New York State Notary Exam

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How To Become A New York Notary Public

Notary training through SUNY Oswego

1. Take our New York Notary Online Course to prepare for the New York Notary Exam, or study New York’s Notary Public License Law.

2. Take the New York Notary Exam. The exam is Pass/Fail.

3. Once you receive your exam pass slip, complete the New York Notary Application.

  • You will need to take your Oath of Office before a Notary. The Notary Search feature from Notary Rotary can help you to contact a Notary.

4. Send the completed application, oath of office forms, exam pass slip, and $65 fee to:

NYS Department of StateThe Division of Licensing ServicesPO Box 22001

5. Receive your New York Notary ID card.

6. Order your New York Notary stamp and other Notary supplies with us.

Congratulations! You are now a New York Notary Public!

Our Committment To The Course

We are committed to your success. Likewise, we want you to become a New York Notary Public. Therefore, you can be assured that we are here to make sure you complete the series and pass the New York Notary exam. So, our number one goal is to make sure you are well-versed in the New York Notary Law. Then, when you walk into the exam room, you will feel confident in your knowledge and be in a position to easily pass the exam. The law can be complex. So, below, weve copied the Table of Contents to give you an idea of its scope. Certainly, the entire law is too large to put here. However, as stated above, it comes with your member download.

Your satisfaction with our Notary Public Training Program is our preeminent concern. So, we are here for you. Lastly, after you study with us, we want to know how it helped you in your preparation. Accordingly, your feedback enables us to improve the program going forward.

What Are The Regulations And Procedures At The Test Center

You must bring a photo ID card to the test center on the day of your exam to verify your identity. If you do not have a photo ID, you will not be admitted. For security reasons, all applicants are thumb- printed prior to taking the exam.

Be early. Give yourself some time before the exam. You should report to the test center at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time because seats are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. There is no guarantee that enough space will be available to accommodate everyone who arrives. Bring acceptable supplies. You should bring two #2 pencils to the exam. You cannot use study or reference material during the exam. You will be given a maximum time limit of one hour to take this exam.

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How To Schedule A Notary Exam In New York

Scheduling notary exams in NY is done via email. These are the steps youll have to take:

  • Type in Schedule Notary Public Exam as subject
  • Enter your name, address, and phone number
  • Include the date and time of the exam that you wish to attend
  • Send the email to
  • Submitting an application this way will not ensure you the place at the exam. If the date and time of your choice are not available, youll get another exam date. Do not show up for the exam unless you get the email confirmation first. Take a look at the table below to see the locations in New York where you may take the notary exam:


    Youll be able to pass the written driving test easily with our help. We also know how to make DMV driving test appointments and ensure you have everything on your driving checklist.

    Study Methods That Will Help You Pass The Notary Exam In Ny

    NY Notary Exam Schedule Prep

    People who dont prepare for the notary exam in New York wont pass. You should take the test seriously and start studying on time. First, get the Study Guide for the NY notary exam. Youll have to read that book several times until you get the proper idea of what the notary job is all about.

    Feel free to highlight the important passages along the way or make notes.

    When you finish this part, you can use practice tests to check your knowledge! They are simple, fun, and useful. But not all of themthe best option is DoNotPay. We can simulate the experience of taking the real test and ensure the best results when the time comes.

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    Ny State Notary Public License Classes In New York 2022

    How to Become a Notary Public in New York

    NY Notary Public License Classes Made Easy!

    Don’t let the ugly statistics of people failing all the time discourage you! They fail because they took bad courses from slick internet marketers looking to make a quick buck that are not really notary instructors! The other people who fail try to learn the law on their own and find it takes 20 times as long as getting this course created by Mike Brown, who has taught Notary Licensing Law for 14 years and has had over 20,000 students. Imagine the difference from these other inferior marketing scams online. Mike’s students pass every day the first time and he has the unsolicited student testimonials to prove it!

    Learning how to become a Notary Public in NY … a Notary Public application candidate finds out he or she must be 18 years old and have no special education. You must pass this fast, one-hour, 40 multiple choice question exams by getting a score of 70 %. Our students finish in an average of 15-20 minutes and less than 1 % repeat! Taking this exam will improve your resume if you are ever in a job hunt because … every office needs a Notary Public … doesn’t yours? To see class locations, schedules and other information like hotel training seminars and on-line recorded classes.

    2022 Notary Public Licensing Exams Have Resumed With Full Schedules!

    Become A New York Notary

    If you want to become a New York Notary, our course is designed to cover potential test questions. Besides, the law can be perplexing at times. Nevertheless, we explain them in easy to understand terms, taking out the confusion. Our New York Notary Public Training Program will make it easier for you to pass the test.

    Additionally, well cover situations you may encounter and how to handle them. For example: Charging proper fees, Minimizing any potential liability, Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, any many other topics.

    Hence, once you complete our notary test preparation program, you will have a complete understanding of your responsibilities. Likewise, you will understand the extent of your authority, as well as your duties.

    Additionally, adding the title of Notary to your resume can provide you with expanding job opportunities. Furthermore, it shows you are a person of integrity and high moral character.

    Altogether, were so certain that you will pass the exam successfully that should you fail, you can take the course again totally FREE OF CHARGE.

    Before you decide, feel free to watch our introduction video on the home page.

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    Anywhere In New York State With 24/7 Instant Access For 30

    The live NY Notary Public Licensing classes are 5 hours long. Food and beverage are included. We host those on Friday mornings so the students can review what we taught them over the weekend before the state exams usually offered Mondays & Tuesdays following the weekend. Scroll up to verify current locations & dates on this page!

    You can take the exam at any of the 11 locations you choose to travel to. Keep scrolling down until you find the location

    dates / procedures you choose!

    Take the NY Online Notary Exam Prep 2022 Class!

    Pass The Ny State Notary Exam With Donotpay

    Undocumented Immigrants Now Allowed To Apply For New York Driver’s License

    If you want to ensure good results on the notary exam in New York, you should turn to DoNotPay for help. Our practice test is the best one available, and you only need to follow these simple steps to access it:

  • Open DoNotPay in a web browser
  • Type in the name of the test
  • Select the test you want to prepare for
  • Tell us how many questions you want your test to have10, 20, or 30
  • Begin the test completion
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    What Type Of Examination Is Given

    The written exam is multiple choice. You will mark your answer by filling in circles on a machine-readable score sheet. Exam topics include law, general terms and information related to the duties and functions of a notary public, as outlined in the Notary Public License Law available online at the Division of Licensing Services.

    Nys Notary Examination Training

    How to Take and Pass the New York State Notary Examination Training

    Date/Time: Oct. 12, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Location: Alfred State campus, location TBACost: $125 includes required course textbook

    CSEA employees please note: you may use a tuition benefit voucher to pay for the training course and then you can use the Certification & Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement benefit to be reimbursed for the cost of the exam. Please contact for a form to fill out.

    This practical seminar helps prepare participants to successfully pass the NYS official notary examination. Four sample examinations and answer keys are provided to every participant as a self-study aid for review after the seminar. Attendance at this seminar is a MUST for every state notary examinee to properly prepare for the duties, authority and responsibility of holding a NYS notary commission.

    Trainer: Alfred E. Piombino is the leading New York and national notary law and practice expert. He has personally prepared tens of thousands of people from across New York to pass the official examination. Piombino is the author of nine books, including Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for New York, Fourth Edition, court expert witness and is listed in Who’s Who in American Law.

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    Your Notary New York Membership

    After you enroll you will be entitled to enter the members area, as long as you are logged in. From there, you can download all the files that accompany your membership. Otherwise, you can download it from the link below. Your download includes:

    • The New York State Notary Application
    • The course manual
    • The Notary License Law
    • And, a readme file, in case you need further instruction to access the video tutorials

    In the members area there is a tab that takes you to the video tutorials. Specifically, the videos present a step-by-step series of lessons which impart the information you need to know to pass the exam.

    Donotpay Has The Ny Notary Practice Test That You Need

    NY Notary Exam Schedule Prep

    Load DoNotPay in any web browser and start practicing for your NYS notary exam in three simple steps:

  • Search for the notary exams
  • Choose the length of your NYS practice test10, 20, or 30 questions
  • Start practicing!
  • If you get any of the questions wrong, you can try them again right away or retake the test after checking the results.

    The NYS notary exam isnt the only notary exam we can help you master! You can also practice for the:

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    Importance Of New York Notary Training

    As a notary public in the State of New York, you have unlimited financial liability on every document you notarize. You do not want to take the office of Notary Public lightly. The New York Online Notary Course is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you to learn what you need to know to pass the New York Notary Exam and how to protect yourself as a notary.

    What Can I Expect From The Nys Notary Exam

    The NYS notary exam consists of 40 questions that come from the Notary Public License Law. The questions are multiple-choice, and you will have one hour to complete your exam. Apart from the multiple-choice based questions, there can be a few narrative true/false questions. The passing score is 70% .

    Its important not to be late for your NYS notary exam. If you are late, they wont admit you, and you wont be able to take your test.

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    Why Should You Prepare For The Nys Notary Public Exam

    As much as 60% of people fail the notary exam in New York. If you wish not to be among them, youll have to prepare for the test. The statistics show that a notary exam is not easy and should not be taken lightly. Once you pass the test, you get a lifetime commission that is renewable every four years.

    If you organize yourself well and manage to cover everything from the study material, you wont have to worry about passing.

    Use The Nys Notary Exam Study Guide To Ace Your Real Exam

    How to Fill out Form I-9: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

    To become a notary in New York, you will have to pass a notary exam that requires a lot of preparation and studying. Luckily, there are plenty of methods you can use to practice for your exam, and well break down each of them so that you wont have to search endlessly.

    While the NYS notary exam study guide is an excellent place to start, DoNotPays practice tests will help you perfect your knowledge and crush your notary exam!

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    Take The New York Notary Exam

    How to become A Notary Public In New York State 2022 – FAQ’s

    Start The Online N.Y.S. 2022 Notary Public Licensing Course Today.JUST DO IT!

    For getting answers to any questions, you might still have about the NY Notary Public exam procedures and requirements please feel free to call us toll free at 427-9091

    FREE NY Notary Public Exam Sample Practice Training Video

    The below video is one of the six online training videos needed

    to prepare properly for the exam. This is a sample and you can not pass the exam with this alone.

    This is a GREAT review video for current Notary Publics in New York State! TO PURCHASE THE NY STATE 2022 ONLINE RECORDED NOTARY PUBLIC LICENSING COURSE

    Learn all about the NY 2022 Notary Exam

    Notary Exam, Application, certification and licensing Procedure

    To become a Notary Public in New York State you need to study for a 40 question, multiple choice exam. You get 1 hour to complete the exam. The students that have taken a NY Notary Association certified Notary training course usually report finishing their exam in approximately 15-20 minutes! You need to study the NY Notary Licensing Law to pass. there are also a few narrative questions with true/false options. You need a 70% or 28 of 40 correct.

    Your passed slip from the Notary exam is mailed to you in about 1 week. Congrats…you Did it! You never have to take the New York Notary exam again because it is a lifetime commission renewable every 4 years…much like a drivers license.

    Preparing For The Exam With A Free Nys Notary Exam Study Guide

    The NYS notary exam study guide can be of immense help when you start preparing for your test. It can give you an idea of what the real exam will feel like and what study material is the most important to go through.

    You can find the NYS notary exam study guides online for free, and go through them as many times as you need to get ready to the best of your abilities.

    The questions on the notary exam study guide are usually multiple-choice, and you need to answer 28 correctly to pass . You can use the study guide to practice and improve the areas required to pass the NYS notary exam.

    After you finish with the study guides, you should move on to the NYS notary practice tests to boost your chances of passing your exam with flying colors!

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    Dont Let Companies Take Your Hard

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    Getting Licensed As The Company Notary Public Is A Noteworthy Milestone In Any Employees Career Starting With Executive Staff Members All The Way Down To The Mail Room Clerk If It Benefits Your Employer Or Prospective Future Employerit Most Definitely Will Have A Great Positive Impact On Your Status As A More Valued

    NY Notary Exam Schedule Prep

    Here are some of the ways it will help any employer that you have now or any time in the future:

  • Convenience -You will be available to make things that need to be notarized, quicker and more easily…saving time & money.
  • Quality Control – You will be there to make sure the proper procedures are followed to make importants documents and agreements instantly recordable and admissible in a court of law with no further proof.
  • Upgrade Instruments To Protect your Employer – You will be able to make New york State affidavits on documents that are just being signed in agreement. When a state NY officer gives a verbal oath on a document to the person signing it in agreement with your company….suddenly that person is more accountable under the potential penalty of perjury .
  • OK…so how does that help your career when you pass the NYS Notary exam and get your Notary Public Commission approved?

  • Higher Visibility – Suddenly you are thrusted into the, “lime-light” from the obscurity of a faceless name. You are called into the offices of all the most important people in your organization to witness their signatures and to give them oaths…which they are GRATEFUL to you for. Now they know who you are and like you.
  • Respect from your co-workers is increased!
  • Higher Self-Esteem = Increased Employee Productivity = Positive Corporate Culture.
  • Free Membership Benefits include monthly refresher training videos and statute change updates.

    Join the New York State Notary Public Association

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