How Do Proctored Exams Work

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Random Image Capturing & Video Monitoring

How Online Proctoring Works

The online assessment software would capture random images of students in real-time & send the screenshots to the faculty. In addition, the faculty can also monitor students videos by asking them to turn on the webcam in real-time.

It all depends on the features of the exam proctoring software you have. Unlike the traditional examinations, as a faculty, you wont have to walk across the rooms for invigilation. Everything right from online student attendance to roll list generation & exam proctoring everything can be done virtually with robust online proctored software.

Can A Proctor See Your Screen

Yes, with the candidates permission, proctors can view the screens. A chat box is visible on the candidates computer screen during the test, and they can, at any time, view the permissions accorded to a proctor. The entire session log is saved, along with a complete record of the proctors actions during the exam.However, proctors do not access the candidates computer files without their knowledge. Every action they take shows up on the screen and eliminates the possibility of performing any covert activity. Proctors can access only when they are granted access with explicit permission by the candidates.

Does Proctoru Keep Recordings

ProctorU retains the examinees recordings for no more than one year, after which they are automatically deleted.

Even before the recordings are deleted, ProctorU has no access to them because they are shared with the test-makers, who review them to check if any malpractice occurred during the exam.

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A What Is A Web Proctored Exam

A web proctored exam, involves a proctor overseeing an exam and monitoring the students online by using a webcam-and-microphone-compatible computer and an uninterrupted internet connection. A host of advanced anti-cheating technology at the proctors disposal negates instances of any unwarranted activity during a web proctored exam.

How To Cheat On A Webcam Proctored Exam

Student Proctoring  Calvert Library

To cheat on a webcam proctored test, students may use their phone or laptop camera to take photos of the online exam answers. This technique is called sneakernet and can be effective if monitored closely by a proctorwho could look for shadows or reflections from devices in the room that arent part of the test-taking process.

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How Online Proctoring Works

Before the exam, online proctoring programs will check student IDs to confirm that the exam is being taken by the proper student. Auto authentication or live authentication are both used in this procedure.

  • Auto Authentication: Students usually start by taking a photo of their ID and face, answering challenge questions, or providing a biometric signature to verify their identification.
  • Live Authentication: Another alternative is live authentication, which involves a real proctor comparing the students face to the ID.

Online proctoring services keep track of students in a variety of methods during the exam. Automatic proctoring, record-and-review proctoring, and live to proctor are all options.

  • Automatic Proctoring: When students surroundings are monitored for sound and movement, this is known as automatic proctoring.
  • Record-and-Review Proctoring: Record-and-review When a proctored test is finished, it is recorded so that it may be reviewed later. This means that the student will not be monitored throughout the exam, but the fact that it may be reviewed will dissuade cheating.
  • Live Proctoring: Live proctoring is the most basic option, which involves a live proctor, much like in the classroom, but through the computer, allowing students to take their exam at their leisure.

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Do Not Throw Away Your Answer Sheet

If youre one of the last students to finish, do not leave earlywait until everyone else has turned in their test. If you must leave before then , be sure and bring all your materials with you so that proctors can check that you have turned in your exam. Explore amazing Ways to Get WebWork Answers.

Stuck On Your Course?

  • Be remorseful and hand over your papers
  • Explain why you were under the compulsion to cheat

Do not try to fool around or act indifferently. You do not know how strict the universities can become and what further actions they can take. Instead, you should be firm in your action

  • Be surprised as you are questioned on your infidelity
  • Stick to the same point throughout

If the proctor catches you cheating, there are potential penalties for your activities, such as suspension from school or a drivers license suspension.

However, if both attempts fail, you must accept the consequences of your actions and move on!

Stuck On Your Course?

In the end, Its not worth your time or effort to cheat on a proctored online exam. Hence write your own online tests and prove your worth!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cheat on online proctored exam at home?

You can take the help of seniors and elders during your proctored exam. You can also take professional proctored exam assistance. These experts help you solve questions via phone.

2. How to cheat on a zoom proctored exam?
3. How to cheat on a video-proctored exam?
4. Can you cheat on ATI proctored online exams?

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Does Penn Foster Have Final Exams

Penn Fosters online programs dont have what youd traditionally consider final exams. In fact, career diploma programs and our high school diploma dont have any finals at all! As long as youve passed your courses, youre set to graduate. However, for college-level programs like undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, and bachelors degrees, you will take something called proctored exams. These exams act like finals for classes in each semester, or at the end of a college certificate course.

Benefits Of Online Proctored Exam

Your First Test – What to Expect with Online Proctoring External Webcam
  • Remote eLearning: Online proctoring solutions enable candidates to enroll from anywhere
  • Evidence: Cheating attempts are recorded and logged with timestamps and can be presented as evidence
  • Non-restrictive: The number of students taking an exam is not limited by space or distance. Examiners can scale with minimal manual intervention
  • Continuous Monitoring: AI engines and real-time video streaming guarantee the entire exam is monitored and recorded
  • Convenient: Online proctoring can be done from any location at any time
  • Cost-effective: Institutions can conduct online proctored exams while saving on transportation, accommodation, and utility costs
  • Efficient: Online proctored exams are time-saving, from registration to result-declaration. Administrators eliminate the logistical hurdles of printing, transportation, and manual data entry

Online proctored exams are a major part of the digital shift education is undergoing. With a rise in eLearning, online proctoring software offers a way to conduct secure online exams. Remote exams have helped extend accessibility across different areas. If you would like to read about the pros and cons of online learning, you can check our previous blog: 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning.

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The Difference Between Proctored Exam And Non

The main difference between a proctored exam and a non-proctored exam is the degree of monitoring afforded to the instructor or proctor during the exam. Depending upon the format, a non-proctored exam will either lack a physical monitor to check in on each exam-taker during the exam or lack comprehensive proctoring software to monitor and record each exam-takers computer usage.

Both proctored and non-proctored exams have pros and cons depending upon the situation and the classs preferences. Proctored exams give instructors a clear picture of what each student is doing during the exam. This helps ensure the integrity of all exam results by preventing cheating or unfair advantages.

However, non-proctored exams have benefits as well. Depending upon the circumstances, non-proctored exams provide exam-takers with greater degrees of freedom. They also emphasize the individual responsibility of each student to maintain their integrity. This is especially useful in courses where instructors seek to instill mutual respect between student and teacher and allow students to develop intellectually on their own terms.

Many non-proctored exams are also much easier and more convenient to administer. In these cases, monitors do not need to be present, which frees up the scheduling and resources that would go into securing a live proctor. Students can usually take non-proctored exams on their schedule, making them more convenient for both instructor and student.

Proctored Examination: What Happens After The Test

After students have completed their online test, the exam session is saved and can be reviewed by teachers and other institutional members.

The proctoring software itself will contain a section for results management where you can find all the necessary information for good auditing and decision-making.

Many proctoring tools block the user in real time if there is any indication that they may be committing a violation in their examination. This disqualifies the student from further testing.

Other remote exam proctoring tools, such as SMOWL, give the possibility to customize it so the system allows the student to finish the exam and then report violations to the examiner with a color-coded report. If the system detects anything suspicious, it will notify the examiner with a red warning, preventing cheating.

This allows the teacher to determine the severity of the infraction and whether it invalidates the students examination. In any case, its not the proctoring tool that makes the decision.

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Is Proctoru A Live Person

Yes. ProctorU is a live person who constantly monitors your activity using your webcam, microphone, and screen-mirroring while you take your online exam. The live person will also help you troubleshoot and resolve any problems you may face during your exam. In addition, you can live chat or talk with the Proctor depending on the nature of the trouble you are having.

Can You Cheat On An Online Proctored Exam

Auto Proctoring: The Most Advanced Form of Online Proctoring  Mercer ...

No! You cant cheat on a proctored exam. You are physically in a testing facility with a proctor watching you take the exam. The Proctor will make sure that you are following the exam rules. The Proctor will ensure you dont cheat on an online proctored exam.

The Proctor will also collect your personal information and ensure you dont use a prohibited computer or device.

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How Safe Is Online Exam Proctoring

Online exam proctoring is safe and secure. Only the proctor can see the candidates screen on the remote monitor. The proctor must authorize the candidate to begin the exam. The candidates screen will be frozen after the candidate starts the exam.

A remote proctoring software employs some extensive security systems to secure the data and ensure the candidate privacy and exam security at every stage of the online proctor exam.

How To Cheat In An Online Exam

As we have noted above, universities and colleges are now embracing online courses and students have taken this as an opportunity to cheat during online tests. Most students search on how to cheat in online exams at home, even if it is not possible sometimes.

This is because the students take those tests while at their remote locations and it is difficult for the institutions of higher learning to monitor the activities of their online students.

Even though some colleges and universities are devising new methods of combating cheating on online tests, students have come up with ingenious ways to cheat during online tests.

Let us explore some of the most common ways students do it.

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How Does Online Proctoring Software Work Can Proctored Exams Detect Phones

Proctored exams are conducted while utilizing remote proctoring software monitoring through your system with webcam audio and video. The online proctoring software records data and is sent for evaluation. Similarly, the proctored exam is just like conventional exams. In the present scenario, online learning and teaching is a new routine for students and teachers. Due to which they are enjoying the benefits of online learning like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and time management. It is simplifying the entire examination process and has maintained the authenticity of the exam.

Exam proctoring allows test takers to give exams from any geographical location. That means that proctored exams can take place at home, in the library, or any quiet center. However, students and teachers are facing challenges in adopting online exam software as new-age technology for conducting exams. Like how effective it would be and what would be its operations? Hence, the future is dynamic, and it takes time to embrace things.

Many examiners are leveraging the advantages of the online proctoring software to push the concept of online examination. It has unlocked opportunities for learning for students. There is a vast demand for online learning and digital courses.

Unlimited Test Bank Questions


Question banks work by setting clear classifications and psychometric characteristics for each and every question, e.g., its difficulty, cognitive level, learning objectives.

With Qorrect proctored exams system, you can add an unlimited number of questions. You are also able to do mass operations on a group of items to save your time and efforts.

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Can You Cheat On Online Proctored Exams Like Proctoru And Proctorio

in Facts

The ongoing pandemic has brought upon a new discussion surrounding online proctored exams. Traditionally, standardized exams were held at select test-centers with human supervision. However, this way of conducting tests proved to be a genuine hurdle when test-centers and other educational institutes were ordered to shut down due to pandemic in 2020.

Companies like ETS and GMAC, GRE and GMAT makers, respectively, were quick to offer an online alternative in the wake of the global pandemic. ETS launched its GRE at home service, whereas GMAC began GMAT online.

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While this seemed like a blessing for the students, reports of fraudulent activity quickly surfaced shortly after. The main challenge to online proctored exams is the lack of in-person human supervision and the limitations caused by the medium they are conducted on.

Nefarious individuals will always find vulnerabilities in the system when the stakes are so high. Think about it, your GRE or GMAT score is a big part of your prospects. They determine whether you will get into a good school, which in turn determines your career. Why wouldnt certain people take the shortcut when given a chance?

In this Article

Types Of Online Proctoring

Live Online Proctored Exam

Live online proctoring monitors student activities via audio, video, and screen sharing features in real-time. Remote proctors need to be present during the duration of the exam to ensure authentication. If a proctor sees a student cheating, he or she can immediately take action or disqualify the student.

Recorded Proctoring

Recorded proctoring does not require human proctors as the software automatically records students audio, visuals, and screen in real-time. Proctors can review the recording at any time to check for suspicious activities.

Advanced Automated Proctoring

This type of proctoring is AI-enabled. Schools and institutions can conduct automated proctored exams without human proctors. There are minimal chances of error as AI detects suspicious activity with greater accuracy than humans, making it the most advanced type of online remote proctoring.

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How Mastersoft Can Help You Conduct An Online Proctored Exam

MasterSoft is a highly trusted ERP provider offering advanced software solutions for all requirements in the institute’s management and teaching. We provide an Online exam platform along with Online Proctoring Solution for conducting and evaluating exams remotely. The system is technologically advanced with high security of student data.

The software enables easy communication between students and examination authorities. It user friendly and ensures smooth functioning of the proctoring process.

Be Prepared For Random Checks

Reminder to be careful with proctored exams : auburn

Proctors of online tests may monitor student behavior by walking around or reviewing video footage from a camera at any side of the room. If youre caught cheating during a random check, it will be considered an offense against the exam itself. It could lead to immediate failure of that portion or expulsion from the testing environment. In the meantime explore 120+

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I What Is The Effectiveness Of An Online Proctored Exam

For all those wondering what really makes having online proctoring as an effective solution to tide over disruptions, well, it offers unparalleled ease to academia, besides allowing students the flexibility and convenience to take online exam proctoring from anywhere.

But thats not it. Here are some other advantages that lend more weight to the idea of adopting an online proctoring solution.

Elimination of unfavorable instances

As we mentioned earlier, there are always a handful of students who resort to cheating while taking the online proctored exam. But with advanced exam proctoring at play, teachers, recruiters and administrators are empowered to closely monitor test-takers actions and conduct. This serves as a significant deterrent when test-takers know a prolific digital tool validates their identity and monitors them online, relentlessly, from start to finish.

Boosting eLearning

Saving time and financial resources

The conventional examination method comprise the following steps:

Needless to say, an online proctored system is revolutionizing the education sector. It has drastically reduced the number of hours spent in the classrooms and has made exams a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

What Is Proctoring

Proctoring during examinations is, simply put, the process of providing a clear degree of oversight and adequate monitoring of all test-takers to ensure fairness and an equal playing field among everyone in a particular course or group.

If one test-taker can illicitly attain an unfair advantage through sneaking in extra notes, subtly making glances at another students test, or using unauthorized tools that can harm the entire group of exam-takers. It also hinders those students who followed the rules and put in the necessary prep work.

Thus, course instructors and exam monitors use proctoring techniques and tools to monitor test-takers and catch any potential attempts at cheating or gaining an unfair advantage. For traditional, pencil-on-paper exams, proctoring tends to involve more physical monitoring of each test-taker to ensure that no one breaks the rules.

However, more and more courses use new technology that allows students to take tests via computers. This is, of course, a necessity for online or remote courses, made all the more so when the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant upsurge in remote learning. But, even with in-person courses in physical classrooms, instructors are more frequently taking advantage of educational software that allows them to give exams on computers.

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