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What About Gestational Diabetes & Life Insurance

For Agents: Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Products

When it comes to gestational diabetes and life insurance, many life insurance carriers dont put much weight on it because it is usually only a temporary condition and most of the time goes away when the baby is born.

However, there may be a concern if the diabetes continues after the pregnancy and turns into type 2 diabetes. If you did not show any signs of diabetes before you became pregnant, you should still be able to find affordable life insurance rates despite gestational diabetes.

Why Shop United Of Omaha Life Insurance With Selectquote

SelectQuote partners with highly-rated life insurance companies to give you the opportunity to shop and compare life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted carriers in the nation.* Shopping life insurance with SelectQuote can help save you both time and money while finding the right life insurance policy for you.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Accidental Death Policy Form E42AD-20348 or state equivalent. In NC, E42AD-20390 in NM, E42AD-20469 in NY, E45AD-20387 in OK, E42AD-20393 in PA, E42AD-20472 in TX, E42AD-20421 in WA, E42AD-20444 in VA, Policy Form E42AD-20415, Application MA5918-44.

Master Policy Form M40AD-20438, Certificate Form C42AD-20489 .

Children’s Whole LifePolicy Form ICC17L154P or state equivalent. In FL, D653LFL17P.

Guaranteed ADvantagePolicy Form 50AD-23949 or state equivalent. In FL, 50AD-23954 In ID, 50AD-23991 In NC, 50AD-23955 In NY, 50AD-23980 In OK, 50AD-23972 In OR, 50AD-23987 In PA, 50AD-23965 In TX, 50AD-23952 In WA, 50AD-23979.

Guaranteed Whole Life Policy form ICC18L198P or state equivalent. In FL, D787LF19P. In NY, 1002Y-0119.

Motor Vehicle Accidental Death Rider Form C783LNA09R or state equivalent.

Income AdvantageGPT Sex Distinct: Policy Forms ICC15L123P or state equivalent. In FL, D501LFL14P.

GPT Unisex: Policy Forms ICC15L124P or state equivalent. In FL, D502LFL14P.

Indexed Universal Life ExpressSex Distinct: Policy Forms ICC19L190P or state equivalent. In FL, D776LFL19P.

Unisex: Policy Form ICC19L191P or state equivalent. In FL, D777LFL19P.

Life Protection AdvantageSex Distinct: Policy Forms ICC17L152P or state equivalent. In FL, D622LFL17P.

Unisex: Policy Forms ICC17L153P or state equivalent. In FL, D623LFL17P.

Living Promise Whole Life InsuranceLevel Benefit Policy Form: ICC12L080P or state equivalent. In FL, D354LFL12P.

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How Much Does A $250k No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Cost

The table below show the monthly premiums for a $250,000 20-year term no medical exam life insurance policy.


Rates for a male. Date of birth May 30th, no-smoker.Rates current 6/1/2022

Product facts:

  • Conversion from term life to either a universal life or whole life insurance policy.

Accelerated death benefit rider:

  • Included at no-cost, pays up to $250k if a physician statement indicates the insured has a terminal illness which will result in death within 12 months.


  • Not recently declined by another insurer
  • No history of criminal history
  • No bankruptcy in the past two years
  • No multiple bankruptcies

Application process:

  • Step 1. Speak to an agent for a quote
  • Step 2. Telephone interview with the insurance company
  • Step 3. Wait for the underwriting decision
  • Step 4. E-sign to activate the coverage once its e-delivered

Acceptable health conditionals for no medical exam:

  • Ulcerative colitis

Shop Around For Life Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Review for 2020

One of the first steps to buying life insurance is to understand how life insurance works. Once you have a grasp on the basics, you may find it helpful to evaluate your financial goals this will help guide your decision when choosing the type of policy that will best meet your needs. You may also want to consider if youd like to add any riders to your policy. Since some companies specialize in a wide variety of riders, this information can help narrow your search. After you know what youre looking for in a life insurance company, its time to start shopping around and comparing quotes.

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Universal Life Insurance Policy

This type of permanent life insurance policy is a hybrid between whole life and term insurance. Unlike whole life insurance, it does not offer the policyholder the same guarantees.

Basically, a UL policy allows grants you great flexibility. For example, you can choose what you pay monthly rather than a mandatory minimum payment.

So while a universal life policy for a senior over 80 is possible, its not recommended.

The policys value could substantially decrease, the payments could significantly increase, or it could prematurely terminate altogether.

When Term Life Runs Out

Term life insurance usually costs a fraction of what whole life insurance does. This is because term life insurance seldom has to pay its beneficiaries. If youre a fairly young person in good health, whos only getting coverage for 10 or 20 years, the odds are good that the policy wont have to pay out. Thats good news for people who are looking for affordable coverage for the near future. If you have short-term debt, or if youre the sole breadwinner for your family, you can get coverage to help protect your loved ones for a relatively small amount of money.

So, if you reach the end of your term life insurance without it paying a benefit, thats good news! The insurance did what it was supposed to do it helped protect you and your family in case the insured died.But over time, you may want more out of your policy. Term policies are more affordable, but youre still paying money every month. When the term is over, the best-case scenario is that it doesnt pay out. But at that point, with no benefit and no accrued cash value, some people may start wanting a little more out of their policies. Sometimes, the peace of mind that comes from a policy is all that you need. But if you do decide that you want additional insurance during a term life policy, there is a way to get it.

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No Medical Term Life Insurance

In the past, buying term life insurance with no medical exam required would generally be more expensive than medically underwritten policies.

However, many insurance companies now issue simple issue term policies without requiring a medical test.

We usually only suggest non-medical term life insurance to relatively healthy people that have seen their doctor in the last few years.

Term insurance policies can be purchased for between 10 and 40-year durations.

A 10-year term is a popular option for covering many short-term needs, such as protecting your income until retirement age.

While long-running 20 year and 30-year term policies are more suitable for people looking to protect more extended obligations such as mortgage loans.

The premiums you will pay for any non-med term policy will ultimately depend on your age and unique risk profile.

Each insurance company has different underwriting guidelines for applicants seeking coverage.

Once approved, you will receive a full benefit policy with no waiting period on the death benefit.

So, how does the simplified issue term insurance process work?

Buying term life insurance without a medical exam

Life Insurance Products United Of Omaha Offers Through Selectquote

Best Term Life Insurance Companies 2022 Apps (No Medical Exams)

There are two basic categories of life insurance United of Omaha offers with SelectQuote:

Term life insurance: This type of life insurance policy gives you the option to choose the term or length of the policy. Typical length policy options through United of Omaha are 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Permanent life insurance: This type of life insurance is designed to last your whole life, meaning youre permanently covered no matter how long you live as long as premiums are paid.

SelectQuote can help you decide the type of policy that meets your needs and keeps your loved ones covered financially. Well get to know your situation and shop life insurance policies from highly-rated life insurance companies like United of Omaha to find the policy thats right for you.*

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Do Any Life Insurance Policies Provide An Investment Vehicle

Yes. Certain permanent life insurance policies come with a cash value account that can be invested. Whole life insurance policies typically include a cash value account that earns gradual interest over time, but indexed universal life cash value accounts gain returns based on the performance of a certain market index, like the Standard & Poors 500. Variable universal life policies have cash value accounts that are invested in sub-accounts that function like mutual funds. With so many different types of life insurance available, it can be helpful to research the differences between each product, especially when searching for cheap whole life insurance.

Watch Out For These Offers For Life Insurance Over 80 Years Of Age

Many insurance organizations are tripping over themselves to sell bottom-of-the-barrel senior life insurance over 80 policies to anyone who will buy without doing their research.

The reason they do this is simple.

At 80, they know you are probably very willing to take an offer simply because of your age. These companies assume you think you wont qualify anywhere because of your age.

Then they come along with these attractive offers, and boom, you scoop it up because youre so happy to have something.

If you receive any of these offers, run because 99% of the time, much better options are available.

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Ideal Candidates For This Coverage

If you are healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions, feel free to apply for coverage without the medical exam. However, do not apply for this coverage pursue life insurance with a medical exam if you have pre-existing medical conditions. The following is an ideal client for instant coverage.

  • Ability to read and answer the online questionnaires in English without translation aid.
  • Apply from within the U.S.
  • U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder
  • Permanently resides in the U.S., excluding N.Y.
  • Preferred, standard, and low substandard risks only
  • No indication of high life insurance shopping activity with poor disclosure
  • Not recently declined by another carrier for medical or criminal history reasons
  • No history of illegal activity in the past ten years
  • No DWI or DUIs in the past five years
  • No indication of adverse financial profiles or credit issues
  • BMI is between 18.5 to 39.9
  • Tobacco-Users included

Best For Final Expense : Mutual Of Omaha

3 companies that issue term life insurance policies with no medical ...
  • AM Best Rating:AM Best is a credit rating agency that assigns insurance companies a letter grade from A++ to F. A companys grade indicates its ability to pay its claims and honor its financial obligations.A+
  • Accepts Credit Cards:Yes
  • Policies available to 85 year olds

  • Some policies include a terminal illness rider

  • A+ financial strength rating

  • Some policies dont have a graded benefit

  • More complaints than some competitors

Mutual of Omaha is our overall winner for best burial insurance company. Burial insurance, also called final expense or funeral insurance, designates a small whole life policy available to older applicants thats meant to cover immediate expenses after death, such as the funeral and bills. Application and approval are typically easy, especially since there is no medical exam and few or no health questions.

Mutual of Omaha offers two types of final expense policies. Both are available to applicants aged 45 to 85. One is a guaranteed-issue plan, meaning you cant be denied coverage. An application is available online, there are no health questions, and coverage is available up to $25,000. The other involves a few health questions , is only available through an agent, and the maximum death benefit is $40,000. If you have preexisting conditions, you may not qualify for this option.

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Group Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance you can get from your employer is called group life insurance. The rates are set for the group, and the employer pays most of the cost. It will be one to two times your annual salary for basic coverage. You do not need a life insurance medical exam if you want coverage.

Your employer might also allow you to buy additional insurance not included in your health insurance. This upsell is called supplemental life insurance. You might need to provide medical information or go through a medical exam before getting coverage. Insurance rates are based on the group, so it may be cheaper to buy an outside policy if you are young and healthy.

Does Life Insurance Cover Covid Death

Life insurance covers Covid-related deaths.

The life insurance industry as whole saw record-breaking death benefit payouts coincide with rising death tolls during the pandemic. As vaccines and treatment options become more available, life insurance companies are beginning to see a decrease in the total amount of money they pay out in death benefits.

According to S& P Capital IQ, death benefit payments dropped 21.2% since the first quarter of 2022, the second deadliest quarter for Covid deaths. But this lower amount is still 8.5% higher than death benefits paid out in the second quarter of 2019, before the start of the pandemic.

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Who Qualifies For Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

If you fall into one of the categories below, you could be a great fit for getting a no medical exam life insurance policy:

  • People who are basically pretty healthy and dont have an extensive medical history.
  • Busy people who just want coverage fast but dont want to fool around with appointments and needles.
  • Young smokers who dont have any other medical conditions.

Whole Vs Term: Which No Medical Exam Life Insurance

ATTENTION GRANDPARENTS: Best Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60

Before looking at how much coverage you can get, or the cost, we have to talk about the differences between whole and term life insurance.

First up, with or without a medical screening, term life is always better than a whole life policy. Why? Because the only job of a life insurance policy is to replace the loss of income from someones death. With term life, youre putting yourself and those you love in the ideal positionwith the ability to replace your income should the unthinkable happen, all at a really affordable price. As for whole life? Its a major rip-off! Its not only way pricier than term coverage, it also mixes in bad investment products with the life insurance, but ends up helping you with neither. Quite separate from the question of medical exams, avoid whole life policies at all costs.

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No Exam Final Expense Insurance Policy

Burial insurance for seniors over 80 is a simplified issue whole life policy because it does not require an exam.

They offer lenient underwriting, so past and present health conditions wont be a barrier to entry.

Most companies will offer coverage from $2,000-$40,000. The idea is that you can buy just the right amount of life insurance coverage needed to pay for your funeral expenses.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral costs $7,848.

Upon the policyholders death, the insurer will pay out a tax-free check to the beneficiary.

That gives your loved ones the money to fulfill your final wishes or pay for outstanding medical bills.

A final expense policy is a type of whole life insurance. The rates dont increase, the coverage doesnt decrease, and it will never expire.

Also, they build cash value that you can borrow from as it accrues over time.

Most burial policies offer living benefits that allow you to receive some money while alive.

For example, Mutual of Omaha Living Promise coverage includes, at no extra charge, an accelerated death benefit rider.

It allows you to access up to have of the coverage if youre diagnosed with a terminal illness or confined to a nursing home.

How To Find The Best Life Insurance Policy For You

With the wide variety of life insurance policies available, pinpointing the right one can be a challenge for any buyer. Dont go it alone when trying to find the best life insurance policy. Financial advisors and experienced life insurance agents have the background to help you make the right decision based on your financial goals and budget.

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What Life Insurance Companies Need To Know About Your Diabetes

Once you have completed your application, the life insurance underwriting process begins. One part of the underwriting process is an interview in which you will most likely be asked health questions.

Heres what life insurance underwriters will want to know about your diabetes:

  • The age you were diagnosed with diabetes
  • Insulin type: Novolog, Lantus, Humulin, Humalog, Apidra?
  • How many units per day?
  • Any other medications?
  • Any other health issues?
  • What your most recent labs have said: cholesterol levels, fasting blood glucose, proteins, and creatinine

They will also want to know about any other additional health issues if you have any pre-existing health conditions, and any complications you may be experiencing due to your diabetes.

Many insurance companies will ask you these health questions, and some will require a medical exam. But in this article, we are focusing on life insurance for diabetics that do not require any kind of medical exam for approval.

Making sure that all of your information is organized can help you more adequately and completely answer these health questions. Remember, though, all of your risk factors will still be taken into consideration.

What Are The Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Review for 2021

Where can I find life insurance, no medical exam required? The best no-exam life insurance policies are the ones that offer the coverage amounts you need at a price you can afford. You should also look for a policy with a reputable insurance company.

Some of the best no-exam life insurance policies that offer a high death benefit include:

There are other similar companies, including Sproutt and Haven Life.

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