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How to Pass the Life & Health State Exam | Insurance License

When calculating the cost of health insurance coverage, gender should not be taken into account.

Premiums may be increased as a function of age, cigarette usage, and weight.

Premiums will be reduced for young people who are healthy, do not smoke, and are not obese.

The insurance company determines the specific elements and their relative importance.

When Compared To Other Types Of Plans Adjustable Life Policies Are

In comparison to other types of plans, adjustable life policies are more flexible.

Adjustable life insurance policies exist primarily because of the flexibility they provide.

Adjustable life insurance policies allow you to adjust the policys main aspects, such as the premiums you pay and the face value.

Conventional insurance is utilized as a base, and the features can then be tailored to the insureds specific needs.

The insured has the option of requesting a certain premium payment schedule and amount.

Changes to the protection time and face amount are also possible.

The insured gains more flexibility with an adjustable policy, while the insurer can charge a larger premium than with a whole or term life policy.

The Career Launcher Package Includes:

Available Online Designed to fit your busy schedule by combining a self-study online course and online study tools that let you prepare for your state exam anytime, anywhere. Your online course will serve as the foundation of your insurance licensing exam preparation.

Available Online

Before you open the course, gauge your existing knowledge and understanding of insurance to identify your conceptual strengths and areas that will require extra focus. Using the Pre-Study Assessment to gauge your overall readiness before you dive into the course helps you maximize the time on your study calendar so you can start producing sooner. By comparing the Pre-Study Assessment scores against the results of your Mastery Exam, you can see your overall progress by topic as a result of your studies.

Available Online and Downloadable

Practice your test-taking skills, drill into specific topics, and test your knowledge with exam-focused questions. This interactive QBank is updated on a regular basis and allows you to build personalized exams based on length and topic of your choice. It features unlimited exam attempts that are randomly generated. The QBank also gives you the ability to:

Available Online

The Checkpoint Exams are designed to gauge your comprehension of the material after you complete each unit. These exams can be taken only once and feature unique questions and detailed rationales. Checkpoint Exams can be accessed on the student dashboard.

Available Online

Available Online

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How Many Questions Are Going To Be On My Exam And What Is The Passing Score

Pennsylvania Life Insurance Exam:

Total time allowed: 120 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Pennsylvania Accident and Health Insurance Exam:

Total questions: 100 questions

Total time allowed: 120 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Pennsylvania Life, Accident and Health Insurance Exam:

Total questions: 150 questions

Total time allowed: 150 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Insurance Exam:

Total questions: 150 questions

Total time allowed: 150 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Scheduling Your Insurance Exams

How to Streamline Your Insurance Exam Preparation

In most states, you will need to schedule a date and time to attempt your exam. This scheduling will either be done over the phone or on the website of whichever entity is in charge of testing for your state.

Third-party testing companies, like Pearson Vue and Prometric, handle most states, but some states use either different third-party companies or manage their own testing in-house.

There are several states that do not allow same-day scheduling for testing. This means that you will need to plan ahead for the date that you will be attempting the test. This also means that if you dont pass the exam, you cant take the test again that day. Sometimes even the next day.

We think the same-day scheduling rule is a good one, as it gives you a true opportunity to reflect on your studies if you dont pass on the first attempt.

StateRequirement recommends that you schedule your exam two to three weeks in advance after you get your study materials or start your pre-license course. This will allow you enough time to properly study and prepare for the exam without having too much time to psych yourself out.

Test-taking is a mental game, and you should do everything that you can to put yourself in the right headspace.

One other element that we suggest is that you only study and schedule for one exam at a time.

These tests are not just blow-off exams and can be very data-intensive. It is easy to misremember facts like: you have 30 days for one type of policy, and 35 for another.

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What Is Required To Get An Insurance License In Pennsylvania

First–Pre-license Education

The very first step in the licensing process is to complete 24 hours of pre-licensing education credits. As mentioned above, We are an approved insurance pre-licensing provider in Pennsylvania and you will receive a course completion certificate when your finish the online course.

Second–Examination and Fingerprinting

Register for the examination by contacting PSI Services LLC at or 1-800-733-9267.

Once your examination has been scheduled, you must bring a copy of your pre-licensing education certificate of completion and a valid form of identification with you to the testing center. Examples of acceptable identification would be a U.S. government-issued document such as a passport, state-issued drivers license or identification card or military identification. The document must have a current photo and your signature and the name on the identification must be the same as the name used to register for the examination. It is also strongly recommended that you bring a credit card with you since you will be able to apply for your license at the testing center through Sircon once you pass your exam.

Fingerprinting is required of all initial applicants for a resident producer license and must be done in any of the Pennsylvania PSI testing centers. You will be supplied with detailed fingerprinting instructions at the PSI testing center after passing your exam.

Revised 07/2015

Third–Apply for Your Pennsylvania Insurance License

Which Of These Processes Is Not A Common Underwriting Position For A Health Insurance Company

  • Rating the policy
  • Setting premium rates
  • ANSWER: Sending the policy documents to the applicants

    Underwriters primary responsibility, particularly in the case of accident or disability insurance, is to assess and analyze the risk and exposures of applicants.

    To establish an applicants risk level, underwriters look at a variety of factors, including the applicants medical history.

    After that, the underwriter determines the level of coverage to provide the applicant and rates the policy.

    After that, the premium rate is calculated.

    Finally, the policy is issued, which normally entails submitting all plan documentation to the selling agent, including the certificate of insurance .

    The documents are then given to the applicant by the agent.

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    How To Get Your Pennsylvania Insurance License

  • Complete an approved pre-licensing course. You will need 24 hours of approved education per line of authority you wish to obtain.
  • Register for the official licensing exam through PSI. You will have to pay for the exam fee at the time of reservation.
  • Take and pass the licensing exam through PSI. Make sure to bring your certificate of completion for the pre-license training with you to the test.
  • Fill out and submit the official licensure application to the PA Insurance Department and submit your fingerprints.
  • Once you are approved, print your license from the Department’s website to start your new career.
  • Tools To Help You Pass

    Life and Health Insurance License Exam Cram

    There are multiple online pre-licensing educational courses that you can take for a fee to help prepare you for this exam. Some states require you to take them before you schedule an exambut even if your state doesnt require one of these courses, we strongly recommend you try one. They offer comprehensive reading- and quiz-based materials that take you through the essential exam topics.

    To help you pass your life insurance test, check out some of the following courses:

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    Life And Health Insurance Regulations

    This sample lesson from our Insurance License Exam Manual will help you:

    • Understand the role of the Insurance Commissioner in insurance regulation
    • Describe the role of company ratings and how such information may be used with prospects
    • Explain the role of state guaranty associations
    • Identify the requirements for maintaining a producer license

    Welcome To The Latitude Insurance Test Prep Pennsylvania Campus

    This page is intended to provide answers to ALL of your Pennsylvania insurance licensing questions. We have collected all the pertinent information on Pennsylvania Insurance Licensing, Exams, Study Materials, Prerequisites, License Renewals, Continuing Education Requirements, etc. On this page you will also find info on which testing center offer the Pennsylvania insurance license exams and content breakdowns of the exams themselves. Be sure to check out out of “Free Stuff” at the bottom and our “Test Tips” page to give yourself the upper hand when sitting to your Pennsylvania insurance exam.

    At LATITUDE we are passionate about test prep and we are confident that we have exactly what you need to pass the test and Get The Pennsylvania Insurance License!

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    Is The Insurance License Exam Hard

    The answer to this question will obviously vary from person-to-person and state-to-state.

    We know lots of folks who have passed the exams on their first shot, and we also know plenty who have taken each test several times. We dont say this to frighten you, rather prepare you.

    There is no national average of pass-fail stats, but based on the states who publish results, the average number that we see is 55% of participants pass the exams on their first attempt. The pass rate is slightly higher for retake attempts.

    What this tells us is that people tend to go into the test blind and wing it, hoping for the best results. If they fail, they hit the books a little harder, then come back and fair a little better.

    Testing is a mind game, and you need to control the factors that you can to yield the best results.

    Whether or not we like it, tests like these are sometimes more a measure of your ability to test well, rather than how well you know the material. This may not seem fair, but it is the truth, and we have to play by the rules that are set in front of us.

    Be sure to read on, as we will give you our best ways to make sure that your ability to test is as effective as you can make it.


    For pre-license education products and courses, StateRequirement recommends:Kaplan Education Company

    The Basic Package Includes:

    How to Streamline Your Insurance Exam Preparation

    Designed to fit your busy schedule by combining a self-study online course and online study tools that let you prepare for your state exam anytime, anywhere.

    Please note: Within the Basic package, the online course is only available to those who select the online option. For students who choose the print option, the books will serve as the foundation of their licensing exam preparation.

    Available in Print and PDF*

    This comprehensive textbook guides you through a deep-dive of key testable insurance terms and concepts that you will need to know for your state licensing exam. The text is broken down into easily digestible units, including Cram Sheets, making it easy to learn and retain the information. Kaplans team of experts develops the content with a focus on the most recent rules and regulations in the insurance industry along with the important insurance topics. Units contain the key testable terms and concepts, multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and retain the information for your state licensing exam.

    *State Exceptions:

    FL: The LEM can only be provided in PDF format.

    Available in Print and PDF*

    This state-specific reference contains all the relevant testable state laws and regulations needed to pass the licensing exam. Use this book in conjunction with the License Exam Manual to prepare for all aspects of the state exam.

    *State Exceptions:

    Available Online

    Available Online and Downloadable

    Available Online

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    What Types Of Questions Can I Expect With Taking The Life And Health Insurance Exam

    While the tests and requirements vary by state, the overall topics are about the same. You will be tested in topics that include HMOs , and health insurance tax issues annuities and annuity policy tax issues life insurance plans and general knowledge about the subject health insurance, dental coverage, medical plans, and more.

    Do I Need An Insurance Company Endorsement Or Notary Seal On My License Application

    No. When Pennsylvania implemented the Act 147 of 2002 some of the barriers to filing an application for a Pennsylvania insurance producer license were removed. An applicant no longer needs an insurance company endorsement or notary seal on the application therefore, we encourage you to file electronically through the State of Pennsylvania Insurance Regulatory Connection .

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    Free Insurance Practice Test

    CompuCrams insurance exam prep product provides all the tools and resources necessary to pass the insurance test the first time. Try our FREE insurance practice test after you fill out the form below:

    Build your confidence and industry expertise with CompuCrams exclusive system of combining simulated insurance agent practice exams, study vocabulary, and insurance industry practice testing.Show more

    The CompuCram Insurance Agent practice exam delivers on ALL of the following:

  • Know exactly where you stand from a knowledge perspective with our exclusive Insurance Exam Pre-Assessment. Its completely free and will identify all the areas you need to focus on.
  • Track your vocabulary, practice tests, and simulated exam progress with our trademarked Readiness IndicatorTM! The Readiness Indicator will take you from red to green and youll know exactly when youre ready to take the real insurance exam.
  • Prefer to work on your tablet or phone? With our beautifully designed mobile interface, its easy to study and prepare for your insurance exam anytime, from anywhere!
  • 100% PASS GUARANTEE! We know you can do it, and were so confident in our Insurance Exam Prep system that if you pass our prep exam and dont pass the actual exam, well refund a 100% of your money back.
  • After I Submit My License Application And Test Scores How Can I Verify The Status Of My License Application

    Learn How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam in ONLY 13 Minutes! – Kevin Nolan

    License application status can also be checked on the Sircon website under the link Check license renewal status or Check license application status.

    *Once the license is approved, the license can be printed from Sircon, using the Print a license link.

    Normal processing time is within 5-10 business days, once they have all required information.

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    Ken Wants To Get A Life Insurance Policy As Soon As Possible But He Also Wants The Flexibility To Shop About And Switch Plans If He Discovers One That He Likes Better What Benefit Will Ken Receive From This Provision

    ANSWER: Free look

    A free-look clause allows a policyholder to buy life insurance with the option of shopping around and switching policies if better coverage is found.

    Following the actual delivery of the policy, these policies often give a ten to thirty-day review period.

    During the review time, the insured can conduct additional research into different policies to choose whether they want to keep their present policy or return it for a full refund of their premiums.

    When the policyholder receives the real physical delivery and pays the premium, the free look review time begins.

    Before the free look time can begin, the insured must sign a delivery receipt that is dated, signed, and witnessed by the agent.

    Coverage is in effect as long as the premium is paid and the policy is delivered.

    How Do I Get My License

    Step 1: Complete a prelicensing course that has been approved by the Department of Insurance. Once you have completed your course, ExamFX will issue a certificate of completion which you may download and print from your online ExamFX account.

    Step 2: Schedule your exam with your states testing provider, PSI. The fastest way to schedule your exam is to do so online at PSI Exams. You can also schedule your exam over the phone at 818-5822. Your exam may be taken at a physical PSI examination center or via a remote online proctored exam. Exam fees must be paid at the time of reservation.

    Step 3: Take and pass your state licensing exam. On the day of your appointment you must bring with you one valid form of government issued identification which must contain your name and photograph and your Certificate of Completion. You will not be able to take your exam if these requirements are not met.

    Security measures are taken for all testing methods. Restrictions on what you may bring with you to the testing center, into the testing room, and what you may wear will be enforced. For more detailed information about the security measures that will be taken during your testing appointment, please read and review the candidate bulletin offered at PSI Exams

    Step 4: Apply for your license. Pennsylvania resident applicants must use the online application service at

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    How Long Is A Pennsylvania Insurance License Valid When Do I Have To Renew

    Depending on which license you hold your license may renew biennially or annually. Renewal notices are sent approximately 60 days prior to your present license expiration date. However, it is the responsibility of each licensee to ensure that their licenses are current and do not lapse. At this time lapsed licenses cannot be renewed online. Renewal forms can be found in the chart below by clicking on appropriate license type.

    Lapsed License Renewal Forms:

    There are two options you can take advantage of to renew your license, online or by mail.

    Online Renewal is the most effective method. The state of Pennsylvania is committed to continually improving the service provided to insurance producers, other licensees and companies through the use of technology. As part of this commitment, they have contracted with Sirconand the National Insurance Producer Registry to provide cost effective, web-based services that allow insurance companies and licensees to process online requests such as appointments and terminations, apply for a license or renew an active license in minutes.

    Alternative Method: Renewal by Mail – Please allow up to six weeks under this option. Mail your payment, check payable to “Pennsylvania Insurance Department,” along with the properly completed renewal invoice directly to:

    Pennsylvania Insurance Department

    Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement

    1227 Strawberry Square

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