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How To Pass ATI Proctored Exam | Christen Renae

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How Many Times Is The Ati Offered Each Year

The CMS exams and comprehensive predictor will be offered to you based on where you are in your individual program. A person at one school may take their CMS in one week while a person taking the same CMS at another school may not take if until a month after that. If you have any concerns about when your test dates will be, be sure to check your syllabus or course calendar before asking your instructor directly!


Whats In A Personality Type

For the sake of making your life easier, well just tackle extroverts and introverts for the personality types. The Myer-Briggs Personality Type Indicator or the MBTI is also cool, but aint nobody got time for that!

I know, Im just kidding but hey, discussing 16 personality types is a whole book in itself! So lets go back to the introvert learner and the extrovert learner, shall we?

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Nursing School Study Tips To Ace Your Way Through

The 5 tips I discuss are:

  • Find someone smarter than you
  • Create chapter outlines
  • Meet your nursing school instructors
  • Take as many practice tests as you can

Yes, nursing school is hard, but once you figure out the system and learn how to play the game you can make the entire journey much easier and insure that you pass the NCLEX® with ease.

How Long Is The Ati Exam

Med Surg ATI Review  Nursing Doc

In general, you are allotted one minute per question. This means that on your Community CMS exam, you would have 70 minutes to complete the exam, but on the Medical-Surgical CMS you’d have 100 minutes. Because the comprehensive predictor is 180 questions, you are allotted 180 minutes, or three full hours.

Each test allows test takers up to 5 minutes of “pause” time. This is so that you may step away to use the restroom or get a drink of water. If you’re testing in a physical environment such as your campus, you may be required to have an escort to the restroom. If you are testing at home, you may be required to leave your camera and microphone on during this time to ensure you are maintaining the test integrity protocols.

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How I Passed Every Ati Proctored Exam

Hello all! I noticed my ATI blog post has easily been my best performing blog post views-wise . I decided to create a general blog post describing how to study for ATI procted exams in general. My method was a bit different for some exams compared to others, but pretty much the same. This post will delve into that. If you are interested, keep reading!

*Disclaimer: This post will not disclose any acutal content contained on the ATI examinations. This posts sole purpose is to provide preparation tips for the exambased on personal experiences. The tips given in this post do not guarantee a certain score.

Take the practice exam before you begin.

This gives you a baseline on topics you may be strong or weak in. This is also what my nursing program required us to do. We always had to take a practice exam before the proctored. I did not study for the practice exams in order to provide myself with a true basline.

Take the focused review seriously.

So after you complete the ATI practice exam, you will recieve your score as well as a proctored exam. My program required that we spend a certain amount of time based on the level we achieved via. the ATI Focus Review. Level 0: 4 hours, Level 1: 3 hours, Level 2: 2 hours, Level 1: 1 hour. We also had to handwrite three focused review points per topic missed.

Retake the practice test.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Dont read every book, but read every book

Random Tips

Thanks for reading!

Nr565 Week 1 Study Outline Chapter : Review Of Basic Principles Of Pharmacology

NR565 Week 1 Study OutlineChapter 2: Review of Basic Principles of PharmacologyNR565 Week 1 Study OutlineChapter 2: Review of Basic Principles of Pha rmacologyNR565 Week 1 Study OutlineChapter 2: Review of Basic Principles of Pharmacology

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Why Preferences And Learning Style Matter

You cant help it, like it or not, you do have your own preferences and learning style. The sooner you realize this and go for what you like versus what everyone else is doing, the better you can focus on just studying and actually figuring out a mode of action that works for you.

Sure, there are various learning styles depending on what reference or model you may refer to but the gist is that you are either visual or auditory in your preferences. Most people fall into one, along with a mix of kinesthetic learning and having to read or write something in order to remember it.

Chances are, you are already aware about what sort of material appeals the most to you. That should give you a clue in determining what type of learner you are. See below:

  • Do you love illustrations and charts? Then you might be a predominantly visual learner.
  • A fan of making study notes? Then you fall into the writer/reader type with a bit of visual thrown in.
  • Are podcasts and audiobooks your best friend? Would you rather listen to a professor, repeat the important facts to yourself, and simply write your notes later? Then you are mostly
  • And lastly, if youre the type who loves to karate chop the air as you try to commit lab values to memory, and feign walking on crutches to memorize the types of crutch gaits, then you are a kinesthetic or tactile learner.

How Many Versions Of The Ati Exam Are There

WCU Nursing Student | How I Study for the ATI Proctor

Although these exams are standardized, you will not necessarily be taking the exact same exam as another tester. There are usually multiple versions of the exam, meaning that two schools taking the same CMS exam at the exact same time may get completely different sets of questions. Additionally, each tester will receive these questions in a different order from those taking the same exam. This means that even if you’re sitting next to someone taking the same version of the exam, you will not be seeing questions in the same order.

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How Hard Is The Ati Exam

Remember: what is hard for one person may not be hard for you. Perhaps pharmacology comes easier to you than pediatrics it’s likely, then, that the pharmacology CMS will feel easier to you than the pediatrics CMS.

These exams have questions spanning difficulty ranges of easy, moderate, and hard. The exam will likely be much more difficult for someone who did not study or take the practice questions than someone who did. By utilizing your resources, studying early and often, and being consistent with your studying habits, you can enter these exams as well prepared as possible.

What To Expect When Taking An Online Proctored Test

Date Published: August 11, 2020

As with many other aspects of nursing school during these unprecedented times, proctored tests have been making the switch to online.

Let us provide a bit of background. Proctored exams, if you didnt already know, are those done under the supervision of a proctor or monitor in a controlled setting. In a traditional school setting, these exams would typically be given in person. Given todays circumstances, these proctored exams are able to be done remotely nearly anywhere with a strong internet connection using a secure, online platform.

For many students, this school year will bring their first remote proctored exam experience. If you have a remote proctored exam in your future and are wondering what the experience will be like, heres a guide to help you prepare this way, youll be able to focus on preparing for the test itself, not how youll be taking it.

Know the details: Prior to the exam, you will want to be on the lookout for information from the test administrator. The test administrator could be your instructor or if youre taking the TEAS, from ATI. This information will often include a detailed guide to using the remote testing platform, technology requirements, exam details, and anything else you may need to know ahead of time.

Give yourself plenty of time: Double check the date, time, and time zone of your test. Log in early to make sure you have time to get the software set up and ready.

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Flashcards To Help You Study For The Ati

Staying engaged when you study is the utmost priority otherwise, you’re wasting your own time! Your brain gets easily tired when trying to just read a wordy textbook, so it’s good to try and mix up your studying resources! A very beneficial way to study and stay engaged is by using the Level Up RN flashcards! The front of the card prompts you to think of what you know about the given topic, while the back of the card will give you the most high-yield content you need to remember. Not only that, but our flashcards have bold/red information to help you identify the most important information, silly memory devices to help information stick, and bright colors to keep you visually engaged.

Constantly going through your flashcards will help you with something called “active recall.” This means that by looking at the information repeatedly you are constantly reminding your brain that it needs to remember this information, helping you retain what you’ve learned more efficiently. If you use our Learning System, you can increase your active recall even further! The Level Up RN Learning System allows you to separate flash cards based on how well you know it. By focusing your study time on your “one star” and “two star” topics you can make sure to use your study time as wisely as possible!

Extrovert Learner Ms Or Mr Lets Help Each Other Study

Extra Ati Comprehensive Final Exam Questions And Answers  Nursing Doc

If you find yourself getting psyched up for group projects and eagerly anticipating some quiet study time with your study buddy, then youre mostly an extrovert!

Extrovert learners do well-receiving feedback from someone else and/or receiving information from someone else in order to process data better. You live for the thrill of using flashcards, look forward to social opportunities for studying, and just feel that something is missing if the library just doesnt have enough people.

Since you get energy from outside stimuli, youd certainly learn more by:

  • Participating in group study sessions and having a study partner or buddy.
  • Swapping notes and reading someones notes, while with them .
  • Incorporating social activities or using social activities for studying.
  • Joining study chat groups online and offline.
  • Studying in between classes and in the middle of the day when you have the most energy.

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Cracking The Code On The Best Nursing School Study Pattern

The biggest problem I am having with nursing school is the figure out a good study pattern.

It seems that every nursing student is searching for the elusive Best Nursing Studying Hack of all time, but does it exist or is it just a myth? Dont you wish there is a cheat sheet on what study pattern would work great for you? How come some nursing students seem to just slay their way through nursing school and some feel that theyre being buried under tons of study material?

What I often tell new nursing students is that they must learn to view themselves the same way nurses ought to view their patients. Treat each and every person as an individual because only then will you be able to create an individualized care plan that truly works!

I mean, look at this: how often have you tried a much raved-about product only to find out that it totally sucks? How many times did you go to a restaurant to sample some popular delicious dishes only to go home disappointed?

The thing is, what may work for one person may not work for another, so the best way to figure out a good study pattern is to have an in-depth assessment of your study habits, preferences, learning style, and personality type.

Yes, youve read that right, well have to include your personality type to find out some good ole nursing study tips for you! Keep reading and find out why thats something you should consider when working out a study pattern that rocks!

Ati Pharmacology Proctored 2022 Study Guide

A client has been prescribed metoclopramide. Which of the following should the nurse include in client education regarding thismedication? Select one:a.Notify your provider if you experience restlessness or spasms of the face or neck. An adverse effect of Reglan is extrapyramidal symptoms. The

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Find Out Your Study Pattern Spirit Animal

Now that weve gone through figuring out what type of learner you probably are, lets take a look at what study pattern may suit you well plus some tips that may work with you!

Working Dog: Extrovert + Auditory/Reader-Writer/Visual

Plan your study sessions right after class or in between classes. Nothing gets your tail wagging as having someone or a group to provide some learning reinforcement. You just go to have feedback and youll be as happy as a clam!

Tortoise All the Way: Introvert + Kinesthetic/Auditory

Plan your study sessions throughout the day, preferably repeating some things or going over your material twice. Slow and steady does it for you!

Curious Kitty Cat: Introvert + Visual/Auditory/Reader-Writer

Plan your study sessions on a quiet time and arm yourself with plenty of highlighters, post-its, and some colorful paper. Your roommates will most probably discover that youre mostly engrossed in your studies late at night or early in the morning oh, and on the internet forums!

Fast and Furious Hare: Extrovert + Visual/Kinesthetic

Plan your study sessions when youre most active. Youre always on the go, love studying apps, and are always on the lookout for studying hacks. Cramming may be your thing as long as you have someone to cram with!

Can I Take Ati Exams From Home

How to PASS Your ATI Exams in Nursing School

Due to COVID-19, many schools are utilizing distance learning to allow students to continue progressing through the program without being at increased risk for contracting COVID-19. Thankfully, ATI has found a way to be accommodating to these sorts of social distancing requirements! Using an extension for your Chrome browser called “Proctorio,” you can take a proctored exam from home. Proctorio allows you to be proctored using your computer’s camera and microphone to observe you and your testing environment. Check with your school to see if this is an option for you!

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How The Ati Is Scored:

The CMS exams are scored using levels. You will receive an individual score, however this score will correlate with a level used to gauge your performance in this area.

  • Level 3: Exceeds most expectations for performance in this content area.
  • Level 2: Exceeds minimum expectations for performance in this content area.
  • Level 1: Meets absolute minimum expectations for performance in this content area.
  • Below Level 1: Does not meet absolute minimum expectations for performance in this content area.

Each nursing program will have different standards they would like for you to meet. Some programs may want you to obtain a score of Level 1 or higher, while others may have higher expectations and want to see you score at Level 2 or 3. Be sure to clarify with your program what their expectations are for students taking this exam.

Remember that the comprehensive predictor is scored differently, and does not utilize levels. After you take the exam you will be provided with an adjusted individual total score. You can use this score to help you identify your likelihood of passing the NCLEX on the first attempt.

Everyone Is Going To Try To Scare You

At my first meeting in nursing school, the director of the school of nursing got up to speak in front of the new nursing class. She started her speech by saying:

Everyone look to your left, now everyone look to your right. One of the people sitting next to you will not be here by the time you graduate. One in three students will fail out of this program.

Then she paused for dramatic effect and proceeded to tell everyone how hard everything is going to be. Dont get me wrong, nursing school is hard, but be prepared for everyone to tell you just how hard it is. All.The.Time.

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Retaking The Ati Exam After Failing

Each school has different guidelines for which tests may be taken again. In most cases, CMS exams are not repeated and the score that you earned stands. You may be asked to remediate these exams. Remediation may look different across different schools, but in general the idea is to identify your greatest areas for improvement and study more about those topics. This might look like a “focused review” through ATI, or completing an ATI “active learning template” to help you improve.

The comprehensive predictor requirements will vary based on school as well. Some schools will require all students who scored below a certain benchmark to remediate and then retake the exam, while others may not. It’s important to understand what will be required of you by your specific program, so be sure to ask about your school’s policies for the exit exam.

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