Hesi Psychiatric Mental Health Practice Exam

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Mental Health 31 Questions Rn 2022

Mental Health (Psych) HESI Practice Q& A
  • A female client with a history of drinking who was admitted 8 hours ago after receiving treatment for minor abrasions occurred from a fall at home. The nurse determines the client’s blood alcohol level was not analyzed on administration action should the nurse take? Ask client about alcohol quantity, frequency, and time of last drink
  • A male client is admitted to the psychiatric inpatient unit with a bandaged flesh wound after attempting to shoot himself. he is recently divorced one year ago, lost his job four months ago, and suffered a break up of his current relationship last week. What is the most likely source of this client’s current feelings of depression? a sense of loss
  • What is the most important goal for a client diagnosed with major depression who has been receiving an antidepressant medication for two weeks? not attempt to commit suicide
  • A male adult comes to the mental health clinic and walks back and forth in front of the office door, but does not enter the office. He then walks around a chair that is in the hallway several times before sitting down in the chair. What action should the nurse take first observe the client in the chair
  • A male client in the mental health unit is guarded and vaguely answers the nurse’s questions. He isolates to his room and sometimes opens the door to peek into the hall. Which problem can the nurse anticipate? delusions of persecution
  • How do you take AntabuseEach morning beginning 48 hours after your last drink of alcohol
  • Comprehensive Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing Nclex Practice

    Welcome to the first comprehensive mental health and psychiatric nursing practice quiz covering different mental health disorders. There are 75 practice questions in this set, and please be sure to read the rationales!

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    Nursing Allied Health And Interprofessional Team Monitoring

    When obtaining a mental health history, the nurse should note the general appearance, posture, and facial appearance. Also, they should observe and note the general behavior, as well as intellectual functioning and orientation. Other things of note include communication skills, memory, cognition, and judgment. Finally, one may also determine if the patient is suicidal or at risk for self-harm. The key for nurses is to be tactful. Everything requires documentation in the chart. The safety of nurses and the patient is vital at all times.

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    Nursing Allied Health And Interprofessional Team Interventions

    Nurses caring for patients must include a mental status exam in the overall physical assessment of the patient. The evaluation may take place during admission or soon after. The mental status exam should include the general awareness and responsiveness of the patient. Additionally, one may also include the orientation, intelligence, memory, judgment, and thought process of the patient. At the same time, the patient’s behavior and mood should undergo assessment. The patient care plans often have to be altered when there are observable abnormalities on the mental status exam.

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    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Exam Questions

    Free psychiatric practice questions and answers to pass free psychiatric mental health exam questions. For mental health certification practice questions free you must go through real exam. For that we provide Free psychiatric mental health practice exam 2022 real test.We discuss in these Free Examination for test questions from different topics like psychiatric questions, mental health certification intensive review 2022.

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    Hesi Mental Health Rn V1

    Psych and Hesi Exit

    A client with depression remains in bed most of the day, and declines activities. Which nursingproblem has the greatest priority for this client?

    A. Loss of interest in diversional activity.B. Social isolation.C. Refusal to address nutritional needs.D. Low self-esteem.

    The RN is preparing medications for a client with bipolar disorder and notices that the clientdiscontinued antipsychotic medication for several days. Which medication should also bediscontinued?

    a. Lithium. b. Benzotropine .c. Alprazolam .d. Magnesium .

    The RN is teaching a client about the initiation of the prescribed abstinence therapy usingdisulfiram . What information should the client acknowledge understanding?

    A. Completely abstain from heroin or cocaine use.B. Remain alcohol free for 12 hours prior to the first dose.C. Attend monthly meetings of alcoholics anonymous.D. Admit to others that he is a substance user.

    A male client with schizophrenia is admitted to the mental health unit after abruptly stopping hisprescription for ziprasidone one month ago. Which question is most important for theRN to ask the client?

    A. Have you lost interest in the things that you used to enjoy?B. Is your ability to think or concentrate decreased?C. How many continuous hours do you sleep at night?D. Do you hear sounds or voices that others do not hear?

    A. Pay close attention and document the nonverbal messages.

    A. Denial.B. Projection.C. Rationalization.D. Splitting.

    D. Give the client an enema at bedtime.

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    Psychiatric Mental Health Prep Test

    In this test you have to answer psychiatric practice test free. To get pass mental health exam practice test you must answers correct. So Enjoy these psychiatric mental health certification exam review to get enough knowledge for psychiatric mental health practice test attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. Ifany question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

    Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Exam

    sample psychiatric questions mental health exam practice questions

    Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing Nclex Practice Questions Nursing Test Bank

    Welcome to your ultimate NCLEX practice questions and nursing test bank for mental health and psychiatric nursing. For this nursing test bank, test your knowledge on the concepts of mental health and psychiatric disorders. This quiz aims to help students and registered nurses grasp and master mental health and psychiatric nursing concepts.

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    Hesi® Mental Health Np Faq

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    What are the HESI exams?

    You have decided on a career in nursing and discover the HESI exam is your next hurdle. Exactly what are the HESI exams?

    Enhancing Healthcare Team Outcomes

    HESI Fundamentals Exam 2021 Study Guide

    A mental status examination is a key tool in improving the detection of psychiatric signs and symptoms, diagnosing mental illness, pointing to possible underlying medical conditions, and determining the patients level of severity and disposition. An interprofessional team of psychiatrists, nurses, technicians, social workers, therapists , pharmacists, as well as the patients primary care clinicians is best to manage patients with psychiatric illness. Those who have direct interactions with a patient should all have training on parts of the mental status examination since they are involved in observing and monitoring a patients condition during any interactions. Routine mental status examinations by the practitioner in a patient with mental illness can determine if a patients condition is worsening, stable, or improving throughout their treatment. The information gathered will improve clinical decision-making and enhance treatment planning.

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    Mental Health Hesi Bundled Exams With Complete Solution

    Psychiatric/Mental Health Assignment Exam Hesi Practice Exam 2021/2022Psychiatric-Mental Health Practice HESI Exam 2021/2022Mental Health HESI – PRACTICE 2021/2022 ExamMental Health HESI – PRACTICE 2021/2022 ExamPsychiatric-Mental Health Practice Exam HESI 2022

    The nurse is caring for an adult male client with catatonic schizophrenia who is mute and motionless& period What is the priority nursing problem& quest & NewLine & NewLine A& period Impaired mobility& period & NewLine & NewLine B& period Ineffective individual coping& period & NewLine & NewLine C& period Impaired verbal communication& period & NewLine & NewLine D& period High risk for fluid and electrolyte imbalance& period -answers& period & period & period

    Psychiatric/Mental Health Assignment Exam Hesi Practice Exam 2021/2022Psychiatric-Mental Health Practice HESI Exam 2021/2022Mental Health HESI – PRACTICE 2021/2022 ExamMental Health HESI – PRACTICE 2021/2022 ExamPsychiatric-Mental Health Practice Exam HESI 2022

    A male client with schizophrenia who is taking fluphenazine decanoate & lpar Prolixin decanoate& rpar is being discharged in the morning& period A repeat dose of medication is scheduled for 20 days after discharge& period The client tells the nurse that he is going on vacation in the Bahamas and will return in 18 days& period Whic& period & period & period

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    Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing Test Banks

    In this section, youll find the NCLEX practice questions and quizzes for mental health and psychiatric nursing. This nursing test bank set includes 700+ practice questions divided into comprehensive quizzes for mental health and psychiatric nursing and a special set of questions for common psychiatric disorders. Use these nursing test banks to augment or as an alternative to ATI and Quizlet.

    Quizzes included in this guide are:

    Quiz guidelines:

  • Comprehend each item. Read and understand each question before choosing the best answer. The exam has no time limit so that you can make sense of each item at your own pace.
  • Review your answers. Once youre done with all the questions, youll be redirected to the Quiz Summary table, where youll be able to review which questions youve answered or may have skipped. Review your answers once more before pressing the Finish Quiz button.
  • Read the rationales. After you have reviewed your answers, click on the Finish Quiz button to record your answers and show your score. Click on the View Questions button to review the quiz and read through the rationales for each question.
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