How Many Questions Are On The Arizona Real Estate Exam

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Where Can I Take The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Arizona Real Estate Exam 2021 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

Pearson VUE conducts real estate, graveyard, and recreational camping tests in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Yuma, Arizona, respectively. Pearson VUE may be reached at 888.405.5776 or at for further information. To take the test, you’ll need to book in advance with Pearson VUE ahead of time.

Take Care Of Yourself

In the days prior to taking the real estate exam, make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat healthily. Avoid the temptation to cram information the night before, staying up late into the night. No matter how good your prep course is, if you are exhausted, you will fail to do well on the test.

Get a good nights sleep the night before the test. This will do more to help your pass rate than any amount of cramming.

Take A Pre Licensing Course

Taking a pre-licensing course before signing up for the real estate licensing exam is critical. In an exam prep course, you will learn the material on the exam as well as tips for being a successful real estate salesperson or broker in your state. Youll walk away well-prepared for the agent or broker exam in your state.

I recommend looking for a real estate exam prep program that is specific to your state. The California real estate exam is different from the Michigan real estate exam, and understanding those differences is a key part of passing the test.

Online real estate school can be a good option as you prepare for the real estate test, as long as it is state-specific. Taking a real estate course online can give you some time flexibility if you need it.

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Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep

Pass your Arizona real estate salesperson test the first time, guaranteed, or this course is completely free of charge! When you join in Real Estate Test Scholar, you will receive immediate access to the most comprehensive professional Arizona real estate exam preparation crash course available, at the lowest possible price of just $39! Become one of the hundreds of people who have finished our course and passed the test on their first attempt.

What Happens If You Fail The Real Estate Exam In Arizona Arizona Real Estate Exam Flashcards: Appstore for Android

Retakes are not restricted by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, and there are no limits on how many times you may take a test. Youll need to book each one in the same manner as you did your initial appointment. If you fail the test twice, you will be given the opportunity to retake it. You will have 30 minutes to review the questions that you answered incorrectly. Before arranging your third try, you must schedule a review appointment and complete it in its entirety.

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Free Real Estate Practice Exams

Candidates who aspire to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker can use our free Real Estate practice examinations to help them pass the Real Estate License Exam, which is administered by the state in which they live. Real estate agents are responsible for advising house buyers and sellers on market circumstances, real estate pricing, financing, and how to display their properties in the best possible light in order to sell for the highest possible price on the market.

Summary: To find out how you fare, take the free real estate practice exam provided below.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Arizona

The average real estate agent in Arizona makes around $53,820 per year. This breaks down to $25.87/hour, which is slightly higher than the national average. The median annual wage for real estate sales agents nationwide was $49,040 in May 2020. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $25,100, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $112,410.

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What Is Required To Get A License

For salespersons:

  • Completed application
  • Arizona State Exam Score Report
  • Pre-licensure Education Certificate
  • Contract Writing Course Certificate
  • Proof of Legal Presence in U.S.
  • Proof of age 18 and above
  • DPS issued AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Disclosure Documentation

For brokers:

  • Completed application
  • Arizona State Exam score report
  • Pre-licensure Education Certificate
  • Broker Management Clinic Certificates
  • Proof of Legal Presence in U.S.
  • Proof of age 18 and above
  • DPS issued AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Disclosure Documentation
  • Broker Candidate Experience Verification form LI-226
  • Hire as Arizona Designated Broker

Why You Should Study With Our Arizona Real Estate Practice Test Free

Arizona Real Estate Exam – 2022 ð? (70 Questions with Explained Answers)

These are all the benefits of using our Arizona Real Estate Practice Test:

  • Study anywhere at any time without an Internet connection.
  • Your own study plan will be set up automatically according to your test date
  • Practice with 3 different test modes
  • 3 features: Weak/Medium/Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should work harder on.
  • Customize your study reminder to receive a notification at any time you want

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Signing Up For The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Exams are administered in person at a local college or testing center. See where your local testing centers are and get scheduling information on the Arizona Department of Real Estate website.

When you schedule, youll have to pay a fee for the licensure exam. Fees are currently $75 for a salesperson exam and $125 for a broker exam. If you require special accommodations such as extra time for your test, be sure to relay this to the scheduler. Test sites are available in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma by appointment only. After you schedule, add the testing date and location to your calendar.

Number Of Questions With Answers

Quizzes, flashcards, a dictionary, downloadable information, Arizona real estate test hints and secrets, and more are all presented in a user-friendly manner to encourage learning rather than frustration throughout the Arizona real estate exam. Simply put, this is the most comprehensive Arizona real estate test preparation course you will ever need. In order to provide you with the most authentic examination experience possible, we use Immersion Technology to recreate the genuine Arizona real estate exam atmosphere.

  • What is the best way to go about it?
  • This areas Arizona real estate test preparation material is of the finest quality, is constantly updated, and is available at the lowest possible price on the internet.
  • The course has been designed by education specialists in such a manner that it will encourage learning while also simulating the actual test atmosphere for the Arizona real estate salesperson exam.
  • All that is required of you is to complete our course and pass the state test.
  • The following video gives you a brief look of what is within the enrolled only area and is only 5 minutes in length:

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What Am I Required To Bring With Me To The Az State License Exam

Bring your 90-hour pre-licensure education certificate, as well as two pieces of approved identification with your signature, to the PearsonVUE testing center. An official government-issued ID, such as a drivers license, passport, military ID card or Alien Registration Card, must be shown on one occasion.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Retake The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Arizona Real Estate License Exam AudioLearn by AudioLearn Content Team ...

If you are able to obtain an appointment as soon as possible after failing your exam, you can retake it as soon as two days after failing. The only obligatory waiting period is 24 hours after a failed attempt before you can call Pearson VUE to schedule another try for the same day. Make sure you have your score report handy when you call.

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How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Your State

Real estate license requirements vary from state to state. Here are the general real estate license requirements that apply to all:

  • All states require a high school diploma or G.E.D equivalent.
  • All states require U.S citizenship and proof of state-specific residency.
  • All states require up to date forms of government-approved I.D . Anything expired will NOT be accepted at the test-taking site.
  • Many states require a background check or submission of fingerprints. Normally if a background check is required so is the submission of fingerprints although they are usually handled at the same time and do not require additional steps.
  • Some but not all states require proof of errors and omissions insurance.
  • Must complete required state approved pre-licensing courses.
  • Must pass state administered real estate exam.
  • Must pay state mandated real estate agent fees.

For specifics look at our full guide on Real Estate License Requirements by State.

How Hard Is The Real Estate Exam

If youre a prospective real estate agent, then one of the first steps to launching your career as an agent or broker is to pass the real estate exam in your state. Whether youre a good test-taker or a poor one, theres no skipping this step.

As a result, you may be wondering, Just how hard is the real estate exam? The answer depends on how well you do your exam prep.

The real estate exam is a challenging test that takes the right preparation to do well on. Yet in order to get your real estate license, you must pass the state exam for a real estate broker or agent. The right preparation is key.

If you would rather watch or listen to this content, check out the video or podcast below!

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Do I Qualify For Arizonas Out

Individuals in Arizona who wish to be considered for Arizonas Out-of-State License Recognition must meet the following requirements, according to the Arizona Department of Real Estate :

  • Be a legal resident of Arizona
  • Currently have a valid license in another state and have held such license for a minimum of one year
  • In another state, you have passed the real estate licensing exams. Have never had a license or certificate suspended, revoked, or voluntarily relinquished in any other state or nation
  • And Be an applicant who has not been disciplined by another regulatory agency and who does not have any ongoing complaints, allegations, or investigations

I Failed My Az Real Estate Salesperson Exam Can I Retake It

How to Study for & Pass Your Arizona or other state’s Real Estate Exam

Yes, it is possible. You must wait for twenty-four hours before arranging another test. The exam attempt will be $75 in total. If you fail the exam twice, the state of Arizona will provide you with a one-time exam review chance. You will be given 30 minutes to go over the questions that you did not answer correctly.

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Easy User Friendly Interface

Quizzes, videos, audio, flashcards, vocabulary glossary, real estate exam hints and secrets, and more presented in an easy to use interface to promote learning and not frustration. Simply the best real estate exam prep course you will ever need.

Our “Immersion Technology“ simulates actual real estate exam environments to offer you the most realistic testing experience. You will pass the real estate exam with ease and you won’t have to pay the outrageous prices that similar exam preparation courses demand.

How do we do this? Simple! The real estate exam prep material in the enrolled area is the highest quality, continually updated, and yet the lowest price online. Each exam question and answer is written by real estate professionals and cross examined and edited for accuracy. The design of the course has been created by experts in education, in a way to promote learning, and to simulate the actual exam environment of the real estate exam. We have done the hard work for you and make it easy…all you need to do is take our course and pass the state exam.

And remember, in addition to all this, there is zero risk because we guarantee you will pass or your money back. Watch our 5 minute preview video of the “enrolled only area“ for a small glimpse of what is inside:

What To Expect During The Arizona Real Estate License Test

There are two parts to the Arizona real estate exam. Part one contains general real estate questions designed to test your knowledge of the industry as a whole. Part two contains questions that cover state-specific laws, clauses, and real estate regulations.

Youll have 300 minutes to complete the proctored test, and in that time, youll answer 180 scored multiple-choice questions and 15 non-scored questions. You must achieve a score of 75% or higher to pass the test, and youll leave the exam with a score report in hand.

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Sample Real Estate Arizona Questions

In this test you have to answer arizona real estate free download. To get pass real estate arizona questions free you must answers correct. So Enjoy these arizona real estate test questions to get enough knowledge for real estate arizona sample questions attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. Ifany question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Arizona Real Estate Test Simulator Free

free az real estate exam questions and answers

Arizona Real Estate Exam Questions:

Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep

The Arizona real estate salesperson exam has 195 questions, but 15 of those are pretest questions that donât count toward the final score. There is no national portion to the exam. All of the Arizona real estate exam questions are state-specific.

Exam Topics:

There are a number of exam topics on the Arizona real estate salesperson test with a different number of questions in each one. In total the exam has 27 categories:

  • Real Estate Statutes – 18 Questions
  • Commissionerâs Rules – 14 Questions
  • Agency Relationships and Managerial Duties – 13 Questions
  • Contracts and Contract Law – 10 Questions
  • Property Interests, Estates and Tenancies – 11 Questions
  • Government Rights in Real Property – 5 Questions
  • Income Tax Aspects of Real Estate – 2 Questions
  • Arizona Water Law – 6 Questions
  • Environmental Law – 6 Questions
  • Acquisitions and Transfer of Title – 7 Questions
  • Escrow and Settlement – 4 Questions
  • Fair Housing and ADA – 4 Questions
  • Leases and Leasehold Estates – 8 Questions
  • Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act – 6 Questions
  • Property Management – 7 Questions
  • Property Insurance and Warranties – 2 Questions
  • Appraisal – 4 Questions
  • Financing Concepts/Primary and Secondary Markets – 5 Questions
  • Residential and Commercial Financing – 5 Questions
  • Financing Documents – 4 Questions
  • Deed of Trust Foreclosure – 6 Questions
  • Disclosure and Consumer Protection – 7 Questions
  • Math Calculations – 12 Questions
  • Cooperative Nature of Real Estate – 2 Questions

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What Content Is On The Real Estate Exam

Access 540+ Actual Real Estate Exam Questions to Help You Get Your Real Estate License

So once you are qualified, youll need to hard on the real estate exam prep.

Now, you can go to any States real estate exam commission and they will have an official breakdown of what % of the exam is each topic.

Here at Real Estate Exam Ninja, we dont want vague, we want to nail this baby down to a 3% margin of error so we know exactly what to study and how much time to dedicate to each section.

To accomplish this, we survey all of our students after they pass their real estate exam so we know not only what is on the exam but we also know how much of each section is on the exam.

Real Estate Exam Administration

Depending on your state of residence, you may be able to take the Real Estate Exam at one of hundreds of venues around the United States. The majority of the time, the state-specific and national portions of your exam will be conducted by one of the three national testing facilities listed below: Once you have met the requirements to sit for the exam, you will be scheduled for it through the relevant testing facility. For information on when and where your real estate license test will be conducted, please refer to your states requirements listed below:

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What Documents Will I Need To Submit For Out

According to the Arizona Department of Real Estate, you will be required to provide the following papers in order to obtain Out-of-State License Recognition in Arizona:

  • Original Salesperson Application and Fee
  • Original Arizona Exam Score Report . To be eligible for a license, you must submit an application for one within one year of completing the State Specific examination and include the Original Arizona Exam Score Report with your application. You can submit your Out-of-State License Recognition application packets to the ADRE by mail or hand delivery to the ADRE.
  • A Certificate of Completion of a 6-hour Contract Writing Course
  • Proof of Legal Presence
  • The applicants original certified license history from the other state in which the applicant has had a license for at least one year . Proof of Arizona residence
  • A Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form
  • A valid/current Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by the Department of Public Safety

As a Salesperson and Charge, you must also hire on with a Broker at the time of application, or hire on after licensing online for a reduced fee. The Designated Broker must get into the ADRE online system in order to authorize the hire before the licensee is permitted to begin working.

I Just Passed My Az Real Estate Exam Now What

Arizona Real Estate Exam 2020 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

Youâll receive an AZ salesperson license application with your score report. You have year to submit the application to the ADRE. If you havenât already, begin the process to get your Fingerprint Clearance Card. Schedule your 6-hour Contract Writing Class and find an AZ licensed broker to work under.

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