How Hard Is The Hesi Exam

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Free Hesi A2 Practice Test Subject Links


Members also receive full-length video courses in Reading, Grammar, and Math. Whether youve been out of school for a while or need help in your weaker subjects, these video courses will teach and refresh your skills on the content you will encounter on the HESI A2 test. Users also get over 12 hours of combined video content. NurseHub constantly adds to the exclusive question bank, courses, and videos. Monthly subscribers get first access to new releases. Content updates and new materials are automatically added to their accounts for free!

In addition to practice questions and video courses, NurseHub also gives students access to five full-length, timed practice tests for each subject on the HESI! When you finish the practice tests, you will get more help through detailed score reports that tell you exactly what areas you need to work on. Use the NurseHub question banks to work on weak areas at your own pace. Tests come with unlimited retakes. NurseHub works with you to help you be the most prepared for your nursing school entrance test day. And best of all, NurseHub premium offers a pass guarantee. Students receive three months free if they do not pass the HESI A2 exam.

Hesi Exit Exam Subjects

The HESI Exit Exams are developed to match the latest NCLEX test plans. They test the entire nursing curriculum and they attempt to predict whether or not the test taker will pass the NCLEX exam, which every nurse is required to pass for professional certification.

The core subject areas of the HESI exit exam are:

  • Nursing Process
  • Client Needs
  • Specialty Area
  • Nursing Process: Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Client Needs: Infection control, basic care and comfort, health promotion and maintenance, care management and safety
  • Specialty Areas: Critical care, geriatrics, pediatrics and mental and psychiatric care

What Is The Hesi A2 Test

HESI Admissions Assessment Exam or HESI A2, is an exam that is often selected by nursing schools/programs during the application process, and is required for admission. The test is taken by prospective students in order to assess the skills and abilities of the applicants in area such as English, math, and science. There are other similar, yet different tests, that may be required by your nursing program of choice. Be sure to contact your school for exact exam requirements.

Ideally, the reasoning behind taking these entrance exams is to determine how a student is likely to perform in nursing school, based on how well they perform on the test. Studies have also shown that the entrance exam results are linked to how well a student will perform during their first year in nursing school, as well as measure their outcome for success and completion of the nursing program. These tests also act as a preparation for the Registered Nurse licensure exam, the NCLEX, after graduation. The HESI specifically aims to prep students for taking the NCLEX exam.

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How Many Questions Are In The Hesi Exam

Each of the different sections on the HESI exam consists of a different number of questions, which means that you may need to study harder for some sections of the exam than you do for others.

Keep in mind that each school has the ability to adjust the number of questions on the HESI exam, and different versions of the exam may vary slightly. You will want to be prepared for a slightly different number of items, though the numbers should not vary widely.

Vocabulary 50 questions

General Profile & Learning Style 30 questions

Critical Thinking 30

Because the general profile & learning style section is based on individual factors and primarily focuses on your personality and learning, this is a section that you do not need to study for. The vocabulary, grammar, and math skills sections have the largest number of questions, but as these are more basic sections, they may not require as much study.

The science sections and critical thinking section will require the most study for most individuals as these are more specialized and look more deeply into the field of nursing. These will require you to have a better understanding of the topic area and will likewise require additional time to prepare.

What Does Hesi Stand For

Pin on Prepping

The HESI Entrance Exam is also known as the HESI Admissions Assessment Exam or the HESI A2. Schools often use HESI to help predict the students likelihood of success in tests. Their Admission Assessment Exam is used as a baseline entrance criterion by some nursing schools. The total time allotted to complete the exam is 4.25 hours.

Your result of each section of the exam must be passed with a 75% or higher to pass the HESI A2 exam.

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What Should I Expect To Be On The Hesi Exam

The HESI Exit Exam consists of 3 sections with 150 questions in total:

  • Nursing Process: assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation
  • Client Needs: safe and effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, physiological adaptation
  • Nursing Specialties: dosage calculation, fundamentals, health assessment, nutrition, pathophysiology and pharmacology, community health, critical care, gerontology, maternity, pediatrics, medical-surgical, psychiatric/mental health

Its also important to note that you can not use a personal calculator. You can only use the calculator provided on the exam computer.

Once you have taken the exam, you can expect results within 2 weeks.

How Hard Is The Hesi Exam

· I took the HESI test about a year ago. I didn’t think it was that hard at all. Pretty much basic math, reading and vocabulary. I also along with those had to take the Anatomy and Physiology part as well and it wasn’t bad. Mind you, I didn’t even studied for it , so I winged it and I passed with a pretty good grade.

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All About The Hesi Exam And Resources To Help Pass

CATEGORIESContinuing Education

If you are in nursing school or considering nursing school, chances are you have heard about the HESI exam. The HESI exam is a standardized exam used by many nursing programs around the country. Many schools require you to take the HESI exam to be admitted into their nursing program or to be eligible to graduate.

This article will help you understand what is covered on the HESI exam and how to prepare for this part of your nursing journey.

  • How long is the HESI?
  • HESI A2 vs. HESI exit exam
  • HESI vs. TEAS
  • Next steps
  • Hesi Discussions And Study Groups

    HESI Exam | What is the HESI Exam in Nursing School?

    Social learning often gets overlooked as a learning mechanism. You can use and forums to get a boost from online social learning, as well as tips from previous test-takers.

    You may also have questions about material or learning methods that are not included in the FAQs. You can read previous answers or ask a new question for help.

    Study groups are another great way to facilitate social learning through cooperation and collaboration. Research has shown for decades that cooperative and collaborative learning enhances academic performance.

    Social learning also helps you develop skills youll use in college and in your career. These include communication skills, teamwork skills, and other interpersonal skills.

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    How To Pass The Hesi Exam

    You can increase your chances of mastering the HESI A2 exam by studying. Consistent study habits and study tools will help you prepare both academically and psychologically .

    There are a few rules of good study habits:

    • Study consistently over weeks/months, not just a few days before the exam

    • Space out your study sessions to avoid learning fatigue

    • Study more than one section at a time

    • Revisit material even after youve mastered it

    • Use a variety of study tools

    Reading and re-reading material is ineffective for long-term memory recall. To cement the knowledge in your brain cells, you have to mix it up with different learning techniques.

    Other Important Hesi Entrance Exam Study Tips

    Youve got your arsenal of HESI flashcards, your study guide roadmap, and your lessons and practice tests. So why are you still struggling with the material?

    There are many, many factors that can throw off study session effectiveness:

    • Emotional and mental distractions

    • Physical health issues

    • Over-scheduling

    Everyone has different life situations. It may be difficult for you to schedule consistent study time, and to focus on the material when you do.

    You may have to strategize ways to get more sleep, adjust priorities, or in the time leading up to the exam. The best way to slip effective HESI exam studying into your schedule is by ensuring you have quality study sessions that dont waste your valuable time and effort.

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    Practicing Questions For Your Nursing Exams

    The Good: Practice questions are a great way to cover content while also testing yourself.

    The Bad: Make sure you read the rationales EVEN for questions you got correct. Sometimes question banks dont do a great job of explaining the entire concept or give direct links to additional resources for you to brush up on weak content areas.

    How Is The Hesi Exam Scored

    I promised myself to share my study

    The Health Education Systems, Inc. exit exam is scored on a percentage system. The highest HESI score students can get is 100%.

    The HESI exam results contain a percentage score for each subtest taken and a cumulative score – the average score of all the subtests.

    There is no set passing or required score that applies to all test-takers. Each school determines its own HESI score requirements.

    Individuals preparing to take the HESI need to check the admission guidelines for the postsecondary institution they are applying to.

    The HESI exit exam is scored in two ways. First, they convert the results of the ten subject tests into a percentage representing the number of questions answered correctly. Each subject test is scored on a scale of 0-100%.

    For example, if you answered 40 out of 50 questions correctly in one section, your raw score would be 80%. The conversion score is calculated based on the raw score.

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    How The Questions Are Set

    Lets start with how the exam questions are curated, and I’m going to begin with how the NCLEX is scored.

    The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test or CAT. The CAT technology works by adjusting the questions you get based on how youre doing.

    If you answer a question correctly, your next questions will be harder. If you get it wrong, your next question will be easier.

    Youll keep doing this until the computer can determine if youre above the passing line.

    The HESI exam are static exams. Static exams have set questions, and youll answer those number of questions.

    Wrapping Things Up: Is The Hesi Exam Hard

    When it comes to taking the HESI exam, you should make sure to spend some time studying. It will be a challenging exam, but it doesnt have to be as hard as you might think. In fact, this exam contains a lot of information that is general knowledge or that you should already have a good understanding of.

    If youre just coming out of high school or any other medical program or position, you should have an easier time studying and preparing for this exam. If youve been out of high school or any additional schooling for a while, you may need a refresher course on some of the information that you will be tested on.

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    Whats On The Hesi A2 Exam

    Reading Comprehension: Provides reading scenarios in order to measure reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding the meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc.

    Recommended time: 60 minutes 55 items

    Vocabulary & General Knowledge: Contains vocabulary terms that are commonly used in both general English-speaking settings and in health care fields.

    Recommended time: 50 minutes 55 items

    Grammar: Contains basic grammar, including parts of speech, important terms, and their uses, commonly occurring grammatical errors, etc.

    Recommended time: 50 minutes 55 items

    Math: Focuses on math skills needed for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, household measures, general math facts, etc.

    Recommended time: 50 minutes 55 items

    Physics: The physics test will cover general physics concepts such as rotation, friction, gravitation, energy, average speed, Newtons Laws of Motion, projectile motion, light, optics, and acceleration.

    Recommended time: 25 question exam with 50 minutes

    Biology: The biology questions are focused on general biology topics including biology basics, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, metabolism, biological molecules, and cells.

    Recommended time: 25 question exam with 25 minutes

    Recommended time: 25 question exam with 50 minutes

    Anatomy and Physiology : Provides coverage of general terminology and anatomical structures and systems.

    Hesi Is More Difficult Than Nclex

    How I Passed the HESI A2 Exam: Rosemond Afiriyie

    This final question may not have an answer. As I am unsure of how to quantify difficulty levels and what constitutes a good score for either test. However, anecdotally speaking from my experience teaching Hesi content in class, it does seem much harder to pass than NCLEX-RN. As you can tell by reading this post so far there are many tips that will help you study for your exam! The most important tip would be practicing with past questions or even better yet taking practice exams under simulated testing conditions . From this, you will have some idea of how the test scores and what kind of questions to expect.

    If you want to know more about HESI and NCLEX, read more: What Are The Differences Between HESI vs NCLEX?

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    How Long Is The Teas Exam

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    Three Simple Areas To Identify Your Weaknesses On Nursing Exams:

    There comes a time in every nursing students journey when its time to prepare for exams like the ATI, HESI, or the NCLEX®. During that prep, it becomes extremely obvious where the weaknesses pop up, and this can feel crippling. Nursing students tend to write into Picmonic with similar, seemingly insurmountable issues like:

    Im doing poorly answering questions. Help!

    Ive failed my NCLEX®, what do you recommend?

    Can you help me figure out why Im doing so poorly on my nursing tests?

    I dont think Im going to pass my HESI Exit because I cant even pass my HESI practice exam. Help, please!

    How do I pass my nursing school exams?

    Usually, nursing students are left with a standardized report post-testing telling them content areas of weakness, but sometimes, its just a matter of understanding how the testing process works. Because of this, Picmonic has boiled everything down into three areas to work on in order to help you pass your nursing exams.

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    What Is The Hesi Nursing Exam

    HESI is the acronym for Health Education Systems Incorporated, a U.S. company providing exams and study materials to prepare student nurses for their professional licensure exam. Sometimes referred to as the HESI A2, the HESI is an entrance exam used by nursing schools to determine a candidates baseline knowledge of common subject areas.

    Teas V Exam Practice Test

    Pass4Sure HESI Test Questions by Owens

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    Is The Ati Teas Test Hard

    The TEAS can be difficult to pass for some nursing school candidates. According to the test maker, ATI, nearly 40% of candidates have to take the TEAS more than once. Candidates who properly prepare find themselves in the 60% who pass on the first attempt.

    If youre struggling with getting exam-ready for your nursing exams, HESI, ATI, or board prep, Picmonic is a great way to get all the knowledge you need for the NCLEX® in a way thats fun and helps you remember way more than a textbook ever could.

    As a registered nurse, Marlee understands the struggles that nursing school throws at you not to mention the overwhelming pressure preparing for the NCLEX®! Marlee brings a unique skill set and perspective to Picmonic with her previous degree in broadcast journalism, her creativity in video production, and her wandering nomad lifestyle. Her blend of talents provides her with the knack for simplifying complicated concepts and demystifying the world of nursing.

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