Illinois Real Estate License Exam

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Choosing An Illinois Real Estate School

Illinois Real Estate Exam 2021 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

Whether you live in Peoria, Springfield, Champaign-Urbana, or the Chicagoland area, youll have your choice of class formats. Your classes will cover the following topics:

  • Independent contractor and employee agreements
  • Property management

Many Illinois real estate schools also offer self-paced, online classes with slides, videos, and interactive content to help you learn the required material to pass the Illinois broker exam. You should be able to find an Illinois real estate school that offers in-person classes that meet during regularly scheduled sessions. Livestream classes are scheduled classes that are broadcast over Zoom . Check out the pros and cons of all three to see which type of instruction is right for you.

Types of Instruction
  • Get to know other students
  • Easy access to the instructor
  • More expensive than online classes
  • Commuting and traffic
  • Finding class times to fit your schedule
Livestream Classes
  • Ideal if you live far from in-person schools
  • You can ask instructors questions in real time
  • Finding classes to fit your schedule
  • No interaction with other students
  • Technology doesnt always work as it should
Online Classes
  • Work at your own pace anywhere with internet
  • Take classes when convenient for you
  • Least expensive option
  • Instructors can only be accessed via email or phone
  • Little interaction with real estate pros
  • Technology doesnt always work as it should

Illinois Real Estate License Faq

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Illinois?

All Illinois fees: $200

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education : $329-$593

The total estimated cost to get an Illinois Real Estate license is $550-$800.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Illinois Real Estate License?

The two steps that take the most time when getting your license are pre-license education and test preparation. The average amount of time that people take from start to finish is generally 3-6 months.

If you dedicate a full-time schedule to this process and study hard, you could possibly complete this process in 2 months. We wouldnt recommend trying to go any faster than this. Take your time to study and prepare yourself for the exam.

How to Get an Illinois Commercial Real Estate License

To sell commercial real estate in Illinois, a standard Broker license is all that you need. There is no specific commercial real estate license.

If you wish to take on a career selling specifically commercial real estate, choose a broker that handles the types of deals that you want to be a part of.

Are There any Real Estate Jobs Open Around Me?

Check out StateRequirement Jobs to find open real estate jobs in your area!

Illinois Real Estate License: Broker

  • 1. Comply with the General Illinois Real Estate License Requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Graduate from high school or obtain the equivalent of a high school degree .
  • 2. Meet the Educational Real Estate License Requirements in Illinois by completing the following courses – Enroll Today
  • A total of 75 hours of pre-license coursework at a real estate school approved by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • 60-hour IL Broker Prelicense Topics Course can be taken through online distance education
  • 15-hour IL Broker Prelicense Applied RE Principles-Interactive course must be taken interactively in a classroom, by webinar, or through online distance education
  • 3. Take the Illinois real estate license exam
  • You will need a scaled score of 75 or better to pass your Illinois Real Estate license exam.
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    Real Estate License Sponsorship

    In order to activate your license, you must file a 45-Day Permit Sponsor Card form. This form must be submitted within 24 hours of the issuance of a sponsor card in order to apply for licensure as a broker.

    If you dont yet have a broker to work with check out StateRequirement Jobs for a real estate salesperson opening in your area.

    Illinois Real Estate Agent Exam Illinois Real Estate License Exam AudioLearn

    Need of a License: A real estate salesperson must be licensed by the state of Illinois to represent clients in the sale or purchase of real estate that is located in Illinois.

    Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation . IDFPR issues three types of real estate licenses for individuals: leasing agent licenses broker licenses managing broker licenses. IDFPR does not issue salespersons licenses.Qualifications to receive a License: A candidate must complete 90 clock hours of study at an IDFPR Advisory board-approved real estate school , pass a school-administered final exam, and pass a state exam. All candidates must submit a full set of fingerprints, prove legal presence and pass a background check. All candidates must be at least 21 years of age. For more information about qualifications, see the 75 Hour Broker Pre-license Courses page on the IDFPR website.

    The national test consists of 100 questions, and tests the candidate’s knowledge of general real estate concepts, including the following subject areas:

    Agency Relationships and Contracts

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    Why Enroll With Us

    More than 350,000 real estate professionals got their start with Real Estate Express school!

    Excellent ratingsStudents love the course experienceOur courses receive an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars

    Instructors with real world experienceOur prized Instructor Q& A leaders have almost 80 years of combined real estate experience!

    FlexibilityFlexibility to study when and where you want

    SupportLots of live support

    Access to industry-leading training and coachingOur students get exclusive access and discounts to the largest real estate coaching company in North America, Buffini & Company.

    Complete The Illinois 75

    The pre-licensing course will equip you with the real estate knowledge that would enable you to help your clients go through the most important transaction of buying a home.

    It makes you competent to handle the complexities and legalities in the real estate field.

    You can take the course in person or schedule to attend online Livestream classes, depending on your choice of school.

    This course is also capped with a final real estate exam of at least 100 questions. The pass mark for the Illinois real estate pre-licensing exam is 75%.

    You must take this course in a recognized and state-approved real estate school. The list below provides two online real estate schools that offer the Illinois real estate pre-licensing course

    • Independent contractor and employee agreements
    • Property management in Illinois

    The real estate pre-licensing course provider will electronically submit your exam legibility to the PSI. PSI is Illinois contracted real estate exam provider.

    Cost: $329. This fee is subject to change, depending on the course provider. To know exactly the cost per school, visit their credible websites or contact them via mail.

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    Pass The Illinois Real Estate Exam

    Cost: $58Time Commitment: 3.5 hours

    Congratulations! Youve finished your prelicensing course, and youre ready to take the Illinois broker exam. You have two years to take the broker exam from the time you complete your prelicensing courses.

    Youll be able to schedule your broker license exam online through PSI Testing Service. Youll have the choice of taking your broker exam at one of PSIs 31 Illinois testing locations.

    The broker exam is computer-based and consists of 100 national real estate questions and 40 state-related questions. Youll receive your score report from the testing supervisor after completing the exam. You must pass both the national and state portions of the exam with a 75%.

    Bring two valid forms of identification to the testing center and you can bring a non-programmable calculator with no alphabetic keyboard or printing capabilities into the exam room.

    To prepare for your exam, consider purchasing quality exam prep material from an Illinois real estate school. Exam prep packages offer helpful tools like flashcards and simulated exams to help you study. We recommend checking out Real Estate Express. Many of their courses include practice exams, flashcards, and they even offer a pass guarantee.

    How To Become A Real Estate Agent

    Illinois Real Estate Exam 2020 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

    The real estate industry has been growing rapidly over the years. Many people want to be associated with it. There are people who want to become real estate agents because they feel that the real estate industry presents them with an opportunity to earn good money from commissions while having flexible working hours and being

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    Illinois Real Estate License School

    aspiring agents of Illinois, you’re in good hands: Real Estate Express is the leading real estate education provider in Illinois, which means you get what you need, when you need it, from the best in the industry. We offer comprehensive and flexible learning solutions that have prepared thousands of agents to pass exams, and our online real estate courses are approved by the Illinois Division of Real Estate.

    How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Illinois Faqs

    Were sure you have plenty of questions about becoming an Illinois real estate agent. Weve answered your questions below, and we welcome you to ask more in the comment section.

    Am I eligible to get my Illinois real estate license?

    Youre eligible to get your Illinois real estate license if youre 18 years old or older, have a high school diploma, and possess good character. That means you must never have been convicted of a felony or other crime that has an essential element of dishonesty.

    If you are 18 to 21 years old, you must show proof that you have attended at least four semesters of post-secondary education with an emphasis on courses in real estate.

    What if I have a real estate license from another state?

    If youve worked as a real estate agent or broker in another state, you may be able to apply for your Illinois real estate license by reciprocity. Illinois has reciprocity with the following states:

    If you received your license in one of those states, you need only take the state portion of the Illinois license exam, which consists of 40 questions. Then youll fill out your license application and start working as a broker in Illinois.

    How long does it take to become a licensed real estate agent in Illinois?

    It takes most people between three and six months to become a broker in Illinois. You can apply for a real estate license after completing your 75-hour prelicensing course and after you pass the Illinois license exam with a grade of 75% or higher.

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    How Do I Schedule An Exam

    Broker candidates qualifying take the exam by completing the 60 hour Broker Pre-License Topics and the 15 hour Broker Pre-License Applied Principles course need only call 800-345-6559 to schedule an exam. Attorneys applying under the licensed attorney qualification must seek prior approval. Managing Broker candidates applying under the 45 class hour qualification need only call the 800-345-6559 to schedule the exam. Attorneys applying under the licensed attorney qualification must seek prior approval.

    Get A Real Estate License In Illinois 2021 Illinois AMP Realty Pass Real Estate Exam Prep Study ...

    The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations Division of Real Estate issues real estate broker licenses to individuals meeting the criteria below. There is no salesperson or agent license in Illinois. Those who wish to conduct the business of buying and selling real estate must complete the steps listed on this guide.

    Questions about this information or obtaining a Residential Leasing Agent or Managing Broker license should be sent to

    Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GEDIdentification: SSN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number AND government-issued photo ID

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    How To Pass The Illinois Real Estate Exam

    150 questions, 3 hours, at least a 75%? You are on the right track!

    To get your Illinois real estate license and to practice as a broker, the final step is to clear your Illinois real estate exam. For this purpose, you have to consider these tips to enable your preparation to be wiser and better. From creating a preparation schedule to getting hold of your mental game, the 4 study tips will help you feel light and ready for your Illinois real estate exam.

    Start By Taking A Course To Become A Realtor In Illinois

    Schools Back in Session

    Youre required to take a pre-licensing education class where youll study the principles of real estate, contracts, and finance. Not a fan of school? Well, these classes just might change how you feel about school. You have so many options! Some of them are even entirely online which has huge advantages! Online classes means you can do them at your own pace and work them in around your own schedule even if you have a full-time job. Also, the classes are only a total of 75 hours! That may seem like a big number, but to get started in a new career, that number is just a speck in time.

    There are plenty of options for completing the course including all in-person, all-online webinar with a live instructor, a combination of both or all-online self-paced study modules. There are also accelerated options that are in-person or online live webinar where you can complete the pre-licensing course in just 3 weeks.

    But whats included in those 75 hours? Take a look at the curriculum and see for yourself:

    • 60-Hour Broker Pre-License Topics course
    • 15-Hour Applied Real Estate Principles course

    Dont be scared off by the vocabulary. This is what the classes are designed for. Theyll defang any confusing topics by breaking them down. Still scared? Trust me, you can do this. The pass rates after taking these classes are sky-high, typically over a 90% pass rate and the support these classes offer is amazing.

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    Will They Grade My Exam At The Testing Center How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get My Score

    Your test will be scored immediately after you finish the exam. If you pass the exam, your pass score report will simply state PASS. If you fail the exam, your score report will give you a number grade and will indicate how well you did in each of the major content areas of the exam. The major content areas of the exam are in the Candidate Handbook at

    How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Illinois

    Illinois Real Estate Exam Prep with 80 Quesstions & Answers and explains

    Before we discuss how to become a real estate agent in Illinois, its important to note that in Illinois, real estate agents are referred to as brokers. Meanwhile, brokers with additional experience and education who are qualified to oversee other brokers in Illinois are referred to as managing brokers.

    To become a real estate broker in Illinois, you must be at least 18 years old, have a Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number, and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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    I Took The Broker Pre

    As of August 9, 2019 the current License Act made transcripts valid for only 2 years. Previously, under the old License Act transcripts were valid for 4 years. If you successfully completed the Broker Pre-license Topics and Broker Pre-License Applied Principles courses realize the 2 years start from the end of the second course you took. Thats why the answer is maybe.

    What Is Required To Get A License

    For leasing agents:

    • Proof of age 18 and above
    • Proof of completion of 15 hrs Pre-License Education or 90 hrs Broker Pre-License Education
    • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Complete and pass the leasing agent examination
    • Fees: Examination Fees License

    For brokers:

    • Proof of age 18 and above
    • Proof of completion of 75 hours of Pre-License Education
    • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Complete and pass the real estate broker examination
    • You must be sponsored by a managing broker in order to practice
    • Fees: Examination Fees License

    For managing brokers:

    • Proof of age 20 and above
    • Proof of completion of 45 hours of Pre-License Education
    • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • You must have an active, valid Illinois real estate broker license
    • You must have had an active real estate license for 2 of the past 3 years
    • Complete and pass the real estate managing broker examination
    • Fees: Examination Fees License

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    How Do I Contact The Illinois Department Of Financial & Professional Regulation

    You can contact the IDFPR at: Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Division of Real Estate 320 West Washington 3rd Floor Springfield, IL 62786 phone: 217-785-9300 fax: 217-782-3390 If you email the real estate division, give yourself plenty of time for them to get back to you .

    Complete The Licensing Process Online

    Real Estate Broker Test Prep

    Cost: $125Time Commitment: 2-6 weeks

    You passed the broker license exam and found a managing broker to work under, youre ready to apply for your broker license. You can start the application on the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website.

    Youll need to create an account, fill out the application form, and pay the $125 fee. Youll be notified via email when your application has been approved. While you wait, Illinois allows you to practice under the supervision of the managing broker for 45 days while your application is being processed.

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    Complete The Application Process: 2

    The first step to completing the licensing application process, once youve passed the exam, is to find a sponsoring broker.

    It can take a few weeks to find the right fit, but you can get ahead in the game with the help of our article How to Choose the Right Real Estate Brokerage to Work for as a New Agent.

    After reviewing these tips, use our directory of the top real estate brokerages in Illinois to narrow down your search.

    You cant complete your license application without finishing this step first.

    The good thing is, Illinois real estate license law lets you work for up to 45 days under the supervision of a managing broker.

    This is allowed while your application is being processed, so you can start working right away.

    To submit your application, youll need to fill it out fully, pay the $125 fee, and register online.

    After you submit your application, be sure to brush up on what makes being a real estate agent worthy as a career to prepare yourself for the perks and challenges of the job.

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