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Contacts Vs Lasik: Which One Is For You

Looking Forward Exam

LASIK surgery and contact lenses correct vision problems caused by refractive errors. These include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

The main difference is that LASIK offers a cost-effective and long-term solution. It uses laser to reshape your cornea and improve your eyesight permanently.

With LASIK, you only have to pay for follow-up eye exams.

Contact lenses have high-maintenance costs and only offer a temporary solution. You have to continue wearing and replacing lenses for the rest of your life.

Each has its own risks. But an ophthalmologist can make sure that whichever you choose, your treatment will be safe.

Talk to your eye doctor and find out if you qualify for LASIK.

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Does Vision Insurance Cover Contacts

Yes. But it depends on your insurance provider and your plan. Vision insurance and vision benefits may cover these costs:

  • Preventive eye care. Annual eye examinations.
  • Prescription eyewear. Eyeglasses and contacts.

You can purchase these plans directly from an insurance provider. But if you qualify, you can also get them through an employer or government programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

Your insurance will cover most but not all of your expenses. The amount covered will depend on the plan you choose.

Some providers give additional benefits if you purchase contact lenses together or as an alternative to eyeglasses.

Comprehensive vision plans also offer discounts for elective vision correction such as LASIK and PRK.

How Many Hours A Day Can You Wear Contact Lenses

  • The amount of time you should wear your contact lenses will vary patient to patient. Your Pearle Vision eye care expert will discuss what is best for your individual case. In general, its recommended that you wear contact lenses for no more than 12 hours a day as your eyes could become irritated, dry or prone to infection.

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Pearle Vision Eye Exam Cost

Opening its doors in 1961, the franchise, today, has expanded to more than 800+ stores nationwide, and according to the fine print of the official site, eye exams are available by Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. In some cases, the doctors will be employed by Pearle Vision, all meaning the prices will vary when you receive an eye exam quote.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

This year hasn
  • Average price: $35 to $95 per lens
  • Annual cost: $70 to $190 per pair

RGP contact lenses are more durable than soft contacts. They can also correct more vision problems. Prices largely depend on the brand, lens type, and what they treat.

Specialty lenses that treat astigmatism or are used in corneal refractive therapy cost more than contacts that treat myopia. Overall, they seem cheaper than weekly and daily contacts.

However, these are custom-made contact lenses. They require a contact lens prescription, imaging tests, and fittings â which can add to the total cost.

If you need RGP lenses for both eyes, or if you plan to buy tinted variants, expect to spend more.

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Pearle Vision Coupons And Discounts

How much do Pearle Vision glasses cost? The cost varies widely based on your prescription and the frames and lenses you choose. But there are coupons and discounts that can save you money.

Check the eyeglasses and eye exam specials page to find current specials on eye exams, glasses and contacts. Specials may change regularly, but examples of deals we found include:

  • Get a free eye exam An eyewear discount equal to the amount of your exam copay or out-of-pocket cost up to $150.

  • Get a discount on lenses 40% off lenses with the purchase of frames.

  • Get a discount on a second pair While not quite a buy-one-get-one deal, you can buy one pair of glasses and get a 40% discount on your second pair.

  • Get a discount on contact lenses Up to 15% off contact lenses when you buy a years supply.

  • Get free lenses for kids Buy a complete pair of glasses for kids 18 and under and get free lenses.

Pearle Vision also offers discounts for AAA and AARP members. Youll have to check with your local store for details. You may also be able to find Pearle Vision Groupon deals.

What Is The Pearle Vision Return Policy

Pearle Vision has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They allow you to return eyewear within 30 days of purchase for any reason.

To take advantage of the guarantee, return the item in its original condition. Pearle Vision will adjust, repair or replace it or let you exchange it for a different item.

Its important to note that the guarantee doesnt cover accidental damage, scratched lenses, breakage or theft.

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Does Pearle Vision Offer Any Guarantee

Pearle Vision guarantees that if you are not fully satisfied with the merchandise you bought, you can return it to the store within 30 days of purchase. They will not ask for an explanation they will replace, adjust, or exchange when needed. Please note, however, that you need to return the item in its original condition and that the company will not cover theft, scratches, breakage, or any accidental damages.

Do not hesitate to return to their store if you need your glasses to be professionally cleaned and adjusted at any participating eyecare centers.

How To Get Contact Lenses

Eye Exams Prescription Glasses Pearle Vision Burnsville Center Mall MN

Contact lens prescriptions expire in one to two years depending on state law. When the time comes, instead of searching for contact lenses near me, you can place orders directly with your local Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre. Your neighbourhood EyeCare Centre will provide you with shipping, ordering and reordering options for your contact lenses. Price will vary depending on the brand and quantity you order.

To see if contact lenses are a good fit for you, contact a Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre today.

Stanley Pearle, O.D, Founder

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How Long Does It Take To Adjust To Contacts

Like anything new, getting used to wearing contact lenses may take some time. Adjusting could take a few days or weeks, depending on the person. Many contact wearers find soft or disposable contact lenses easy to adjust to after a few days, while other types, such as Rigid Gas Permeable contacts, may have a longer adjustment periodtypically around two weeks. However, some people may never find RGP contacts to be comfortable, in which case soft contacts may be the better option.

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At Pearle Vision

The cost of an eye exam, as per the official Pearle Vision website, will depend on your geographical region, the reason for your visit and what type of exam you need. While the website does not go into specifics as to what you should be prepared to pay, we did research various unconfirmed third-party websites to come up with a consensus as to what you may be charged, and according to most, the prices ranged anywhere from as little as $48 to $95 for a basic eye exam, with a contact lens exam retailing for $85 to $115+. This price can greatly vary on the factors mentioned prior as well as if any current promotions are being held.

As for vision insurance, the company notes they do accept it, including EyeMed and VSP however, it will vary based which insurance plan you have. To know for certain, its best to call the location you plan on visiting to see if they will accept it.

Comprehensive eye exam with digital retinal imaging as low as $45 with promotion to $65+
Contact lens exam as low as $65 with promotion to $95+
Contact fitting +$29 to $40+

According to one member on this forum thread, for instance, she was quoted $54 for a basic eye exam at her local location and would be charged extra if pupil dilation or more advanced visual field testing.

Prices Quoted/Paid

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Pearle Vision Eye Exams

Pearle Vision eye doctors offer eye exams for children and adults. A comprehensive eye exam may include a variety of tests to find out how well you see, whether you have astigmatism and how your eyes respond to light and images. Your eye doctor also will measure your pupillary distance and give you a prescription for contacts or glasses if necessary.

Depending on the patient, the eye doctor also may do additional tests, such as a color blindness test or a glaucoma test. Eye exams usually take 30 to 45 minutes.

What To Expect At The Eye Exam

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The official website asks you to bring any insurance cards, healthcare information, a list of medications, your current eyeglasses and a general understanding of your family eye history.

First, be prepared to answer any medical questions relating to any eye problems you have experienced in the past, including when the symptoms began, which medications you used, any conditions which may be contributing to the symptoms, any previous eye conditions your family members experienced as well as the history of your family eye issues.

The type of eye testing required will greatly vary according to the doctors judgment based on your history, with the most common tests include a visual acuity test, keratometry test, cover test, ocular movement test and/or refraction test. Patients who need contact lenses may also need additional tests, again, based on the doctors recommendation, including cornea measurements, pupil measurements, a tear film evaluation and/or an evaluation of the eye surface to ensure the contact lenses will fit properly.

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Which Option Provides Better Eye Protection When Working On A Computer

Studies have shown that people who spend a prolonged amount of time working on a digital screen may develop computer eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome is a group of vision-related problems that can lead to eye discomfort or fatigue. Eyeglasses with a blue light filter can help protect your eyes when working on a computer. Depending on the type of contact lenses you use, your eyes may experience dryness or fatigue, which may contribute to symptoms of computer vision syndrome. If you spend long hours in front of a computer, its recommended you wear computer glasses with a blue light filter to help minimize eye discomfort.

Are Glasses Less Expensive Than Contacts

When considering the cost of eyeglasses versus contacts, choosing to wear only glasses will be less expensive in the long run. Depending on the type you choose, contact lenses will need to be replaced daily or every few weeks. Youll also need to purchase contact solution to disinfect your contacts between use. Glasses only need to be replaced if they break or if your prescription changes.

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Brief History Of Pearle Vision

Pearle Optical was founded in 1961 by Mr. Pearle in Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Pearle later sold the company to the UK-based Grand Metropolitan conglomerate.

Afterward, Grand Metropolitan sold the stores to Cole National Corporation in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. GIB bought the outlets in Belgium, while HAL Investments acquired those in the Netherlands.

One year later, GIB sold the Belgium stores to HAL investments. They renamed the merged chains Pearl Benelux.

Afterward, the North American division became a property of Italy-based Luxottica in 1996 after it took over the operations of Cole National Corporation.

Pearle Optical has over 1,000 branches in 43 countries, including Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

They sell to brands under their name and other expensive labels. In the United States, Pearle Vision acquired the Hillman/Kohan chain in the 1970s and the NuVision chain in 1997.

Which Contact Lens Is Best

Pearle Vision | Morning Blend
  • Each brand of contact lenses is uniquely designed. Features in a lens that will help determine which brand is best for you are the:
  • Base Curve: The curve should fit the cornea for clear vision and a proper fit.
  • Diameter: The diameter of a lens will depend on the shape and size of your eye, eyelids and eye opening for a centered and comfortable fit.
  • Material: Different contact lenses are made from different materials.
  • Power: Each brand will differ in the amount of power for nearsightedness and farsightedness.
  • Astigmatism Design: Patients with astigmatism will need a toric contact lens to help reduce lens rotation during blinking and head movement.
  • Surface Treatments: Some contact lenses will feature treatments that help the lens stay moist longer, which may be beneficial for patients with dry eyes.

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Make An Eye Exam Appointment At Pearle Vision

Are you due for an eye exam? Its easy to make an appointment with one of the eye doctors at your local Pearle Vision EyeCare Center. Use the Pearle Vision locator to find one near you.

If you need new contacts or glasses, you can get a prescription from an eye doctor and buy them right at Pearle Vision. Youll have a wide variety of frames to choose from so you can find a new pair of glasses or sunglasses you love.

How Much Is A Contact Lens Fitting

  • Average price range: $25 to $250

The cost of contact lens fittings will depend on the type of lens.

Disposable soft contact lenses

Optometrists usually charge less than $100 when fitting soft disposable lenses. This is for people who have never worn contact lenses before. Otherwise, you can apply them yourself.

After the initial fitting, you can wear and remove them yourself. .

Extended wear soft contacts

Eye doctors can charge up to $140 when fitting soft contacts for continuous and overnight use.

Again, you don’t have to get a fitting every time you change lenses. But it’s ideal to have a professional help you the first time.

Specialty contacts

Optometrists charge $150 for toric lens fittings, regardless of whether they are soft lenses or RGP contacts.

Rigid gas permeable lenses, multifocal lenses, and therapeutic contact lenses may cost up to $210 to $250 for a fitting.

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What Is Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision got its start with one small optical shop in Savannah, Georgia in 1961. Their goal is to offer:

There are now more than 500 locations across North America. Locations include both corporate and franchise stores.

How To Choose Between Contacts Vs Glasses

Vision Benefits

When it comes to correcting your vision, one of the big questions you face is choosing between contacts and glasses. Some people prefer glasses while others prefer contact lenses, and some may use a combination of the two. There are benefits to both options. Deciding which is better for you will depend on your lifestyle and personal preference.

Are contacts better than glasses for you? Or glasses better than contacts? The answer is nuanced. For instance, with more intensive activities like sports, dancing and yoga, where glasses would be an obstacle contacts might be a better option. For something like driving, reading, or watching your favorite streaming show, glasses, and the ease of taking them on and off, might be superior. A newer consideration when looking at contact lenses vs. glasses question is when wearing a face mask. Glasses can fog up in this case so contact lenses may be a better option if you’re wearing one for longer periods of time. At the same time for a lot of people, glasses function as a way to define themselves and their personal style, something contacts dont offer.

At Pearle Vision, our eye care experts are here to help you decide which option fits best for you. Make an appointment at your neighborhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Center to consult with an eye doctor about your options for vision correction. Below are answers to a few common questions people ask when comparing contacts vs. glasses.

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How Long Do Glasses Take At Pearle Vision

Wondering how long it will take to get your Pearle Vision glasses? The shop should give you a timeframe when you place your order.

It typically takes seven to 14 business days to get glasses. The length of time depends on your prescription and the lens upgrades you choose. More complex orders may take a little longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Glasses

In comparison, the benefits of wearing eyeglasses are:

  • Less expensive in the long term
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Some glasses have filters that provide added protection against harmful UV rays and blue light from digital screens
  • Protection from elements, such as dust, wind and debris
  • An accessory that can complement your style and personality

When considering your options, ask your eye doctor for a contact lens fitting and evaluation, so you can try out your options before committing. Visit your neighborhood EyeCare Center to find a Pearle Vision EyeCare Center near you and to consult with our eye care professionals.

Stanley Pearle, O.D, Founder

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Pearle Vision Frames And Lenses

Pearle Vision sells many brands of frames. They offer frames made out of various materials, including acetate, metal and titanium.

Designer frame brands include:

Not every Pearle Vision center will sell all of these brands, so check with your local location to see if they carry the brand you want.

At Pearle Vision, you can choose your frames and then add prescription or non-prescription lenses. They offer single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses. You can also select Transitions lenses that darken when you go out in the sun.

You can choose plastic, polycarbonate or high-index lenses. High-index lenses are lighter and thinner than standard lenses. You can also add upgrades such as an anti-scratch coating, an anti-reflective coating or colored lens tints that range from amber to green to gray.

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