Michigan Builders License Exam Questions

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Michigan Builders License: 3 Easy Steps To Getting You Builders License

All can say is if your looking to pass the exam and its taking longer then expected these guys have been supportive and incredibly helpful. All they have done is help me with absolutely everything. Im very disciplined when it comes to studying at my age yet they have in person classes that I signed up for that will help. Everything you need they will provide to pass and be successful at you venture in the construction word. Thanks again for all the Support!!!

Why Should I Become A Licensed Residential Builder

If youre looking to either start your own construction, home improvement or a repair & maintenance company, even if youre the only employee of that company, then you must get licensed. Licensing will allow you to legally market your services, place bids and manage/oversee construction projects for clients in the State of Michigan.

How Long Do Your Exam Prep Courses Take To Complete

Each course lists the total amount of hours for the course. However, we cover materials quickly and many contractors like to re-watch materials. In other words, this question really depends on your learning style. We recommend that you go through the course as many times as you need to be comfortable with the material and any applicable reference books. The more familiar you are with the materials, the better you will do on your exam!

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If I Fail A Practice Test Do I Have To Take It Again

Practice tests are just that: for practice. You will have the opportunity to retake the practice tests until you do pass. The practice tests are there to help you get used to the process of using your reference materials and finding the correct answers during an exam. If you donât pass on the first try, take the time to note what sections of the material you need to review.

How To Get Your Builders License In Michigan

Michigan Builders License Practice Test

To get your Michigan residential builders license, you’ll need to do three things:

  • Complete a state-approved 60-hour Prelicense Course, like the Michigan Builders Prelicense Course, and obtain a certificate of completion from the provider

  • Download and complete the builders license application from, submit this application, and pay any associated fees and

  • Pass your residential or maintenance and alteration contractor exam.

To qualify for this state license, you’ll also need to be at least 18 years old and maintain a valid Michigan driver’s license.

Non-Michigan residents must submit a Consent to Service of Process.

From beginning to end, this process can take anywhere from a couple of months to up to one year, so if you’d like to be on the worksite soon, you’ll want to get started as soon as you can.

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Michigan Commercial Builders License

Wait, didn’t we say there were two types of Michigan builder’s license. Yes. But people commonly wonder if they’ll need a specific license to do commercial work.

Commercial contracting is regulated at a local level throughout the state. Check with your city or county government to find out if you’ll need a specific license to work on commercial structures like office buildings and factories.

California State Contractors Practice Exams

However, you would need to submit the out-of-state form, as well as make special arrangements. You can obtain the form directly on the website at Working in Other States With a Michigan Builders LicenseThe Michigan Builders License cant be used in other states. My Company is in a Different State: Can I get Licensed With Michigan?The Michigan Builders License cant be used in other states. Any out of state companies that wish to receive a license in Michigan must include the following with the form: Michigan Application C Consent to service of process form.

Held a License in the Past: Do I Need the 60-Hour Pre-licensing Course?If you are applying for a relicensure or a license as a residential maintenance and alteration M& A contractor or a residential builder, you might be exempt from any requirements with completing the pre-license course, if the following are met:. An application must be submitted between the dates of September 16 th, 2014 and March 16 th, 2016. You must have held an individual license as a residential maintenance and alteration M& A contractor or residential builder.

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What To Bring On Exam Day

Knowing you have everything you need on exam day can go a long way toward calming any pre-exam jitters. Generally, youll want to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled testing time to accommodate for any traffic or other unexpected difficulties you might face.

Once you arrive at the exam center, youll need to present two valid forms of identification, one of which must have a photograph and your signature.

The name on your exam application must exactly match the name on your photo ID at check-in, so if you tend to go by your middle name or a nickname, be sure youve filled out the application correctly.

And because some test questions may require you to work with measurements, you should bring a non-programmable calculator. You wont be allowed to use your cell phone or a programmable calculator.

Michigan Residential Builder License Books Only Package

How To Pass The General Contractor License Exam THE FIRST TIME!!


As of this time we do not offer any courses for this exam. We do offer all the required books for this exam here in one complete package. Individual books can be found in our bookstore. Please be sure to check back in the future for possible course material, as we are always adding to our course catalog.

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Michigan Residential Continuing Education

This course is currently awaiting renewal from the state. Please check back at a later date.

If your license was obtained before 1/1/09, you are required to obtain 3 Hours each renewal . If your license was obtained 1/1/09 or later, you must complete 21 hours of continuing education each renewal for your first and second renewals, while taking a minimum of 3 hours per year. After this 6 year period, you will be required to take 3 hours of continuing education each renewal . Our course is fully narrated

Are There Tests In The Courses

This varies depending on whether the course is continuing education or exam prep.

There are no quizzes for continuing education courses in Michigan. All other states with continuing education require quizzes to check completion progress.

In exam prep courses there will be a short quiz at the end of each lesson and there is also a longer practice test at the end of each course. These quizzes and tests will help you practice taking an exam and identify areas you may wish to study more.

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Good Ui Big Test Database Variety Of Material

Overall very good user experience. Videos can play in portrait or landscape. App seemed stable and well designed. Negative reviews clearly are from an earlier version.Video courses were good but didnt always align exactly with the practice exam questions. Great math review section with detailed video explanations, despite a couple of minor errors, which the school said they will address immediately. Reading material was essentially a transcript of the video course, which was detailed.Large exam question database . Prompt email response from the school in regards to clarification on some exam questions. Audio courses could benefit from improved app interface, or a local download, to allow better auto play between sections . App could also benefit from a virtual calculator plugin, as I had to toggle apps during the tests to compute answers.I did not pay for the live virtual portion of the school, but its great that they offer this feature in app.The only school I found with such a polished online/ app interface. School was extremely accommodating during Covid-19 test reschedules by Contractors License Board by extending my subscription at no additional cost.

When Should I Apply To Get Licensed

Licensed, Bonded &  Insured

After you pass the pre-licensing course you can apply to the State of Michigan for your residential builders license whenever you feel ready since theres no time limit for submitting an application. Once you apply, however, you have up to 1 year from the date your application was received by the State of Michigan to take and pass the Residential Builders Exam. If you do not pass the exam within one year of applying, you will have to resubmit your application along with a second application fee .

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Decide What Type Of License Your Business Needs

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of contractor’s licenses in Michigan. To help you decide whether your business needs the Residential Builders License or the Maintenance and Alteration Contractor License, we’ve outlined both types below. The Residential Builders License: The Residential Builders License will enable you to carry out repairs and improvements on an existing home, as well as to build new properties from scratch. You may need to subcontract the work for specialist services such as mechanics, plumbing, or electrics. This type of license is similar to what’s known as the General Contractor license in many other states. Contractors who hold a valid Residential Builders License will receive a wall license and pocket card. The Maintenance and Alteration Contractor License: The Maintenance and Alteration Contractor License will license you to carry out specific trades. You will need a separate license for each trade, although there is no limit to the number of licenses you can hold. If somebody hires you to perform work that falls outside the remit of your license, you could be fined. Contractors who hold this license will receive a pocket card. This carries the letter code associated with their licensed trade. Each trade covered by the Maintenance and Alteration Contractor License has a corresponding letter code, as we can see below:

Three: Take Your Exam And Receive Your Michigan Builders License

After youve received your Authorization to Test from LARA, you’re finally eligible to register for the Michigan Builders License Exam.

Begin by completing the Examination Registration Form that’s available in the Candidate Information Bulletin and mail it to either the test administrator, PSI, at 3210 E Tropicana Las Vegas, NV 89121, or fax it to 932-2666.

It generally takes at least four business days for PSI to process your registration, so you may want to save any questions or concerns until this processing period has passed.

You can also opt to register for the exam online through PSI’s website, but only if you’re taking it for the second or subsequent time. First-time registrants can only register by mailing or faxing the application form and fee.

  • Test Date Selection

After you’ve registered, it’s time to choose your examination date.

To schedule your testing date, call PSI at 733-9267. The Automated Registration System is available 24 hours per day, every day, and can help you select from the test dates available. But if you’d rather speak to a representative, just call this hotline between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Its a good idea to schedule your exam as soon as possible and to pick an early test date. The longer you wait, the more key information you may forget.

Waiting more than a few months after you get your Authorization to Test form could mean having to go back and review certain prelicensing topics to catch up on what youve forgotten.

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How Do I Pass The Exam

The Michigan exams are closed book. The references below are recommended by the state to be studied in preparation for the exam.

The exam prep includes math, geometry, highlighting guides covering the topics your exam is based on, practice questions for each references, and unlimited attempts on our “test simulation”.

Online Exam Prep Includes:

How Do I Obtain A License

What to Expect on Test Day

To apply for your residential builders license, contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at 517-241-0199 or visit their website.

21 hours of continuing education is requried for renewal. Michigan has limited reciprocity arrangements, check with the board for the most up-to-date information.

With RocketCert, our education is written by a combination of professional educators and industry professionals. Our exam prep is guaranteed to help you pass the exam, and is backed with our no pass, no pay policy. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better price, we will beat it by 20%.

Preparing to pass the State exam is a critical part of the licensing process. Failing the exam can result in substantial delays before you are able to work under your license. We offer industry leading exam prep and all of the required books, at an unbeatable price.

After studying with RocketCert, you will be on your way to passing the required State exam . Contact PSI at 800-733-9267 to begin this process. Testing centers are setup throughout the State in larger cities. Pre-approval is required from the testing agency prior to scheduling the exam

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Free Contractors License Practice Test

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  • Who Needs A Builder’s License In Michigan

    We won’t ask you to dig into the state Occupational Code to find this answer. Instead, we did the research for you.

    Article 24 of Public Act 299 of 1980 dictates that you need to be licensed by the state to perform construction of a residential structure or combination residential and commercial structure. It also stipulates licensure for persons who undertake the repair, alteration, addition, subtraction, or improvement of a residential structure or combination residential and commercial structure for compensation other than wages for personal labor.

    Does that mean you need a builder’s license to do a remodel on your own kitchen? No. Section 2403 of that same code says there are a few exceptions where you won’t need licensing. Specifically, you don’t need a license if you’re:

    • Doing work on a property you own

    • An authorized government representative or an officer of the court

    • Working on a project where the contract is less than $600

    • A licensed plumbing contractor performing plumbing work

    • A licensed mechanical contractor performing mechanical work

    Generally, though, if you plan to make more than 600 dollars and work on projects outside of a property you own, you’ll need to be licensed by the state.

    Now, that begs the question, which license type do you need? There are two primary types of Michigan builder’s licenses. Let’s take a look at each.

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    Where To Take The Exam

    Builders license exams are given at the following Michigan locations:

    The 60-hour prelicense course available through Michigan Builders License includes the Candidate Information Bulletin , complete instructions for taking the Michigan construction license exam, and directions to each of the seven available testing centers.

    Coping Moulding And Trim

    [PDF] Arkansas Business Law Construction License Exam ExamFOCUS Study ...

    This course is offered in partnership with MTCopeland. Learn coping crown moulding, joint techniques, and the mindset needed to make beautiful trims with lead carpenter, Aaron Butt. Youll finish the course with a grasp of three different tools: hand coping saw, the grinder, and the table saw. Spanish subtitles available. @ HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you Invest in Yourself.

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    Residential Builder Licensing & Exam Prep

    The state of Michigan requires applicants to complete 60 hours of pre-license courses before submitting an application. We have outlined those requirements in the information below. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to one of our licensing specialists. All of our training is offered in an online self-paced format.

    Our exam prep is designed to help you pass your test the first time, and is backed with our no pass, no pay policy. All of our courses are available from almost any device, any time. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to help you obtain your Michigan Residential Builder License.

  • Pass the Business & Law Exam with 70% or greater
  • Michigan Electrical Continuing Education

    Michigan Electricians are required to obtain 15 hours of continuing education for each renewal. The following course is state approved and satisfies all of your required hours. Course options and topics: 2017 NEC Updates, Michigan Part 8 Electrical Code Rules. @HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you Invest in Yourself.

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