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Walmart Vision Center: How Much Does Designer Frames Price

How much does an eye exam at Walmart cost?

Walmart Vision Center has a wide range of frames, starting from the basic and going up to the designer. Designer brands include Versace, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Tom Ford.

The following designer frames are available at these prices to customers:

You can also purchase various lens types, including colored/tinted and daily lenses.

Prices for contact lenses start at $14, but can go up as high as $154, depending upon the type of lens, pack size and brand.

Clariti, Equate, and Biotrue brand names are located at the bottom end of pricing, while brands like Proclear appear at higher ends.

Also, US shipping for contact lenses can be ordered online at no additional charge.

How Using Walmart Vision Centers Works

If you already have an updated prescription , you can just skip straight to shopping for frames or contacts. Otherwise, youll need to set up an appointment with a Vision Center optometrist or another doctor first.

You can stop inside a Walmart Vision and try on frames. Once youve settled on a pair you like, the next step is deciding on the type of lens as well as any tints and coatings to protect it.

After making those important decisions and having measurements taken for your glasses, all you need to do is pay at the counter and wait for your glasses or contacts to be prepared. You can either pick them up in the store or have them shipped to your house.

When To Have An Eye Exam

When to have an eye exam? You dont go to your doctor just when you have a problem. In fact, you have to let your eyes get checked to the doctor regularly. If you have kids, have them get their eyes checked too. But here are the best times when to have your eye exam.

  • Children below five years old. From birth, doctors will check the eyes for common issues like crossed eyes, inborn blindness, lazy eyes and other congenital disabilities. Highly depending on how bad or great the eyes are, youll need to go back from time to time and see how doctors would prescribe your childs issue.
  • Kids from 6 to 20 years old. Is your child ready for school? Go to the doctors and have them examine the eyes. Your child will have difficulty in learning if his or her eyes have issues. Bad sight reading or hazy sight would hamper childrens studies. Not to mention that it would put them to danger and harm if they cant see things in their path.
  • Adults. Your eyes should be sharp now that youre in your prime. However, if you have concerns, try going to the doctor as advised. If you are in your 20s and 30s, take an eye exam every five years. Meanwhile, when in your forties to fifties, have a checkup in an average of three years from 40 to 54years old. When in your golden years, the best time to have an eye exam would be yearly.

However, you can have your eyes examined more so, if you wear glasses or contacts or are inflicted with a disease. It all depends on how healthy your eyes are.

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Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam: Costs Quality And Faqs

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Walmart is a big name that focuses on beauty, automotive, photography, banking, and other such services. It is thus not a surprise that it now focuses on quality eye care. Not only does it offer eyeglasses and contact lenses, but it also enables people to get eye exams at their vision centers.

And all this takes place under the watch of licensed eye doctors, ensuring that you get excellent services.

If you are thinking of getting an eye exam done here, you are not alone. Millions of people head to these vision centers annually in search of one service or the other. Walmart ranks as one of the leading optical goods providers in the United States. That is how big its reach is.

But that alone is not enough to convince you to get the test. After all, the large numbers may not necessarily be indicative of excellent services. In this guide, we will dissect the products offered at these vision centers before delving into some FAQs. At the end of the article, you should be in a position to make a knowledgeable decision on these centers.

Fun Fact

Getting an eye exam at Walmart for non-complex eye conditions is similar to the same from a private eye doctor.

Average Cost Of Walmart Glasses

Patient Exam Doctor Eye Optometrist Examination

Walmart sells prescription glasses in-store when you have a valid prescription through Walmart or another optometrist. Single vision prescription lenses come free with any glasses you buy, but anything extra for your lenses will cost more.

Price Range
Multifocal $79 $130

Walmart offers all the typical major brands of contact lenses, including Acuvue, DAILIES, PureVision, Proclear, Biotrue, and many others, with a range of features that should match your needs and preferences the same as other stores.

A contact lens exam is around $130 at Walmart. However, if you also have astigmatism or need bifocals then the cost could be even more. Walmarts contact lens prices start at $20. Walmarts selection of contact lenses includes Acuvvue, Air Optix and Biofinity.

However, you do not have to purchase lenses or contacts from Walmart as they will give you your prescription which you can use to order from any retailer.

If you need them quickly, you can get contact lenses shipped in three to four days for $11.95 shipping.

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Are Walmart Eyewear Prices Competitive


The online Walmart Vision Center currently has 137 different frames priced under $50 and 20 priced under $20 and many are brand names like Vera Wang, Fendi, and Nike.

Obviously the brand and materials used is going to influence the price of the frame, but overall the prices are very competitive.

Lens prices also vary with single-vision lenses available for FREE and progressive no-line lenses coming in at $50.

You also have the following cool options available:

Basic Tint: $41

Can Walmart Prescribe Medication For My Eyes

No, Walmart cannot prescribe medication for your eyes. However, its vision centers can provide a variety of services to help manage your condition. For example, Walmart’s vision centers offer contact lens fittings for those with astigmatism, as well as specialty eyewear for those with glaucoma or other vision problems.

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What Is The Quality Of Walmart Doctors

The quality of the doctors varies. Some customers have had great experiences while others have not. The quality also depends on the location of the store. However, often the optometrists are independent and lease space from Walmart. This means they should always be up to date on the latest technology and equipment.

Reasons To Choose Walmart Eye Center

Walmart Eye Exams.wmv

Are you looking for affordable and quality eye care? If so, Walmart is a great choice for you! Here, you can find quality and affordable eye care products. From contact lenses to glasses, Walmart has something for everyone. Plus, their customer service is top-notch! So dont hesitate to give them a try! Here are some of the top benefits of using Walmart eye care:

  • They have low prices on all types of eye care products.
  • They have a wide range of services and products to choose from.
  • They provide free shipping on orders over $50!
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products!
  • They have a wide range of eye exams available, including contact lens exams.

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Walmart Vision Center Faq

Q: Given that the centers charge low fees, will I receive a complete eye exam?

A: At the Walmart vision centers, doctors work in evaluating a patientâs vision needs as they diagnose any eye conditions. They do so using modern instruments. The fees have nothing to do with the quality of the exams. Doctors can reduce their fees, given that they have minimal overheads and lots of clients.

Q: How much will getting an eye exam at Walmart cost me?

A: Usually, you should part with $79 for a complete eye exam that tests your health and vision. A basic contact lens exam will cost about $129. Variations of the same will call for additional costs. An example would be where you need bifocal correction.

Q: Can I get a written prescription after my Walmart eye exam?

A: Yes, the doctor will provide you with a written prescription, as well as a summary of the exam. You can use the prescription anywhere in the United States.

Q: How often should I get my eyes checked?

A: You should get your eyes checked every year. That way, the eye doctor can note any changes in the health and vision of your eyes. In so doing, it is possible to deal with vision-threatening eye changes from the onset.

Q: Do the Walmart vision centers accept insurance?

A: Most insurance policies work for the vision centers. However, some are not acceptable. It is thus best that you furnish the centers with this information before the exam. That way, you can avoid any surprises.

Licensed Eye Doctors At Walmart Vision Centers

If you want an eye exam done by a licensed eye doctor, the vision centers can meet this need. Walmart hires both independent as well as employed eye doctors who can take you through thorough eye exams.

All doctors working in the Walmart eye centers are there on a hired or contract basis and have the necessary qualifications and certifications. You can either come across an optometrist or ophthalmologist when seeking medical attention.

That means that you do not have to make an appointment with your eye doctor when you feel that something is amiss. However, there is a downside to using the centers.

For one, if you have a long medical history with specific needs, you should stick to your doctor. That way, you can receive care based on history. It also feels better to work with someone whose skills you know.

Secondly, there is a high turnover rate at these centers. That means that establishing a relationship with one doctor can be hard. The next time you go in, they might not be there. If you prefer forging a relationship with your doctor, this setting might not work for you.

If you do not have particular needs or a need for a doctor-patient relationship, then the Walmart centers will work. You will receive quality care at affordable costs. Also, it will be at your convenience.

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Shipping Times & Cost

Walmart offers free shipping on contact and glasses orders, including to U.S. territories. Shipping time is estimated at 5 to 7 days for contacts. There is no information directly on their website about glasses shipping times, but multiple sources online claim it is comparable to contacts.

For $11.95, customers can get expedited shipping, which reduces the expected shipping time for contacts to 3 to 4 days.

Bonus: What Type Of Return Policy Comes With My Glasses

Affordable Vision Care Services From Walmart

This is where the Walmart vision center gets an A+ in my book.

Not only do you get a 60 day return policy , but you also get a 1 year warranty for the frame and the lenses.

So if you get a deep scratch in a lens within the first 365 days, you can bring them back for a full replacement lens.

Likewise if you sit on, step on, or break the frame any other way, you can bring them back for a free replacement as well.

Walmart will even pay the return shipping charges which is kinda epic.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever bought eyeglasses or contacts from the Walmart vision center? Would you recommend it? Let me know.

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Tips For Selecting Your Perfect Eyeglasses

Is your face oval-shaped? Most frames accommodate your face because oval-shaped faces display slight curves and balanced features. If you want a more natural look, avoid large and small frames. However, if you prefer to add some spice, you can shoot for square or rectangular shapes. They will contrast against your facial structure quite nicely.

How about round faces? In that case, your best bet is to go for square, angular or rectangular shapes. Angular shapes allow you to play against your cheeks and rounded chin to emphasize your eyes.

Do you have a square-shaped face? Square faces benefit the most from oval and round frames. The reasoning is that your face is more pronged to exhibit straight lines, with a broad forehead and a square chin. To balance the pipes in your face, you should go with rounded, soft edges. Rounded edges will make your whole look stand out from the rest.

Is your face heart-shaped? Theres no simple rule for this one. Balance is vital, so you could try different widths to see which works best. For instance, you could try to narrow your lower half of the face by choosing bottom-heavy frames. You can switch with oval shapes to soften your chin.

Walmart Eyeglasses And Eye Exam

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Harold wrote:My wife and I went to Walmart yesterday. They charged us each $144.00 for and eye exam. Rip off! Plus they charged us $15.00 apeice for a printout of our prescriptions. Another rib off! Other places we went to in the past was $49.00 for exam and free print out of prescrption. I guess thats why they say Walmart is cheap. I will say there glasses were a little cheaper.

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When Should You Have An Eye Exam

Walmart Free eye exam

As for any other part of your body, you shouldnt have your eyes checked only when you think theres a problem. Actually, the eyes have to be checked regularly, because most problems come in time, dont feature a lot of symptoms, and can be fixed if noticed on time. You dont go to your doctor just when you have a problem. Its also important to have your kids eyes checked too. There are a few eye checks that shouldnt be missed, and those are:

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Q How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Eyes Checked At Walmart

Ans: A routine eye checkup at Walmart Vision Center costs $60. Walmart recognizes several insurance plans, which may decrease the price of your examination, eyeglasses, and lenses. This is quite affordable when compared to the market rate of such a checkup, which can range from $80 to $150 at certain centers.

Are Walmart Glasses Good

According to, an optometrist who has an office located in a Walmart, he sated Walmart will custom make your glasses using one of its six modern labs, only using a high-quality lens and frame materials, all of which the company continues to upgrade to keep customer satisfaction high. Due to Walmarts buying power and size, you will often find the prices to be much less than competitors, but this shouldnt be reflective of the quality. If you look at the offerings in store, you will notice they do offer many of the top brands on the market such as Acuvue, Dailies, Air Optix and Biofinity, to name a few.

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