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How Many Years Do You Have To Work At The Post Office To Retire

How Much Does It Cost to Take the FE Exam? (In 2022)

How Many Years Do You Have to Work for the Post Office to Retire? To be eligible for retirement annuities, a federal worker must have at least 5 years of creditable civilian service and 20 years of service. They must also be a certain age to collect benefits, and this age depends on the year they were born.

Your Approach To Work Section

This section is a personality test. Its designed to help the recruiters understand who you are and how you work.

The company is looking to see whether you are the right fit for the team. It wants to know more about how you approach work situations.

Its tricky to decide whether you should showcase your working style or whether you should try to replicate what you think the recruiter is looking for.

Dont try to come across as someone youre not, because even if you match what they are looking for, you may be unhappy in the role.

However, its useful to know the sort of person the company would like to hire as it can help you to select the best possible answer.

You may benefit from researching USPS online to find out more about its corporate culture and company ethos. The more you know about its style of working, the better you can anticipate what type of employee it is looking for.

Within this section of the virtual entry assessment 474, USPS recruiters often use a mix of normative and comparative scoring.

This means they will evaluate you by considering your personal score as well as how your score typically compares to your peer group.

Example MC 474 Test Question

Free Postal Exam Practice Tests

Many of the different postal exams share similar types of questions. You will also find that some of the questions on the postal exam are subjective and do not technically have a right or wrong answer. We have listed some postal practice exams below with common questions you may be asked when taking a postal exam.

Checking for Errors

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What Is A Good Score On The Postal Exam 474

The virtual entry assessment 474 is extremely competitive. The USPS can afford to be picky with its selection process, and it anticipates that 8090% of candidates are unsuccessful in their first attempt.

To pass the postal exam, you must achieve a passing score of at least 70. However, this is a minimum requirement and your score will be compared against other candidates, so the higher you score, the better.

Applicants who achieve higher scores will be fast-tracked through the application process so a candidate achieving 90+ will start working much quicker than someone achieving the 70+ pass threshold.

If you fail to achieve this score, you will be ineligible to go any further and will need to wait 12 months before reapplying for a USPS job.

Practical Tips For Your Postal Exam 474

How Much Does Cvs Covid Testing Cost

With such a high failure rate for the USPS 474 assessment, its clear that many applicants are underestimating what to expect from the virtual entry assessment.

Those who take time to prepare in full by understanding what the test is and why the USPS uses it are more likely to succeed.

There are a few practical ways that you can improve your test scores and give yourself the greatest chance of employment within the US Postal Service.

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What Is The Postal Exam

The Postal Exam is an online assessment used by the USPS to screen candidates for various positions at the Post Office. As of April 2019, the USPS has launched four new exams, named Virtual Entry Assessments, which replaced the old Postal Exam 473.

Some of the USPS exams’ sections consist of unconventional and even tricky question types, designed to assess if you have the right skills and characteristics to work for the Postal Office.

Many users who took the Postal Exam 473 before 2019 wonder if their scores are still valid. Unfortunately, these scores are not valid anymore. So you’ll need to take one or more of the new USPS exams, depending on the positions you’ve applied for.

Study Plan & Preparation Tips To Crack The Usps Postal Exam 477

The USPS Exam 477, also known as the Customer Service VEA examination, is a test that measures customer service abilities. The exam is for candidates who want to pursue a career in Sales, Associate Casual Sales, or PSE Sales. It is a computer-based examination that is usually taken over 72 hours.

The USPS Postal Exam has four parts, which tests the customer handling ability, problem-solving skills, reasoning ability, and written communication skills needed for handling the customers.

  • Work Scenario Questions: You will be presented with different work scenarios and will be required to choose the best way to deal with each customer. There are ten questions in this section.
  • Tell Us Your Story Section: In this section, you will be required to write an essay about your customer service skills. This section has 21 questions in total.
  • Describe Your Approach: This section tests your ability to describe your customer service approach. There are 56 questions in this section.
  • Check for Errors: This section has three questions but is very important as it tests your ability to proofread a customer service message for errors.

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What Is The Ideal Score For The Postal Exam

Exam scores are posted on the website. Applicants will also get an email with their test results. Just like its predecessor, Exam 473, the new postal service exams set the passing score at 70. Those who fail to hit the mark will not be eligible for the US Postal Service position. However, the organization follows a ranking process wherein those who score higher will have more chances of nailing an interview.

The ideal score to get the opportunity for the interview is at least 85. Those who are in the lower range might need to wait a little longer. Applicants must therefore aim for higher scores when they take the exam so they can be prioritized for an interview.

What Are Some Tips & Tricks

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  • We have organized our test prep into the five sections that appear on the Postal Service tests. To prepare using our materials, find your test on the chart on this page and use our study guide for each of the sections listed in the far right column for that test. Remember that there are three sections for which practice is not possible, so we do not have practice questions and flashcards for those.

  • A word about trying to skew your answers in the three subjective test sections to what you think the assessors wantdont do it, for two very good reasons:

  • You may end up with a job for which you are not a good fit, which can lead to misery.
  • There are features built into the test that will probably catch you doing this and exact a substantial penalty in terms of your score.
  • Instead, answer each question honestly and according to what action you would probably, actually take, or not take, in the given situation.

  • As for the other two sections, there are absolutely correct answers to the questions in the Check for Errors and Work Your Register sections, which involve matching two sets of numbers and making change, respectively.

  • Before beginning the test, be sure you know which sections permit you to go back to a previous question to review or edit your answers. This is the information we have about that:

  • You may not go back at all, even to the previous question in these sections:

    • Work Scenarios , Check for Errors, and Work Your Register
    • Tell Us Your Story and Describe Your Approach

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    Exam 477 Virtual Entry Assessment Cs 477 Or Customer Service Vea Exam

    For customer service clerk jobs, Exam 477 is usually required. This is applicable for those who apply for the customer, sales, service, and distribution positions. The test sections are the same as the two previous exams, with work scenarios and approaches tailored to the given position. The Describe Your Approach section deals more with the way applicants deal with people and how they work under pressure and stress.

    A word of caution for the applicants should finish the exam within that window once their 72 hours start at the receipt of the email. It is important because the Postal Service does not give an alternative nor extension. Failure to complete the exam on time will render applicants ineligible for the position. They might need to start the application process all over again.

    How Many Times Can You Take The 474 Postal Exam

    You can take the 474 postal exam on multiple occasions however, you will not be able to retake the test straight away.

    If you do not achieve the minimum pass score of 70, you will need to wait 12 months before you will be able to take the test again. If you achieve a score of 70 or over but you want to improve on this, you will have to wait two years before you will be permitted to do so.

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    How Do I Study For The Usps Exam

    There are many things you can do to prepare for the USPS exam.

    General study habits like working when youre most alert, finding a quiet place to study, and developing a consistent study routine are all helpful when preparing for this particular exam.

    In addition, its a good idea to understand what kinds of questions youll be confronted with on the exam.

    Spend some time researching the different types of questions and dedicate additional time to areas where you dont feel as confident.

    You can also take free practice tests online to get familiar with the structure and pace of the test.

    If you prefer even more preparation, companies like Job Test Prep offer videos, test guides, and preparation materials for a monthly fee.

    Finally, there are practice books like Postal Exam Secrets Study Guide: Review and Practice Tests for the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 474, 475, 476, and 477.

    There are loads of valuable resources out there to help you prepare for the USPS exams. Just make sure you get the most updated information. USPS changed the test in 2019 so anything published before that is obsolete.

    To know more about USPS, you can also read our posts on whether or not USPS is a federal job, if USPS is a good job, and if USPS is a government agency.

    How To Study For Postal Exams

    How Much Does The Covid Test Cost At Cvs

    Postal exam preparation requires you to study smart not hard! To pass your postal exams, you need to:

    • Understand what is on the postal exam
    • Focus on the material that you dont know
    • Be able to think critically

    Taking postal practice exams help you get used to what will be on the actual exam. You will become more comfortable with the material on the exam by seeing postal practice questions beforehand.

    To obtain a local post office job, you first need to apply for a job with the US Post Office.

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    Allowed Age For Application

    To take the exam, you are required to be at least 18 years old, although there are specific conditions that may allow those who are 16 years of age: high school graduates or those who didnt finish high school because of a credible reason. The reason for the age requirement is that there are certain postal jobs, such as Mail Carriers, where they are required to drive.

    Keep A Record Of The Information Youve Already Submitted

    Within the career history section of the Postal Exam 474, you will be asked a series of questions about your previous employment.

    Your answers will be directly compared to the information you have already provided on your resume and your application form.

    Even the slightest discrepancy in dates or duties could impact your test score. Therefore, keep a stringent record of what information you have already provided.

    You may wish to refer to these notes as you complete the Postal Exam 474 to ensure that any information remains accurate.

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    Tips For The Day Of The Exam

    • Find a quiet and comfortable place for your USPS 474 exam. The link can be sent to you anytime after submitting your application. You want to find a place with a good internet connection and where you won’t be disturbed.

    • Once you have submitted your answers, you cannot change anything. Be 100% sure before submitting.

    • Read the instructions and questions carefully. You may be conscious of time, but speeding through a question may lead to mistakes and wrong answers particularly in the Describe Your Approach section.

    • Do not over-analyze the question. This exam values speedy answers because recruiters are looking for those who think fast. Go with your gut instinct as it is usually right and will likely be the more honest answer.

    • Ensure you have had a good night’s sleep, eat a substantial meal, and are fully hydrated.

    Tips To Score Well In The Postal 477 Exam

    How Much Does The CPA Exam Cost | CPA Guide TV, Ep. 004

    Know the format of the exam:

    The USPS Postal Exam is a computer-based examination taken over three days of applying for a job. Therefore, it is vital to know the format of the exam in order to be better prepared for it.

    Understand the sections:

    There are four sections in the USPS Postal Exam- Work Scenario Questions, Tell Us Your Story, Describe Your Approach and Check for Errors. Therefore, it is important to understand the objective of each section in order to prepare better for it.

    Learn Time management:

    One of the most important aspects of taking any examination is time management. It is important to be able to answer all the questions within 45 minutes. This can be achieved by practicing mock tests that are time bound.

    Buy Study Material and practice courses:

    Several books and websites provide study material for the USPS Postal Exam. It iscritical to choose study guides from reputed providers like the Prep Terminals Postal Exam 477 study material or the official website to prepare for the test.

    Though there is no fee to take the exam, you still should not take the preparation easy because there is a long wait time before you can retake the exam. It is important to get it right on the first attempt.


    As they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is important to solve as many practice questions as possible in order to understand the exam pattern and type of questions asked. This will also help in time management on the day of the examination.

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    Does It Cost To Take The Postal Exam

    Study for the 473 Postal exam. ORDER NOW To apply for postal positions use our instructional guide and then click on the link at the end of the guide to go direct to the Postal Services’ official online employment site. You can also look for openings at your local Post Office, Management Sectional Center , General Mail Facilities or a Customer Service District Office in your area.

  • USPS® Online Job Application System – Assessment & Examination

    the first part of Exam 473, the online assessment is expected to take you approximately one hour to complete. Before you begin the assessment, the instructions will tell you how long to allot. If you pass the first part of Exam 473, the next step will be to schedule an appointment at a test center to take the second part of the exam.…

  • What Kind Of Job Can I Get

    According to the USPS website, you will find diversity and benefits working for the post office. They list benefits such as life and health insurances, vacation and sick leaves, savings and retirement plans, and possible educational assistance. The site also mentions the likelihood of advancement opportunities within the company.

    There is also great variety in the types of jobs offered by the Postal Service. Some require a lot of movement , while others are more sedentary, such as counter clerks. Here is a list of the USPS job categories:

  • Go to this USPS Search and Apply page next.
  • Your application will be reviewed and the USPS will contact you by email if you have been chosen to take an assessment or have an interview.
  • If you are invited to take a test, you will receive a testing link in this email, and you will have 72 hours to complete the test after you receive the email. If you do not complete the test during this time, you will not be considered for the job.
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    What Is A Good Score On The 474 Postal Exam

    The minimum passing score on the 474 postal exam is 70. A good score is subjective but the higher your score, the more chance you have of being hired. A high score will also help to fast-track your application, meaning you will be able to start work more quickly. A score above 90 will help you to start work much faster than a score of 70.

    What Is The Usps Scoring

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    Part A: For this part, the partial score is based on how many items you have answered correctly, minus one-third of the number of wrong items. The key is to answer many items as accurately as possible in the limited time that you have.

    Part B: The scoring is almost similar to Part A. The number of correct answers is your score. The thing about this part is that its alright to guess. There will be no penalty for wrong answers. Its best to answer every question if possible.

    Part C: Your scoring for this part is the same as Part A. It is based on all your correct answers and minus one-third of your wrong answers. You need to code as many items as possible accurately.

    Part D: This part is different from the others, and it makes up the bulk of the exam. You need to answer honestly based on your own experiences. The scoring is based on your responses so its best to answer honestly rather than giving the correct answer. Your answers will also remain confidential. The point is to figure out whether you have the right personality, characteristics, and experiences for the job.

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