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NBME Score Report Changes for the CBSE & CBSSA Assessments USMLE Step 1

For many students preparing for USMLE Step 1, the available NBME CBSSA exams are the bedrock of their preparation. Currently, the available NBME CBSSA forms are Form 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 and are considered the best and most accurate way to assess ones predicted performance on the USMLE Step 1.

However, as of March 24th*, 2021, the NBME will be retiring all of the old CBSSA NBME forms and replacing them with 6 new NBME forms. Per the NBME, these test forms will need to be started and completed no later than 90 days after purchase, thus if they are purchased just before the deadline then June 22nd would be the last day to use them.

*Originally set to launch March 2nd, NBME announced they would be pushing back the launch in a Webinar.

The replacement forms are all being rolled out on March 24th, 2021. NBME CBSSA Form 25, Form 26, Form 27, Form 28, Form 29, and Form 30 will be released and the retirement of the old NBME forms will commence. This is a big deal for nearly every student preparing for Step 1.

Here at Elite Medical Prep, we strongly recommend that graduates complete at least 3 or 4 of the NBME CBSSA exams prior to taking their real USMLE Step 1.

Although the old NBMEs contain retired questions, we have found through feedback from our many hundreds of learners, that these questions are often a very accurate representation of the types of questions they faced on their USMLE Step 1 test day.

How Accurate Are Nbme Practice Exams

One reason to have faith in the NBME Practice Exams is that they are released by the same body that administers Step 1. Plus, researchers have proved that theres a relationship between performance on the NBME Comprehensive Basic Sciences Self-Assessment and USMLE Step 1.

The CBSSA explained 67% of the variation in Step 1 scores. To better comprehend this, lets take a look at the charts below provided by the National Board of Medical Examiners .

As we can see from the chart above, most of the actual Step 1 scores minus the score predicted by NBME within 1 week of exam are within the rage of 0 to 9.

This implies that the score in your last NBME within 1 week of exam will most likely be the score on your Step 1 and could increase by a chance of 68%, and decrease by a chance of 32%.

You could also see that the next high ranking frequency groups are still relatively significant. This could mean that NBME still has the tendency, to underestimate and overestimate your scores by +/- 9.

However, an increase or decrease of 20 or more points is quite uncommon and rare, with estimated chances of 7% and 3% respectively.

Nevertheless, results in these researches prove that NBME self-assessment examinations serve as an accurate and realistic basis for predicting performance on particular Step exams with a bit variation in predictive accuracy across provided test administration conditions.

How Does The Cbse Compare To The Real Step 1 Exam

CBSE is written by the same folks who design Step 1. However, there are some differences. The CBSE is about half the length of the real Step 1. Additionally, CBSE tends to have more first-order questions with short vignettes than your Step 1 prep material, but in general it is fairly similar to the real Step 1 exam.

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What Is A Good Nbme Score

One would usually make the mistake of only taking the NBME Practice Exams only once and never again. Lets assume that this student scored 230. Is this good? Well, nobody knows.

You see, the purpose of taking these practice exams is to assess your progress. Therefore, you need to establish a baseline for comparison. If you only have this one score, how are you ought to know if you are ready enough to take Step 1?

Lets skip the scenario to 2 weeks after and this student changes his mind and decides to take another NBME. Then, he scored 250. Now, we can assess and conclude thathe had improved a lot.

Hence, a good NBME score will always depend on whether you had improved from your previous try on a practice exam. These NBME Practice Exams are a self-assessment and progress tracker, after all.

FYI: If youre enjoying this content and want more Step 1 advice that can take your Step 1 score to another level then

Apply Your Knowledge With Clinical Case Questions

Succeed on your USMLE and NBME exams

Lecturios clinical case questions are based on the latest NBME standards and can be filtered by subject or system. The exam-simulating interface helps you become familiar with actual test situations.

Tutor mode supports you with detailed explanations, linked video lectures, and First Aid® references. Test mode helps you to evaluate your readiness for the subject exams.

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Nbme For Oms Applicants

  • OMS Career Opportunities
  • AAOMS will offer the National Board of Medical Examiners Comprehensive Basic Science Examination in February and July, granting training programs an enhanced method to evaluate candidates for positions.

    The exam is open to all dental students interested in applying to oral and maxillofacial surgery residencies and allows applicants to measure their understanding of basic science. Please note AAOMS now limits the number of times the Comprehensive Basic Science Examination can be taken to six. After completion, applicants will receive an electronic score report from National Board of Medical Examiners within 30 days. A copy of the score report also will be provided to AAOMS.

    Register for the exam

    The registration deadline is Dec. 31, 2022.Scheduling permits will be available in early November

    Or mail the PDF registration form along with remittance to:

    American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons9700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.Rosemont, IL 60018-5701

    *All registrations received after Dec. 1, 2022, will be assessed a $150 late fee. No registrations will be accepted after Dec. 31, 2022.


    Test center assignments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A delay in scheduling can mean your test center of choice is unavailable, and you may have to travel a farther distance to find an alternative option.

    Is It Better To Do Nbme Self

    You can either take your NBME Practice Exams in two different testing conditions: a standard-pace or a self-pace. To further differentiate, lets take a look at the table below as provided by NBME.

    One section, 50 items each. Up to 75 minutes to complete each section. One section, 50 items each. Up to 5 hours to complete each section.

    As you can see, following the self-paced timing method allows the student to have more time in answering the practice exams. The standard-paced may look unrealistic and involves a lot of pressure, but believe me, this is the only way to approach these NBME Practice Exams.

    You want to simulate a real-life Step 1 experience as much as possible. This trains you to think fast and efficiently when youre taking Step 1.

    Research on NBME Self-Assessments to project performance on USMLE Step 1 also indicates that standard paced conditions produced better estimates of future Step performance than Self-Paced ones.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The New Nbme Cbssa Practice Exams:

    Given the news of the new exams, Step 1 learners are likely to ask a number of questions about the new NBME exams and the retirement of the old NBME practice exams. Some of these questions include:

  • What kind of takeaways can we obtain from these new tests once they become available?
  • Over the next few days, we will examine many of these questions regarding this switch from the old NBME forms to the new forms. Once the new NBME CBSSA forms are released, you can expect that all of the tutors at Elite Medical Prep will be aware of the clinical material covered.

    We will also break down the individual questions and their answers. Furthermore, we will be looking for patterns that can help us tutor our students to prepare even more effectively for Step 1.

    We would be happy to guide you in navigating the new exams. You can contact us on our tutoring service here.

    How Do I Fit Nbme Self

    Divine Intervention Episode 30-Comprehensive 3rd Year Medicine NBME Shelf Review Session 2

    Make no mistake: NBME practice tests do not interfere with studying. They comprise a necessary stone in your study arch, a structure that would not otherwise stand on its own. Yes, NBME tests do demand a large chunk of time to complete and review. And no, they dont give us the brilliant explanations that UWorld provides. Your study period will be more effective, and you will almost certainly perform better on your real exam by taking some NBMEs.

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    How Many Nbme Practice Exams Should I Take

    It is most optimal and recommended to complete 4 NBME Practice Exams at a minimum. But of course, itd be of much more advantageous for you to complete all the available forms if you have enough time.

    A lot of my students ask me if 6 weeks before Step 1 would be enough time to complete all forms of the NBME Practice Exams. Yes, this would be enough but you would be rushed.

    Remember, the purpose of these NBME Practice Exams is for you to create a baseline and use this to assess your progress. In order to have some significant progress, two weeks would be the optimal time allotment for you to study in between NBME Practice Exams.

    Study your class notes, review your resources, and your First Aid. Review your answers and try to derive why the answer is like that. You will never have such progress from practice exams to practice exams if you rush yourself.

    Its most advisable for you to start with your NBME Practice Exams as early as possible to achieve progress on the increase of your score over time.

    FYI: Self-assessments are the way to go for your Step 1. However, studying for Step 1 is all in vain if you dont have a step-by-step walkthrough to guide you.

    Schools That Do Not Administer The Nbme Cbse

    Data presented cover only schools that did not administer the NBME CBSE. Of the 16 schools that did not administer the NBME CBSE, four schools did administer the exam in the past, while 10 schools did not administer the exam in the past. Two schools were unsure if the exam was administered in the past. Nine schools out of 12 respondents that did not offer the NBME CBSE reported a graduating class size of 121 students .

    Of those four schools that administered the exam in the past, one school was unsure of the reason for discontinuing the exam. A second school felt that the exam did not correlate with the curriculum and thought that the questions were of poor quality. A third school said that the NBME CBSE was not part of promotion, and therefore, some of the students did not take it seriously however, they do require low performers to take the exam as part of academic probation. The fourth school that discontinued the NBME CBSE only gave the exam one time and did not use the data however, they are reinstituting the exam as a progress test and plan to give it three times to a class prior to Step 1 with the desire to assess students readiness for Step 1 and also as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of our curriculum.

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    What Do I Do With My Nbme Cbse Exam Results

    Like with any NBME Score Report, use the information to create an effective study plan for the real Step 1.

    Take a look at your Performance Profile on the Score Report and identify your weakest areas. Plan to set aside about 2-3 hours each day during your dedicated Step 1 study period to focus on these weakest areas, even if the rest of your day is spent looking at other systems or subjects. Its important to work in daily review of these tough topics.

    Once you take your first NBME practice test during your dedicated Step 1 study period, compare the Score Reports Performance Profile to see if you made any improvements in these troublesome areas. If there are still some areas that are particularly challenging, plan to sprinkle in several days of extra study time to focus on those topics.

    The key is to learn and grow from your exam results rather than feel embarrassed or disappointed. This is a learning opportunity that will only make you a stronger test taker on the real exam! Here are some additional tips on how to use your NBME score report.

    Retain Information With Quiz Questions

    NSAS campaign landing page

    Smart Spaced Repetition Quizzes after each lecture help you to improve your ability to recall key information.

    An adaptive algorithm tells you exactly when and what you need to repeat for maximum retention. Questions are given back to you at increasing intervals based on your accuracy and confidence in your answers.

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    Comprehensive Basic Science Exam For Nbme

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    lilmo said:has anyone else taken the CBSE? our school made us take it last week so that we can use it to form a board study plan. how accurate is it at predicting our USMLE score? i don’t really like the score it predicted for me so i’m wondering how much i can improve on it if i study my butt off. any comments? experiences? words of encouragement?

    THP said:Everyone in my class had to take it before we had done any studying and we were told that if you study hard for ~5wks you can expect about a 25-30 point increase . Of course, if you get a 230 on the CBSE then don’t necessarily expect 5 wks of studying to equal a 260.

    No longer a USMLE JUNKIE!

    10+ Year Member

    THP said:Everyone in my class had to take it before we had done any studying and we were told that if you study hard for ~5wks you can expect about a 25-30 point increase . Of course, if you get a 230 on the CBSE then don’t necessarily expect 5 wks of studying to equal a 260.

    Take The Nbme Practice Tests At The Beginning Of Your Study Period

    Taking the NBME free practice exams at the start of your dedicated study period helps you to find out your baseline. Dont stress if the score is lower than you would like it to be. This is to be expected, and its the reason why you have dedicated study period! Going forward, use NBMEs as a check on where you stand every few weeks. Youll be able to measure your learning and knowledge retention.

    While NBMEs do not have explanations like UWorld, and it takes time to complete and review an NBME, its still worth it. NBME is the best USMLE study resource available that tells you exactly how you might perform on test day. So use it to your advantage to improve, re-tweak, and re-calibrate!

    Taking an NBME Self-Assessment every few weeks will help make your study time more effective. It will also help to ensure that you are spending your time and energy in the right subject areas and topics. Use your diagnostic feedback report to re-tweak your study schedule and target your weaknesses.

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    How Do You Sign Up For Nbme Practice Exams

    You first have to create a MyNBME account through their NBME Services Portal. Once into the system, click the PURCHASE tab to be seen at the top portion of the page.

    The next step couldnt be any simpler. Proceed to choose which exam you are studying for. Seeing how you have made your way to this post, choose the NBME Practice Exams. However, you may have a hard time navigating the page since the names of the self-assessments are kind of perplexed.

    To avoid confusion, here are the equivalent names of the practice exams for each step of the USMLE.

    • Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment Step 1
    • Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment Step 2
    • Comprehensive Clinical Medicine Self-Assessment Step 3

    Changes To Cbssa Nbme Self

    Divine Intervention Episode 31-Comprehensive 3rd Year NBME Medicine shelf Review Session 3

    In October 2020, USMLE increased the number of communication skills questions on the Step 1 exam. As such, all NBME CBSSA forms will increase the number of communication skills assessment questions starting February 3, 2021.

    The total number of questions per subject examination will remain the same.

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    How Should I Study For The Cbse

    Keep in mind that youll be trying to study for the CBSE while still learning new information in your courses. Its extremely important to keep your coursework as your main priority! Focus on doing as well as you can on your coursework, as it will only help you during your dedicated Step 1 study period. That being said, try to make time each dayeven if only 20-30 minutesto do the following:

  • Review as many UWorld questions as possible. With each question, make sure to read the answer explanation thoroughly and supplement your learning with the corresponding pages in First Aid. Now is not the time to read First Aid cover-to-cover. Instead, just read short excerpts that apply to the question you are answering.
  • Select Sketchy videos , if this resource was already helpful for you.
  • Select Pathoma chapters/videos, if this resource was already helpful for you.
  • First Aid as a supplement to UWorld questions and new coursework.
  • Take 1-2 CBSSA exams. You dont want to take them all, as its important to save some for your dedicated Step 1 study period. Be sure to review the test carefully afterwards, as most of your learning will come from your careful review.
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