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Fundamentals Final Exam Study Advice

How to Study for Nursing Fundamentals (Foundations) in Nursing School

Hey guys sorry if this topic is redundant. My final cumulative exam for Nursing 102/Fundamentals is coming up in under 2 weeks and my grade is literally on the edge – you need a 75 to pass and I’m in the 74 area. If I miss more than 10 questions, I fail the course.

Topics that are being covered:

  • Safety, Physical Assessment

  • Elimination, Comfort, Sensory Perception

  • Mobility, Nutrition, Health Wellness & Illness

I…don’t know how to study for this final. Majority of the questions is going to be on Nutrition & Health Wellness & Illness, with 2 questions from past topics.

How I’ve been doing so far: I didn’t expect fundamentals to be this difficult. My program uses ATI. I got a Level I on our first ATI Proctored Exam . I miss easy questions on past tests due to second guessing myself and falling into question traps. I’ve reviewed past tests with my lab instructor but she hasn’t been helpful at all. A frustration has been how our instructors would say to study one thing but then it wouldn’t be on the test, or there’d be info we haven’t talked about at all. For lecture we use powerpoints and also have a book.

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Legal Aspects Of Nursing:

NR 512 Fundamentals of Nursing Informatics Week 1 to 8 Assignment ...
  • The Good Samaritan law? What is the nurses responsibility when it comes to the Good Samaritan Law? Act within accepted standards, act with proper intent and never go outside of your scope of practice.
  • What are torts? Civil wrongful acts or omissions made against a person or property.
  • What are intentional torts? Deliberate acts.
  • Quasi-intentional torts Person may not intend to cause harm but do.
  • Unintentional torts

When a person is harmed and the person inflicting harm knew or should have known that their actions were less than the accepted scope and standardpractice.

  • What is futile care?Interventions unlikely to benefit the client, serves no useful purpose
  • What is slander vs. libel?Slander: something said in order to harm someoneLibel: writing something to harm another


  • What are they? what is a nurses responsibility when they are broken? laws that affect individuals, populations, and communities that are intended to improve the health of others . It is the nurses responsibility to report when these laws are broken.


  • Battery: any intentional offensive touching without consent or lawful justification can be harmful or offensive.
  • Assault: an intentional threat toward another person that places the person in reasonable fear of harmful, imminent or unwelcome contact no actual contact is required for there to be an assault.



d) Tetany ⣠** Decreased DTRs


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Fundamentals Of Nursing Questions Part 1 Exam Quiz

  • 1. Nurse Brenda is teaching a patient about a newly prescribed drug.What could cause a geriatric patient to have difficulty retainingknowledge about prescribed medications?
  • When examining a patient with abdominal pain the nurse in charge should assess:
  • The symptomatic quadrant either second or third

  • 3. The nurse is assessing a postoperative adult patient. Which of the following should the nurse document as subjective data?
  • Patients description of pain

  • D.& nbsp

    Electrocardiographic waveforms

  • 4. A male patient has a soft wrist-safety device. Which assessment finding should the nurse consider abnormal?
  • Which of the following planes divides the body longitudinally into anterior and posterior regions?
  • A female patient with a terminal illness is in denial. Indicators of denial include:
  • Preparatory grief

  • 7. The nurse in charge is transferring a patient from the bed to a chair. Which action does the nurse take during this patient transfer?
  • A.& nbsp

    Position the head of the bed flat

  • B.& nbsp

    Helps the patient dangle the legs

  • Places the chair facing away from the bed

  • 8. A female patient who speaks a little English has emergency gallbladder surgery, during discharge preparation, which nursing action would best help this patient understand wound care instruction?
  • A.& nbsp

    Asking frequently if the patient understands the instruction

  • B.& nbsp

    Asking an interpreter to replay the instructions to the patient.

  • A.& nbsp

    Discard the syringe to avoid a medication error

  • How To Study For Nursing Fundamentals In Nursing School

    Nursing fundamentals is a class required by most nursing programs that nursing students take during the first semester of nursing school. This class is also known as nursing foundations, depending on what your nursing program calls it.

    Many nursing programs split this class into a lecture and then a skills lab and clinical site. This allows the student to apply the theory learned in class to the real world.

    Students learn basic nursing skills, caring for the perioperative patient, positioning patients, medication administration, nursing theories, charting, and legal stuff in this class.

    So, why do students struggle in nursing fundamentals, and how do students study for nursing fundamentals? This class can be difficult for students because it covers a lot of material for each exam and the exam questions require a higher level of thinking. Simply memorizing facts about nursing will not help on an exam in nursing foundations. The student must be able to think critically and apply what theyve learned to the scenario.

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    Strategies On How To Pass Nursing Fundamentals In Nursing School

    Strategy 1: Know how you learn best! What is your learning style? Are you a visual, tactile, read-write, or auditory learner? Figuring out how you learn the best will save you time because different learners learn in different ways.

    Strategy 2: Comprehend the material, DONT memorize it! This class covers the basic foundations of nursing and you have to truly understand the reasoning for nursing interventions and proper techniques. You cant simply memorize the material and then do a brain dump after the exam. You must know the:

    • nursing process
    • prioritizing patient care
    • a nurses scope of practice
    • the scope of practice of others
    • patient safety etc.

    The above information will help you excel on every exam!

    Strategy 3: Dont let test style trick you, but learn how to answer NCLEX style questions! See this video on how to successfully answer NCLEX style questions. Nursing fundamentals exam questions can be tricky and sometimes there are two best answers and you must determine which one is the best for that particular scenario.

    Strategy 4: Practice! Practice! NCLEX Style questions before each exam. *NCLEX Saunders Comprehensive Review Guide is an excellent study guide that contains NCLEX style questions over nursing fundamentals.

    Strategy 5: Purchase * as a study guide for nursing fundamentals! This is another great book that saved my grade when I took nursing fundamentals. This book breaks down the material in a simple way and tells you what you need to know for exams.

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