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Variety Of Course Formats

Principles of Real Estate FINAL EXAM REVIEW!! (Kaplan Real Estate)

Kaplans course formats

To provide the most effective online real estate education possible, Kaplan offers four learning formats so you can choose courses that match your learning style. See below to learn which mode of delivery perfectly suits your education needs :

  • Live online: This study option provides the benefits of live classroom instruction from the comfort of your home or at work. The virtual in-classroom experience of Kaplans live online classes allows you to interact with your instructors and classmates, so you can ask questions and get answers in real time.
  • Online video on-demand: If you need more flexibility, Kaplans on-demand video courses allow you to complete your lessons as your schedule allows. With prerecorded instructor-led videos, you can review each lesson segment as often as you like on the go.
  • Online instruction: This course format is for students who prefer self-paced interactive content. Kaplans online instruction is text-based and is best for those who love to read.
  • Home study solution: If you prefer physical textbooks over online reading materials, Kaplans home study solution might work best for you. You can complete your courses by reading and answering physical workbooks and textbooks delivered to your home. To make sure you still have direct interaction with your instructors, home study packages include access to Interactive Study Groups.

Kaplan Real Estate Education Reviews


Kaplan Real Estate Instructors

One of Kaplan Real Estates greatest strengths is its faculty. Most, if not all, instructors are practicing professionals as well as teachers, and are some of the most experienced agents, brokers, lenders, inspectors, and attorneys in their fields. Kaplan faculty are often guest speakers at conferences around the country, and even offer expert opinions for legislation.

Kaplan Real Estate Pass Rate

Not every state publishes pass rates broken down by education provider, but according to the Texas Real Estate Commission, for combined years 2020-2022, the Kaplan Real Estate student pass rate is 67.66%, which is on par with Real Estate Express and higher than The CE Shop.

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Who Kaplan Is Good For

  • Students looking for a variety of learning formats: Kaplan offers scheduling flexibility, including live online, self-paced online, home study, and on-demand learning formats. Kaplan provides hybrid packages in some states for agents who want both livestream and self-paced classes. Kaplan is one of the best accredited online real estate schools.
  • Aspiring agents looking for several online learning tools and interactive features: Kaplans prelicensing course packages include access to Interactive Study Groups, supplementary textbooks, and exam prep materials to prepare students for the license exam. You can also purchase additional study tools like exam prep apps and flashcards to improve your chances of passing the exam. This is why Kaplan is one of the top choices for prelicensing education in several states, like Arkansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky.
  • New and veteran agents needing extensive career support for every stage of their career: Although course availability varies by state, Kaplan offers real estate courses for every stage of your careerfrom prelicensing to post-licensing, broker licensing, and continuing education. This is why it ranks as one of the best real estate schools in states like Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Washington, and Minnesota.

Fantastic Instructors At Kaplan

Course For New Affiliates FINAL EXAM REVIEW (Kaplan Real Estate Online ...

Kaplan offers a structured curriculum and classes run by instructors that make the content relatable to real life. Shout out to Tabitha who led the weekend intensive study course, her dedication is obvious and her online presentation is engaging. Result: I passed the State Exam!

Reply from Kaplan Real Estate Education

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review regarding your Kaplan materials.We are so happy you found the content and class so helpful.Thank you again for taking the time to leave a review, and congratulations on passing your exam!Emily

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Course Final Exam Proctoring

The course final exam is the last chapter of your course. You must complete all the course chapters, quizzes, and projects before you can take the final exam.

Course Final Exam Details

  • Closed book
  • Scratch paper and calculator are allowed
  • The calculator must be a simple one. You cannot use a smartphone or any calculator that includes an alphabet.

Some states require you take the course final exam with a Proctor. A proctor is an unrelated third-party who monitors you taking the course final exam. Currently the states that require a proctor for the course final are: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Every state allows in-person proctors and most of them allow you to use an online proctor. Details on the proctor process for your state can be found in your course and course documents.

We have partnered with a national online proctoring company for those states allowing online proctors Monitor EDU. The company has different ways to virtually proctor the exam. The most common method uses the webcam on the device on which you take the exam in addition to using the camera on your cell phone. A link to the online proctor is on the last page of your course.

Mobile Proctor Plus:We add the use of the webcam or second camera to see your area. The proctor will provide you with this link and will assist you in setting up

These are technical requirements for the online proctor:

Not For Me Maybe For You

This might be a good course for those that like to read and click. This is definitely not my learning style. I like the variation options of reading and then listening as a follow up to assure I don’t miss information and have a well-rounded understanding of said material. I was offered this training through Keller Williams, however, they seemed to be a bit unclear or rather not forthcoming about the structure of this educational program. If you’re solely focused on price, Keller Williams will offer to let you take this at their expense. However, if you want to find something best suited for your learning style please consider…this is only a digital textbook to download, chapter quizzes, and final exams. It’s sheerly the bare minimum to check each box off for completion as well as a very outdated aesthetic on the website. I’m definitely okay with paying out of pocket for a better platform, tools, and support.

Reply from Kaplan Real Estate Education

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Kaplan Real Estate Video Walk

Curious about whats like to be a Kaplan Real Estate Education student? In this video, well share with your our all-access pass to Kaplans OnDemand class, the most popular package choice. Your experience will vary slightly depending on your state , but with this video, you an idea of what to expect with Kaplan OnDemand when you sign up.

Tips To Score Well In Real Estate Test

Course For New Affiliates FINAL EXAM REVIEW (Kaplan Real Estate Online)

In your exam room, observe the following

  • Read your questions more than once to understand.
  • Read the questions slowly but with focus. Understand the question this way know its general topic, understand the subcategory, and lastly, proceed to know what the question is specifically asking.
  • Start by eliminating the weak choices. A question has four choices one is the answer, and the rest are disruptors. Among the three, one is purely off. When you dont know the answer, some people say you pick choice C. this is a stereotype.
  • Do not over-analyze a question.
  • Base your answers on vocabulary and key facts
  • Skip questions you do not know you can mark them for review later.
  • When you finish answering all questions, review the whole exam. You might pick a silly mistake. Dont change answers unless you are sure. Usually, the first guess is the best.
  • How do you like it, starting with math problems or finishing with them? If you think math is a challenge to you, finish with the math section or vice versa.
  • Affirm yourself. It is natural to be nervous. Its okay to have butterflies. However, purpose to remain positive.
  • Ensure you get enough rest the day before the exam.
  • Take deep breaths. Start slowly and with ease. Believe you will pass.
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    Where Is Kaplan Real Estate Education Available

    Kaplan Real Estate is currently available in about half the U.S., although some states have more limited package selections. Though wed love to see Kaplan expand their offerings, they do offer options for the most populated areas in the country, making them a valid choice for most would-be Realtors.

    Kaplan Real Estate Availability: State-by-State

    Current Salesperson Application Processing Timeframes

    Real estate exams are administered by PSI Services LLC, a private company. Exams appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. Most students are able to schedule exams about one week in advance. The PSI Virginia Salesperson License Exam should be taken after completion of sixty hours of basic real estate courses and our optional PSI Exam Prep course. You may register and schedule your examination at as soon as your education provider has submitted your record to PSI. You may also apply by mail and schedule your examination by calling 733-9267.

    When you have passed both portions of the examination your completed license application and fee must be received within one year from the original examination date by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation at .

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    Bad Choice Not Really

    I paid for the premium training course $350, and just started when I get my Covid 19 .. It was heavy on old guy like me.. later When I contacted Kaplan to extend my training, explaining that I am still suffer from side effect like fatigue they didnt accept the force major and grant me the extension… all they were care about how much I am gonna pay! 1st they gave me special offer $90 for three months… Hey I am still recovering!! after one week passed they increase the extension money to $270 … wow….greed greed greed…bad customer services and very rude in their responses… Two days after this review Sally/ manager reviewed the case.. she was generous and kind and removed all obstacles.. Good job Sally and thank you!

    Reply from Kaplan Real Estate Education

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review regarding your Kaplan materials.I am sorry to hear your frustration with the course you have enrolled in. If you could please provide an order number so I can review the situation. In addition, we would like to have one of our Senior Team members reach out to assist.Thank you again for taking the time to leave a review, we look forward to hearing from you soon.Emily

    The Kaplan Ondemand Solution Package

    Kaplan Real Estate Reviews (A Look Inside The Course In 2021)

    The Kaplan OnDemand Solution package satisfies the state real estate education requirement, which totals 180 credit hours in Texas. This introductory package includes everything students need to know and learn about their duties and responsibilities as a real estate agent all taught by knowledgeable instructors.

    Students have on-demand access to the courses prerecorded videos, making this package one of the most flexible offerings because you can access the material when and how it suits your schedule. It does, however, require some discipline to study and learn the material throughout the course.

    This package also includes access to Kaplans Interactive Study Group a live session with faculty and students to discuss topics and questions as you prepare for your final exam and get ready to pass the state real estate licensing exam.

    If you want more information on real-world scenarios and tips to become a top real estate agent, consider the Kaplan Career Launcher OnDemand package. This adds eight hours of intense training based on real-world scenarios. It also comes with eight weeks of coaching after you complete your course to get your career off on the right foot.

    At $449 for the OnDemand Solution package and $649 for the Career Launcher OnDemand package, these mid-tier options cost more than those offered by many other real estate education companies. Thats a theme youll see running through all of Kaplans package options.

    Who is this package best for?

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    Trust Chris: Former Kaplan Instructor Realtor & Coach

    As a senior instructor for Kaplan Test Preparation, I taught in classrooms and online. Its fair to say that with my real estate background, coaching expertise, and teaching experience, Ive got a unique perspective on online real estate education. You can count on my Kaplan Real Estate review to be thoughtful and objective both from a real estate and a professional test preppers standpoint.

    What We Recommend Kaplan For

    Kaplan is best for its high-quality real estate education and variety of course formats that accommodate different learning needs. Depending on your location, Kaplan provides comprehensive courses for every stage of your real estate careerfrom prelicensing to post-licensing and continuing education. If you decide to open your own brokerage, Kaplan also offers broker licensing education in select states. In addition, you can tap into its professional development programs and resource center for career development.

    While the school doesnt provide in-person classes, Kaplan uniquely offers a home study solution for agents looking for traditional learning. Online courses also contain several interactive elements to stay on track while learning at your own pace. Some of Kaplans noteworthy features are its Interactive Study Groups and Career Mentor Connect. These tools are designed to prepare aspiring agents for the licensing exam and their role in real estate.

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    Basic Real Estate Principles Course

    The basic Real Estate Principles course, which fulfills the base education requirements to apply for the states license, is the smallest. It includes information about the fundamentals while ensuring that students learn everything they need about law, ownership, and brokerage.

    This package will also cover the rights and interest laws in real estate property, as well as information about property records. The basic option also explains how the government can handle real estate laws and goes into the necessary mathematics.

    Overview Of Kaplan Real Estate School

    Kaplan Real Estate Online Courses (WHAT TO EXPECT)

    Kaplan Real Estate School has been rated as one of the best real estate schools, it has a long history of teaching in an innovative style and offers courses that fulfill the real estate license requirements, these courses tend to vary from state to state.

    At Kaplan Real Estate School, their instructors for these courses have real estate experience themselves, with years of experience in the field. Students may also get professional advice as well as educational instruction. This is truly a great deal.

    In addition to great instructors, there have been many students who have enrolled in the course and completed it. Kaplan Real Estate School has a 76% pass rate with TREC.

    This pass rate means that students have a high chance of passing the states real estate licensing exam. Kaplan offers practice exams to make sure students are ready to take the real exam. It doesnt hurt to know how much more study time students need to put in before the actual exam.

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    Best For Accessibility: Real Estate Express

    Real Estate Express

    Real Estate Express is an online-only school offering exam prep courses, post-licensing classes, and continuing education classes. All classes are completed at your own pace with instructor support available for questions. Their online platform can be accessed 24/7, is easy to use, and it has FAQ videos, all of which contribute to making Real Estate Express our choice for the most accessible exam prep course.

    “Exam Prep Master” is the Real Estate Express exam prep course, and it has a pass-or-dont-pay guarantee. The course can be purchased by itself or as a package with a pre-licensure state course. Prices vary by state, but exam prep typically is $99, and exam prep packages with pre-licensing courses are around $437. The Ultimate Learning package is $400 to $800 depending on where you live and includes practice exams to check your progress, national and state final exams, and exams you can customize based on topics you need more help with. There also are digital flashcards, and everything is done at your own pace so you can cram it into one weekend or spread it out for a week or two. You have six months from your registration date to access and complete a pre-licensing course.

    Kaplan Real Estate Review: Is It Right For Your Education

    REVIEWED BY:Gina Baker

    Gina is a licensed real estate salesperson, experienced trainer, and former high school educator of 1,000+ learners. She writes for Fit Small Business with a focus on real estate content.

    Jocille is a staff writer at Fit Small Business who specializes in real estate education.

    This article is part of a larger series on How to Become a Real Estate Agent.

  • 11Bottom Line
  • Kaplan, a nationally accredited online real estate school, provides high-quality real estate education in 26 out of 50 states. Kaplan real estate reviews show that agents enjoy the schools variety of learning formats, interactive features, and comprehensive courses for the entire lifecycle of their real estate career. Whether youre an aspiring or experienced real estate professional, Kaplan can help you fulfill your states education requirements to obtain, maintain, and upgrade your license.

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