industry standard for online real estate license training. For me personally, this was still a better option than attending a classroom. I got into real estate as a second career and I was already limited on time. Attending a physical classroom was out of the question. If youre in the same boat, thats ok, just know what youre getting into by taking ANY online real estate school.

Availability In Your State

The very first thing you need to determine is whether or not the course is offered in your state. Real Estate Express is certified in 32 states, so theres a possibility that the license training isnt even available where you live. Be 100% sure that your state officially recognizes the training courses you want.

Find Real Estate Express Courses In Your State:

Cons Of Real Estate Express

But, Real Estate Express may not suit everyone. Here are a few things to consider before you enroll in one of its classes:

  • Its Courses Are Text-Heavy. The class materials rely on written text to deliver most of the information. This can include online documents or a hard-copy textbook, which comes with the companys highest-tier package. If you prefer a more interactive experience, you may want to consider another provider that offers in-person classes or modules that require more student participation.
  • It Lacks an In-Person Option. Few real estate education providers offer in-person classes, and Real Estate Express is no exception. But, the company does offer a live stream course run by an experienced instructor. While this format can give you the opportunity to engage with an actual person, it may not deliver the full classroom environment some students seek.
  • Its Final Exam Requires a Proctor. After completing a self-paced course, some students may feel frustrated that they must coordinate with a proctor to take their final exam. But, its a necessary step to ensure all Real Estate Express students receive a quality education and maintain the companys strong reputation in real estate education. You must prepare yourself for this final hurdle as you complete your course.

Not sure this course is the right choice? See how it compares to other courses.

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Real Estate Express Final Exam Cheat Sheet

To pass your express test, you must prepare thoroughly.

Do not memorize the questions you get during your course learning. The reason is, you will not get the same question in your exam. Some students are made to believe so.

They may be similar but not exact.

The exam is quite a challenge in many states. Although no statistics show how people pass or fail their exams, the failure rate varies from state to state.

Primarily, the exam has two components national and state specifics. Familiarize yourself with both.

If you fail the exam, you have one more chance or more, according to your state, to sit for another attempt.

Real Estate Express Reviews And Ratings

2022 Real Estate Express Review

There are over 50,000 Real Estate Express reviews online, supporting their claim as the top real estate school. 350,000 real estate professionals started their careers with Real Estate Express schools, but are they the best choice for you?

If you are interested in getting your real estate license youll have to start with a training course that meets your states minimum required hours. You can take this training course in a traditional classroom, or a certified online school. There are benefits to both. A classroom course will have an experienced professional available, but youre at the mercy of the scheduled class times. This can be challenging if you already have a job, children, or other responsibilities. An online real estate school allows you to learn at your own pace, but help may not be immediately available.

Find Real Estate Express Courses In Your State:

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Who Is Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a leading company in real estate online education and training. They are the largest company that provides courses to prepare for the real estate exam, study guides, and exam prep tests in the U.S.

Started in 1996, Real Estate Express claims to have helped over 400,000 professionals in real estate start a career. Real Estate Express has a learning platform that is nationally accredited and offers pre and post licensing courses, and exam test prep for the real estate profession.

Real Estate Express was the first group of real estate education, online providers, to go through the ARELLO certification process. ARELLO, also known as The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, maintains exacting standards for distance education courses offered worldwide. Real estate online course providers who meet ARELLOs standards are approved for distance education certification.

Final Review Of Colibri Real Estate Courses

Colibri Real Estates program is well-designed and effective. Students can easily learn what they need to know about the Real Estate exams through a blend of self study materials and live online learning. Each type of study material serves to reinforce lessons learned during the course and ensure that youre an expert test taker. Therefore, we definitely recommend Colibri Real Estate as one of the best real estate courses and online Real Estate schools.

Make sure to sign up for Colibri Real Estate if you want the best chance of passing the Real Estate licensing exam. Remember to keep an eye out for any discounts since these courses frequently go on sale.

Bryce Welker is an entrepreneur and owner of over 20 test prep websites dedicated to helping professionals earn certifications and pass their licensure exams. Bryce is a regular contributor to,, and where he shares his knowledge to help others boost their careers.

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Who Needs A Real Estate Prep Course

A real estate prep course is the perfect option for individuals who are preparing to sit for their real estate exam. In order to sit for your real estate exam, you must complete your state required pre-licensing hours.

After you complete your required pre-licensing hours, you will be able to sit for your real estate exam. If you are looking for somewhere to complete your pre-licensing hours, check out our reviews of the .

All of the courses listed on this page will prepare you for your real estate exam and ensure you pass it the first time around. These prep courses should be looked at as an investment in your future.

About Real Estate Express

PrepAgent Review – A Deep Dive Walk-Through Of The PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Prep Program

Real Estate Express is an online course that helps you earn or supplement a real estate license. It provides busy people an accessible way to learn and complete their education in this field.

The online real estate course is also accredited by official organizations, including The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials and the International Distance Education Certification Center. Both are leading organizations in real estate and education.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and get certified? My Real Estate Express review can help you out. Keep reading to find out more about the company, its courses, and policies so you can decide if its worth the investment.

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Real Estate Express User Rating Average

A good first step to decide if Real Estate Express is right for you is whether or not it was right for other people. There are plenty of online reviews to read from people who took the course.

While the Real Estate Express reviews have a very good overall rating, its not enough to only read the positive reviews. A recurring complaint was a lack of customer service and sections of the license exam incomplete or missing. Should this prevent you from signing up for the Real Estate Exam? Absolutely not, but its important to see possible shortcomings in the service and materials so you 100% know what to expect.

Does Real Estate Express Offer Exam Prep

Yes, Real Estate Express offers exam prep courses either as a stand-alone course called Exam Master or as part of your pre-licensing course.

The exam preparation course is intended to get you ready for your state real estate exam. This add-on is included in the Real Estate Express exam preparation course package or above.

If you have already passed your pre-licensing course and you are looking for real estate exam prep before taking the state exam you can also consider these three options:

  • Read our Compucram Review
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    Colibri Real Estate Faqs

    It depends on where youre located, because different states set different mandatory learning hours. The differences are reflected in the prices Colibri Real Estate charges. In most states, there are four packages:

    • The Basics With instructor support, 60-70 hours of coursework, three e-books, etc.
    • Exam Prep Packages include The Basics course and exam prep materials.
    • Exam Pre Plus More perks like weekly live Question and Answer sessions with instructors.
    • Ultimate Learning Includes extra add-ons like the courses hard copy textbook, 90-day boot camp, and membership to the professional development program for one year.

    Supplemental Learning Material At Real Estate Express

    2022 Real Estate Express Review

    One thing I really like about Real Estate Express is the amount of additional learning material they provide at no additional cost. For example, Im absolutely terrible at math. So their Fearless Math guide really helped me out in that area.

    They offer a couple other e-books as well

    And here are even MORE resources offered by Real Estate Express

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    What Is Real Estate Express Refund Policy

    Real Estate Express offers a money-back guarantee with the Exam Prep Master called the Pass or Dont Pay guarantee. This helps ensure that you pass your licensing exam. If you dont, youll be eligible for a full refund.

    This guarantee is only available for students who purchase Exam Prep Master alone or coupled with a course package.

    Aceableagent Vs Real Estate Express

    AceableAgent is a real estate school that offers both online and correspondence learning. Unlike Real Estate Express, AceableAgent is approved only in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

    Another difference between AceableAgent and Real Estate Express is that AceableAgent doesnt offer an online course in every state where its approved. In Colorado and California, it offers a correspondence course instead. Like Real Estate Express, AceableAgent offers multiple-tier packages.

    Prices appear to be higher at AceableAgent. As an example, in Pennsylvania, a basic package from Real Estate Express costs $209. The basic package at AceableAgenct costs $240. Just as with Real Estate Express, the price of courses will vary from state to state.

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    Real Estate Express Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    Now that weve gone through the process and the available courses, lets get some customer feedback. To round out this Real Estate Express review I scoured the internet for testimonials and found some on the main site, Agent Advice and Consumer Affairs.

    The certified school has a 4.4/5 star rating on their website from 768 reviews. Professionals and students have nothing but good things to say about the company. One reviewer writes, Enrollment was easy. The customer service people were attentive. The instructor provided excellent feedback to questions.

    Another reviewer praises the Exam Prep Master, stating, The Exam Prep Master was an excellent choice as it helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt. I went through the 4-hour state exam within one hour and 45 minutes. The prep was very close in the type of questions that were on the licensing exam. I would recommend the Prep Master again.

    Another happy student writes, The Exam Prep Master was my favorite tool. I know I passed my exam the first time because of that alone! I love the wealth of practice questions are given. It made me feel certain that I could pass. I was not nervous during my test because of this tool!

    A Floridian agent writes, I really liked that I could take my time, and if I didnt fully understand something, I could go back and review as many times as needed. I also liked that it was an easy course to navigate. I use Real Estate Express for all of my continuing education.

    Allied Real Estate School Vs Real Estate Express

    Real Estate Express & Prep Agent Review

    Allied Real Estate School is also under the Colibri Real Estate umbrella. It offers online and live streaming packages for California and Texas. Interestingly, the pricing is not always aligned with Real Estate Express. For example, the Allied Real Estate School’s basic pre-licensing package is $115.50, while Real Estate Express can get the ball rolling for just $77.40.

    Similar to Real Estate Express, Allied Real Estate offers pre-licensing, continuing education, broker licensing, and mortgage licensing. Because it is a part of the same real estate education company, you can expect many of the courses and the online education offered to be similar to Real Estate Express.

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    How Does A Livestream Class Work

    To access your livestream class, youll have to go to your Account Dashboard. Then, youll see a card with the course name and it will open up to a webinar. The broadcast is available during the day, evening, and even on weekends.

    Additionally, youre able to use any device with an internet connection, webcam, speakers, and a mic.

    Is Real Estate Express Worth Your Money

    This question cannot be answered with a definitive YES or NO. The answer depends on you, how you learn, and what youre looking to get out of an online real estate school.

    If you are more of an autonomous learner, you will likely do well with Real Estate Express. However, if you need to sit in a classroom to learn the material, it might not be the right choice for you.

    When it comes down to it, if you want to be a successful Realtor, it starts with your real estate license. Real Estate Express offers excellent packages to ensure you have all the tools to not only pass your exam but also work towards success in the real estate industry.

    While you cannot expect Real Estate Express to do the work for you or find you a job in real estate, they can give you the materials you need to succeed. If youre ready to become a Realtor and you enjoy the flexibility of learning online, Real Estate Express is the right online real estate school for you.

    Jordan Fabel

    Covering different ‘paths’ that people’s lives can take. Creative, foster parent, ticket dismissal, you get the idea. Exploring the requirements, certifications, exams, and obviously, approved courses along each path. I, personally, am the high school dropout son of two teacher parents. So how did I get here? That story is coming soon!

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    What Is The Cost To Take Real Estate Express

    The cost of Real Estate Express varies from state to state, just as the number of hours of education required also varies. In some areas, Real Estate Express offers both an online self-paced package as well as an online live streaming package.

    The basic package for those seeking to apply for their real estate license includes three real estate e-books meant to be used in conjunction with the class and in preparation for taking the state licensure exam. These e-books include Principles of Real Estate Practice, The Real Estate Math Handbook, and the Quick-Start Guide.

    The basic package also includes coursework to cover the number of hours required by any given state as well as state-approved instructor support.

    The price of the pre-licensure basic package varies widely, with prices ranging from $77.40 to $479.

    In addition to pre-licensure coursework, Real Estate Express offers continuing education through its partner, McKissock Learning.

    What Users Say In Colibri Real Estate Reviews

    California Real Estate License Express

    Students leaving Colibri Real Estate reviews mentioned they had adequate access to instructors for questions and had few technological difficulties with their learning platform. Students found the courses to be convenient and that the user-friendly content contributed to their preparedness for their real estate exams. One student mentioned the ability to complete the course at their own pace was beneficial to them.

    In less favorable Colibri Real Estate reviews, one student was disappointed in not having the ability to reverse the flashcards for further learning. Another student mentioned they would have liked more interaction within the courses, instead of just reading and trying to comprehend the materials themselves. Students looking for more interaction should consider a livestream course like Kaplans live online instruction course format.

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    Real Estate Express Class Review

    : Ethan Peyton

    Earning your real estate license requires completing the required prelicensing education and then passing the real estate exam. While many educational options exist for a prospective real estate agent, only a few focus solely on real estate education. For an educational provider that lives and breathes real estate, consider the classes offered by Real Estate Express.

    Ready to register for your first class? Find out more about popular real estate classes from Real Estate Express.

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