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Our Free Cfa Level 1 Mock Exam: How It Works

CFA Level 1 Practice Mock Exam Corporate Finance part 1

In your results email, youll also get a topic performance breakdown, showing areas of weakness and strength, so youll know which topics to focus on to help raise your overall exam performance.

Youll also receive comparative statistics on where you stand with the rest of the sample, better informing you if you need to double down on revision!

You can do this CFA Level 1 mock exam in two ways:

  • offline, by questions and submitting your answers below when done.

Either method is easy: All you need to do is just click through the questions below, fill in your details and click Submit.

Good luck, and hope you find this useful! If you have any feedback, just give us a shout in the comments below.

And if youd like even more practice, remember that we also have a Guide to Practice Exams here.

How did you score in this practice exam? Was there any particular topics you found especially challenging? Tell us in the comments below!

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Best Websites/apps For Cfa Level 1 Exam Preparation

To pass the CFA level 1 exam, self-study might not be enough. Therefore, you need to join an online course to get yourself prepare well for the exam.

These course instructors provide study material from the CFAs curriculum. The level 1 exam is crafted from that curriculum too.

To help you reach the finish line, here are the 5 best websites/apps for the CFA level 1 exam preparation:

Cfa Or Chartered Financial Analyst Exam

So, are you preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam or a CFA aspirant? Are you hunting for CFA sample papers, practice tests and mock exams? But, what you get is highly-priced CFA study material packages and study notes with pricey tags. Relax!!

Great News!! We have something of your interest.

Thats the reason why we started this CFA Preparation Section where well be sharing quiz, Mock Exams & Practice material for those preparing for the CFA qualification. And the best part, its FREE to try any of these questions.

A set of CFA Level 1 Quiz based on the different subjects and topics you have to study in your CFA curriculum.

Before solving that, if you wish to dig more, you can have a look at CFA Level 1 Course Fees, Eligibility & Program Details

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check your CFA preparation level.

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Overcoming The Fear Of Cfa Mock Exam

We understand the fear and anxiety over these professional exams. Been there, done that. But it is important to look beyond the fear, focus on actions, and pass.

1. Embrace the Challenge

Dont run away from the fear. Embrace the challenge! See the mock exam as a tool to identify weaker areas, and narrow down the scope of your studying.

2. Stick with Your Plan No Matter What

Some candidates never felt confident enough with the materials to move on to mocks. The perfectionism for such an exam could be a big obstacle.

The mock exam prepares us both physically and mentally for the actual exam. Apart from identifying weaker areas, it helps us understand the test format and how to approach it in the right way.

More importantly, the mock practice forces us to go through the process, so we know how to calm down when panicked, how to think on our feet if we get stuck, how to pace so we wont go too fast or too slow, and whether our body can cope with the 6-hour exam.

Even if we miss half of the questions, we still gain a lot from this experience.

3. Try a Few Times!

CFA review courses offer several mock exams in their package. You dont need to worry about wasting a chance.

4. Have a Time Table in Place

Here is my recommended schedule for the first 3 mock attempts:

Mock exams
Early Apr Early Oct

In between the mocks, spend sufficient time reviewing the wrong questions and make sure you get the right ones for the right reason.

Financial Reporting And Analysis


The section has nearly 20% weightage, making it an important enough knowledge area for anyone pursuing CFA. This part tests the knowledge of financial ratios and financial statements commonly employed for the target of financial analysis. Along with, one should be well-conversant in the concepts of revenue recognition, accounts receivables, and inventory analysis along with taxes and long-term assets. It should be kept in mind when preparing for this exam that local accounting practices do not hold much relevance as CFA is more of a global exam and concentrates on US GAAP and IFRS practices.

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Familiarity With The Exam

Mock exams are often based heavily on actual exams from previous years, sometimes even incorporating a significant amount of old test material. This is how they do such a great job providing students with a feel for the structure and content of the CFA® Exam.

This is the best part:

Becoming more familiar with the content and structure of the exam directly correlates into an increased chance of passing on the first try. Students who feel more acclimated to the CFA® exam will be able to answer questions more quickly and accurately.

Wiley Cfa Course Details

Wileys practice exams come with a great deal of additional help. Whenever you struggle with a problem you can easily contact an instructor for help working through it. Plus, you can create custom exams focusing on the content areas you need to work on. This ensures that youre constantly shoring up your weak areas and reinforcing what youve learned while studying for the CFA exam using the Wiley CFA prep course. Best of all, you can take as long as you like with unlimited access so youll never be cut off from the study materials you need.

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The Psychology Of Mock Exams

People dread mock exams. Mock exams unforgivingly expose peoples weak areas and validate their nightmares: like a particular topic that they didnt understand, how they panicked, ran out of time, and so on.

Others understand the value of taking the dry run, but they wanted to make sure they are all ready before giving the mock a try. Often enough though, they are never ready and miss the opportunity.

How Many Mock Cfa Exams Should I Take

Mock Exam Strategy for CFA ® Level 1 Candidates

In general, its better to take more mock exams than less. However, a good recommendation is for students to try their hand at around 5 or 6 exams at the very least. That may seem like a lot, but getting more practice means that students will be faster and better at answering CFA® questions correctly. Unfortunately, most comprehensive commercial review courses do not offer 5 or 6 practice exams in their bundled course.

This is the good news:

Mock exams can be bought either individually or in sets from many of the same test prep companies. These often come in separate packages that serve as supplementary study materials for their CFA® prep programs.

CFA® Institute does not endorse, promote or warrant the accuracy or quality of CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA® Institute.

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Cfa Program Mock Exam And Practice Questions

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To help you prepare for the exam, we offer different types of practice, including practice questions and a mock exam, with our Learning Ecosystem. As you work your way through the curriculum, we recommend pausing to answer practice questions, assessing your level of confidence and accuracy along the way. Then, in advance of the exam, take a mock exam, which mimics the exam-day experience as closely as possible.

Analyst Prep Cfa Practice Tests

Analyst Prep offers CFA® mock exams for Level I and Level II candidates. In addition to several other helpful study materials, these exams are designed with the aid of experienced financial analysts who also understand effective methods of teaching these concepts. As a result, youll get the best of both professional and educational experience when working with these exams!

With 8 Level I mock exams and 2 Level II mock exams, you can print these materials out and practice in an environment similar to what youll experience on the day of your actual exams. Each exam contains a full bank of 120 questions, and the instructors at AnalystPrep come up with new practice exams yearly to match any new developments in the field.

While they dont currently offer Level III CFA® mock exams, AnalystPrep is ultimately the best resource for your study needs!

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Analyst Prep Cfa Practice Exam Details

Analyst Preps tests focus on creating custom content to suit your individual academic needs. You can easily make quizzes based on certain content areas and set whatever time limit you like. This gives you much more control when studying compared to other courses. On top of that, each full length practice exam can be printed out and completed offline. This is a great way to limit distractions while youre studying for your CFA exam, which Analyst Preps CFA test prep can also help with.

Practice For The Cfa Level I Exam In Less Time

6.746+ Mock Exam Level 1 Cfa

“FinQuiz CFA Level I mock exam will help you pass the actual exam”

Practice questions and answers with detailed explanations of the right answer. The mock exam will give you a feel for what the actual exam will be like.The FinQuiz CFA Level I mock exam is designed to help you pass the CFA Level I exam by exposing you to our exam quality practice questions.

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S To Prepare For The Cfa Level I Exam

One of the most important ways to prepare for the CFA Level I exam is to give yourself enough time to study. The CFA Program enables candidates to customize their preparation to match individual needs and circumstances. Following are some numbers to consider in planning a study strategy for the CFA Level I exam.

  • Successful candidates report studying on average over 300 hours for each level of the CFA Exam.
  • About half of successful candidates passing the LIII exam passed each exam on the first attempt while about a quarter sat a total of four exams.

Cfa Level 1 Mock Exam Question Answers

CFA Level 1 Mock Exam Question Answers : All practice problems at the end of the readings as well as their solutions are part of the curriculum and are required material for the examination. In addition to the in-text examples and questions, these practice problems should help demonstrate practical applications and reinforce your understanding of the concepts presented. Some of these practice problems are adapted from past CFA examinations and/or may serve as a basis for examination questions.

Successful candidates report an average of more than 300 hours preparing for each examination. Your preparation time will vary based on your prior education and experience, and you will probably spend more time on some study sessions than on others.

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Think You’ve Got What It Takes For The Notoriously Challenging Qualification

Is the CFA still worth it? Take our survey here

Thousands of students will find out in August whether or not they have successfully passed their chartered financial analyst exams.

The notoriously challenging qualification, taken at three levels, is a must-have for many hoping to forge a career in financial services, particularly investment…

Level I Of The Cfa Exam Mock Exams

CFA Level 1 Exam New CBT Format Explained | Mock Test | SSEI QFORUM

Passing Level I of the CFA exam is not a case of merely putting in the hours. Its not enough to accumulate knowledge it is an actual practice that really makes a difference.

AnalystPreps Level I mock exams for the CFA Program are based on past CFA Institute exams and are designed to conform to current testing formula and level of difficulty. Candidates who practice using mock exams have been found to perform better on the final exam compared to those who only revise. We recommend using practice exams to help you practice under simulated actual exam conditions.

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Salt Solutions Pros And Cons

  • 2 Phase Study Plan: Salt Solutions splits their course into Learn and Focus phases. The Learn phase has you work through initial material in small chunks, and the Focus phase helps you strengthen what youve already learned. This two-prong approach is highly effective and keeps you from getting burned out.
  • Video Answer Explanations: The toughest practice questions come with a detailed video explanation for what the solution is and how it should be found. This is a step above written answer explanations included with other online prep courses.
  • Price: Salt Solutions platform is much more expensive compared to other options. You must either pay a one time charge of $599 or $129 each month either option has its benefits, but there are cheaper packages offered by both Wiley and Analyst Prep.

Bottom Line: Salt Solutions is a great program for anyone who wants a more focused study experience.

Effective Scheduling Of Study Sessions

Heres an interesting fact:

Research has shown that to retain that information. Mock exams can be a great way to evenly space out study time by taking one at the end of each session.

Using this method, students can study, take a practice test, see their progress, and go back to studying. Its a bit like supersetting a workout at the gym and it can produce similar results.

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Reduce Stress And Improve Performance

Believe it or not, stress is a big reason why people fail the exam. It totally makes sense though. Its just like a musician with stage freight or an athlete with nerves. Test takers dont perform well when they are under stress.

If you are completely stressed out going into the exam, you probably wont be able to think clearly and perform as well as you should. Practicing exams will help prepare you for the exam like a rehearsal performance. When you go into the real thing, you will be ready and relatively stress free.

Building Test Taking Skills

2016 CFA LEVEL 1 Schweser Practice Exam v1 + v2 simulation title

Most practice exams will mimic the format of the CFA as closely as possible. That makes them a good tool for learning the best ways to approach each question type. Gaining experience with a CFA sample exam now will save you time and help you get a higher score when working through the real thing on your test date.

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Cfa Institute Mock Exam

CFA Institute Mock Examinations Your examination registration fee also includes digital access to three-hour mock examinations that simulate the morning and after-noon sessions of the actual CFA examination. These mock examinations are intended to be taken after you complete your study of the full curriculum and take practice questions so you can test your understanding of the curriculum and your readiness for the examination.

You will receive feedback at the end of the mock examination, noting the correct responses and indicating the relevant assigned readings to assess areas of weakness for further study during your review period. We recommend that you take mock examinations during the final stages of your preparation for the actual CFA examination. For more information on the mock examinations, please visit

Cfa Level 1 Mock Exam And Practice Questions

You should use the LOS to guide and focus your study because each examination question is based on one or more LOS and the core material and practice problems associated with the LOS. The entire practice problems are the basis for all examination questions and are selected or developed specifically to teach the knowledge, skills, and abilities reflected in the CBOK. Applicants who have passed the CFA Level 1 exam are eligible for 40 CP credits in the foundation component of the Master of Finance program.

In addition to the CFA level 1 Mock Exam and Practice Questions, these practice problems should help CFA Test Prep and demonstrate practical applications and reinforce your understanding of the concepts presented.

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Online Mock Exam Instructions

The Online Schweser Mock Exam is accessed through your Online Access Account and available through exam day. The Online Schweser Mock Exam Instructions PDF will be added to your account and provides important information on how to access your exam and what to do after you take the exam.

Learn More About Schwesers Online CFA® Mock Exams

What Do You Get

Kaplan Schweser’s New Computer-Based CFA® Mock Exam

Our preparation packages include 5 full-length practice exams in computer-based testing format just like the actual exam. You may also print them in PDF format if you prefer studying using a pen and paper.

Each practice exam contains 180 questions, which equates to the two sessions of the actual exam. AnalystPrep takes the pressure off your study by offering you value-for-money packages each of which includes our Qbank, unlimited quizzes, and mock tests. That way, you get to keep your premium status for as long as you need to pass your Level I of the CFA exam. Moreover, new mock exams will be generated by the dedicated professionals at AnalystPrep every year so premium members can practice using unique mock exams!

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