How To Take The Series 65 Exam

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Qualification Exam And Ce Windows Extended For Individuals Affected By Hurricane Ian

What is the Series 65 exam, and how do you PASS it?

FINRA, the MSRB, NASAA and NFA have extended exam and Regulatory Element CE windows for individuals in major disaster areas. Windows due to expire between Sept. 29, 2022, and Oct. 27, 2022, have been extended to Dec. 4, 2022, for individuals in these areas.These extensions were implemented to assist individuals who may have significant difficulty taking a scheduled qualification exam or completing their CE within their defined window due to area power outages, network unavailability and property damage.Please contact FINRAs Gateway Call Center with any questions: 590-6500

Series 65 Practice Exams Where Can I Find Some

We have over 2,300 Series 65 practice exam questions for you. Are you looking to pass the Series 65 exam? If that is the case, you have found a goldmine or the holy grail to Series 65 test prep.

Each practice exam question has been carefully crafted to ensure it is as exam-specific as possible and includes not only a written but an audio explanation. What is an audio explanation? It is an audio file of an instructor explaining the question to you in mp3 format.

Best For Variety Of Study Resources: Kaplan


With a total of four course options to choose from and as many as 10 helpful study tools included with each one, Kaplan is our pick for the biggest variety of study resources.

There are three tiers of Series 65 exam prep course options offered through Kaplan: Premium, Essential, and Basic.

The Premium tier includes an on-demand class and a live online course option. The on-demand class includes in-depth videos from expert instructors and can be completed at your own pace. It costs $289 and includes 10 study tools.

The live online Premium course includes scheduled live lectures and instructor interaction, as well as archived videos for study or review purposes. This option runs $319 and can either be taken as a three-day course or spread out across 23 total days, depending on your schedule and how much time you have to commit to the lessons. It also includes 10 study tools.

The Essential tier includes a self-study online and video course for $199, which includes eight study tools. The Basic tier has a self-study course for $159, including five study tools.

All course options include study tools to help you succeed, which may include a question bank, practice and checkpoint exams, a study calendar, performance tracker, and a video library. The number of study tools youll get depends on the level and type of course you choose. There is no mobile app for any of the courses, however.

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Who Needs The Series 65

Many financial firms require registered representatives to provide investment advice. Series 65 test candidates’ comprehension of financial concepts and qualifies them to give investment advice and charge a fee for doing so. Most state securities regulators have set the Series 65 as the minimum requirement to become an investment advisor representative .

Registered investment advisor firms require these representatives to interact with current and potential clients. So if you are currently looking for a career in a financial advisory position, Series 65 could be an asset to your résumé. If you don’t have it yet, it could be a requirement that you get it once you get hired. The test is less difficult than the more comprehensive designations and certificates such as the certified financial planner or chartered investment counselor .

What A Series 65 License Means

Series 65 Exam

On its most basic level, a Series 65 allows a financial professional to give clients investment advice and analysis. Its a fairly standard exam in the financial industry.

Candidates who receive their Series 65 license are qualified as Investment Advisor Representatives in certain states. An IAR is a financial professional who provides investment advice and analysis for a fee.

Its important to note that having a Series 65 license allows a financial professional to give investment advice. It does not license them to sell packages investment products or to buy and sell securities. To do that, you must get your Series 6 and Series 7 licenses.

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What Is Series 7

Series 7 FINRA exam is called the general securities representative exam .

The Series 7 exam seeks to assess the extent to which prospective general securities representatives can perform critical functions.

The and license are both administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

and banks prefer to recruit Series 7 licensees because they are sure they will be valuable assets to the having received a license.

The Series 7 license authorizes you to engage in activities and products such as:

  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Repos and certificates of accrual
  • Public and private placements of corporate securities

Investing In A Series 65 License

The road to being an accredited investment professional isnt supposed to be easy, but the Series 65 is conquerable. It is an important assessment to test candidates knowledge on securities and regulations areas critical for future advisors to master before they could provide sound financial/investment insights.

Got plans of becoming an accredited investment professional? Start preparing for the Series 65 exam today using Achievables Series 65 course. The accreditation process does have quite a bit of paperwork, but turnkey solutions like can help you through all the bureaucratic steps of becoming an accredited investor. Regdee will sign you up for the Series 65 exam and deal with all SEC registration requirements so you can put all your focus on prepping for your exam with Achievable.

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The Third Content Area

The next section has 40 questions that covers recommendations and strategies for clients. Knowing what type of client and the corresponding account to match, as well as, the analysis and evaluation of the best investment vehicle or vehicles for each client. The overview of these questions are as follows:

  • Know the difference between Individual, joint, sole proprietorship, general and limited partnership, Limited liability company, C and S Corporation, trust and Estates
  • Determining Client profile and the financial goals and strategies they want to achieve by collecting the following information:
  • Current income, retirement expectations, planning for disability and time horizons
  • Current cash flow, balance sheet, existing investments, tax situation
  • Risk tolerance, values, attitudes, experience and demographics
  • Studying For The Series 65

    How to Pass the Series 65 Exam by Knowing the Series 65 Exam. Test Specifications.

    There are a lot of resources available for preparing for the Series 65 examination, from self-study options to live classes and tutoring. Among the self-study courses, Achievables Series 65 course is considered the best, especially for those without a formal finance background. The courses easy to understand material uses real world examples and casual language to make complex finance topics approachable to anyone. Best of all, it also comes complete with videos for key topics, chapter review quizzes backed by an adaptive algorithm that automatically schedules them for maximum memory retention, and full-length practice exams designed to fully prepare you for the real Series 65 exam. There is even a built-in study planner and exam readiness tracker. You can try Achievables Series 65 course for free to see if its right for you.

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    The 4 Best Series 65 Exam Prep Courses Of 2022

    The combination of a feature-rich study package for every need and budget, leading-edge technology, and a money-back guarantee makes ExamFX our choice as the best overall Series 65 exam prep provider.

    • Comprehensive offering of study packages to match learning styles

    • Reasonably priced, full-feature packages

    • Course access limited to 90 days

    • Limited menu of separate study materials

    Founded in 1996, ExamFX has become one of the country’s top technology-based exam prep course providers. Each of its three study packages comes loaded with essential study materials, driven by proprietary technology, all backed with a money-back guarantee. That combination makes ExamFX our choice as the best overall exam prep course provider.

    Some students could get by with ExamFX’s $159.95 Self-Study package, which includes an interactive learning portal, online exam simulations, a readiness exam, instructor support, and the company’s Guarantee Exam, which qualifies students for a money-back guarantee.

    The online exam simulations are one of the best tools in ExamFX’s toolbox. Utilizing a proprietary adaptive learning technology, the online exam simulations keep students focused on areas that require further comprehension. It’s supported by an extensive question bank that provides a continuous stream of new questions for an unlimited number of exams.

    The Following Are Frequently Asked Questions About The Series 65 Examination

    The answers to these questions are general in nature and do not include or account for all of the exceptions by or variances among state securities regulators. RIA Compliance Consultants recommends that a Series 65 examination candidate review the specific investment adviser representative requirements of the securities regulator of his or her home state since the answers to certain questions below may depend upon the securities laws and regulations of the particular state.

    • Who needs to take the Series 65 examination?
    • In order for an individual to register and serve as an investment advisor representative of a registered investment advisor firm , most state securities regulators require the individual to successfully complete the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination . As discussed below, state securities regulators have certain exceptions or alternatives to the general requirement that a prospective investment advisor representative has successfully completed the Series 65 examination prior to submitting his or her registration application . Some state securities regulators also accept other professional designations in addition to those listed above as an alternative to the Series 65.

  • Are there any prerequisites for taking the Series 65 examination?
  • No, there are no prerequisites for an individual to take the Series 65 examination.

  • Do I have to be sponsored by a registered investment advisor firm in order to take the Series 65 examination?
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    Series 65 Study Guide

    Mometrix Academy is a completely free Series 65 study material resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium quality Series 65 study guide to take your studying to the next level. Just click the Series 65 study guide link below. Your purchase also helps us make even more great, free Series 65 exam prep content for test-takers.

    Upgrade your studying with our Series 65 study guide and flashcards:Series 65 Flashcards

    Series 66 Vs 65 Exams: Definitions And Differences

    Series 65 Exam

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    A certification gives you an added advantage in the job market by showing employers you are knowledgeable and experienced in your field. In order to become an investment professional, you must first pass the necessary certification exams, including the series 66 and 65 exams, which are two important tests that cover a range of topics surrounding financial investments. In this article, we discuss the contents of these exams, how you can decide which exam you should take and tips on how to pass each exam.

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    How To Earn Your Finra Series 65 License

    About The Series 65 LicenseAbout Your Series 65 Exam

    • Series 65 exam preparation can be either in seminar, self-study, or interactive formats
    • Average preparation time for series 65 exam is 40-60 hours, plus several more for Series 65 practice exams
    • Series 65 candidates are not required to be sponsored to sit for the licensing exam if you are not affiliated with a brokerage firm registered with FINRA, you must submit a Form U10
    • Exams for your Series 65 license can be scheduled at any Prometric test center nationwide

    What Is The Series 65 Exam

    Like many financial licensing exams, the Series 65 was created by the North American Securities Administrators Association , an international organization centered on investor protection. The exam is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority , a government non-for-profit organization that deals with the oversight of broker-dealers in the U.S.

    In 2000, the Series 65 changed from a 75-question exam on securities laws to a 130-question overview focusing on competency in the financial advisement space. Candidates have 180 minutes to complete the exam. To pass, candidates must answer 94 of the 130 questions correctly for a score of 72%.

    Candidates dont need a sponsor to take the Series 65 or the Series 63 or Series 66, for that matter. You can apply for the Series 65 exam via FINRAs website. When your application is approved, youll receive notice from FINRA with your 120-window to schedule and take the exam. The exam costs $187. The applicant or their firm can pay the fee. Prometric test centers conduct the exam.

    If your firm sponsors you, itll have to file a Uniform Application for Securities Industry Registration or Transfer via the Central Registration Depository and cover your exam fee.

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    Grab Newest Updated Series

    TestsExperts has been recognized as a leading source for Finance Exam Test Series-65 preparatory content, by providing the latest and authentic guides on the Finance Series-65 certification exam syllabus contents.

    Our customer support representatives are accessible 24/7 to assist with your queries and concerns.

    Salient Features of TestsExpert Finance Series-65 certification exam study packs

    TestsExperts offers Finance Series-65 Certification exam preparatory guides in three different, user-friendly formats.

    • Finance Series-65 Practice Exam Software
    • Finance Series-65 PDF Guides
    • Finance Series-65 Online Practice Tests

    TestsExpert truly understands the fact that an aspirants time is precious and that attempting the Finance Series-65 Certification exam is expensive, as well. To relieve stress here, TestsExperts professionals have designed the Finance Series-65 Certification exam study guides after thoroughly reviewing the past exam trends.

    What Is Series 65

    How to Become an Accredited Investor with Only $187 (Series 65 Exam)

    exam is also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser

    This exam study outline was developed by the North American Securities Administrators Association (

    has structured the exam to cover relevant topics necessary for financial professionalsinvestment advice to clients.

    The exam is a closed-book test to ascertain candidates grasp of knowledge necessary to perform excellently as investment advisers.

    The score of each test section and the exams overall score is displayed to the exam candidate.

    This examination consists of 130 multiple-choice questions with 10 pretest questions randomly distributed among all 130 questions.

    The time allotted for the exam is 3 hours .

    The required passing rate is 72% candidates must answer 94 questions out of 130 correctly to pass the exam.

    It is interesting to note that the Series 65 exam does not have a corequisite exam.

    Series 65 license covers the rules and regulations of registered investment advisors

  • Mometrix Test Preparation
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    Benefits Of The Series 65 Exam

    According to NASAA, the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination Series 65 exam benefits both the securities industry and state regulators alike by creating uniformity.

    This exam helps the investing public to have a higher degree of protection via enhanced and standardized qualifications of financial professionals.

    Passing the Series 65 exam qualifies you as an Investment Advisor Representative .

    If You Hold The Pfs Credential:

    You can apply to FINRA for a waiver of the Series 65 licensing exam.

    The AICPA sends a weekly file to FINRA which includes all PFS credential holders who have updated their AICPA profile to include their FINRA CRD number.

    The FINRA CRD field on your profile can be updated by either:

    • Including the CRD number on your original PFS credential application, or
    • Updating your online AICPA profile:
    • Go to and sign in
    • Click on My Account in the menu bar at the top of the home page
    • Click on Professional Information link in the Profile and Settings box on the left side of page
    • Add your individual CRD# to the My FINRA CRD# text box
    • Scroll down and click the orange Save button leaving page without saving will NOT save your changes

    When you file FINRAs Form U-4, check the box that indicates you hold the PFS credential FINRA will compare your U-4 information against the AICPA file .

    If you receive notice that FINRA does not have a record of your PFS, it may be due to a missing/incorrect CRD number in your AICPA profile. Update your profile as indicated above then resubmit the U-4 to FINRA.

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    How To Get Scheduled For A Series 65 Exam

    Candidates who get scheduled for the Series 65 examination go about it in one of two ways:

    • Candidates firm file an electronic form U4
    • The candidate opens an enrollment window via

    This schedule is followed by payment of the $187 examination fee directly to FINRA.

    Please visit Enroll for a Series Exam on FINRAs page to register for any state licensing exam of your choice.

    Once registration is successful, FINRA will open a 120-day window, a valid period for the Series 65 exam scheduling.

    The Chauncey Group International has designed the examinations questions, study guide, and the method of exam administration to help test-takers.

    Series 65 Study Materials And Exam Prep Providers

    Series 65 Exam

    Now, the good news is because it’s such a widespread and standardized licensing exam, there are a lot of providers out there that do everything from study materials – both written and instructors either doing recorded videos or live videos – along with lots of choices for getting flashcard materials and practice exams. There are a lot of choices out there.

    When I did my Series 65 exam years ago, I studied with a group called Dearborn, which I know still does study test prep materials, but I don’t think Dearborn actually does the Series 65 exam prep anymore. I think they sold it off to someone else along the way.

    But I talk to a lot of other advisors out there who go through Series 65 exam, and I can tell you the ones that I hear most commonly that are well-reviewed. The people who say, “I did the Series 65 exam prep, then I took the test, and I felt the prep material appropriately prepared me for the test…” that is what you would want.

    The other program I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about I have to admit, I am not familiar with it, I haven’t been through it myself, is called TesTeachers. They do study materials for lots of different programs, including lots of different Series exams, and do this for the Series 65 exam in particular.

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