No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

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Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Senior Life Quotes – No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors Age 50-80

Final expense insurance is a whole life insurance policy, which is also known as burial insurance, funeral insurance as well as cremation insurance.

It aims to provide enough death benefits so that you can pay your end-of-life expenses. This insurance helps the policyholder to protect their loved ones even after their death by leaving a lump sum for medical bills, debt, and funeral costs.

The average funeral expense is around $7,000 to $10,000. This cost includes the burial in a cemetery, services at the funeral home, and the installation of a headstone.

Most importantly, funeral or burial insurance is popular among seniors, as it doesnt require complex and extensive medical exams to qualify for the insurance.

The life insurance company provides you coverage based on the answers you have given in the health questions.

In addition to it, its rates are more affordable compared to other types of insurance. This is also because it offers you a small amount of death benefit than term life insurance and others.

However, there is no risk, and generally, this policy gives you lifetime coverage.

You can definitely buy this policy. But, you have more options available. We recommend this to seniors over 90 years as they donât have any other options left.

How Does No Medical Exam Life Insurance Work

Remember when we mentioned the lower price point of term life as one of its main attractions compared to whole life? Maybe youre guessing that by avoiding the usual medical exam, youll be required to take on way higher premiums. But thats not necessarily so.

If you go for a term life policy without a medical exam, the price should still be pretty affordableand it will sure as heck beat any rate youd get for a whole life policy!

Its also reasonable to wonder how these companies decide whether to cover people for life insurance without giving them the normal exam for height, weight and other basic health measures. Heres your answer: technology. Yep! Using statistics and algorithms, these companies have found a way to offer the same competitive rates that used to require an exam with one less hurdle to leap.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies are typically more expensive, but can be appealing because health status is not used to determine eligibility. Also known as guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies are often used to cover burial and other end-of-life costs. Guaranteed issue whole life is generally available up to $50,000, but some companies restrict it to lower amounts.

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How Much Does Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam Cost

Typically, any type of life insurance that waives the requirement for a health exam or even a health questionnaire will cost you more. The premiums for no-med exam life insurance can be as much as double the cost of policies with a medical exam. This is due to the fact that the insurance provider is taking a greater risk by accepting your application without any knowledge of your current health.

In any case, the average cost of guaranteed issue life insurance or a comparable simplified issue plan for a 50-year-old is roughly $142 per month. This number increases substantially with age. Once you reach your retirement years, you will likely need to pay anywhere between $250 and $500 per month for a no-medical-exam policy. Fortunately, many providers have guaranteed premiums that do not increase over time even if your premium seems high from the start, you can trust that the number will not change from one month to the next.

Dont Just Rely On Group Or Employer Life Insurance

senior life insurance no medical exam

But what about life insurance provided by an employer? If your company offers free life insurance, then sign up for this free benefit but don’t stop there. Many companies offer their employees a certain amount of insurance for free, but this is usually not enough.

Usually, you can purchase supplemental insurance through your company’s benefits, but this insurance does not travel with you if you move jobs unless your company allows you to pay an expensive premium price to take your policy with you. So, if you want to fill in any gaps in coverage and make sure you can take that coverage with you if you change jobs, an individual term life policy might be worth checking out.

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Best Life Insurance Policies Available Now In Australia

Australian seniors can get a life insurance policy with no medical exam and for barely any money. See below for more details.

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Now, rates can be as low as $20 a month. A majority of people are not prepared for the future and the sudden turns it can bring about. They lack life insurance that can take care of their families should something unfortunate occur. According to reports, as many as 50 percent of people do not have a life insurance policy.

What could be the reason? Well, many people say they dont get insurance as its too costly. Others consider it unnecessary. But the figures show that life insurance is essential, and even more affordable than you imagine. Heres how life insurance can benefit you.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that offers death protection and a tax-deferred savings component. The cash value of an indexed universal life insurance policy grows at a rate tied to one or more stock market indexes, such as the S& P 500.

The investment risks are borne by the policyholder, but the death benefit is guaranteed. Indexed universal life insurance policies also offer flexible premium payment options, which can be helpful if you have a fluctuating income or unexpected financial expenses.

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Anico Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

ANICO Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance can be purchased up to age 80. The Signature Plus Indexed Universal Life policy can be purchased up until age 85.

Since the minimum face amount is $25,000, this could be a great alternative to a simplified issue whole life policy and much cheaper life insurance.

Some of the unique riders to take a look at are:

  • Guaranteed Cash-Out Rider
  • Disability Waiver of Stipulated Premium
  • Childrens term rider
  • ANICO Signature Term Rider for UL

Whats The Goal Of Real

Senior Life Insurance No Exam Required | Waterway Financial Group

The purpose of real-time underwriting is to give you an actual answer at the end of your insurance application.

While you are answering the application questions, the underwriting tool will ask additional questions to get the best scope of who you are and your health.

At the end of the process, you are going to get 1 of 3 outcomes, which we list below:

  • Approved – If you are approved, your only next step will be to make the initial payment, and your policy will go in-force. You will be able to make your payment immediately by either credit card or bank draft. You will be covered immediately, and your plan will arrive via email.
  • Approved Other Than Applied – This type of approval will give you the same result as getting approved. However, it will come with some sort of change it could be that your premiums have increased based on the underwriting decision or even decreased if you are super healthy. If you accept the new rates, you will usually e-sign the amendment and then make your payment.
  • – If you have been declined, it means that you dont qualify for life coverage without an exam from the specific company that declined you. Every company has its underwriting guidelines, and thats why its essential to apply for more than one company if you are going with no-exam coverage. Its perfectly fine to have multiple life insurance policies.

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What Type Of Life Insurance Does Not Require A Medical Exam

Most any type of policy is eligible for no-exam underwriting. It used to be that if you wanted to skip the exam, only low-coverage insurance policies were available to you. These are still available and sold as burial or funeral insurance, or guaranteed-issue policies. But now, insurers have a number of sophisticated means by which to collect health and other information, so they dont need to rely on your exam. Plus, it costs them money to administer it and time to receive and review the results. No-exam underwriting allows insurance carriers to issue life policies faster, which is often good for both the customer and the insurer.

So whether youre looking for term or permanent coverage, a whole life policy or an indexed universal life policy, its available somewhere without a medical exam. But not all companies offer no-exam life insurance on all or even any of their policies, so youll need to do some research to find one that does. The one caveat is that not everyone is eligible for no-exam underwriting. If you have health issues that raise red flags for the insurance company, you may be required to undergo a medical screening to complete your application.

Which Type Of Life Insurance Is Best For You

It is tricky to recommend a particular policy for an individual, as the options predominately depend on your age, requirements, health issues, and financial conditions.

Whole life insurance and funeral expense insurance work best for individuals over 80.

It has minimal to no risk and provides you a significant benefit to pay for end-of-life expenses. Your beneficiary can even use this money for their other needs or debts.

Lastly, universal life insurance is best if you only aim to save your money and want to double it without taking the risk.

Furthermore, you must have other resources to manage your medical and accelerating end-of-life costs.

As it doesnât guarantee you a steady death benefit, there are chances that your beneficiaries might not get enough money to pay for expenses.

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No Exam Term Life Insurance Companies

We have compiled a shortlist of companies offering cheap term life insurance without completing a physical exam.

  • Cost Many no physical companies are costly compared to insurance carriers who require a complete medical exam. Getting cheap term life insurance without completing a medical examination can be challenging if you do not know where to look.
  • Financial Stability Financial ratings for life insurance companies are essential when selecting a life insurance company for our clients. We monitor life insurance companies financial strength and claims-paying ability by using several different rating agencies.
  • Approval Time How long does it take for your policy to get approved? We monitor the duration each company needs to get a policy in your hands.
  • How To Get Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

    Life Insurance With No Medical Exam For Seniors / No Medical Exam Life ...

    There are many ways to find life insurance policies that do not require a medical exam. First, if you work for someone else, you should inquire whether group life insurance is offered. If not, numerous providers offer no-exam medical policies and you will often see these companies advertised on television, in the mail or online. You may want to consider asking friends and family members which company they have used and if they would recommend a provider with a no-exam option. A quick internet search may also help you find companies that offer life insurance policies without a medical exam.

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    Case Study #: Married Couple With Health Problems Needing Burial Insurance Coverage

    • Situation: Married couple over 75 with health problems on social security.
    • Coverage Needed: Burial insurance to help with cremation and funeral costs.
    • Result: We helped them find $10,000 in coverage for $92 per month.

    A husband and wife both had health issues and were living off their social security. They wanted a small life insurance policy to cover their burial expenses so they didnt burden each other or their family. The average cost of cremation is over $1000 , and that doesnt include other funeral expenses.

    However, they were both over 75 years old and didnt think they could qualify for an affordable policy.

    Being a former smoker, the husband had COPD and high blood pressure. As a result, he kept getting really high life insurance quotes that had a 2-year waiting period before benefits started. We helped him secure $5,000 in coverage with an Aetna burial insurance policy for $50 per month.

    The wife was in remission for breast cancer for 10 years and had type 2 diabetes. We were able to secure a $5,000 policy with Prosperity Life for $42 per month.

    For the couple, payments would come out the day their social security deposits were made so the policy would never lapse. Many final expense life insurance companies will draft on the social security deposit dates, have a low amount of coverage, and can take higher risk applicants.

    What Is Final Expense Insurance

    Final expense insurance, also known as burial insurance, is a type of life insurancethat is specifically designed to cover outstanding expenses and funeral costs after aloved one passes away. Unlike pre-paid funeral plans, final expense insurance can be usedby the beneficiary you designate as and where needed rather than being limited to specificfuneral services and providers. With the cost of an average funeral running into thethousands, a final expense policy can provide much needed protection from not only burialexpenses, but also any remaining medical costs, potential legal costs as well as otheroutlays.

    Final expense policies will have a lower face value than most traditional term orwhole life policies as they are intended for a specific purpose of covering those finalcosts rather than providing comprehensive support for surviving family members. These typeof policies generally dont require a medical exam, but premiums will be higher the olderyou are, and some benefit payouts may be limited during the first few years of coverage forthose with significant health issues.

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    Types Of Life Insurance For Over 70

    Just like every other choice you have to make in life, choosing your insurance policy requires some careful analysis of your needs.

    There are many different types of life insurance for seniors over 70, and the appeal of each will depend on your specific life circumstances.

    Policies range from the basic to the highly customized, and here, we present you with a guide on the different kinds of policies available and what they entail.

    You Will Likely Still Need To Answer Health Questions


    Even if you do not take a medical exam, most companies will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire. Some have relatively few questions, while others can be very in-depth. Its important to be honest when answering as it will ensure the best offer for premium and protect your policy and its future benefits.

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    What Age Is Too Late To Get Life Insurance

    There are plenty of policies for seniors over 75, but youâll have to shop around. Not all companies offer it. Your best bet is a no-medical life insurance policy such as a final expense, simplified issue, or guaranteed issued life insurance policy. Some companies offer these policies up to age 85.

    Determining Factors Behind Rates And Coverage

    The rate that a life insurance policyholder pays is based on several factors, the first of which is the risk of mortality taken on by the provider. Insurance providers are taking a chance that their policyholder will die before the total premiums he or she paid cover the death benefit. Each life insurance company uses a different underwriting methodology to arrive at the rate that will adequately cover any individual. This underwriting likely considers all current policyholders, the estimated amount of death benefits that the provider will need to pay during the upcoming year, health status, age, smoking habits, income, and a wealth of other personal and financial details.

    Interest on investments is another factor that helps determining coverage rates. Providers offer policies to millions of people, and for many of them, it is their sole investment. One way that providers guarantee they have the financial ability to handle such responsibility is by wisely investing policyholder premiums.

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    Your Eligibility Depends On A Number Of Factors

    As is common with nearly all insurance policies, your eligibility is going to be dependent on a number of risk factors that will determine the type and cost of insurance available to you.

    The most common general eligibility requirements are that you begin your plan before a certain age usually sometime in your 80s and that you must pay your premiums for a minimum amount of time before you can receive any benefit.

    Your general health will not prevent you from purchasing a life insurance policy, but you will find that it can affect the amount that you pay in premiums.

    One of the most common reasons for higher premiums is high blood pressure. If you think your health may drive your premiums up too high, it might be worth considering a no medical exam life insurance policy.

    Instant Approval Term Life Insurance

    Best Life Insurance for Seniors (Term vs Whole, Affordable, No Exam)

    Instant-approval term life insurance is another term life insurance that does not require a medical exam. These policies differ from simplified-issue life insurance in that the medical questionnaire goes into much greater depth. Youll typically need to answer questions about your lifestyle, employment, driving history, and more in addition to medical questions.

    Life insurance companies then use algorithms to assess your risk, decide whether to approve you for a policy, and set your monthly premium. Approval isnt guaranteed, and, depending on your history, you may be asked to take a medical exam in order to be approved.

    The advantage of instant-approval term life insurance policies is that they typically offer death benefits and premiums that are competitive with traditional term life policies. In addition, instant-approval term life providers typically offer online applications.

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