How Many Question Are On The Real Estate Exam

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What Is Required To Get A License

75 Most Common Questions on the Real Estate Exam (2022)

For salespersons:

  • Proof of completion of the three 30 hour approved courses.
  • Real estate examination successfully completed.
  • Proof of age 18 and above.
  • Fees: Examination Fees . License

For brokers:

  • Proof of completion of 30 hours of Minnesota Department of Commerce pre-approved broker pre-license education.
  • Proof of age 18 and above.
  • Real estate examination successfully completed.
  • Minimum three years of actual licensed experience as a licensed real estate salesperson within the last five years in Minnesota or in another state that has comparable requirements.
  • Fees: Examination Fees . License .

How Many Questions Are On The Texas Real Estate Exam

The Texas real estate salespersons exam consists of 125 total multiple-choice questions.

  • The exam is broken down into a national portion and a state law portion. The national portion includes 85 multiple-choice questions
  • The state law portion includes 40 multiple-choice questions.

However, it is important to note that 5 of the national portion questions are considered preset items and are not counted toward your score. These questions are used to gather statistics on performance and to help develop future versions of the exam. These 5 preset items are distributed throughout the test, so you will not be able to distinguish which questions are preset items and which are actual exam questions.Similarly, the state law portion includes 10 preset items, which means you will only be graded on 30 out of the 40 state law questions.

In order to pass the national portion of the exam, you must answer 56 out of the 80 questions correctly .In order to pass the state law portion of the exam, you must answer 21 out of the 30 questions correctly .Also, please note that you must pass BOTH the national and state portions of the exam in order to pass the overall exam.

There is a 150 minute time-limit for the national portion and a 90 minute time-limit for the state portion .

New York Real Estate Exam Practice Questions Tips & Test Locations

  • Prior to registering, consider the following: Procedures for Scheduling Your Exam
  • Bring the following items with you on examination day: When and how much does it cost to sit for the New York Real Estate Examination
  • In which locations do you take the New York Real Estate Examination? Which topics will be covered in the New York Real Estate Exam
  • What is the difficulty level of the New York Real Estate Exam
  • Practice Questions for the New York Real Estate Exam
  • In terms of what to expect on the day of the test, here are some guidelines: The Results of Your Examination
  • What to Do After You Have Passed Your Examination
  • Contact Information
  • Important Points of Contact
  • Gaining your New York real estate license is an exciting and hard adventure that takes time and effort. As real estate professionals, we understand how difficult it may be to study for and take the New York Real Estate Exam. Taking the test is the final hurdle in the way of aspiring real estate professionals achieving their dream career. With an average real estate income in New York City of $93,100, its no surprise that real estate has become such a popular career option. This post contains all of the material necessary to have a better understanding of the New York Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

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    Use Practice Tests To Prepare

    Researchers look at anything and anything under the sun, including exam preparation methods. Practice exams, according to research, are the most effective approach to prepare for and remember material. A study guide reference list is available to obtain from Pearson VUE, the Texas exam administrator, and it is highly recommended that you do so. In addition, they provide practice exams for which you may pay, however Aceable users can save the fee by using our practice tests instead. Because the concepts and content are drawn from the necessary courses, it is an excellent preparation aid for the Texas real estate test.

    Taking the time to prepare is a far superior option to winging it on the day of the event.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

    retains ownership of all intellectual property rights in the TREC State test pass rate statistics as of November 19, 2021.

    Complete The Background Check And Fingerprinting

    Real Estate Math for New Agents

    All Salesperson applicants must be fingerprinted for a Missouri and federal criminal history background check. To do this you must register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site and follow the instructions. The background check fee is $41.75.

    Applicants with a criminal history may be required to provide additional information. We should also note thatsome criminal convictions result in an automatic denial of a real estate license.

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    Get A Georgia Real Estate License

    Join over 100,000 other students and get licensed online at VanEd. Save 35% with Promo Code LICENSE35.

    With an average real estate salary averaging $47,610 in Georgia, it is no wonder why real estate has become such a popular career choice. Depending on experience, real estate agents can make a salary of anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000.

    To become a real estate agent in Georgia and represent buyers and sellers in the real estate transaction process, a candidate must complete the following steps, including passing the Georgia Real Estate Exam.

  • Complete 75 Hours of Approved Pre-License Education
  • Pass the Course Final Exam
  • Submit Fingerprints & Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • Pass the Georgia Real Estate License Exam
  • Find a Sponsoring Broker to Work Under
  • Complete the Licensing Application
  • Learn more about how to get a real estate license in Georgia.

    What Content Is On The Real Estate Exam

    Access 540+ Actual Real Estate Exam Questions to Help You Get Your Real Estate License

    So once you are qualified, youll need to hard on the real estate exam prep.

    Now, you can go to any States real estate exam commission and they will have an official breakdown of what % of the exam is each topic.

    Here at Real Estate Exam Ninja, we dont want vague, we want to nail this baby down to a 3% margin of error so we know exactly what to study and how much time to dedicate to each section.

    To accomplish this, we survey all of our students after they pass their real estate exam so we know not only what is on the exam but we also know how much of each section is on the exam.

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    What Should I Bring With Me For The Exam

    • Valid picture identification that has been issued during the last five years is as follows:
    • Drivers license or DMV identity card issued by the state in which you reside
    • Or a valid United States passport or a passport issued by a foreign country
    • Or a valid United States military identification card.
    • On-site provision of a simple calculator will be made available.

    How Do I Pass My Real Estate Exam The First Time

    25 Questions You Will See on the Real Estate Exam 2022

    Real Estate Exam Test Taking Tips

  • Do as many practice real estate exam questions as you can.
  • Start by only answering questions that are extremely easy.
  • Look at the answers first.
  • Do not choose an answer you have never heard of!
  • Work backwards to the correct answer.
  • Skip questions you dont know the answer to.
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    Prepagentcom California Real Estate License And Exam Info


    • Salesperson Examination Application or Combined Salesperson Examination and License Application
    • Documentation demonstrating satisfactory completion of the required college-level real estate courses and degrees Payment of dues
    • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the Department of Real Estate
    • And If the application is sent by mail or fax, credit card information can be included for exam scheduling
    • Cash payments are not accepted by the DRE. The Reasonable Accommodations Request for Examination , if a disability-related reasonable accommodation is required, should be completed and attached. All license candidates are subjected to a background investigation
    • Please send all of the above-mentioned documents to the following address: Department of Real Estate P.O. Box 137001 Sacramento, CA 95813-7001


    • Broker Examination Application or Combined Broker Examination and License Application in its entirety
    • Documentation demonstrating satisfactory completion of the required college-level real estate courses and degrees Making payments : cheques or money orders should be made payable to the Department of Real Estate
    • If the application is sent by mail or fax, credit card information can be included for exam scheduling
    • The DRE does not take cash payments
    • Instead, checks are accepted. The following examples of experience might be used to demonstrate your eligibility for the broker exam:

    Free California Real Estate Practice Exam

    1. Ayana Dubois, a chef, rented property in order to run a restaurantin California. Dubois purchased and installed a commercial-grade range, oven, deep fryer, and grill. To comply with safety regulations and protect her staff, Dubois has securely fastened all of this commercial restaurant equipment to the kitchen. Which of the following is a correct statement related to the restaurant equipment Dubois installed?
    All of the following are examples of lawful private controls on real estate except:

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    Working Under A Broker As A Real Estate Agent

    Most states require you to be associated with a licensed real estate broker before being a fully licensed real estate agent. This can mean working for a larger national company or an independent broker.

    Some companies and brokers will sponsor prospective real estate agents and pay for the cost of their classes or exam. You can learn about the industry and develop a professional relationship with other real estate professionals by joining a networking organization or working in an administrative role for a brokerage before becoming a real estate agent.


    Delaware Real Estate Sales Agent Exam Requirements

    Top 5 Real Estate Appraisal Schools â Must Read #3

    The Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam is broken up into two segments. The first segment is the real estate salesperson national exam. The second segment is the real estate salesperson state specific exam. The national portion of the Delaware Real Estate salesperson exam is comprised of 80 questions. In order to pass the exam, an examinee must answer 56 out of the 80 questions correctly . The time allowed to complete the entire Delaware Real Estate salesperson exam is 4 hours.

    The state specific part of the Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam is comprised of 30 questions. An examinee must answer 21 questions correctly to pass . The time allowed for the entire test is 4 hours.

    Real Estate Salesperson Exams in Delaware are administered by Pearson VUE at Before registering with Pearson VUE for the Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam, you must first see what you must do to qualify for a license. Review this document to find your status:

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    What Score Is Needed To Pass The Exam

    You must earn a score of 75 to pass either the Sales Associate or Broker exam. We have outstanding Exam Preparation products and classes to help you pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License Exam.

    For the Florida Real Estate Broker License Exam, we include Exam Preparation materials in the live classroom pre-licensing course.

    Is The California Broker Exam Hard

    This requires passing a difficult exam. According to the California Department of Real Estate, the pass rate for the real estate broker exam hovers around 50 percent. Using our real estate prep materials, students have obtained more than 50,000 licenses around the country. Our pass rate is higher than 95 percent.

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    Understanding The Real Estate Exam

    Passing the real estate license exam is a major milestone on the exciting journey to begin a career as a real estate agent. Becoming familiar with the exam format, questions, and best ways to study means that you will be a licensed real estate agent in no time. Now is the time to get ready to pass the real estate exam!

    Free Real Estate Practice Exams

    Texas Real Estate Exam 2021 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)
    Dave Evangelisti

    Test-Guide is supported by our users. We may earn a commission when you buy through some links on the site. Learn more.

    Use our free Real Estate practice exams to pass the Real Estate License Exam – an assessment taken by candidates who wish to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

    Real Estate Agents work to advise home buyers and sellers on market conditions, real estate prices, mortgages, and how to best present their homes in order to sell at the best price.

    See our free sample tests for the latest actual real estate exam questions and answers.

    Summary: Take a free real estate practice exam below and see how you do.

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    Questions That Are On Every Real Estate Exam

    As you are aware, the real estate examination is divided into two sections: a national portion and a state section. The real estate test practice questions and answers provided below are for the national section of the exam. For the state section, do not rely on any real estate test preparation website because the questions change on a regular basis owing to changes in state regulations.

  • Leasehold Tenancy in Severalty, Leasehold Tenancy in Common, Joint Tenancy, Leasehold Tenancy by the Entirety
  • A real estate agents fiduciary duties include the following six:
  • Accounting, care, confidentiality, disclosure, loyalty, and obedience are all important concepts.
  • In order to eliminate fraudulent financing practices, Truth in Lending is supposed to be implemented.
  • Exactly what is the distinction between a Grantor and a Grantee
  • The grantor conveys ownership of the property to the grantee by giving, selling, or transferring it to the grantee. The grantee is the person who gets the property.
  • In what ways are a mortgagor and a mortgagee different from one another
  • The mortgagor is also known as the borrower. The mortgagee is often known as the lender. The borrower makes a loan to the lender by way of a mortgage. Money is given to the borrower by his or her lender.
  • What Is The Best Way To Study For Real Estate Exam

    Top 10 Tips for Passing the Real Estate Exam

  • Do as many practice real estate exam questions as you can.
  • Start by only answering questions that are extremely easy.
  • Look at the answers first.
  • Do not choose an answer you have never heard of!
  • Work backwards to the correct answer.
  • Skip questions you dont know the answer to.
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    How To Study For The New York Real Estate Exam

    Before taking the state exam, it is required that you complete the 75-hour course at any of the top real estate schools in New York and pass the school exam. Real estate courses can be classroom-based and online.

    Our guide will help you decide whether online or classroom-based real estate courses work better for you.

    If you are considering taking online classes to get your real estate license in the state of New York, you can save up to 40% on your education costs by utilizing this special PROMO code that is exclusively available only to our readers.

    Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

    Consider the school exam a practice test as it is usually harder than the state exam. If you can pass your school exam, you will likely succeed at the state exam.

    Most schools, for an additional fee, also offer exam prep cram courses. This is not typically necessary unless you feel it will supplement your test preparation strategy.

    Everyone studies and plans differently. Do what you think is best for your aptitude.

    Of course, the safest way to prepare for the exam is by reading the entire book carefully, multiple times, and memorizing key terms and formulas.

    Please dont make the same mistake as I did. I only read the first half of the book and went for the exam, then failed miserably.

    Is There A Lot Of Math On The Real Estate Exam

    How Many Real Estate Exams Are There

    How Much Math Is on the Real Estate Exam? No matter what state you are wanting to get a real estate license in, you can expect to see math questions on the exam. While the number of math questions on the exam varies from state-to-state, the total number of math-related questions is somewhere between 10-15%.

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    Is The Real Estate Licensing Exam Multiple Choice

    Yes. In general, you should expect 60-80 multiple-choice questions that are particular to each state, and 80-100 multiple-choice questions that are broad in nature on real estate principles. Candidates are required to complete both components of the test, which is typically administered in two sessions. Depending on your location, you will have between 2-4 hours to finish your test.

    Free Real Estate Exam Resources

    Below we have aggregated a list of free study resources in hopes that you can pass your practice real estate exam on your first try . If you know of a free resource that we can add to this list, please e-mail us and let us know.

  • Nelnet Solutions provides a free 300 page real estate practice PDF that can be accessed here. We have reviewed the material and found it to be slightly better than average content that will help you study for your real estate exam.

  • Quizlet is a flashcard website that has many real estate practice exam questions that are 100% free. This link is one of our favorites and we can vouch for the material.

  • has a small guide which they call a cheat sheet. It is basically some terminology that you will 100% see on the real estate exam.

  • Pearson Vue Practice Exam This one is not free on the link I am providing but if you search the internet you can find it. For legal purposes, I can not provide a link. We really think this content is fantastic.

  • PSI Real Estate Practice Exam Once again, this one is not free but if you know how to search google you can find it really easy.

  • has a free practice test with 41 questions that you can use to practice as well. We dont like the exam material in this one as much but it can still be fantastic review and practice for your real estate test.

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