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How Long Does A No

Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam – An Insider’s Guide

Many no-exam life insurance policies are term life insurance policies that lock in your rate for the duration of the specified term. For example, if you have a 20-year no-exam term life insurance policy, your rate does not change for 20 years. You can usually renew the policy for a higher premium at the end of the initial term.

Other no-exam life insurance policies are whole life insurance policies and remain in force throughout the lifetime of the insured.

Pros Of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • Health Conditions Don’t Matter

    Getting traditional life insurance can be expensive if you have health issues because your rates are based on your health. Depending on your health problem, life insurance without a medical exam may be cheaper than traditional life insurance. Most companies offering life insurance with no medical exam have the same rate for smokers and nonsmokers, making it even more affordable for smokers to get this type of life insurance policy.

  • Approvals Are Fast

    With traditional life insurance, it can take weeks to get an answer regarding whether youre approved or denied coverage. With no medical life insurance, you usually get a response within 48 hours of applying. Some will even respond the same day or offer instant coverage if you have a clean driving history and no major health concerns.

  • The Application Process Is Non-Invasive

    Medically underwritten life insurance requires invasive interviews and tests as part of the application process. You have to go over your lifestyle, hobbies and medical history in detail. You’ll also need a physical exam, including a blood draw and urine sample. When you buy life insurance with no medical exam, you may have to answer a few basic health questions, but there is no interview process or physical exam to complete.

How Do You Choose The No

First, consider your goals for your policy. You may want to provide for young children or adult children who have special needs. If you own property with a spouse or partner, you may need insurance that will help cover your mortgage and other bills. To quickly estimate your total life insurance needs, multiply your annual salary by 10.

Term policies cost less than permanent life insurance but have a higher possible payout. You might want to opt for term life for peace of mind in the face of large but short-term expenses like paying for your childs college education. Term life might also fit your needs if you want coverage right away but cant pay for a permanent policy at the moment.

Besides the choice between a permanent or term policy, many factors affect how much you will pay for life insurance. Most insurance companies require a medical exam and blood test, but some providers including those on this list require no medical exam. Life insurance policies typically cost less if you are female, do not smoke, and/or have no chronic health conditions.

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Affordable Life Insurance For Seniors

In general, final expense insurance is typically the most affordable because you can buy a policy for as little as $15 a month. Final expense plans are perfect for seniors on a fixed income or for those who may have trouble qualifying for larger policies.

When deciding how much senior life insurance you can afford, be sure to consider your entire budget and any future changes that may impact your finances. Some may look for the cheapest life insurance available, but many times these policies arent meant for seniors. Choose a policy with the benefits most likely to help surviving loved ones.

The cost of your policy will depend on your sex, age, overall health, and the coverage amount youre taking out. If your goal is to ensure you dont leave behind your funeral costs for your loved ones, you only need a final expense insurance policy. But if you want to leave something more to your beneficiary, a term or whole life plan may be better if you can afford it.

We Believe Theres A World Where Financial Security Is Accessible To All

How Life Insurance Underwriting Works

We all deserve to be able to keep our promises, protect the people we love, and reach our goals. Financial security is the foundation to living a better life and making all of these things possible. At Everly, we want everyone to have access to the tools that make this a reality, starting with life insurance.

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Choosing The Right Life Insurance For You

When it comes to any form of life insurance, there are a few things to consider. First, purchasing life insurance at a young age is going to cost less than waiting to do so. For those who are looking at pricing carefully, also consider that any diagnosis of illness youve had could reduce your access or increase your coverage costs.

In addition, you can obtain life insurance for any specific needs you havefor example, covering your dependent children, or even using life insurance funds to care for your pet after your death. Whichever plan you pick, it is important to have some type of plan in place to adequately protect your family.

Work closely with your agent to talk about your individual goals and any specific must-haves for your life insurance coverage. Knowing the basics about the different types of coverage will help you in making a decision.

Bestow Customer Complaints And Satisfaction

Over three years, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, which issues the policies sold by Bestow, drew fewer than the expected number of complaints to state regulators for a company of its size, according to a NerdWallet analysis of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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When Does The Policy Kick In

Different insurance companies have different guidelines that dictate when your policy will go into effect. For instance, some life insurance policies are effective immediately others wont pay the death benefit if you die in the first two years of your policy. Be sure to ask your insurance company about this important question before buying a policy.

How We Chose The Best Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

In order to compile our list of the best no-medical-exam life insurance companies, we developed a comprehensive life insurance methodology. We started off by researching what consumers want from life insurance companies, and for that, we looked to third-party consumer studies, including J.D. Powers 2021 U.S. Life Insurance New Business Study and the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, by Life Happens and LIMRA.

With those findings in mind, we gathered more than 50 data points on 91 life insurance companies, including ratings for financial strength, customer satisfaction, and customer complaints, as well as information about years in business, online tools, no-exam options, dividends, maximum issue ages, and available riders.

Our review process gave preference to companies with solid financials, few customer complaints, high no-exam coverage amounts available, high-issue ages for no-exam coverage, and a broad product portfolio. Companies received ratings boosts for online resources, including online quotes and live chat, and included living benefit riders. We ranked each company according to the following categories and weights.

  • 28%: No-med-exam availability and features
  • 20% Policy types and features
  • 15%: Financial stability

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How Much Coverage Do I Need

It can be daunting to figure this out but evaluate your current financial situation today, and what foreseeable expenses will need to be covered 10 to 20 years down the road.

When deciding how much coverage to purchase, ask yourself these questions:

  • How long do I need coverage? If you just got married and are starting a family, you will need at least 20 years of coverage to ensure that your children are provided for until graduation.
  • How much can I afford? Find the balance between buying enough coverage and having a monthly premium that fits in your budget. The more coverage you purchase, the more expensive your premium will be.
  • What will my family need if I pass away today? If something were to happen to you today, there would be a lot of financial expenses placed on your family’s shoulders.

Whether you choose term or whole life insurance depends on your current and future financial needs. Either one is essential to have, especially if you have loved ones who rely on you for financial stability.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy

Your loved ones deserve the security of knowing they are protected, and obtaining a No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy with just a simple application can be tangible evidence of your caring concern for their welfare. If you dont like needles and do like the simplicity and convenience of getting insurance without being examined, No Medical Exam life insuranceSimple Application can be an attractive option.

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$250000 Life Insurance No Medical Exam

A$250,000 life insurance no medical policyis now available at affordable rates if you choose the right company.

With just over 700 life insurance companies in America, only a few highly rated insurers offer a true 100% no medical exam at rates in line with the traditional application process that requires a medical exam.

Below well go over $250k life insurance no medical exam policy sample rates, show who is eligible, how the underwriting works and answer every question you have about applying for a $250,000 no medical exam term life insurance policy. The rates in the charts below are from one of our no medical exam partners S.B.L.I. for the top four health classes.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A No

Companies That Buy Life Insurance Policies : How to locate a lost life ...

Like other financial products, life insurance with no medical exam has pros and cons. Here are the big ones to be aware of.


  • Someone who might not otherwise qualify can get a policy.
  • An applicant might learn the status of their application more quickly than an applicant who gets an exam.


  • Costs more than a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy.
  • May not be convertible to another policy type as the policyholder ages.
  • Companies typically cap the death benefit, so applicants may not get as much insurance as they want.
  • Some policies come with graded death benefits. If the policyholder dies within the first two or three years after the policy is issued, beneficiaries only receive an amount equal to the premiums they paid plus interest.

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What Are The Two Main Types Of Life Insurance And How Do They Work

If you’re shopping for life insurance over 50, it’s important to understand how each type of life insurance protection works. That’s the key to getting the amount of protection you need at an affordable price.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time or term – typically between 10 and 30 years. After that term, your insurance coverage is gone, and there’s no value or payout. That’s why it’s sometimes called “pure life insurance,” meaning it provides life insurance and nothing more. Term life insurance quotes are generally less expensive than permanent life insurance, which can build cash value .1 You can apply for a new term life insurance policy after the old one expires, but your rates will typically be higher. There may also be an age limit that prohibits you from applying for new coverage. However, many term life insurance policies can be converted to a whole life insurance policy before the term expires – without getting a new medical exam. While the premiums will rise, that may be an option for continuing coverage in later years.

Whole life insurance provides guaranteed death benefit protection for as long as you live while earning cash value. A whole life insurance policy doesn’t expire as long as regular premiums are paid. The cash value grows, tax-deferred, at a guaranteed rate, and the premiums never increase. Policies from a mutual life insurance company may also provide dividends, which can help cash value grow faster.5

Sample $1 Million No Exam Term Life Insurance Rates

Below are the monthly rates for a $1 million no-exam term life insurance policy for a old male and female: 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year term.

The table below compares the best no-exam term life insurance rates between: Banner Life, Bestow, Ethos, Fabric, Ladder Life, Lemonade, Lincoln Financial, Pacific Life, Sagicor, Sprott and Symetra for a $1 million no-exam term life insurance policy.


-Rates based on an applicant in excellent health profile, D.O.B. 3/15/1982, no tobacco use, excellent credit, excellent BMI, no adverse family history and other underwriting factors. Rates are the best rate available for each company. Some of the companies may request a no-cost exam, if the applicant doesnt meet the no-exam underwriting guidelines for a $1 million term life insurance policy.

*Accelerated underwriting life insurance. After completing the application a medical exam and or medical records could still be requested at the discretion of the underwriter for: Banner Life, Lincoln Financial, Fabric, Pacific Life and Symetra.

-Bestow, Ethos, Ladder Life, Lemonade and Sproutt are 100% no-medical exam instant decision life insurance.

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Most No Exam Life Insurance Applications Can Be Broken Down Into Two Parts

Part 1: Personal information that is non-health related. Application questions consist of information such as name, SSN, employer, annual income, home address, place of birth, beneficiary information etc.

Part 2: Questions pertaining to health history. Part two of the insurance application will ask several questions pertaining to your health, doctors you have visited, medications taken and even question pertaining to your families health.

Responses to the application questions are verified by underwriting using the underwriting tools mentioned earlier in this article to provide a quick approval time

In Depth Review of the best no medical exam term life insurance companies


Headquarters: Galveston, TX

  • Name of Coverage: Signature Term Express
  • Type of Coverage: Term Life Insurance
  • Issue Ages: 18-65
  • Maximum No Exam Death Benefit: $250,000
  • Available Term Lengths: 10, 15, 20 & 30 Years
  • Best Health Class: Standard

American Nationals Signature Term Express is a great term life insurance no exam option. Although the best health class is a standard, premiums are still very competitively priced against other competition at all death benefits, from $50,000 to $250,000.

In addition to affordable rates, the life insurance coverage comes with a full living benefits package that can provide income in the sudden event of a critical, chronic or terminal illness. All of this is added at no additional cost.

Available Term Lengths Based on Age

No Exam Term Life Rates Vs Term Life Insurance With Exam Rates

Best Term Life Insurance Companies 2022 Apps (No Medical Exams)

In the past, the rates for an online life insurance policy with no exam were much more expensive than rates for fully underwritten life insurance. However, based on recent 2022 data, we now know that the national average cost for life coverage with no exam is around $67.00 per month.

This average is still more than the national average for a traditional term life policy of $53.00 per month the rates are getting closer and more companies are offering no exam life coverage today.

And now that no exam companies can offer higher death benefit options, they can start to compete more in pricing.

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Instant Answer Term Insurance

Instant Answer Term Insurance provides $50,000 of death benefit protection until age 50 or a maximum 10 years, whichever is longer. This coverage is designed to provide a base level of life insurance protection at an affordable price. With this policy, you have the opportunity to apply for coverage, receive an underwriting decision, and if approved purchase the policy on the same day at an agent’s office.

1 Permanent life insurance develops cash value that can be borrowed. Policy loans accrue interest and unpaid policy loans and interest will reduce the death benefit and cash value of the policy. The amount of cash value available will generally depend on the type of permanent policy purchased, the amount of coverage purchased, the length of time the policy has been in force and any outstanding policy loans. There may be tax consequences associated with policy loans. Neither State Farm nor its agents provide tax or legal advice.

2 Your premiums will increase annually to age 95, but will never exceed the maximum premium stated in the policy.

3 Assumes death benefit has not been paid during initial policy term. The Return of Premium benefit on the base policy is not taxable. Any Waiver of Premium for Disability premiums returned as part of the Return of Premium benefit may be taxable.

4 Unpaid loans and withdrawals will reduce the Return of Premium and guaranteed death benefit and policy cash value. Loans also accrue interest.


Choosing Too Short Of A Term

Purchasing a shorter and less expensive policy may sound appealing, but it could hurt you in the long run. For example, if you buy a ten-year policy and, in ten years, you develop medical issues that could raise the cost of your next plan. Thats why Dave typically recommends a 15-20 year term policy. For a family planning on having children in the future, a 30-year plan would make the most sense, whereas a family with small children that doesnt expect to have any more, a 20-year plan would likely meet their needs.

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Types Of Term Life Insurance

Are you wondering, what does term life insurance mean for me? It depends on what you are looking for in a plan. There are a variety of term types to choose from:

  • Fixed Term: Fixed term is the most popular choice. Its the most basic version and lasts 10, 20, or 30 years long. The premiums remain static in this plan.
  • Increasing Term: An increasing term life insurance policy allows you to scale up the value of your death benefit throughout the term. In this route, your premiums slightly increase over time. These types of policies tend to cost more, but they usually deliver a larger payout.
  • On the other hand, decreasing term life insurance reduces the premium payments over time. This can result in a smaller death benefit. This insurance type makes sense for those who predict they will have fewer financial obligations as they age.
  • Annual Renewable: Annual renewable life insurance provides coverage on a yearly basis. It must be renewed by the policy end date to continue coverage. The premiums usually increase each time the plan is renewed. This option is best for those in need of short-term coverage. This route can be more expensive, but there are usually less payments because the coverage time is shorter.

Most commonly, group term insurance is assigned to a companys employees. However, this type of coverage can also be used for families. You can get a term life insurance quote from Aflac to see which plan matches your needs and budget best.

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