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Are There Classes I Should Take In Undergrad To Prepare

How to Review an MCAT Practice Exam like a Pro – Jack Westin

Choosing your major, let alone your classes in undergrad, is one of the most stressful considerations along your premedical journey. Obviously, everyone knows their own capability and the level at which they can operate, but you do want to strike a balance between taking useful and interesting courses that will help you – while still maintaining a high GPA. It is worth repeating here your GPA is the most important part of your application based on the data of schools that release their selection criterion. This is because many schools will not even look at your application if your GPA does not meet a cut-off AND you can retake your MCAT but it is much more difficult to improve your GPA.

That being said, there are some really helpful classes you can take in undergrad that do help with the MCAT. Luckily, many of these classes also commonly fall under the admission requirements for medical school and even non-science majors may have to take these courses. There are also other considerations for which undergraduate courses to take.

Factors in Deciding Courses

  • Does it satisfy a requirement for my major?
  • Is it a requirement for the med schools I want to apply to?
  • Do I need this course to do upper year courses?
  • Does it help me with my MCAT?
  • Can I get a high grade?
  • Mcat Tip #: Collect Resources Early And Save Money If You Can

    Rather than jumping in and spending thousands of dollars just before you start studying for the MCAT, keep your eyes peeled years in advance for other opportunities to secure free or low-cost MCAT resources.

    Check online, at your school, and through friends and mentors to see where MCAT prep books are being given away or sold cheaply. For example, before I had even decided to apply straight through, I luckily landed a summer internship that provided every student with an MCAT prep book and brief summer course! At the time I didnt take it too seriously, but that book came in handy just a few months later once I started studying in earnest. I was then able to hand off those books to other friends after I finished studying.

    On the other hand, if a prep course is a better fit for you, start saving and looking for coupons and sales as early as possible. Oftentimes, prep courses will allow you to register for a course but not actually start it until much later.

    When Is The Earliest I Can Take The Mcat

    You can take the MCAT at any time during your undergraduate program or even after you graduate. However, students typically will not have completed the prerequisite courses for the MCAT until after your sophomore year. If you want to get the MCAT out of the way early, we recommend the earliest you should take it in the summer between your sophomore and junior year.

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    How Long Is The Mcat With Breaks

    Including breaks, the MCAT takes 7.5 hours. Each of the four MCAT sections takes 90-95 minutes to complete, and each section is broken up by an optional break between 10 and 30 minutes long.

    The breakdown of the MCAT test is as follows:

    Chem/Phys: 95 minutes

    Optional lunch break: 30 minutes

    Bio/BioChem: 95 minutes

    Optional break: 10 minutes

    Psych/Soc: 95 minutes

    How many breaks do you get during MCAT? There are 3 optional breaks during the MCAT test. Before the test begins, theres also an optional 10 minute tutorial. We recommend taking the tutorial to help you settle in and to make sure everything is working properly.

    It is imperative to your success on test day that you take breaks. The MCAT is a grueling test, and your mind and body need both rest and fuel to ensure youre performing optimally. Considering your score can make or break your entire medical school application, the MCAT is not a test you should try to rush through.

    Learn more about What to Expect on MCAT Test Day.

    Day Of The Test Time Management

    How Long is the MCAT?

    While the total allotted MCAT time may seem long and daunting, after learning how many questions youll be required to answer has probably made it seem shortand daunting.

    Thats why were going to leave you with a few strategies to help with time management on the day of the test:

    • Determine how much time you can allot for each question.
    • Skim over the questions briefly before reading the passages. This will allow you to read the passages more quickly, searching out relevant information to the questions.
    • Read both passages and questions CAREFULLY!
    • Temporarily skip more difficult or involved questions and come back to them later.

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    Its Critical To Prepare Extensively For The Mcat

    Dr. Beddingfield recommends beginning the process of studying for the MCAT early in your junior year of college. This should allow you enough time to fully cover the material in preparation for taking the exam near the end of that school year. Note that the AAMC offers an array of resources to help you study.

    While there are no official prerequisites for taking the MCAT, youd be wise to have already completed courses that align with thesubjects covered in the exam, including biology, physics, psychology, sociology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. By completing relevant courses and leveraging practice exams, youll become progressively more comfortable leading up to the exam. This matters as much as anything.

    The most important aspect of the MCAT is confidence. You need to practice, practice, practice.

    The most important aspect of the MCAT is confidence. You need to practice, practice, practice, advises Dr. Alex Roher, an anesthesiologist and founder ofSD Botox. He attributes his strong MCAT score to the numerous practice exams he took. I knew what to expect and what to look for in trick questions. Being prepared breeds confidence and success.

    A Strong Mcat Score Can Set You Up For Success

    Youll receive a report with five scoresan individual score for each of the sections along with an overall score. Overall, the maximum MCAT score possible in 528 while the lowest is 472. The average MCAT score for everyone who applied to US medical schools for the 20202021 yearwas 506 while the average among accepted students was 512.

    Should you be unhappy with your MCAT score, rest easy knowingyou are able to retake the exam. In fact, you can take the MCAT as many as three times in a year, four times in two consecutive years, and a maximum of seven times throughout your lifetime.

    Its also important to not be discouraged if you scored lower than anticipated. There are plenty of reputable medical schools who take a holistic approach to evaluating applications, meaning your MCAT score is just one of many important elements being considered. For example, individuals who have the passion and determination to become a doctor but have difficulties when it comes to taking tests may want to consider applying to a Caribbean medical school.

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    How Long Is The Mcat Without Breaks

    Without breaks, the MCAT takes approximately 6.25 hours, or six hours and fifteen minutes. Denying your mind and body breaks and trying to speed through your MCAT is highly inadvisable utilize your allotted breaks to ensure you can perform to the best of your ability.

    Bring multiple snacks with you, and if you pack a lunch, make sure its something light. Ideal foods include simple sandwiches, granola bars, nuts, bananas, and berries. Make sure you choose healthy options, but dont branch out of your comfort zone either. Test day is not the time to experiment with an exotic health food youve never tried before.

    Make sure to also pack plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to loss of memory, poor cognitive functions, and mood swings.

    Read more about Test Day Strategies, including tips for the days leading up to your test and what to do on test day.

    How To Use Your Break Time

    Everything You Need to Know About Taking the MCAT Exam

    Technically, all break periods during the MCAT are optional. However, most would agree that you should take full advantage of them! This exam is a marathon, not a sprint. This is the approach youll need to take if you want to get a good MCAT score.

    Use your breaks to decompress and re-energize. Get up and walk around to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing.

    Take some time to get a drink, a bite to eat, and maybe a bit of tea or coffee if you need some caffeine.

    Its also an excellent time to use the bathroom. You can leave to use the restroom at any point during the test, but those short breaks will not stop the timer. For this reason, its wise to do your business on the allotted breaks to save as much time for the exam questions as possible.

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    Figure Out Your Route

    Determine your route to the test center well in advance. Even if youâre driving, try going to the test center on a different day to see how long it takes. If youâre flying in, determine how far you are from the test site. Knowing this information will ensure you order your ride at an appropriate time.

    Whats The Latest I Can Take The Mcat In An Application Cycle

    Things happen and you may find yourself down to the wire. Or, you may choose to repeat the MCAT to raise your score and apply to more schools than you originally put on your application.

    Whatever the case, your first course of action is to check the application deadline for all of the schools youre applying to, which is listed in your AMCAS application. Deadlines range from September through December, so you may have a little wiggle room or a lot. But remember, because med schools use a rolling admissions process, the later you apply, the less consideration your application gets.

    In general, we recommend the absolute latest you should take the MCAT is mid-August, which would put your scores out Mid-September. Ideally, this is only for students that have already submitted their application and are retaking the MCAT to apply to additional schools. If you havent submitted your primary application by September, it may make more sense to wait until the next cycle.

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    Are You Allowed To Eat

    You are allowed to eat throughout the day. Because the MCAT is so long, its a good idea to bring snacks and a light lunch.

    Its a good idea to bring energizing foods that wont weigh you down. Most recommend keeping things light so that you dont fall prey to the afternoon slump. To avoid the risk of any stomach issues, you may want to stick to items youre used to eating as well.

    Throughout the day, youre allowed to eat during the designated breaks. You can snack during the short 10-minute breaks and eat a packed lunch during the mid-exam one.

    However, youre not allowed to eat or drink during the active testing period. Food and drinks are not permitted in the testing area. Test-takers arent even allowed to chew gum or bring a bottle of water into the room.

    All of your snacking must occur during the designated breaks.

    Psychological Social And Biological Foundations Of Behavior

    Sign up for the free MCAT Practice Bundle , which includes a half ...
    • Time: 95 minutes
    • Total number of questions: 59
    • Format of questions: 10 passage-based sets of questions, with 4-6 questions per set, and 15 independent questions

    The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section requires you to apply your comprehension and analysis skills to passages relating to a wide range of disciplines in social sciences and humanities. However, no specific subject knowledge is required within this section of the MCAT. For more information check out our CARS for the MCAT guide.

    The other three sections â Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior â require you to combine your scientific knowledge with scientific inquiry and reasoning skills. Youâll need to draw upon your knowledge of general and organic chemistry, and introductory physics, biology, biochemistry, psychology and sociology.

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    What Time Does The Mcat Start And End

    The official start of the MCAT test is at 8:00 a.m. This all depends, though, on how fast you go through the preliminary check-in and validation process. Make sure that you dont set any appointments other than the MCAT exam on the day of your test date. Again, the MCAT is a very extensive exam that will use up much of your brain power and energy, so keep that in mind.

    Generally, test facilitators still need to do some preliminary check-ins and validations before you can begin to sit in the testing area. Test facilitators might need to check your identity first, scan your palms, use metal detectors on test-takers to prevent risks of cheating. To be on the safer side, the MCAT exams usually begin at around 7:45 and 8:15 a.m.

    If you start at exactly 8:00 a.m., the MCAT test will end at around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. This all depends on whether you take your breaks or cut them short to proceed to the next test section right away.

    How Are The Multiple Mcat Scores Evaluated

    This exam will last 7.5 hours, so prepare for a very long day. This time does not include check in at the testing center. Your examination agreement will last around 8 minutes. After that, you can take an optional 10-minute tutorial.

    You will then take one of the 4 major test sections, which will last around 95 minutes. After this, you have an optional 10-minute break. Next, the 90-minute section of your exam will be administered followed by an optional 30-minute lunch break, also called the mid-exam break.

    Once they have determined your scaled score for each section, they will add these scores together for your total score. The s core range for the MCAT is from 472 to 528 points. The average score is a 500. If you receive below a 500, it will be very difficult for you to be accepted into medical schools. If you score above a 508, you have received a competitive score and admission to medical schools will be determined based on your GPA and interviews, along with recommendation letters and personal essays.

    Scoring above a 514 will place you in the top 10% of all test takers. This will all but guarantee admission into most medical schools, even if your GPA is not perfect.

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    How Long Does An Mcat Exam Take

    If you plan to take the exam, be prepared to spend the entire day at your testing sitethe MCAT is seven and a half hours long. How many questions are on the MCAT? From start to finish, it includes 230 questions across a number of topics. Keep in mind that you can recharge during lunch and a few other short breaks.

    What Is The Mcat The Key To Your Future

    How to Take and Review MCAT Practice Exams | MCAT 2021

    While the MCAT is a challenging exam, you can conquer it with proper preparation. First, you need to choose a study method. Second, make a schedule and stick to it. Remember, practice tests are your best resource while studying for the MCAT. Be sure to simulate test conditions and review practice tests thoroughly. Section tests are a good way to strengthen your target areas.

    Donât let the MCAT stand between you and your goals. We wish you success, and are here to help you ace your exam if youâre looking for personalized, compassionate MCAT tutoring!

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    One Other Thingconditioning Yourself Before The Exam

    There are numerous cases of students who feel overwhelmed during exam day and suffer from anxiety attacks.

    The toll and strain of thinking about the MCAT are like a nagging toothache that can explode at any given point in time.

    One of the most important lessons any student can take from the experience is to create a balance in their total regimen.

    This means creating a conducive environment that doesnt put the body and mind at any great strain.

    Creating a study plan that ignores the long-term detrimental effects on the mind or body is careless and can lead to your downfall. Take the MCAT with a well-conditioned mind and body.

    How Do I Prepare For The Mcat

    How to Study for the MCAT in 3 Months

  • Gauge your performance by taking a free online practice test. …
  • Let your baseline guide your content review. …
  • Grab a copy of the AAMC outline of topics that will be on the exam . …
  • Consider taking a prep course to keep you on track. …
  • Practice, practice, practice.
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    The Mcat: A Brief Overview

    As you know, the MCAT is one of the primary requirements of most medical schools, which means you need to take it if you want a career in medicine. This comprehensive exam tests your knowledge of the various concepts and subjects relevant to the field of medicine.

    Its composed of four sections, with 230 questions in total. The four MCAT sections are:

    • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
    • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
    • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
    • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

    Each section is broken down into 59 multiple-choice questions, except for CARS, which only has 53 multiple-choice questions. Every part of the MCAT is designed to gauge how well you understand and recall the fundamental concepts of several sciences.

    Your MCAT score helps medical school admission offices to evaluate whether youre the right fit for their school or not.

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