How To Study For The Emt Exam

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Only Read The Question

4 Keys To Passing The NREMT Exam

A common mistake student will make when looking at a question is reading too much into it. Read only the question and go off of the information it provides. Do not bring information from other questions or real-life situations into the presented question.

For example, if you are answering a question about leg pain and one of the answers is dealing with airway, then is most likely not what the question is looking for. Unless the question states that a patient is having issues breathing, they are not.

What Does The Emt Exam Cover

The EMT test is a computer-adaptive test, which means the difficulty of each question will depend on how you answered the previous questions, and there is no predetermined number of questions to answer . You will be given 2 hours to finish the exam.

There are five different content categories on the EMT exam, each comprising a different percentage of questions on the exam:

  • Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation
  • Cardiology and Resuscitation
  • Medical, Obstetrics, and Gynecology

How Many Questions Are On The Nremt Test

The total number of questions you see on the test depends on your performance. It is a computer adaptive test that continually assesses your performance with each response you give. Once the computer is able to make a confident decision about your score, it will automatically stop the exam.

Basically, what this means is that you could end up answering as few as 70 questions or as many as 120 questions. The actual number depends on your performance. If you are consistently answering questions correctly and keeping your average score above a certain threshold, the computer will stop the exam and notify you that you have passed. If, however, you are consistently answering questions incorrectly and staying below a certain threshold, the test will stop and you will be notified that you did not pass.

You will have a maximum of two hours to complete the exam. Since you cant be sure exactly how many questions you will answer, it is best to prepare as if you will be answering all 120. That means you should spend an average of one minute on any given question.

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About The Minimum Passing Standard

The minimum passing standard is the level of knowledge or ability that a competent EMS provider must demonstrate to practice safely. The National Registry Board of Directors sets the passing standard and reviews it at least every three years. A recommendation from a panel of experts and providers from the EMS community informs the Boards actions. Psychometricians, experts in testing, facilitate the panels. The panel uses various recognized methods to assess how a minimally competent provider would respond to examination items. Panel assessments are combined to form a recommendation on the minimum passing standard for the exam. The Board considers this recommendation and the impact on the community to set the minimum passing standard.

How To Register For The Test

Pin on EMS: Patient Assessment

Candidates for the Emergency Medical Technician Exam must register an account on the NREMT website. You will then have to fill out a form that will ask for your social security number. After submitting the information, you will be taken to the online registration process where you will fill in your basic information and provide your role status as either a current Nationally Certified EMS Professional or a taker applying to become Nationally Certified.

Please note that your address information must be accurate if you are opting to have a printed card/certificate mailed to you.

There will be an application fee of $125, which will be charged for each attempt of the cognitive exam. If you change your mind, you may request a refund within 90 days of payment. You will also need to accomplish an Authorization to Test and a Psychomotor Authorization to Test prior to qualifying for the EMT Exam.

Check Out Mometrix’s EMT Exam Flashcards for Paramedics

Get complex subjects broken down into easily understandable concepts

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How To Ace Your Emt Training

This guide will equip you with the tips, advice, resources, and insights you need to rise to the challenge of the NREMT examination and your EMT certification.

There are few other careers that speak quite as highly of a desire to help people as emergency medical services. And judging by your very presence hereas opposed to Facebook, Instagram, or the bottomless funny animal video coffers of YouTubeyoure serious about equipping yourself with the right tools and strategies to ace your EMT training.

First of all, thats ridiculously awesome and we, the Brainscape team, want to help you achieve your goal of acing your EMT training. So, in this guide, which you now hold in your virtual hands, we shall do the following intrepid tasks:

  • Give you some insights into how the NREMT EMT certification exam works
  • Review the topics covered in your EMT training
  • Teach you how to learn more efficiently for your EMT certification
  • Show you some game-changing strategies for exam day
  • Answer: how long does it take to become an EMT?

And generally equip you with the resources you need to rise to the challenge of your EMT certification, with a focus on doing well in the EMT exam. To do all of this, we consulted with the veritable oracle of emergency medical training, Jeralyn Price, on what it takes to do well in EMT school.

I could go on but suffice it to say that we landed the big one with Jeralyn as our resident oracle on all things emergency medical training.

Right now, lets get to it.

The 10 Best Ways To Study For The Nremt Exam

If you are wondering about the best way to study for the NREMT exam, then you have come to the right place. It is never too early to start studying for this exam.

You wont be surprised to read, in that case, that the best way to prepare for your exam is to start studying on the very first day of your EMT courseand carry on studying until the night before your exam.

The most successful NREMT candidates are the ones who treat this process as the cumulative task that it is and begin preparing for their exams early. If that isnt you, then you can make up lost time, but the earlier you start studying, the easier you will find the NREMT cognitive exam.

In addition to getting on top of preparations early, I have made a list of ten great ways to study for the NREMT exam.

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How Long Is Emt Exam

EMT testTestEMT examEMTEMTexam5 Tips for passing the practical examand a free audio!

  • Practice, practice, practice. And help others practice.
  • Keep your head about you. There are times you may get flustered.
  • Don’t lose easy points like standard precautions. Remember the basics in all the sections in each station.
  • Talk to the patient like they are the patient.
  • Avoid critical failures.
  • Emt Study Guide Customer Success Stories

    5 Steps to PASS The NREMT Exam

    This book helped me a lot especially the study quiz along with the detailed answers and why it was the answer. I successfully passed the NREMT Exam Yesterday 6/24/19 and not sure if I would of passed without this book. I used other materials but kept coming back to your book. Very helpful product and will recommend to anyone who is taking an upcoming EMT Exam.

    Love this book! I’m a NYS certified EMT and I’m trying to get my national certification. This book is awesome so far! I’m about 1/3 done with it, but I’m outling the book so it’s taking a while. The book itself is very concise and to the point. It’s very helpful in refreshing my memory. Would recommend!

    This book helped me a lot to focus on the material needed. Its very informative and explains the material well. I struggle with test anxiety and this book helps immensely with this!

    I am taking my EMT cognitive exam within the month. This book has a lot of ways of helping me remember the items I normally have a problem with. Love the ideas!

    This study guide is packed with information for success on test day. Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, EMS Management and so much more to prepare you for test day. Test Anxiety? No worries this guide gives you tips to overcome anxieties for a successful test day.

    Detailed study guide with general test taking tips lots of specifics on the EMT exam material easy to follow and organized. There is a practice exam and answers with explanations. Recommended!

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    What Is The Best Way To Study For The Nremt

    Everyone studies in a different way. There are tons of EMT prep solutions out there. One of our favorite ways to prepare for this exam is by using an EMT practice test.

    Answering EMT test questions is a tried-and-true way to succeed on this exam. You will be exposed to all types of potential questions while being offered answer explanations for each question.

    These answer explanations will help you better understand the information and advance your knowledge before taking the test.

    Our EMT test prep will ensure you pass your exam the first time around. We offer a 100% pass guarantee.

    If you are looking for some official NREMT test prep resources, check out the following:

    Think Simply The Nremt Is Not Trying To Trick You

    First, let me say: always choose the best answer. Do not just pick the simplest answer because people say “BLS before ALS.” There is ONE best answer and 3 distractors. Don’t automatically assume that the one that looks the most complex is the correct answer. One of the most common mistakes is picking a more complicated answer than is appropriate.

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    Dan Limmers Last Minute Things To Study For The Nremt

    CPR guidelines You must know these!

    • Check the pulse for no more than 10 seconds. If there is no pulse, begin with compressions.
    • Push hard and fast. Dont stop.
    • Know the compression rate and depth of 2 2.4 .
    • Defibrillate as soon as the defibrillator is available but do not delay CPR while it is being prepared.
    • CPR is primarily done at 30:2 except 2-rescuers CPR for infants and children which is 15:2.

    The AHA summary of guidelines can be found here.

    Respiratory Distress vs Respiratory Failure you must know the difference.

    Failure requires you to ventilate the patient while the distress doesnt. Patients in failure arent breathing enough on their own to stay alive. How do you identify respiratory failure? Look for several things including a reduced mental status, respiratory rates outside the norm and/or some indication of a reduced depth of breathing. Usually words like shallow or gasping on an exam indicate failureespecially with an altered mental status.


    Youre not going to be giving a lot of oxygen except in critical patients and severe traumas. For most patientsand especially for cardiac and stroke patientsyoull provide oxygen according to pulse oximetry readings. If the patient isnt in severe distress and their saturation is above 94%, they probably wont get oxygen. If their sats slip below 94%, a cannula will do nicely to bring it back up to around 94%. More info

    Obstetrics and Neonatal Resuscitation

    Rule of 9s for Burns

    Who Is Eligible To Take The Emt Exam

    Safety Training Pros

    As previously stated, you must meet specific requirements to be eligible to take the EMT exam. Every candidate must successfully complete a state-approved EMT course that meets or exceeds National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. Your program director must then verify your completion through the NREMT.

    Additionally, every candidate must have a current CPR-BLS for Healthcare Provider. The CPR-BLS is a course certification that shows your ability to perform certain Basic Life Support tasks. Once you have completed and can show proof of both of these certifications, you can apply for EMT exam eligibility.

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    Study Regularly And Often But Dont Cram

    Youve probably heard this stern warning in past classes: dont cram for a test. This is advice that should be taken seriously.

    This has to do with how our brains process information. As we discussed earlier, repetition is key to learning and retaining new information. This is as true of facts as it is of physical skills. However, how we go about repeating encounters with new information makes the difference between truly retaining the information and not.

    A 2016 study showed that while repetition is critical to learning, it actually has to be spaced repetition in order to make an impact on the learner. In other words, if you look at a flashcard five times in a row, you may hold on to that information for a little while but it wont stick in your brain for long. However, if you look at that same flashcard every day over the period of a few weeks, you will not only be able to memorize that information but retain it long-term.

    This knowledge should inform the way in which you study for the NREMT exam. Start studying as early in your class as you can and expose yourself to each topic repeatedly. That doesnt mean that you should study every topic every day not only would that be impossible but it would be unproductive. It means that you should continue to return to older topics periodically throughout your EMT class, even as you learn new material.

    Take Practice Tests

    How Much Does It Cost To Take The Emt Exam

    The exam fee for the EMT test is $80, which you must pay when you register. If the fee is not paid at that time, you will not receive the Authorization To Test , and you will not be able to schedule an exam. Once you have paid the fee and received the ATT, you will be asked to schedule your exam for a date within the next 90 days.

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    A Final Note On Emergency Medical Training

    As an EMT-in-training, theres a whole lot you need to learn. Lives will depend on your ability to operate quickly, decisively, and seamlessly in the field.

    But if you approach your EMT training with the principles we discussed in this guide at the core of your efforts, you will perform exceptionally well. We know this because we, and Jerilyn Price, our rockstar EMS coach, have been successfully applying these principles for many, many years.

    So, study and practice those emergency care skills like someones life depends on it because someday soon, it will.

    And youll be able to rise to that challenge!

    ***P.S. The answer to that practice question is C: The patient is postictal from a generalized seizure.***

    Check out these other resources:

    Mindset Is Everything Go In There To Take Its Heart

    How To Pass EMT School | Become an EMT | Pass The NREMT Exam

    Get your head in the right place before you go in! As we say in our advice for new paramedic students: This IS a pressure test, but this is a pressure job. So, change your mindset. Don’t cram like you’re scared. Your mind will forget the cram and remember the scared! Dont go in hoping for an easy test go in wanting to destroy a hard one! Take a break in your car before you go in and completely clear your mind. Remind yourself of the effort you put into this. You’ve put hours into your NREMT test prep. You have built your test endurance and prepared with our National Registry Simulator. You have been through COUNTLESS hours of lectures, clinicals, and skill sessions in school. You have worked very hard and you have earned this. You are perfectly prepared for what you’re about to do, and the entire universe has aligned on this day to watch as you slay this dragon. This is your hero moment. Act like it.

    Watch that right before your test. Then go to war.

    What are your best NREMT written exam tips for students?

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    How To Succeed In Emt Training

    Here are some keys to success:

    1. Read and study the textbook diligently

    The textbook is usually about 1,000 pages . YOU REALLY DO NEED TO READ AND STUDY IT ALL. The textbook is the foundation of your learning which the training program should expand upon in its presentations and practical skills training.

    2. Consistent studying every week – DONT CRAM

    This is crucial. You really can get through a 1,000-page textbook in a few months if you consistently work on a few chapters every week. Utilize active learning techniques such as taking notes, making flashcards, quizzing with a friend or family member, etc.

    3. Use a strategy for answering medical-style multiple-choice questions

    Many students are unprepared for how to analyze the test questions in EMT class, which are not all just straightforward knowledge recall questions. I published an article and presentation about this here.

    4. You are given a copy of the practical skills exam in advance – Use this to your advantage

    The NREMT practical skills exam consists performing steps outlined in several skill sheets that you should receive your first day of class. They are also available publicly here . Practice, practice, practice these skills until they are memorized.

    5. Be prepared to push your interpersonal skills

    6. You dont need a background in science

    Know Your Bls Or Acls Algorithms

    What makes you crazy during the test are the questions that ask, “What do you do first?” Those questions are just trying to see if you can recognize which emergency issue is of higher priority. They will make you CRAZY if you don’t have the BLS or ACLS algorithm down. If you know the steps in order, you will not have a stroke during the test. Do you have any idea how many questions on the registry will ask you whether you should give oxygen first, start compressions first, or attach AED/Defibrillator?

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