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Life insurance Exam Prep (Simulator exam With Commentary) -YBLA

Staying on top of CE requirements takes diligence and a little bit of self education, if you dont mind the pun. Many CE providers allow you to take a panoply of insurance courses no matter what state youre in, and most producers have a broad catalog available thanks to the states that are members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners CE Reciprocity agreement. Yet, the variance state to state still makes it difficult to issue broad, universal guidelines.

Knowing the state-specific recommendations and general guidelines for your resident state can save you headaches and late fees down the road.

Insurance Ce Webinars: The Best Way To Meet Ce Requirements

Do you want a simple way to get your insurance continuing education done, without tests, without monitors, and without leaving your home or office? Insurance CE Webinars are your new best friend.

Never heard of getting CE credit for a webinar? You are not alone. CE webinars have not been around very long, but have quickly gained traction in the insurance industry as the best of all CE solutions. You can attend live, engaging, interactive courses on current topics of interest from anywhere with an internet connection. There are NO final exam questions to answer and NO monitor or proctor requirements! Pay attention and respond when prompted to do so, and your CE credits are submitted electronically. Boom! You are done!

How long do CE Webinars last?

Most of the CE webinars A.D. Banker & Company offers are 2-4 hours in length, segmented into 50 minute hours with a 10 minute break every hour to stretch your legs or check email and get coffee. In a state like Colorado, where live training is required for long-term care certification, 5 and 8 hour webinars are also available. Producers are no longer forced to travel or stay overnight in locations where live training is offered certifications can now be maintained, using live webinars, from any distance, including out of state.

Do webinars satisfy live CE requirements for my state?

What times are CE Webinars available?

Will CE webinars ever be recorded and available on-demand?

How Long Does It Take To Complete Ce Courses

There are a few variables that will affect the amount of time it will take to complete your continuing education:

  • Number of credit hours required by your state
  • The subject matter of the courses
  • Online or in-person classes
  • Your testing ability

Yes, there will most likely be a test, but its nothing like the original insurance license exam. States have directed continuing education providers to include a knowledge test at the end of the course. his is to verify that you have an understanding of the topics covered in the courses. Generally, these knowledge tests will be broken down by chapter or module and should only contain information that was covered in that particular section.

Another interesting feature of most online CE courses is that the providers place a timer inside the courses to ensure you dont speed through just to get it done quickly. In most cases, there will be a video or reading that needs to be completed for each section, so if you are actually trying to take in the information at your normal pace, chances are that you wont notice this timer.

Most courses, whether in-person or online, should take about two days to complete.

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How Do I Finish My Requirements Using The Direct Ce Program

Choose Your Classes

Enter your state and license type information above to display avaliable courses approved for you. Add courses to your cart to meet your interests, time availability and number of hours needed. You may reschedule or cancel your CE classes at any time, free of charge, by selecting “Reschedule or Cancel a Class” under the “Customer Service” tab at the top of any page in our web site.

Attend Webinars

You will receive an e-mail receipt with your class schedule and webinar links upon ordering. We also send you reminder e-mails one business day and one hour before each class. Connect to each class, stay connected and answer the roll calls during class using the chat box onscreen to receive CE credit. Hourly breaks are provided for all classes. Lunch breaks are provided for most classes over four hours long.

Earn Your CE Credits!

We report your CE credits to your state’s insurance department and e-mail you your certificates of completion one business day after each class. Once you have attended all classes you need to meet your CE requirements, you’re ready to renew your license, if required.

**Producers are responsible for renewing their insurance license with the appropriate insurance department.

How Can I Check To See If The California Department Of Insurance Has Received My Continuing Education Hours And How Many Hours Of Credit I Have Accumulated

Florida: 60 hr 2

Inquiries should be made 60 days after the course completion date. To check your continuing education hours, you may visit our License Status Inquiry Web page, for on-line license status information.

The continuing education provider has 30 days from the course completion date to submit the student roster to the department. If it has been more than 30 days since you completed the course, contact the provider to verify both your social security and license numbers with the provider and request that they submit the student roster to the California Department of Insurance.

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Ourno Exam Insurance Ce Reporting Practices Are The Best In The Industry

Do you want the company with the fastest insurance CE reporting?

Bryan Ventures reports earned insurance CE credit hours multiple times per day within hours of your class completion even on evenings, weekends, and holidays. This is our insurance CE reporting practice forONLINE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION courses and attendees at ourLIVE, NO EXAM INSURANCE CE classes. This is faster than any other insurance CE provider.

To ensure timely insurance license renewals, toward the end of the month we increase the frequency that we report insurance CE credit hours. If you are taking ourONLINE INSURANCE CE classes, we will report credits well into the evening, and if you attend aLIVE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION course, your earned credits are normally reported before you leave class. Learn more about our excellent service on this blog,KAPLAN CANT HELP ME.

Financial Strategies To Achieve Client Objectives 3rd Edition

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the issues and tools involved in helping individuals accumulate and preserve financial assets. Special attention is paid to understanding client needs and goals at various stages in life, and understanding the strategies, products, and techniques to help the client achieve their goals and objectives. Specific focus will include determining needs and objectives saving and accumulation techniques risk and risk management and asset allocation.

Please note, you will receive CE credit hours for this course awarded by the Department of Insurance in the state you’ve selected. The following statement is not applicable unless you are a Minnesota-resident producer:This course has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for 4 hours of insurance continuing education .

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California Insurance License Renewal Requirements

*While we strive to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information about your California Insurance License Renewal Requirements, there may be some specific licensing requirements, or changes in State Laws or Insurance Regulations of which we may not be aware. Our goal is to assist you in every manner possible, but it is the responsibility of each individual agent to meet their specific licensing renewal requirements.

Need Multiple Coursestry Our Unlimited Ce Package

Life Insurance Exam Review Pt. 2 Issuing policies, Uses of Life Insurance, Calculating Coverage

With our Unlimited CE membership you gain access to every course in our library for a full year.

Save money while satisfying all of your insurance continuing education requirements.

“InsuranceStudy really understands what agents need when they are looking for CE. Their unlimited membership fits perfectly with my compliance period and their catalog had a variety of courses so I could find exactly what I wanted to take.”

– Tanya G.

“I did know once, only I’ve sort of forgotten.”

– Winnie-the-Pooh

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How Do I Know How Many Continuing Education Hours I Will Need To Renew My License

Property Broker-Agent and/or Casualty Broker-Agent, Personal Lines Broker-Agent, Life-Only and/or Accident and Health licensees must complete a total of twenty four hours of continuing education for every two-year license term. Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent licensees must complete twenty hours of continuing education for every two-year license term.

We suggest that you complete your required continuing education hours at least sixty days prior to the expiration date of your license to allow sufficient time for your provider to submit the necessary information and for the California Department of Insurance to update your records. If hours are completed at the end of your renewal term, the license renewal process may be delayed while your hours are processed.

Utah Insurance Continuing Education

Yes, our Utah state approval number is 8809. When do I have to complete my CE? When do I have to complete my CE? The compliance date is the last day of the agent’s birth month every 2 years. What is a Sircon Fee? What are the Sircon filing fees? $1.00 per CE credit hour. This fee is charged by Sircon who processes your course completions and the amount collected is sent to Sircon when your credits are reported. What are the allowed methods of completing CE? What are the allowed methods of completing CE? Agents must complete at least 50% of their required CE hours in certified classroom or classroom equivalent courses. The remaining hours may be completed through online or self-study. What are the study requirements for my courses? What are the study requirements for my courses? Agents should read the course material prior to taking the final exam. Do the exams require monitoring? Do the exams require monitoring? No, Noble’s exams are open book and do not require monitoring. Students may refer to course materials to complete the exam. Can excess hours be carried over to the next renewal? Can excess hours be carried over to the next renewal? Carryover of excess hours is not allowed in Utah. Can I repeat a course I’ve already taken? Can I repeat a course I’ve already taken? Courses may not be taken for credit more than once in each renewal.

Utah Cities
NobleCE offers insurance continuing education in the following states.Click for complete information:

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How Long Are My Ce Credits Good For

  • A certificate of completion is valid for 24 months from the date of completion. Course credit may only be applied toward renewal if completed within the current renewal cycle .
  • For reinstatement, courses must be completed within the 24 months prior to your application for reinstatement.
  • Excess credits cannot be carried over from one renewal cycle to the next.

Betterce Course Delivery Description

Florida: 40hr 4

All of our California Insurance Continuing Education courses are delivered in electronic format and can be viewed and completed on any mobile device. This includes chapter quizzes and final exams which are scored immediately upon completion. Each chapter is followed by a short chapter quiz which must be passed with a score of 70% or better in order to proceed to the next chapter. Upon completion of all chapter quizzes, you will be presented with the Final Exam which requires a passing grade of 70%. All quizzes and the Final Exam can be taken as many times as necessary until you pass. You have up to one year from the course purchase date to complete your courses.

Upon successful passage of each Final Exam your credit hours earned will be reported directly to your State regulator. The date and time of completion of your course is based on the specific time zone in which you completed the course.


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A Few Other Reasons To Choose Bryan Venturesno Exam Insurance Continuing Education

We are confident that after a purchase of your insurance CE from Bryan Ventures,youll find we are theBEST and keep coming back.

We offer the BEST service in the industry!

From reporting your insurance CE credits within hours of course completion to near immediate response to your requests sometimes even on evenings and weekends, hands down agents tell us time and again we are far more responsive than other insurance CE providers.

We know what insurance agents need from their insurance continuing education.

We know what agents need out of their CE classes and also the typical questions that arise. Weve anticipated much of these common issues and simply removed them from your educational process. We are so streamlined that our customer service staff spends much of their time being proactive to make things even easier for you! This experience ensures we are offering you the BEST insurance CE courses.

We offer the BEST value for NO EXAM insurance continuing education.

Unlike other CE providers, we provide snacks and refreshments at our classroom locations. Not only is this a nice perk and makes the best use of your time while getting your insurance CE, but also creates a better atmosphere to network with other insurance professionals to share valuable product and sales ideas. This added value is why agents say, These are the BEST insurance CE courses!

We are a small local company with service that feels like family.

Signing Up For Ce Courses

Our list of CE providers includes all providers approved to offer continuing education courses for Washington state full lines producers. We update it twice a year.

Contact the provider to verify which courses they currently offer. Tip: Search the Internet using “Washington state insurance continuing education” and use our list to verify the provider in your search results is approved to offer CE courses in Washington state.

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Bryan Ventures Offers Several Options For Insurance Continuing Educationwith No Exam Required

Agents who register for our LIVE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION are not required to take an exam. Our no exam insurance continuing education classes are approved for resident insurance agents in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin . The various options for NO EXAM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION are discussed below.

Pearson Vue Continuing Education Team

Life Insurance License Exam Notes Pt. 1

For assistance with any CE questions or issues:

Agents – email or call 1-888-274-1212

Providers – email or call 1-800-475-8304

As a resident licensee in Georgia, youre required to complete a certain number of continuing education requirements every other year , on or before the last day of your birth month. These requirements vary depending on your type of license and years of experience. Below youll find a list of CE requirements based on license type as well as information about carry over credits, waivers, reductions, and restrictions and guidelines on continuing education.

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Our Service Is Just Betterit Is

Weve received calls, more than one, from people taking insurance CE classes with other insurance CE providers, who were unable to get assistance when they needed it. They called us instead. We got them set up in our insurance continuing education, and they were able to complete their CE courses for their renewal.We are here for you when you want to get your insurance CE completed. Just read the two blogs linked below to better understand the exceptional service at Bryan Ventures.

Time For Your North Carolina Insurance License Renewal It’s Important To Know The Requirements:

  • Any course approved for CE in North Carolina may be taken for credit.
    • 24 hours of North Carolina insurance continuCE are required every 2 years.
    • 3 of the 24 hours must be in Ethics. No more than 10 total hours in Ethics.
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • You must pass a proctored course completion examination if the course has 7 credit hours or more.
  • Courses may not be repeated for credit in the same 2-year renewal term.

After you pass our course, we will send your completion information on to Sircon. To view more information about insurance license renewals in North Carolina or any other state, please visit the National Insurance Producer Registry.

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Ethics For Insurance Professionals: A Practical Guide

This class presents the concept of ethics, how it relates to the sales and service of insurance, and how ethics creates the foundation for personal and professional success. The class sets the foundation by examining ethics as a moral and legal force. It then previews the ethical responsibilities agents owe to their insurers, their policy owners, their states, and the general public. Practical issues such as the proper use of policy illustrations, replacement, and ethical sales presentations are also discussed.

Please note, you will receive CE credit hours for this course awarded by the Department of Insurance in the state you’ve selected. The following statement is not applicable unless you are a Minnesota-resident producer:

This course has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for 3 hours of insurance continuing education .

How Is The Completion Date Determined For Courses That I Have Taken

Centralize Your Adjuster Licensing with AdjusterPro

For correspondence courses, the education provider sets their own policies as to how completion dates are determined. They can choose whether it is by postmark date, receipt date, grading date, etc. All students will receive credit based on the policy the provider sets forth, without exceptions. Please verify with the provider’s policy for completion dates at the time of purchasing the course.

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How Many Ce Credit Hours Are Required For Insurance

Depending on the state, the average number of continuing education hours that must be taken falls between sixteen and forty per renewal period.

Most states have a renewal period of two years, but there are a few exceptions of three and four years.

Recommended Course

For continuing education courses and credits, StateRequirement recommends:Kaplan Education Company

There are also a few states that require that you take a certain number of hours per line of insurance on your license, but most just require the credits on a per license.

There is generally a three hour requirement for an ethics course, and sometimes a mandated course on national flood insurance depending on the state and types of licenses you carry.

To find the specific amount of CE credit hours you must complete in your state select your state below to find our Insurance License Renewal pages.

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