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How Tough Is The New Ccna Certification

My CCNA 200-301 exam experience: Tips & Tricks

In short, the new version of the CCNA certification exam and curriculum is more challenging than its predecessor.

The curriculum and testing fields changes require candidates to have a broader conceptual knowledge base. Earlier, you could start with the now-retired CCENT certification and switch to the Routing and Switching certification.

However, none of these options is available anymore, which means the difficulty of earning new credentials goes higher already.

With todays new version of the CCNA, you dont miss any focus areas. The specialist certifications have replaced them. That said, the number of networking fundamentals have increased significantly. It mandates a better understanding of the study material and a more comprehensive view. The old version also covered the basic concepts, but this version dives deeper. Therefore, the challenges have grown significantly in the new CCNA certification.

The current CCNA certification covers all the network fundamentals required today from start to finish. Automation and programmability can be especially challenging for professionals who are new to networking. Automation and DevOps are becoming the norm in the IT industry, but mixing networking certifications with programming is increasingly common today. These bring in a new difficulty level for exam takers who may understand basic networking but not yet understand automation.

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How To Prepare For The Exam

Coming to the preparation of the exam you should know that the exam is all subjective. Therefore, all that matters is the experience you have in networking. Furthermore, if you have taken tests similar to this one, you will find CCNA very easy. Lastly, the educational background you have can help you.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Ccna

Preparation time depends on the person especially if he or she already has previous IT experience or if he or she has taken a CCNA prep course in the past.

For those who have already gone through CCNA training courses or are already experienced enough in IT, one month of dedicated preparation should already be enough as long as they are really putting in the time and effort on a daily basis.

However, for those who really are beginners, it might take at least three months for them to prepare because they have to spend time going through training courses to truly have a grasp of the topics covered by the CCNA exam.

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Taking A Gander At The 200

As referenced previously, the new CCNA will currently just expect you to take one test, the 200-301 CCNA. While there are no conventional requirements, Cisco suggests that you have in any event the accompanying experience:

  • At least one years of involvement carrying out and controlling Cisco arrangements
  • Information on essential IP tending to
  • A decent comprehension of organization essentials

Thus, while you could simply hop directly into the test, it is anything but a smart thought to go into this without in any event getting ready. In case youre now placing in the preparation venture, you should take advantage of it.

The 200-301 test is 120-minutes in length and covers a wide scope of subjects. It anticipates that you should comprehend the IT essentials that are needed for the most recent occupation prerequisites in an IT profession. Youll be required to get security and robotization and programmability. You ought to hope to cover the accompanying subjects:

  • Organization essentials
  • Security essentials
  • Robotization and programmability

This test is a union of the relative multitude of partner-level affirmations. Its intended to approve your insight into the present central systems administration abilities. When you breeze through the test, your new CCNA will stay legitimate for a very long time before you need to recertify.

Refresh Your Memory Before Exam

13 Tips How to prepare for Cisco CCNA exam

Before giving the actual exam, candidates should re-read Cisco Press Books over and over again. This is the only way to make sure that person is recalling everything he knows.

Re-reading can also enable a person to identify any the missed important concepts on the first go. The last week before the exam should be dedicated to revision only as this is the most critical time when one will learn all the key and basic concepts needed for the CCNA certification exam.

Manage your time in such a way that one can give equal importance to theoretical as well as practice questions.

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Ccna Vs Comptia Network+

Like the CCNA, the CompTIA Network+ is a certification that will test your networking knowledge and is often acquired by professionals hoping to advance their networking skills. There are a few key differences.

  • Unlike CCNA, the CompTIA Network+ certification is vendor neutral. This means that itâs designed to prepare you to work with any network device or system, regardless of what vendor it came from. The CCNA tests you exclusively on Cisco products and tools.

  • The Network+ certification is considered by many to be more foundational than the CCNA. The CCNA is known to cover more topics and go deeper into network material than the Network+.

So which should you choose? Many opt to take the CCNA despite it being vendor-specific to Cisco, because Cisco products largely dominate the networking market. Cisco had 47 percent of market share in Ethernet switches, and 33 percent of the combined SP and enterprise router market . Because Cisco products are widely used, it can be useful to know them well. Many learners also find that the knowledge acquired by learning on Cisco products is applicable to networking products from other vendors.

That said, because the Network+ focuses on the basics, it can be useful for those completely new to networking, or who find the CCNA too difficult or comprehensive for their needs. Itâs completely possible to get the Network+ and go on to take the CCNA when you have more experience.

How Difficult Is The Ccna Exam

You yourself can answer this question. You are the only one who decides how difficult this exam could be. If you prepare the right way this exam wont be difficult at all.Dont let anyone discourage you as there are many people out there, the first thing they will tell you is that this exam is so difficult and there is no way that you are going to get that certificate.Sometimes they really dont mean to discourage you but they want to feel accomplished by telling everyone how difficult it was and how challenging it was and they finally made it. Dont let that stress you out.I believe that everything is possible in life. Its just how much work you are willing to put into it and as willing to put into it.

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How Do Ccna And Ccnp Fit Into The Cisco Certification Program

The Cisco certification program has five levels: entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. CCNA, as the name says, is the associate level networking certification. Beyond CCNA, you can achieve a professional-level CCNP certification to specialize in a technology area. CCNP also prepares you for the coveted CCIE certification.

Is There A Prerequisite For The Ccna Exam

Learning Python is HARD!! – CCNA | CCNP Network Engineer
  • There are no official prerequisites for CCNA study but a basic knowledge of networking will be an advantage and make passing CCNA exams a little easier. It is possible, however, to undergo CCNA study without any former knowledge or experience and passing CCNA exams can be achieved by simply studying the Cisco Certified Network Associate courses.

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Ccna Certification Training Course By Koenig:

The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification program is among the leading associate-level certifications in the IT industry today. Most IT organisations today use Cisco solutions and products to meet their IT infrastructure and networking needs. Therefore, IT professionals need to get the required expertise. The CCNA certification is the right way to start.

The CCNA certification has been designed keeping in mind a certain section of professionals with a particular background. Aspirants taking CCNA certification training will benefit if they belong to the following roles and experiences:

– Network engineer

Cisco Ccna Certification Vs Comptia Security+ Certification:

The comparison between the Security+ and CCNA certifications is not standard. However, both these certifications are quite often mentioned together. Both of them cover very different topics and meet different goals.

The Security+ certification has been created to certify that candidates understand the fundamental concepts of network security and allows them to enter new roles that deal with security as a whole. The Cisco CCNA certification is different from this. It was created to prove that certified candidates are prepared for entry-level networking jobs that use Cisco equipment and solutions.

Both of these exams are at the entry-level in terms of complexity but aim at different end goals. Even the content and delivery of these exams are different. The CCNA certification focuses on practicality, while the Security+ credential is more conceptual or theoretical.

So what does this mean? Is the CCNA certification more complex than the Security+ certification? Both of these credentials are in no way easy and are among the top entry-level credentials today. But most people have reported that the Security+ curriculum is more complicated than the CCNA curriculum. Thus, if you are new to the industry or just starting, the CCNA certification is the best option for you. Having sufficient hands-on experience will make the CCNA credential easier for you.

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Which Certification Should You Take First

So far, we have outlined the concepts covered within the CCNA certification exam curriculum. However, it would help if you also looked at whether you need to take any prior certifications.

Certified professionals testify that having both the Network+ and CCNA certifications earns a good reputation with employers. They value and recognise both certifications, but the CCNA certification must be completed first to cover the fundamental concepts required. Professionals generally tend to complete both certifications as they have great value combined. There are two ways you can go about it.

– Complete the CCNA certification first, get the experience you require and then pursue the CompTIA Network+ certification.

– Complete the Network+ certification first. Once you have it, you are better equipped to clear the CCNA certification exam on your first attempt.

Every certification comes at a cost. Not only monetary, but you also must put in dedicated time and effort to train effectively for your credential.

How To Pass The Ccna Examination

Pin on Books

It would be best if you first had a clear idea of why you earned the CCNA certification, as well as defined goals for scheduling your exam.

You may want to create a goal for yourself to take the test within the next six months and plan to study time appropriately. So, here are some tips to pass the exam that you may need.

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Is Studying Ccna Worth It

In my experience, yes it is definitely worth it. I have been in the networking field for 8 years and telecommunications for 7 years prior to transitioning to the networking field. I have just completed my CCNA and it has opened doors to another career opportunity. The is a good cert to get if you are new to the field.

Is Ccna Worth It

So, having established that, mainly due to the volume of material you have to learn, the CCNA exam can be challenging for students. Is it worth investing time and money on CCNA certification?

If you are looking to build an IT career that encompasses digital networking devices, our answer would have to be yes. Having CCNA certification proves that you understand the fundamentals of operating a digital network within a corporate environment. In addition, the Cisco name carries weight with recruiters looking for qualified job candidates.

According to ZipRecruiter, The average annual pay for an entry-level CCNA position is $43,108 in Washington, DC, a little less than the national average of $46,740. And entry-level CCNA positions in Baltimore average $51,968. So, even if you invest a couple of thousand dollars in instructor-led classes, the ROI is pretty good.

In addition, getting your CCNA certification sets you up to progress to CCNP and other more advanced Cisco certifications, enabling you to take on advanced IT roles earning lucrative salaries.

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Why Is Ccna Important In Maryland

CCNA certification is essential to any IT professional who is going to be working with IT networks and communications. With Cisco commanding a close to 50% share of the Ethernet switch market and a 39% share of the WLAN market, the chances are you will be handling Cisco equipment at some point in your career.

CCNA covers a lot of ground. To pass the exam, you must have accumulated a broad portfolio of networking knowledge and skills. Gaining CCNA certification proves to recruiters that you have attained a solid understanding of networking.

As a well-established player in the information technology industry, the Cisco name carries a lot of weight. In addition, gaining Cisco-specific skills with CCNA certification makes your resume much more attractive to recruiters.

Considering the vast number of large government and military organizations present in the Washington DC region, including in Maryland and Virginia, skilled Cisco technicians are much in demand. So, if you work in the District or nearby, CCNA would be a great certification to build your IT career on.

How Hard Did You Study

My CCNA 200-301 exam experience: What’s my score??

How hard you studied is probably the most important factor when it comes to passing the CCNA exam and determining how difficult it is.

It really can just be a matter of how much dedication you exerted to preparing for the CCNA since the exam actually stays true to its word by including only the topics and subject matters that they say are included.

As such, if you were religious enough in your studies such as putting in at least a couple of hours a day reading through your different materials, you will realize that the CCNA wont be too difficult of an exam. After all, preparation is always the key in almost any kind of exam you can take.

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Which One Should You Take First: Security+ Or Ccna

Many applicants and aspirants plan to head into a role with cybersecurity as fast as possible. They are typically looking at working on government contracts or similar projects. Most recruiters value a Security+ certification and treat it as the gateway certification for the field of cybersecurity. However, with a CCNA certification, you have a stronger fundamental understanding of several IT concepts, including cybersecurity.

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Exactly Who Should Sit For The Cisco Ccna Exam

Before we get started, it is essential to note that the Cisco CCNA test is intended primarily for engineers, Technicians, network operations, and analysts.

This accreditation is also open to educators, teachers, content creators, and anybody with the necessary qualifications.

This includes essential skills such as communication, troubleshooting, organizational, customer service, analytical, soft skills such as Microsoft Office Suite and Cisco equilibrium, and understanding of industry-specific tools and technologies.

This certification is also advised for individuals who wish to enhance their predictability statistics and professional advancement potential. Finally, applicants who want to sit for the CCNP test must also pass this exam to be considered for the opportunity.

As a result, you have a thorough understanding of the exam and the people who will take it. After that, its time to look at what prior knowledge and experience are required to sit for the Cisco test and, ultimately, obtain the certification.

Would it be better to start with Security+ or CCNA?

Some people have a strong desire to enter the cybersecurity field as fast as feasible. These individuals may seek employment in a governmental or government-contracting setting.

Many of these cybersecurity-related professions place high importance on the Security+ certification. Many of these roles consider the Security+ to be the entry-level gateway qualification into the sector.

Acquire hands-on knowledge

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Can I Study Ccna Without Experience

CCNA doesnt require any sort of prior experience . It is the Basic level certification available with cisco. 4 months is idle time to complete . You can complete it without any experience but Knowledge is definitely needed in order to help in future certification whether cisco specific or vendor related .

How Hard Is Ccna

How To Prepare For CCNA Exam At Home

A year ago, Cisco pulled out all the stops and switched up a large portion of its affirmation program particularly at the CCNA level. Theres currently one CCNA cert to govern them all, as opposed to singular ones attached to strength territories like security and the cloud.

Presently that were well past the February 24, 2020 delivery date for the new CCNA certificate, we can assess the new CCNA. How did these progressions deal with the CCNA certs? Is the new CCNA harder or simpler than the old CCNA?


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Is It Hard To Pass Ccna Exam

In general, the new CCNA is shaping up to be harder than the old CCNA. The changes require that you have a wider knowledge base. … As a result, the exam can be more challenging than the previous CCNA. The difficulty stems from the fact that the new CCNA covers modern network fundamentals end-to-end.

Is The Ccna Hard To Pass

As a result, the exam can be more challenging than the previous CCNA. The difficulty stems from the fact that the new CCNA covers modern network fundamentals end-to-end. That, in and of itself, is a lot of ground to cover. Programmability and automation in particular can be challenging for newer networking pros.

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