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Medical Conditions And Inadmissibility

Submitting I-693 Medical Exam Together With I-485

The USCIS, the Department of Health, and the CDC provide up-to-date information to civil surgeons and panel physicians on what constitutes medical inadmissibility.

Class-A medical conditions that render an applicant inadmissible on health-related grounds include:

  • Communicable diseases of public health significance
  • For permanent resident applications, a failure to show proof of required vaccinations
  • Physical or mental disorders that may result in harmful behavior
  • Substance abuse and substance abuse-related physical or mental disorders

Class-B conditions are physical or mental conditions, diseases, or disabilities. They must be serious in degree or permanent in nature to qualify as Class-B conditions. An applicant in this category of medical conditions does not become inadmissible. However, the medical condition may be relevant to other grounds of inadmissibility.

K Or V Category Visa For Adjustment

If you have come into the United States and have completed a medical examination before your arrival, then generally, there will be no requirement to redo the medical exam provided the following hold true:

  • The applicant files for Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination and
  • The panel physician did not find a Class-A medical condition during the overseas examination or
  • The panel physician did find a Class-A medical condition, and the applicant received a waiver of inadmissibility and has complied with the terms and conditions of the waiver.

Proof of compliance with vaccination requirements is necessary even if a new medical examination is not required. If this is not provided, the doctor will complete the vaccination assessment part of Form I-693.

We Know That You May Research A Few Options When Looking For The Place To Take Your Uscis Medical Exam But Not Every Facility Has Your Best Interest In Mind Here Are A Few Red Flags To Look Out For When You Think You Found A Deal That Might Be Too Good To Be True

1. Any office that promotes an all-inclusive flat fee including all tests , and all adjustment of status vaccinations. Vaccines are not one-size-fits-all, you need to get a specific dose administered by a professional.

2. If they require anything but original, verifiable documents only. Avoid any possible hold-ups by only using supporting documents that are true and are verifiable .

3. Immigration doctor offices that dont do several USCIS medical exams per week. The I-693 immigration form requirement is constantly changing and you need to work with a facility with a trained staff that can file form requirements accurately and completely. The USCIS Tb Test requirements have changed in the past two years and they now require a specific immigration gonorrhea test.

4. Places that mention insurance covering the cost of USCIS medical exams. Immigration-related medical expenses arent normally covered and you can call your health plan about this. Any small mix up can result in a denial of your green card or your citizenship can be revoked in the future for healthcare fraud. Thats a big mistake you dont want to make.

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What Does The Green Card Medical Exam Include

Your medical exam will involve a doctor checking your eyes, ears, nose, and throat. The doctor may also look for visible signs of disease on your:

  • Face
  • Hands and feet
  • Lymph nodes

You can expect a medical examiner to listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Your medical exam will include a blood test. If you test positive for tuberculosis, you may require a chest X-ray.

If you are pregnant, you may postpone a requested X-ray until after delivery. Contact your respective embassy or consular office for more information.

What To Expect At Your Immigration Medical Exam

Fiance(e) K1 Visa Cost « Visa Tutor

The immigration medical exam is quite dissimilar from any regular medical exam that you may have undergone in the past. Your doctor will begin by reviewing your medical history and your immunization record, and then ask you a range of questions about your health, and give you a basic health check-up.

Your doctor, during your exam, will also be on the lookout for conditions in the following categories:

Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, or cholera

Drug addiction

Disorders, physical or mental, which may lead to harmful behaviors

Conditions that prevent you from being able to support yourself

You may also be required to undergo a tuberculosis test. A USCIS doctor in the United States is likely to perform the test differently than a physician abroad because they will follow different tuberculosis testing guides.

Women are required to complete the exam, even if you are menstruating at the time of your appointment. Pregnant women may also be required to undergo a chest X-ray, or you can choose to postpone your X-ray until after giving birth. You must, however, undergo an x-ray before entering from the United States if you are applying from abroad.

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What Is The Green Card Medical Exam Cost And What Happens Next

On average, Great City Medical charges $130 for this exam, but we also offer affordable pricing options. The total price for the Green card medical exam depends on a patients health record, or any medical problems. If you have any questions on pricing, please read our immigration doctor page.

For your Adjustment of Status petition to the USCIS, the civil surgeon will give you the completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope with the doctors official stamp, which you must submit with your Adjustment of Status petition. The envelope must remain sealed.

You will also receive a copy of the form to bring to your immigration attorney or to keep for your personal records. You will also receive copies of your report of medical examinations and vaccination records.

Your green card medical examination is valid for up to one year from the date it was completed.

If you are looking to apply for a green card, contact us to schedule your appointment to complete your I-693 medical exam. If you have any additional questions regarding the medical exam for a green card petition, contact us now!

If you are looking to apply for green card, contact us to schedule your appointment to complete your I-693 medical exam! If you have any additional questions regarding the medical exam for green card petition, contact us now!

Australian Immigration Health Examination Fees

Please note that the fees for Canadian, New Zealand and Australian medicals are different.

The fees for the examinations provided by Bupa and our partners are listed below. Your letter from the Department of Home Affairs will list the standard examinations your visa requires. The fees vary depending on where you choose to have your examination.

Please note if our health professional request further tests to complete your examination, additional payments will be necessary.

Bupa Centres are close to public transport, have family friendly facilities and are near shopping centres, cafes and restaurants.

Service Fee
Medical examination $249.10
Medical Examination and chest x-ray $345.10
TB Screening Test – Interferon-Gamma Release Array or Tuberculin Skin Test $98.40
Paediatric chest x-ray $133.80
HIV Blood Test $53.60
Hepatitis B and C Blood Test $62.00
Syphilis Blood Test $44.00
Hepatitis B DNA testing $231.60

All fees above are displayed with GST included, and apply to appointments attended between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.


Carer visa assessments – refer to the cover letter sent from Bupa which you will receive after contacting Bupa to lodge your request for a carer visa assessment. See more information about carer visas.

These are the fees applicable to persons needing long term care assistance.

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What Happens At An Immigration Medical Exam

January 26, 2021 Apply for Green Card

An immigration medical exam is a necessary part of immigrating to the United States and becoming a permanent resident . Sometimes called a green card medical exam, the appointment is a routine part of the process to ensure public safety and remove the grounds for inadmissibility for intending immigrants.

Certain diseases of public health significance make an individual inadmissible to the United States. That means it could prevent the applicant from getting a green card. The exam is the process to remove these grounds of inadmissibility. CitizenPath can help you prepare the entire adjustment of status application, but youll need to attend the exam on your own. Therefore, its important to know what to expect and how to prepare for your medical examination.

Trastorno Fsico O Mental

How Long is the I-485 Medical Exam for Immigration Valid For?

Si su condición no tiene un comportamiento dañino asociado, entonces puede continuar con su proceso de solicitud. Si tiene una condición física o mental con un comportamiento dañino asociado, aún puede ser elegible para un ajuste de estado. Puede solicitar una exención consulte el Formulario I-601, Solicitud de exención de motivos de inadmisibilidad.

Si solicita el ajuste de la condición de refugiado, es posible que se le otorgue una exención por razones humanitarias, para asegurar la unidad familiar o cuando sea de interés público. Consulte el Formulario I-602, Solicitud de refugiado para exención de motivos de exclusión.

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They Will Test You For Communicable Diseases

The doctor will also conduct a physical exam to see if you have any communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted infections. They will take a blood draw from you to help with this. The following diseases may make you inadmissible:

  • COVID-19
  • Syphilis
  • Tuberculosis

A tuberculosis test also called a tuberculin skin test, will also take place. You will have to come back to the doctors office two days later so that he or she can analyze your skin reactions associated with the test. If the final results for any of the communicable diseases are positive, the doctor will prescribe proper treatment.

Immigration Medical Examinations Only $170

San Mateo Medical Clinic is a family medical clinic with several years of experience helping the Southern California community for over 25 years.

Our clinic is authorized to conduct medical examinations for immigration and we offer this service at a low cost.

Immigration exams for as little as $170 by an authorized USCIS doctor.

United States law requires a Medical Examination for Immigration, performed by doctors who are approved for such an examination . The authorized physician must complete Form I-693 with the test results for the Permanent Resident Card.

This exam includes:Laboratory tests for venereal diseases: syphilis and gonorrheaCompleting Form I-693

We also offer vaccines required by USCIS at an additional cost.

Laboratory tests Required by USCISSyphilis Tuberculosis Gonorrhea

Vaccines that you may need:

MMR Varicella TD Hepatitis B DTap Polio Hib

COVID-19 Vaccine- 2 doses of Pfizer, or 2 doses of Moderna, or 1 Dose of Johnson & Johnson.

For more details about immigration exams, please call us now!

What should I expect?

During the first visit, we will perform the medical examination, tuberculosis blood test and a blood and urine test for syphilis and gonorrhea.

You will also receive vaccinations if needed.

Our Clinic hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


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What Is The Doctor Looking For

The doctor or his professional staff will ask you about your medical history. The purpose of a green card medical exam is to test if you have certain health conditions that could deny your application.

Class A conditions are the most important. They include:

  • Having a communicable disease of public health significance
  • Lacking certain vaccinations
  • Disorders that make you engage in harmful behavior, to yourself or others
  • A history of addiction or drug abuse, even if youve never been charged with a crime

There are also Class B conditions, which are serious or permanent diseases and disabilities. These diseases dont make you a danger to the public, but they could make you unable to support yourself. Getting a green card requires you to be financially self-sufficient and not reliant upon public assistance.

That said, getting a diagnosis can put you on the path toward getting the necessary treatment. With luck, you can be cured. There are five important things you should know about your exam before you go in.

Submitting Your Medical Exam

USA Green Card Medical i485 Vaccination

After the exam, the doctor will fill out Form I-693. Both you and the doctor are required to sign the form. Once done, the form is placed into a sealed envelope. Do not open it! If the envelope is altered or opened, the USCIS will not accept it.

A failure to submit Form I-693 may result in the denial of a green card application. You must submit your form along with your application within 60 days of the examination.

If your application is denied, your medical exam will still be valid for two years after the signature. Some would-be permanent residents prefer to wait until after their interview is scheduled before taking the examination. Bring the finished form to your interview.

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Physical Or Mental Disorder

If your condition has no associated harmful behavior, then you can proceed with your application process. If you have a physical or mental condition with associated harmful behavior, you may still be eligible for adjustment of status. You may apply for a waiver see Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

If youre applying for adjustment of refugee status, you may be granted a waiver for humanitarian reasons, to assure family unity, or when it is otherwise in the public interest. See Form I-602, Application By Refugee For Waiver of Grounds of Excludability.

What The Doctor Is Looking For

This is not like a regular physical exam or check-up, where you bring up health issues that you are experiencing, and receive wide-ranging medical advice. It is more of a screening exam, to see whether it is safe to allow you into the United States. You don’t have to be in perfect health, but you must not have any serious or communicable diseases, mental disorders, or drug problems that would make you inadmissible .

The first thing the doctor’s office will do is check your passport or other identity document, to make sure that you are really you, and that you haven’t sent a healthier person in your place.

The doctor will also make sure that you have had all the required vaccinations. The doctor will not, however, give you a general physical exam or tell you whether you have any health conditions beyond the ones of interest to U.S. immigration authorities.

If you are applying to adjust status in the U.S., the diseases that can make you inadmissible are gonorrhea, infectious leprosy , infectious stage syphilis, and active tuberculosis.

If you are seeking an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate, two more types of disease can make you inadmissible:

  • certain diseases that might make you subject to quarantine , as well as
  • certain diseases that may pose a public health emergency of international concern when there’s a threat that you’ll bring that disease to the U.S. and the disease could affect the health of the American public.

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Visit Statcare For Your Uscis Medical Exam

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires an i-693 medical exam for anyone looking to get a green card. The aim of the USCIS medical exam is to ensure that someone who comes to live in the United States is healthy, that all physical and mental disorders are addressed, and all the necessary required vaccines have been taken to maintain good health as long as they plan to live here. This Immigration exam can only be performed by USCIS designated Civil Surgeons, Surgery Physicians, or Panel Physicians who are required to address the communicable disease panel . Statcare has three approved immigration doctors on staff and will give you the sealed envelope for USCIS purposes as well as a copy of the paperwork. Only USCIS authorized personnel are allowed to open the envelope.

There are new rules and there have been many changes so it is really important that you dont risk your paperwork. You can count on Statcare The Immigration Experts. We do more immigration physicals than anyone else in the tri-state area. We have 7 locations and fill i-693 forms all 7 days a week, So, calling all green card applicants. File your i485 adjustment of status to a green card completed right away!

Refugees Applying For Adjustment

Form I 693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record EB2 NIW

All refugees must comply with the vaccination requirements at the time of adjustment of status. They do this by submitting the relevant parts of the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record completed by the designated physician.

In cases of overseas consular processing, medical exams are usually completed beforehand. As such, it does not need to be redone. However, if the panel physician discovers a Class-A medical condition, things change. You must repeat the entire examination if you have a Class-A medical condition.

Family members who want to adjust their status and have refugee status in the United States must also undergo a medical examination.

A civil doctor who is handling the medical examination may require further tests. Situations in which a medical exam has already been previously completed are also included. They can also order vaccinations to cover the requirements of undergoing a medical examination.

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Government Fees And Other Common Expenses For The Fianc Visa Application

How much does it cost to apply for a K-1 visa?

The K-1 visa also known as a fiancé visa allows an engaged partner of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States, as long as the couple gets married no more than 90 days later.

The government filing fees for getting a K-1 visa is $800 or $2,025 for the K-1 visa and the Adjustment of Status form required to transfer from a K-1 visa to a green card after arriving in the United States. This does not include the typical cost of the required medical examination, which varies by provider.

For just $995, we help you put together all required K-1 forms and documents and help you submit them to the government. Start your application today!

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