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Safety And Infection Control

NCLEX Practice Exam Commercial

The content in this section, , falls under the larger umbrella of topics related to Safe and Effective Care Environment, one of the four major categories of questions on this test. About 9% to 15% of the test items will address this area of nursing. These healthcare questions revolve around things like dealing with emergencies, using equipment safely, and working with hazardous materials.

Nurse Is Planning Care For A 14 Year

should receive priority in the plan?

A) Antibiotic therapy for 10 daysB) Teach client isometric exercises for legsC) Assess movement and sensation of extremitiesD) Assist to stand up at bedside within the first 24 hours

C: Assess movement and sensation of extremities. Following corrective surgery for scoliosis, neurological status requires specialattention and assessment, especially that of the extremities.

  • The nurse is teaching parents about accidental poisoning in children. Which point should be emphasized?
  • A) Call the Poison Control Center once the situation is identifiedB) Empty the child’s mouth in any case of possible poisoningC) Keep the child as quiet as possible if a toxic substance was inhaledD) Do not induce vomiting if the poison is a hydrocarbon

    B : Empty the child”s mouth in any case of possible poisoning. Emptying the mouth of poison prevents further ingestion andshould be done first to limit damage from the substance. Note that all of the actions are correct, but option B is the priority.

    Nurse’s Primary Intervention For A Client Who Is Experiencing A Panic Attack Is To

    A) develop a trusting relationshipB) assist the client to describe his experience in detail

    D : Abdominal mass and weakness. Clinical manifestations of neuroblastoma include an irregular abdominal mass that crosses themidline, weakness, pallor, anorexia, weight loss and irritability.

  • The nurse is preparing the teaching plan for a group of parents about risks to toddlers and is including the proper communicationin the event of accidental poisoning. The nurse should tell the parents to first state what substance was ingested and then whatinformation should be the priority for the parents to communicate?
  • A) The parents’ name and telephone numberB) The currency of the immunization and allergy history of the childC) The estimated time of the accidental poisoning and a confirmation that the parents willbring the containers of the ingested substance

    D) The affected child’s age and weight

    D: The affected child”s age and weight. All of the above information is important. However, after the substance is identified theage and weight are the priorities. This gives the appropriate health care providers an opportunity to calculate the needed dosagefor an antidote while the child is being transported to the emergency department. After this information, the time of the

  • The nurse has admitted a 4 year-old with the diagnosis of possible rheumatic fever. Which statement by the parent would thenurse suspect is relevant to this disease?
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    Basic Care And Comfort

    The content in this section, , falls under the larger umbrella of topics related to Physiological Integrity, one of the four major categories of questions on this test. Questions regarding this subcategory make up about 6% to 12% of the test and are related to tasks that increase the comfort of the client during daily living. A question might cover such things as the use of assistive devices, assistance with hygiene, or the monitoring of bodily functions.

    Nurse Is Performing A Physical Assessment On A Toddler Which Of The Following Actions Should Be The First

    Ncsbn Nclex Pn Review Examination v7 1 3

    A) Perform traumatic proceduresB) Use minimal physical contactC) Proceed from head to toeD) Explain the exam in detail

    B : Use minimal physical contact. The nurse should approach the toddler slowly and use minimal physical contact initially so asto gain the toddler”s cooperation. Be flexible in the sequence of the exam, and give only brief simple explanations just prior tothe action.

  • What finding signifies that children have attained the stage of concrete operations ?
  • A) Explores the environment with the use of sight and movementB) Thinks in mental images or word picturesC) Makes the moral judgment that “stealing is wrong”D) Reasons that homework is time-consuming yet necessary

    C : Makes the moral judgment that “stealing is wrong”. The stage of concrete operations is depicted by logical thinking and moraljudgments.

  • The mother of a child with a neural tube defect asks the nurse what she can do to decrease the chances of having another babywith a neural tube defect. What is the best response by the nurse?
  • A) “Folic acid should be taken before and after conception.”B) “Multivitamin supplements are recommended during pregnancy.”C) “A well balanced diet promotes normal fetal development.”D) “Increased dietary iron improves the health of mother and fetus.”

  • The provider orders Lanoxin 0 mg PO and furosemide 40 mg every day. Which of these foods would the nursereinforce for the client to eat at least daily?
  • A) SpaghettiB) WatermelonC) ChickenD) Tomatoes

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    When Will I Get My Nclex

    Exam results are available from the Nursing Regulatory Bodies of the states, and they are typically sent out approximately six weeks after completing the exam. Some Nursing Regulatory Bodies participate in the Quick Results Service those that do allow candidates to access their unofficial results 48 hours after their exam date and time for a fee.

    Review Of Ncsbn Nclex Practice Exams

    March 18, 2021 By Justine Buick

    Are the NCSBN NCLEX Practice Exams worth the money? Find out in this video review!

    The NCBSN NCLEX practice exams are available for purchase by anyone. They include two tests of 125 questions each. The questions are retired questions from the real NCLEX! I did both of these exams and you can see if its worth to use these exams in your NCLEX prep in my review.

    Also, see what scores I got on the exams! My goal is > 80%. Did I get that?!

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    Health Promotion And Maintenance

    Questions regarding occupy between 6% and 12% of the entire test. Questions in this area of nursing address issues in many categories, including the stages of life, health screening, and lifestyle choices. The content typically relates to the role of the nurse in client education and guidance toward a healthy lifestyle.

    Do You Have To Take Nclex For Renewal Certification

    Free NCLEX-PN Practice Questions Review

    The NCLEX is an essential step in becoming a nurse practitioner. Once you have passed the exam and received your license, you will still need to renew your certification according to your state Board of Nursing. In most cases, renewal is required every two years. To renew your license, you don’t have to retake the NCSBN exams. Instead, you’ll need to show that you have received the correct number of continuing education credits.

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    Saunders Comprehensive Review Nclex Books

    Saunders offers a comprehensive prep tool for you to ace the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examinations. They are one of the best resources for NCLEX practice questions and content review. Here are the most recent editions of these books:

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 8th Edition :

    • It contains an updated test plan.
    • Includes 5,200 NCLEX examination-style questions.
    • All answers include detailed rationales for you to learn from your answer choices.
    • Includes test-taking strategies for you to explore the best approach in answering a question.
    • Includes all alternate item format questions.

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination 7th Edition :

    • It contains an updated test plan.
    • Includes 4,500 NCLEX examination-style questions.
    • All answers include detailed rationales for you to learn from your answer choices.
    • It provides strategies for the best approach in answering a question.

    These books are high-quality materials that you can use to prepare for the NCLEX. If you have money to spare, the steep price of these books is worth it!

    Prepare For The Nclex

    The NCLEX Practice Exam helps candidates prepare for the NCLEX by providing an exam similar to the one theyll take on test day. Its comprised of previously used NCLEX questions. The NPE is available in English for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN, as well as a French version for the NCLEX-RN.

    • Two separate exams with 125 questions each
    • Five continuous hours to take each practice exam
    • Each exam can be taken only once
    • Exams must be used within 45 days of purchase and
    • A score report is provided with the percentage of questions answered correctly.

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    How Many Question Are On The Nclex

    For the NCLEX-RN, the minimum number of questions you need to answer is 75, while the maximum number in the test is 265. Regardless of the number of questions you answer, you are given 15 experimental questions . Pretest questions are indistinguishable from other questions on the test, not indicated as such, are being tested for future examination, and not counted against your score.

    Free Nclex Practice Tests

    NCLEX Question
    Dave Evangelisti

    The National Council Licensure Examination is the nationally accepted examination for nurse licensure in the United States as well as Canada. NCLEX practice tests are a great way to prepare for your upcoming exam.

    There are two types- the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. After graduating from a certified nursing school, candidates will need to take the appropriate NCLEX in order to receive a nursing license.

    The NCLEX-RN is for those intending to be a registered nurse, while the NCLEX-PN is for those intending to be a vocational or practical nurse.

    Summary: Try a free NCLEX practice test below and see how you perform. For more help, check out our reviews of the best NCLEX prep courses.

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    Reduction Of Risk Potential

    The content in this section, , falls under the larger umbrella of topics related to Physiological Integrity, one of the four major categories of questions on this test. 9% to 15% of the test questions will relate to this test subcategory. A major concern in healthcare is the prevention of additional problems caused by treatment and procedures. Medical tests can signal possible adverse effects, enabling professionals to act to reduce the risk. Questions of this type require you to be familiar with many of these tests and how to use the results during treatment.

    Nurse Is Caring For A Client Who Was Successfully Resuscitated From A Pulseless Dysrhythmia Which Of The Following

    assessments is critical for the nurse to include in the plan of care?

    A) hourly urine outputB) white blood countC) blood glucose every 4 hoursD) temperature every 2 hours

    A : hourly urine output. Clients who have had an episode of decreased glomerular perfusion are at risk for pre-renal failure. Thisis caused by any abnormal decline in kidney perfusion that reduces glomerular perfusion. Pre-renal failure occurs when theeffective arterial blood volume falls. Examples of this phenomena include a drop in circulating blood volume as in a cardiacarrest state or in low cardiac perfusion states such as congestive heart failure associated with a cardiomyopathy. Closeobservation of hourly urinary output is necessary for early detection of this condition.

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    Client Has Been Hospitalized After An Automobile Accident A Full Leg Cast Was Applied In The Emergency Room The Most Important

    reason for the nurse to elevate the casted leg is to

    A) Promote the client’s comfortB) Reduce the drying timeC) Decrease irritation to the skinD) Improve venous return

    D : Improve venous return. Elevating the leg both improves venous return and reduces swelling. Client comfort will be improvedas well.

  • The nurse is reviewing with a client how to collect a clean catch urine specimen. What is the appropriate sequence to teach the client?
  • A) Clean the meatus, begin voiding, then catch urine streamB) Void a little, clean the meatus, then collect specimenC) Clean the meatus, then urinate into containerD) Void continuously and catch some of the urine

    A : Clean the meatus, begin voiding, then catch urine stream. A clean catch urine is difficult to obtain and requires cleardirections. Instructing the client to carefully clean the meatus, then void naturally with a steady stream prevents surface bacteriafrom contaminating the urine specimen. As starting and stopping flow can be difficult, once the client begins voiding its best tojust slip the container into the stream. Other responses do not reflect correct technique

    There Are 2 Types Of Nclex Exams: Nclex

    NCLEX-RN Practice Test 2020 (50 Questions with Explained Answers)

    The NCLEX-RN is the nursing exam for candidates who want to be registered nurses. They either completed an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Bachelors Degree .

    On the other hand, the NCLEX-PN is the nursing exam for candidates who want to become practical and vocational nurses. They either completed programs in License in Practical Nursing or Licensed Vocational Nursing .

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    Nurse Entering The Room Of A Postpartum Mother Observes The Baby Lying At The Edge Of The Bed While The Woman Sits In A Chair

    The mother states “This is not my baby, and I do not want it.” After repositioning the child safely, the nurse’s best response is

    A) “This is a common occurrence after birth, but you will come to accept the baby.”B) “Many women have postpartum blues and need some time to love the baby.”C) “What a beautiful baby! Her eyes are just like yours.”D) “You seem upset tell me what the pregnancy and birth were like for you.”

    D: “You seem upset tell me what the pregnancy and birth were like for you.” A non-judgmental, open ended response facilitatesdialogue between the client and nurse.

    Select All That Apply Or Multiple

    Multiple-response or select all that apply alternate format question requires you to choose all correct answer options that relate to the information asked by the question. There are usually more than four possible answer options. No partial credit is given in scoring these items , so you must select all correct answers for the item to be counted as correct.

    Tips when answering Select All That Apply Questions

    • Youll know its a multiple-response or SATA question because youll explicitly be instructed to Select all that apply.
    • Treat each answer choice as a True or False by rewording the question and proceed to answer each option by responding with a yes or no. Go down the list of answer options one by one and ask yourself if its a correct answer.
    • Consider each choice as a possible answer separate to other choices. Never group or assume they are linked together.

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    What Not To Bring

    Personal items including electronics, accessories, and outerwearare not permitted in the testing room. Some test centers have small storage lockers that may be available for you to use for personal belongings, although you should check beforehand whether your test site has this feature. In the event that you dont know or cannot determine whether there is storage for personal belongings, it is best to leave these items at home or in your vehicle. During breaks, you will have access to personal items such as purses, lip balm, and medical aids, but you will not have access to electronic devices or study materials.

    You also do not have to bring any testing aids, such as a calculator or scratch paper. You will have access to these items on-screen within the test itself.

    Child Is Injured On The School Playground And Appears To Have A Fractured Leg The First Action The School Nurse Should Take Is

    Nursing Archives

    A) call for emergency transport to the hospitalB) immobilize the limb and joints above and below the injuryC) assess the child and the extent of the injuryD) apply cold compresses to the injured area

    C : assess the child and the extent of the injury. When applying the nursing process, assessment is the first step in providing care.The “5 Ps” of vascular impairment can be used as a guide .

  • The mother of a 3 month-old infant tells the nurse that she wants to change from formula to whole milk and add cereal and meatsto the diet. What should be emphasized as the nurse teaches about infant nutrition?
  • A) Solid foods should be introduced at 3-4 monthsB) Whole milk is difficult for a young infant to digestC) Fluoridated tap water should be used to dilute milkD) Supplemental apple juice can be used between feedings

    B : Whole milk is difficult for a young infant to digest. Cow”s milk is not given to infants younger than 1 year because the tough,hard curd is difficult to digest. In addition, it contains little iron and creates a high renal solute load.

  • The nurse is preparing a handout on infant feeding to be distributed to families visiting the clinic. Which notation should beincluded in the teaching materials?
  • A) Solid foods are introduced one at a time beginning with cerealB) Finely ground meat should be started early to provide iron

    C) Egg white is added early to increase protein intakeD) Solid foods should be mixed with formula in a bottle

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    Free Nclex Practice Tests And Resources

    49 questions available to help you prepare. 4Tests
    This PDF contains hundreds of practice questions and answers. JB Learning
    30 practice questions for the NCLEX-RN exam. Exam Cram
    110+ flashcards to review for the NCLEX-RN exam. Quizlet
    100+ flashcards to review for the NCLEX-PN exam. Quizlet

    Need More Help? is our recommended provider for NCLEX prep courses. Make sure you pass your exam the first time around.

    What To Expect On Test Day

    Taking the NCLEX-RN exam can be very nerve-wracking, but understanding what to expect is the best way to reduce anxiety and perform well on exam day. The exam is timed, although the sections are not. Examinees will have up to five hours to complete all of the sections, including two optional breaks. Because the test is rather long, its important to ensure that youve had a good nights sleep and a nutritious meal before arriving. You should also dress comfortably, but professionally.

    Its also a good idea to plan to arrive early so that you have extra time to ensure you know where the testing site is and to address any issues that may arise during registration. The testing site will also collect biometric data when you arrive, including a signature, a , and a palm vein scan. And if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, you must forfeit your NCLEX appointment and fees paid. You will have to reregister to take the exam, so having extra time is a great idea.

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