How To Cheat On Online Proctored Exam

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What Is A Proctored Exam


To define proctored exam, you should understand that the online proctored exams are conducted to monitor how a student behaves during online exams. It ensures students are not cheating. The teachers, school employees, or volunteers trained on how to proctor an exam will be the test taker or proctor.

The proctor or the proctoring software will take care that the correct answers tally with what the student has answered. There are no outside materials in the room. They will ensure that there is no way the student could cheat on an online proctored exam.

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Online Proctored Exam Cheating Using Only A Keyboard

You can try a subtle proctored exam cheat hack. This involves the use of your keyboard only. This is a conventional cheating option. All you have to do is simply copy-paste answers onto a notepad or document. Before the test commences, keep a separate window open to deceive the remote proctor.

A print screen or screenshot option can also be used discretely to upload the questions onto a messenger or a website that is running on a parallel operating system. The use of the keyboard is simpler and requires minimal movement. Also, there is no way for proctor software to detect the keys that you are using if you are discreet.

Can you cheat on a remotely proctored exam without having to worry about your screen activity being traced? You certainly can as long as you know how to use the keyboard shortcuts to your advantage.

Using A Virtual Machine

This is a very technical approach in which a candidate can run two operating systems at the same time within the same computer. In such a scenario, one OS runs the computer while the other OS can be minimized just like a computer program.

Here, your computer will behave like two computes and a knowledgeable friend can sit in the opposite direction and take the test for you. The webcam will be run by the main OS while the test run by the OS in the background.

You should not worry if you have never heard of virtual machines. It is something that is technical and it will require you to learn how it works and its applications. These are used by students who cheat on lockdown browsers during assessments and tests.

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Do Not Throw Away Your Answer Sheet

If youre one of the last students to finish, do not leave earlywait until everyone else has turned in their test. If you must leave before then , be sure and bring all your materials with you so that proctors can check that you have turned in your exam. Explore amazing Ways to Get WebWork Answers.

Stuck On Your Course?

  • Be remorseful and hand over your papers
  • Explain why you were under the compulsion to cheat

Do not try to fool around or act indifferently. You do not know how strict the universities can become and what further actions they can take. Instead, you should be firm in your action

  • Be surprised as you are questioned on your infidelity
  • Stick to the same point throughout

If the proctor catches you cheating, there are potential penalties for your activities, such as suspension from school or a drivers license suspension.

However, if both attempts fail, you must accept the consequences of your actions and move on!

Stuck On Your Course?

In the end, Its not worth your time or effort to cheat on a proctored online exam. Hence write your own online tests and prove your worth!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cheat on online proctored exam at home?

You can take the help of seniors and elders during your proctored exam. You can also take professional proctored exam assistance. These experts help you solve questions via phone.

2. How to cheat on a zoom proctored exam?
3. How to cheat on a video-proctored exam?
4. Can you cheat on ATI proctored online exams?

Is There Any Other Way To Pass Online Tests Than Cheating

Can You Cheat On Online Proctored Exam

In the above passage, it was discussed how it would be hard to cheat in proctored exams. Yes, you might find tips on cheating, but no one can assure you that you will not get caught. So, why take such a risk if there is another way around it?

Yes, it is understandable that students cant always manage time to study. And, also they do not want low grades. Thus, they end up looking for solutions for cheating. But, you can avoid it by taking an experts help. Several educational agencies assist in online courses.

If you have gone through the tips of cheating there, it was mentioned about impersonation. You can use that tips to finish your proctored exam.

The procedure is simple. You have to share your login details, and the experts will take care of your exam. Also, they will be trustworthy as they have years of experience in handling academic courses assignments and exams. Moreover, here are the benefits you will enjoy from their services-

You will get access to subject matter experts who can provide answers to complex problems.

Of course, the specialists will give you precise answers and guarantee that you will receive good scores.

The professionals are constantly aware of your urgency and make every effort to give solutions on time.

Provide academic assistance at a fair cost so that everyone may access help when they need it.

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Write Test Questions That Are Harder/impossible To Cheat On

I mentioned earlier that pre-knowledge is the most dangerous type of cheating . But it is possible to prevent pre-knowledge from ever being possible in the first place. By designing your test and test questions to protect themselves, you can stop pre-knowledge entirely. Try it with:

  • Discrete Option Multiple-Choice items
  • Adaptive test designs
  • Giant item banks
  • SmartItem technology

These testing innovations make it possible for you to create an exam that displays unique test questions to each test taker. This means that someone cannot simply go online and memorize questions and answers that someone else stole, because they wont see the same questions on their exam! This, my friends, is the future of testing.

Can You Cheat On A Proctored Exam

Yes, cheating on proctored exams is possible. There are multiple ways for students to cheat on online proctoring exams. You just need to know some effective hacks of online tests. It isnt always simple. Therefore learning how to cheat on a proctored exam is necessary. Explore herehow to cheat on Aleks Test?

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Benefits Of Online Proctored Examination Software For Faculty

  • Additional browser disablement to avoid cheating
  • Real-time monitoring of students activities
  • Random image capturing & video monitoring
  • 100% secured online exam setup
  • Easy-to-conduct examination & scorecard generation
  • Minimizes a lot of effort & paperwork
  • Cost-cutting due to remote invigilation
  • Online feedback to students for improvement

Screen Sharing Or Mirroring To Cheat


Screen mirroring/sharing is a way in which students can utilize more than one monitor while working, in this case, while doing an online test. Since online courses allow many students to take one test from multiple remote locations, such candidates have the freedom to utilize several monitors.

In such a scenario, some students use one monitor to access the exam questions while the other monitor mirror the contents of the main monitor. This allows the studentâs friend to access the test questions simultaneously and come up with answers.

The issue of screen mirroring/sharing has been known to be one of the myriads of ways students cheat during online tests. It is easy and effective because it all happens simultaneously. The student or candidate is perceived to be online at their work station.

However, another person who is more knowledgeable concerning the test is taking the test on their behalf. Because of how rampant this form of cheating in online tests has become, institutions have come up with some solutions.

One of how institutions of higher learning have tried to combat screen mirroring/sharing is by utilizing secure web browsers while conducting online tests.

However, secure browsers can prevent a student from going outside the exam environment. This is achieved by denying them access to display settings that enable students to mirror or share their screenâs content with other monitors.

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How Does Proctoring Software Work

Just like traditional invigilation at an exam center, exam proctoring software ensures that remote tests are conducted in a reliable, fair, and standardized manner.

Once candidates log in to online proctoring software, they use biometric authentication through a webcam to verify their identity from the registered database. Once approved, candidates can begin their tests.

When candidates begin their test, it locks the browser to prevent students from accessing other tabs or applications during the test. Since online exams are timed, online test procuring software monitors the test takers screen, webcam video/ audio, room, etc. Based on any suspicious behavior flagged by the system or observed by the proctor, necessary action is taken.

Why Do Students Think Of Online Proctored Exam Cheating Methods

By now, anyone can guess how hard it is to cheat on Proctored exams. The software leaves no stone unturned to stop students from cheating online proctored exams. Thus, cheating on a proctored exam is like facing an opponent which hard to beat. Lets say that it is a do-or-die situation to cheat on this tool. If a student gets caught, they might get expelled from the course. If not, their college or school board mark sheet might affect due to FAIL grades. Along with it, few students also wish to know the rpi acceptance rate. Get all the details here.

And no student wants to go through such a situation. Thus, they think of a way to finish their proctored test through cheating. Now, if someone queries why students need to cheat, the reason will be variable. Students do not stop embracing online courses even after knowing that online learning follows proctored software. But why do they think of cheating in online examinations? Here are some common reasons that students mainly use-

Unable to manage time for study.
Constant pressure from other academic activities.
Pursuing correspondence course.
Lack of knowledge of the subjects or topics.

The following mentioned reasons lead pupils to think deceptively. Their only motive is to score good grades on the exam by giving correct answers. So, can you cheat if you know the trick to fool on the proctored exam? Lets know here.

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Value The Student Privacy

One should never forget that any online proctoring software will have to function inside the system of a student. Many students feel uncomfortable granting access to a third-party solution to run inside their system. The remote proctoring solution should have due regard for student data privacy and must adhere to the laws and regulations for protecting the same.

Does Proctoru Keep Recordings

Can You Cheat On Online Proctored Exam / Proctored Testing

ProctorU retains the examinees recordings for no more than one year, after which they are automatically deleted.

Even before the recordings are deleted, ProctorU has no access to them because they are shared with the test-makers, who review them to check if any malpractice occurred during the exam.

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How To Cheat On A Proctorio Exam

Now, this is the point where we will know how to cheat on Proctorio? However, Proctorio using algorithms to detect cheating.

But, similar to other proctoring software, Proctorio too has some limitations. Proctored meaning is to invigilate. And you can take advantage of your digital invigilator to cheat in exams.

So, keep reading to learn the exciting ways on how to cheat on Proctorio. Some of the most common Proctorio exam cheating hacks are:

Intercepting The Video Feeds:

When the proctoring program tries to get a camera stream from the webcam placed on the candidate’slaptop, it is intercepted and replaced with a prerecorded stream from a “virtual” webcam. ManyCam orVideos Converter Ultimate is a good example of software that is in use by the students to falsely cracktheir exams.

Since candidates will prerecord their streams taking the actual test and use apps like Videos ConverterUltimate and ManyCam to deceive the proctoring software, this is an effective technical tool. Whentaking an online test, students should report themselves surfing the internet and what is doing deemedappropriate. They submit the already streamed video as their automatic video stream after filming it.After that, they are free to cheat however they want when taking an online test.

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Dim The Lights And Turn Up The Brightness

Before starting the test, make sure you dim the lights- do not turn them off. The laptop adjusts the screen light in low light, bumping up the exposure through the webcam. Turn the screen brightness to maximum. Once you do this, you can easily use your phone without the professor or the AI software detecting it due to the glare projected to your eyes. While using this technique, you should wear glasses.

Screen Mirroring With A Friend


Out of all the techniques shared above, this is the best and most effective. It would help if you had a wireless mouse, a friend or friends, and a phone

Keep your phone on the screen and attach a wireless mouse to it this allows you to use your phone freely while looking like you are using the screen. Pass an HDMI cable through the door to the other room where you can have helpers see the question, solve it for you and send the answers to you through WhatsApp on your phone.

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What Safeguards Currently Exist

Test companies use various programs to deliver their online tests. The most common of these are Proctor U and Proctor IO which are also the ones I am most familiar with. They can detect prohibited activity such as opening an unauthorized program or opening the web browser.

The software also allows the proctor to always see your screen. Whatever you have open on your computer screen, the proctor can see it.

Other than this, there isnt all that much to stop fraudulent activity outside of the computer. You only have to show a 360-degree view of your room once before the exam starts. There are no requirements for the doors to be locked from the inside. At no point will you be asked to show them every nook and cranny of your room. You can have someone hiding in the washroom or the wardrobe, and the proctor will never know.

I wrote an article detailing some of how ETS can make their at-home GRE more secure. But who knows if they will ever implement those suggestions. I think it is far from a credible alternative to test-centers with the online tests current state.

Random Image Capturing & Video Monitoring

The online assessment software would capture random images of students in real-time & send the screenshots to the faculty. In addition, the faculty can also monitor students videos by asking them to turn on the webcam in real-time.

It all depends on the features of the exam proctoring software you have. Unlike the traditional examinations, as a faculty, you wont have to walk across the rooms for invigilation. Everything right from online student attendance to roll list generation & exam proctoring everything can be done virtually with robust online proctored software.

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Advanced Tech Gadgets And Technology

  • Screen sharing. Screen-sharing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others allow students to show their screen with the exam questions to helpers and collaborate with them in real time to find the correct answers.
  • Using other devices. Students can use their mobile phones, smartwatches, and other devices to look for information on the internet, chat with helpers in messengers, or store important information.
    • a secure exam browser
    • advanced audio and video proctoring
    • AI data analysis.

    How To Stop Cheating On Online Exams

    Can You Cheat On Online Proctored Exam / Can you Cheat in Online Exams ...

    The thorough answer for how to stop cheating on your online test is: You need to employ a series of test security solutions that prevent, detect, and deter test threats. I invite you to learn more about the security process in this article , but for now, lets focus on the solutions:

    ****Disclaimer: This list is by no means complete, and new ways to stop cheating are growing rapidly. I invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Lockbox, if you want to stay in the know.***

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    However You Need To Do A Few Things:

    Confirm the dates of the exam.

    Ensure that you know the details of the exam.

    Ensure that you have the right equipment.

    Contact us to provide the information and know our rates.

    Make and confirm the payment.

    Receive and install our software.

    Inform us of the testing date a few days before the test.

    Be at your testing room 25 minutes before the test.

    Make the necessary verifications when the test starts.

    Log in to start the test. Our professionals will get logged in too via our software and they will start doing the test for you.

    Pretend to be busy exploring the questions and do not move the cursor before the test screen turns to page two.

    Note the time that our professionals take to move to the next page of the test. The move will help you know when to pretend that you are moving the cursor.

    Maintain the trend until our professionals complete the test.

    Log out from the platform

    It is time to help you pass your proctored test while doing it at home. Please, contact us.

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