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How Much Do Cpa Exam Courses Cost

How Much Does The CPA Exam Cost | CPA Guide TV, Ep. 004

There are some paid courses out there that are specifically geared to get you ready to take your CPA exam. They range in price from about $1,500 to nearly $3,500, depending on how long you need it and what you need it to do for you.

The Becker CPA Review, for example, will not only give you a 4 part course to focus on each of the testing modules, but it supplies digital textbooks, digital flashcards, 12 sample exams that mirror the exam content and style, and even proficiency scores on each module to estimate your chances of passing the real thing. The Becker program also includes 1 on 1 support time with CPAs and unlimited practice tests. The higher levels of the program offer a study planner and an interface that replicates the exam and blueprint.

With a price between $2,400 and $3,500 Becker stresses that this is not just an exam prep. You are investing in your future, and they are going to help you every step of the way. Their review course focuses on higher-order cognitive skills and following the AICPA blueprint as closely as possible for maximum success.

The Surgent CPA Review is another well-known and well-respected CPA review course. They will provide in-depth tutoring and coaching on all 4 sections of the CPA exam. Their course comes in 3 different levels, ranging from $1,600 to $2,900, with varying amounts of additional perks. At the first level, you have access to their ASAP technology, e-books, lecture study notes, and over 7,000 MCQs for practice.

Cpa Review Course Expenses: $1500 On Average

Finally, there is the cost of a CPA review. The cost of review courses varies, however applicants can expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on which CPA Review is used.

Make an effort to think optimistically. Keep in mind that the CPA Exam is primarily a mental game of power. As a result, the more optimistic you remain, the more successful you will be. Remember that a dream does not become a reality by magic it requires sweat, commitment, and hard work. Passing the uniform CPA Exam is a challenge that you can and will overcome if you believe in yourself, put in the time to study, and prepare yourself for success!

I Lost My Nts What Do I Do

If you received your NTS via email and still have your original message, you can print another copy. If you received your NTS via U.S. mail, contact NASBA to request a reprint. You will not be permitted to enter the test center without a valid NTS. Remember, NASBA personnel may not be available evenings, weekends or holidays. You can also reprint your NTS here.

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Confirm You Will Have Unlimited Access As Long As You Need

Some review providers charge you more to access study materials after a certain time. Others may offer unlimited access at certain product levels. Gleim offers Access Until You Pass® on its Premium CPA Review course. If you buy from a seller who doesnt offer a guarantee, you wont receive free content updates. This means you could be stuck paying for access if you dont pass as quickly as you planned.

Implement A Cpa Exam Time Management System

CPA US isn

You will have 4 total hours to complete your exam. How you allocate this time among testlets is entirely up to you. If you do not manage your time well, you may not have enough time to answer all of the questions.

Budget your time so you can finish!

Because each section has a different number of questions, your time per testlet should not always be the same. The table below shows how many minutes you should plan to spend on each testlet for each section.

How to Allocate Your CPA Exam Time
per Testlet, in minutes

*rounded down

To meet these goals, aim to spend 1.25 minutes per Multiple-Choice Question and 18 minutes per Task-Based Simulation. This will leave you with enough time to review before submitting each testlet.

For BEC, we recommend spending slightly more time on each Task-Based Simulation to account for the final testlet of Written Communications. Aim to spend 20 minutes on each Task-Based Simulation and Written Communication.

Any left-over time can be added to later testlets to help ensure you are answering them to the best of your ability. Do not leave the test center early just because you have finished.

Write your Time Management System on your note board at the exam.

You will get a note board at the test center. One of the first things you should do is write down the times you should be finishing each testlet to help you stay organized.

Completion Times and Time Remaining

Completion Times and Time Remaining

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Cost Of A Cpa Review Course

  • Between $1,000 to $3,000

Consider this as one of the best investments that you will ever make. There are several available at different price levels. However, dont assume that the most expensive course is the one that will provide you with the greatest benefits.

What should you look for when you are ? Each course has distinct features. Here is what is on offer:

Video lectures all the courses provide this feature. Its a good idea to watch a sample video before you select a course.

Help center and email support some courses even offer live chat or a personal counselor.

Audio course if youre more comfortable with audio, check if the course that you are considering offers this feature.

Pass guarantee no, this isnt an assurance that you will pass the exam. Its merely an undertaking that you will have access to the course until you pass the exam. If you need to retake the exam, you need not pay any additional amount to the CPA course provider.

Familiarize yourself with the features of the different CPA review courses and select the one that best matches your needs.

New York Cpa Ethics Exam Requirement

While most states require ethics before licensing, New York candidates can become a CPA without it as there are no New York CPA ethics exam requirements. However, part of the Continuing Professional Education requirement is to attend 4 hours of acceptable professional ethics completed every three calendar years.

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Will A High Cpa Exam Score Help You Get Hired

Aspiring CPAs often wonder Does it make sense to include your CPA exam scores on your resume?

No. In fact you have more to lose than gain by including your exam scores on your resume.

I was involved in the recruitment and hiring process throughout my career , and can confidently say that CPA exam scores never came up once when discussing and filtering candidates. NOT A SINGLE TIME!

Potential employers are FAR more interested in your experience/internships, work-ethic and how well you can fit into their companys culture than your CPA exam scores. Diverting their time and attention away from those other important areas to list your exam scores can make you seem out of touch or even boastful.

That being said, it can be a good to share your progress on the exam since this shows initiative. Just try not to sound boastful!

You thinking its harmless to put your exam scores on your resume

How you likely come across to employers

Nc Cpa Certificate/license Fees

CPA Exam Fees: How Much does it Cost?
Application for Original NC CPA Certificate/License $100.00
Application for Reciprocal NC CPA Certificate/License $100.00
Application for Reciprocal NC CPA Certificate/License with Temporary Permit $100.00
Individual NC CPA Certificate/License Renewal $60.00
Reinstate NC CPA Certificate/License to Active Status from Inactive Status $100.00
Transfer of Exam Scores Passed in another Jurisdiction $75.00

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I Took My Exam On The Last Possible Day So My Score Would Be Released On My Preferred Target Release Date But I Did Not Receive My Score Why Not

Taking your exam on the last possible day does not guarantee that you will still receive your score by the target release date. For your score to be included with the target release date, the AICPA will need to receive your result file from your Prometric testing center before the end of the cut-off date listed. There are many factors which can cause a delay in the AICPA receiving this result file. Prometric, the AICPA, or NASBA cannot guarantee that your result file will be sent to the AICPA on the same day as your exam. We do not recommend waiting until the last possible day to take an exam if you are looking for your score to be released at a specific target date.

Dont Be Tempted To Use Old Materials

It might be tempting, but dont use old materials that may be offered to your friends. The CPA Exam content changes often, making old materials a waste of time and money. Youll likely end up studying information that wont appear on the exam and totally miss information that WILL appear on the exam. If you buy old CPA Exam review materials, you could find yourself needing to buy a new review course, which may also mean paying more fees to retake the exam.

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Cpa Exam Application Fee

  • Varies by state

Paying this fee to your state board entitles you to apply to take the CPA exam. It is a fee that you pay to determine if you are eligible to take the exam.

Your application will be approved if you meet the conditions that have been laid down. Each state has its own rules. You can check your states requirements here.

Most states specify that you must have a bachelors degree in accounting. Furthermore, a degree in business could also help you to meet the eligibility criteria. If your application is approved, you will receive an authorization to test notice. However, if your application were rejected, you would need to reapply. This would involve paying the CPA exam application fee once again.

Remember that the ATT is valid for a limited period. It usually expires in 90 days. Hence, before this period is over, you should pay your exam fees.

Cpa Exam Reapplication Fee: $5000

CPA Salary Guide 2021 {Find Out How Much You

Instead of paying the application cost, all re-examination candidates must pay both the reapplication and examination fees when registering to retake any component of the CPA Exam. This is also known as the registration cost.

Some states will give reapplication candidates the option of retaking two or more tests at a reduced cost. In California, for example, the reapplication fee is a flat $50, in addition to the CPA exam part the candidate wishes to repeat.

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Pass All Your Exams Within The 18

After you pass your first section of the CPA Exam, you will have 18 months to pass the remaining three sections. If you dont pass them all within that time period, you will lose credit for any you have passed and will have to retake them. This includes paying fees again. Also, if your CPA Exam journey extends beyond 18 months for any reason, you may have to pay to extend access to your CPA review course.

The best way to make the 18-month exam deadline is to create a CPA Exam study schedule and stick with it. Avoid paying a review course renewal fee by buying a review system that doesnt expire until you pass, like the Gleim Premium CPA Review system, which comes with a true Access Until You Pass® Guarantee.

Have You Started To Study Yet

If you havent begun to study yet, do take a look at my comparison of the best CPA exam review courses to select the one that suits best your learning style.

The improper path could mean the difference between passing the first time and failing multiple times. Choosing the correct course is well worth the investment.

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Which Is Harder Ea Or Cpa Exam

Most people who have taken both report that the CPA Exam is more difficult to pass than the EA exam. The reason for this is the amount of information both exams cover. EAs must be tax experts, so the SEE goes into great depth on tax matters. However, the CPA Exam covers four different subfields of accountancy.

Cpa Exam Rescheduling Fee

Is The CPA Exam Worth It? [2022 Salary, Statistics & Case Studies]

If you need to reschedule your CPA exam, the fees will vary based on how close you are to your test date. If you are over 30 days from your test date, there is no associated rescheduling fee.

If you are between 30 and 5 days from your exam date, there will be a $35 fee, and if you are 4 days or less from the exam date, then the full course fee of $209 must be paid to reschedule. Within 24 hours there is no option to reschedule.

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Invest In Your Future Youre Worth It

The total amount that you will have to spend to pass the exam is about $4,400. Of course, this sum could vary based on the CPA Review Course that you choose. Additionally, each state has its own rules and charges, so this could also result in a higher total cost.

You also have to remember that you may not pass on your first attempt. This could mean additional exam fees and registration charges.

However, the total expenditure for passing the CPA exam is a small fraction of the financial gains that you can make as a member of one of the worlds most respected accounting bodies.

Is There A Deadline For Applying To Take The Examination

There is no deadline for submitting your application. Some test centers fill quickly, especially at the end of a testing window. Allow plenty of time for your application/registration to be processed. You cannot schedule your examination until you receive your Notice To Schedule . You must schedule your appointment at least five days in advance, but it is recommended to schedule your examination 45 days in advance.

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California Ethics Exam Or Peth Exam

To meet the California CPA ethics exam requirements, the state of California requires CPA holders to pass the California Professional Ethics Exam . While other states require candidates to take the uniform AICPA ethics exam, California has decided to make its own exam to prepare you for ethical problems you may encounter in your professional accounting career.

Its currently the only exam that the California Board of Accountancy recognizes and accepts. You can order the PETH exam through the CalCPA Education Foundation.

You must pass the 50 multiple-choice questions exam with at least a 90 percent or higher score within 2 years of applying for a CPA license. The exam and its materials cost approximately $150.

California Cpa Education Requirements

Are you unsure of how much time the average candidate spends to pass ...

To meet the California CPA education requirements, an applicant must present the completion of 150 semester units that includes 24 semester hours in accounting subjects, 24 semesters in business-related subjects, 20 semesters in accounting study and 10 semesters in ethics study.

While applicants may be able to sit for the exam at 120 credits, the remaining credits must be obtained by the time of the application for licensing.

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The Four Cpa Exam Sections Are:

Auditing and Attestation

The Auditing and Attestation section of the Uniform CPA Examination tests the essential knowledge and skills a newly licensed CPA must demonstrate when performing audit engagements, attestation engagements or accounting and review service engagements.

Newly licensed CPAs are required to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills related to professional responsibilities, including ethics, independence and professional skepticism. Professional skepticism reflects an iterative process that includes a questioning mind and a critical assessment of audit evidence.
  • understand the entity including its operations, information systems and its underlying business processes, risks and related internal controls.
  • understand the flow of transactions and underlying data through a business process and its related information systems.

Business Environment and Concepts

The Business Environment and Concepts section of the Uniform CPA Examination tests knowledge and skills that a newly licensed CPA must demonstrate when performing:

  • Audit, attest, accounting and review services
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax preparation
  • Other professional services

The content areas tested under the BEC section of the Exam encompass five diverse subject areas. These content areas are enterprise risk management, internal controls and business processes, economics, financial management, information technology and operations management.

Financial Accounting and Reporting


New York Cpa Education Requirements

Each state has different requirements to sit for the CPA exam and to get your CPA license. In the New York CPA education requirements, it is possible to sit for the CPA exam before having the full 150 semester hours required for licensure. To sit for the CPA exam in New York, you will need 120 semester hours, and at least one class each in:

  • Upper-division financial accounting

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California Cpa Experience Requirements To Sign Attest Reports

So the 12-month requirement of general accounting experience is for getting your California CPA license. If you also want to be able to sign attest reports, then you will need the 12 months of general accounting experience, AND 500 hours of attest experience subject to approval by the California Board of Accountancy.

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