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What Makes A Contract Of Sale Valid

Florida Real Estate Exam Cram Study Session #1

As a real estate agent you must be well-versed in contracts of sale. This study guide will cover offers and negotiation, interests and identities of contract parties, descriptions of real estate, property price and payment, contingencies and special terms of sale, settlement dates, and signatures.

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Bob Hogue School Of Real Estate Reviews

In reviews, students said Bob Hogue classes were fast-paced, convenient, and thorough, although one unhappy customer said the course information wasnt applicable to real-world practices. Unfortunately, Bob Hogue does not offer a pass guarantee, so if thats a feature you want, try Real Estate Exam Scholar, CompuCram, or PrepAgent.

Real Estate Express Pricing

Real Estate Expresss exam prep course is more expensive than other schools on this list. However, its course package includes several tools to help you prepare for the state and national portions of the test. If you do not earn a passing score on your first licensing exam, you can get a full refund of the course fee.

  • Real Estate Exam Prep for Florida Salesperson: $99 includes flashcards, custom exams, progress exams, and final exams

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What Do I Get With The Florida Real Estate Exam Prep

When you elect to use our Florida real estate test preparation guide, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Immediate Access to Every One of Our Test Prep Materials
  • Our Guarantee That if You Do Not Pass, You Get Your Money Back
  • 90 Days of Unlimited Access to All Materials
  • A Team of Dedicated Customer Support Members
  • Study and Test Materials That Are Updated to Meet FLs 2020 Regulations

Real Estate Express Reviews

Florida Real Estate Exam Prep for Sales Associate Licensing Exam ...

Real Estate Express received positive reviews for helping agents pass their exams on the first try. Agents like the exam prep courses multiple practice tests, which made them feel well-prepared for the state and national portions. Others were also satisfied with the schools self-paced learning that allowed them to squeeze exam reviews in between busy schedules.

Some agents, however, were not satisfied with the amount of reading needed. Real Estate Express exam prep is heavily text-based and is focused more on question banks, unlike Prep Agents exam prep course, which has more content formats like videos, audios, and webinars.

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Easy User Friendly Interface

Quizzes, videos, audio, flashcards, vocabulary glossary, real estate exam hints and secrets, and more presented in an easy to use interface to promote learning and not frustration. Simply the best real estate exam prep course you will ever need.

Our “Immersion Technology“ simulates actual real estate exam environments to offer you the most realistic testing experience. You will pass the real estate exam with ease and you won’t have to pay the outrageous prices that similar exam preparation courses demand.

How do we do this? Simple! The real estate exam prep material in the enrolled area is the highest quality, continually updated, and yet the lowest price online. Each exam question and answer is written by real estate professionals and cross examined and edited for accuracy. The design of the course has been created by experts in education, in a way to promote learning, and to simulate the actual exam environment of the real estate exam. We have done the hard work for you and make it easy…all you need to do is take our course and pass the state exam.

And remember, in addition to all this, there is zero risk because we know you will pass or your money back. Watch our 5 minute preview video of the “enrolled only area“ for a small glimpse of what is inside:

Registering For The Florida Real Estate Exam

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification with a nine-digit candidate ID number to schedule your state exam. Florida uses Pearson VUE to manage and oversee their real estate license tests.

The exam is offered daily and can be taken conveniently online at home from anywhere or at a Pearson Vue test center. Test centers are located throughout the United States. You may call Pearson VUE at 888-204-6289 or log on to their website to register for the examination. The cost to take or retake the exam is $36.75.

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Bob Hogue School Of Real Estate Pricing

All real estate exam prep courses include options for salespeople or brokers.

  • Self-Study Online: $49

Although CompuCram does not offer multiple course formats, the self-paced real estate exam prep includes interactive elements that keep users engaged. The program starts with a pre-assessment to determine your current knowledge and identify what you need to improve upon to succeed when you take your real estate exam. Unique to CompuCram is a readiness meter that tracks your progress and uses technology to let you know when youre ready to take your exam.

Aceable Has What You Need To Pass The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam

Florida Real Estate Exam 2021 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

When you take a real estate pre-licensing course with Aceable you get more than the basics to meet the requirements. We give you extras like access to experts, interactive tools and free practice exams. Itâs the resources you need to pass the exam, get a license and launch your new career.

Content Summaries for Easy Review: Content summaries at the end of the learning modules help you easily review information.

Free Practice Tests: You donât have to pay extra for practice exams at Aceable. We understand what a powerful exam prep tool they are, which is why our students get to take Florida real estate practice exams for free.

Ace or Donât Pay Guarantee: Our online real estate license course is so effective that we guarantee if you donât pass the licensing exam after three attempts, we will refund your money. Additional terms and conditions do apply. State laws and regulations may prohibit some students from qualifying. Review our refund policy to learn more.

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Is The Florida Real Estate Exam Hard

If I told you there was a test in existence that only 43% of people pass, would you say that is probably a hard exam? Surprise, that is the shocking pass rate of people attempting to pass the real estate exam in Florida. The good news is, the people passing the real estate exam are using a real estate exam test prep and then the pass rate goes to 90%.

What Is Mutual Recognition

Mutual Recognition is the term for the agreement between the state of Florida and ten other states whereby an active real estate licensee in one of these nine states may apply his or her real estate education and experience to obtaining an equivalent license in Florida.

In simpler words, if you:

  • Hold a current real estate license in good standing* in one of the 10 states,
  • Are not a resident of Florida at the time of your application,
  • AND Submit an application and fingerprints with payment…You will be eligible to take the Florida Real Estate Mutual Recognition Exam.
  • *NOTE: Applicants must have obtained the Real Estate license by having met the education and examination requirements of the state with which Florida has mutual recognition. Licensees cannot claim mutual recognition if they obtained their license, in the mutual state, by reciprocity.

    The 10 recognized states are:

    Alabama and Arkansas broker license applicants need 2 years of experience in the past 5 years as a real estate broker.

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    Real Estate Exam Content Description

    As previously mentioned, there is no single national real estate exam or program of study to become a Real Estate Agent. In order to qualify to take your states real estate licensing exam, you will first have to complete a state-specific prelicensing education program. The specific course curriculum and number of hours required is determined by the real estate commission in your home state.

    Once you have qualified to take the exam, you will then prepare for and take a state-administered real estate licensing exam. For most candidates, this exam will include a national portion as well as a state-specific portion. For both portions of the exam, you will be asked to show knowledge and proficiency in real estate policies, practices, terminology, responsibilities, and expectations.

    In general, you should expect your real estate licensing exam to be around 100-150 multiple choice questions this includes about 60-80 state-specific questions, and about 80-100 questions related to generally universal real estate concepts. You will have between 2-4 hours to complete your exam. You should expect questions involving any or all of the following content areas:

    • Real Property Characteristics
    • Real Property Environmental Issues

    Make sure to check your states specific real estate exam requirements to know exactly what you should expect.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Florida Real Estate Exam

    Florida Real Estate Post Covid

    We wanted to create a comprehensive resource for anyone who is planning on taking the Florida real estate exam, so we answered some of the most common questions about the test below. If theres anything else youd like to know, feel free to reach out and ask.

    What are the requirements to take the Florida real estate exam?How do I schedule my Florida real estate exam?What if I fail the Florida real estate exam?Do I need to take the Florida real estate exam if Im already licensed in another state?

    You will only be required to sit for the 40-question Florida laws section of the state exam if you already hold a license from a state with a mutual recognition agreement with Florida.

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    Real Estate License Exam Scores

    Most states require a minimum score of at least 70-75% correct in order to pass the real estate exam. Below are some example passing scores. Check the exact score requirements for your state here.


    * Must answer at least 56 national and 21 state-specific questions correctly.

    ** Must answer at least 60 national and 38 state-specific questions correctly.

    Florida Real Estate Exam Information

    What is the format of the real estate exam?

    The examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions, each having responses a, b, c, d. There are 45 questions on real estate principles and practices, 45 questions cover Florida and Federal laws and 10 questions require math calculations. You will have 3.5 hours to complete the exam. You will need to achieve a score of 75% to pass.How to schedule the state exam?

    Once your real estate application is approved by the Florida DBPR, you will receive an email notification and a candidate ID number. Use this ID number to sign up for your real estate exam with Pearson Vue. Scheduling can be completed online or by calling 888-204-6230.

    How much does the Florida real estate exam cost?

    Scheduling the Florida real estate examination cost $36.75.

    Where are the Pearson Vue test centers located?

    Pearson Vue test centers are located throughout the United States. In Florida, you will find a test center in the following cities: Orlando, St. Petersburg, Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Oakland Park, Ormand Beach, Fort Myers, Lake Mary, Gainesville, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Miami, Lakeland, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Doral, Tampa , Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood.

    Can I review my Florida real estate exam results?

    Yes. You can review your entire exam. There is a fee of $35. You are given one hour for a review your test. Contact Pearson Vue at 888-204-6289 to schedule an appointment.

    How many times can I take the Florida State exam?

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    Mutual Recognition Exam Prep Course

    Get ready to PASS the Florida Mutual Recognition Exam!

    Our Florida Mutual Recognition Exam Prep Online Course was created specifically to prepare you to pass the 40 question state exam the first time you take it.

    This course is designed to walk you through the need-to-know content of the Florida Mutual Recognition Exam, while also providing you test taking strategies and tips. Included in this course are 190 sample questions that are very similar to what you will see on the actual exam.

    Credit hours: 0Tuition: $79

    This course is not required by the Florida Real Estate Commission for licensure, which means it is an optional exam preparation course that does not require you to complete it. .

    Before Scheduling Your Florida State Exam

    How to PASS the Florida Real Estate Exam in 12 Days!

    To schedule you Florida real estate exam, you must first complete the following steps:

    • Get Your Fingerprints Taken

    • Submit Your Application to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation . It takes about 10 days to get your application approval.

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    Best Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Providers For 2022

    REVIEWED BY:Gina Baker

    Gina is a licensed real estate salesperson, experienced trainer, and former high school educator of 1,000+ learners. She writes for Fit Small Business with a focus on real estate content.

    Jocille is a staff writer at Fit Small Business who specializes in real estate education.

    This article is part of a larger series on How to Become a Real Estate Agent.

    Passing the Florida real estate exam is the only hurdle left to a successful career in real estate after completing your initial prelicensing or broker prelicensing education. Since fewer than six out of 10 pass Floridas sales associate or broker real estate exams the first time, taking an exam prep course beforehand can guarantee youre ready to excel. We researched the best Florida real estate exam prep course providers to find programs designed for various learning styles to help you pass on your first attempt.

    Visit Real Estate ExpressUse Promo Code FSB25 for 25% off

    Things you need to know before enrolling for your Florida real estate exam prep: Along with education requirements and exam prep, there are additional steps to completing your real estate licensure. Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Florida to get started.

    Free Real Estate Practice Exams

    Dave Evangelisti

    Test-Guide is supported by our users. We may earn a commission when you buy through some links on the site. Learn more.

    Use our free Real Estate practice exams to pass the Real Estate License Exam – an assessment taken by candidates who wish to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

    Real Estate Agents work to advise home buyers and sellers on market conditions, real estate prices, mortgages, and how to best present their homes in order to sell at the best price.

    See our free sample tests for the latest actual real estate exam questions and answers.

    Summary: Take a free real estate practice exam below and see how you do.

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    How To Study For The Florida Real Estate Exam

    Hopefully we can assume that you do understand the best way to pass any test is to fully understand the material. So, how do we do that?

  • Take real estate practice exams over the course of 1-3 months depending on your knowledge level.
  • Watch YouTube videos of real estate exam prep teachers. They are awesome and they are free!
  • Memorize all the real estate vocabulary. This should be common sense, but make flashcards and just go over them until you know them all.
  • How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Florida

    Florida Real Estate Exam Manual Printed Outline with 500 Question ...

    To obtain a real estate license in Florida, you must have completed at least 63 hours of pre-licensure courses with in the past two years. When this requirement is met, you must then pass the states real estate agent exam. With our Florida real estate study guides, you will be well on your way to starting your career as a real estate agent.

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    The Ce Shop Real Estate Review

    Best for student satisfaction.

    For The CE Shop, satisfying their students is a top priority. This has led to impressive results for those who enroll in their courses according to them, about 87% of their students pass the Florida real estate licensing exam. If you want to be among the 96% of students who are satisfied with this prep course, this is a fantastic option.

    What to Expect

    If you can set aside two weeks to full-time studying, you can be prepared to pass your exams with the aid of this course. The eBooks, flashcards, digital glossary, and other career resources included with every CE Shop package will meet the education requirement while also adequately preparing most students to pass their licensing exams. However, there are a few upgrades that may provide you with extra value when you start your career.

    In my opinion, the Standard Package doesnt provide a significant enough benefit over The CE Shops Courses Only option to justify choosing it over the basic version. However, the Value package offers something very worthwhile, especially if youre very ambitious and want to start your career quickly and correctly. Business building courses can distill years of experience into helpful lessons for beginner real estate agents, helping them avoid making mistakes that can halt their career success in the near future.

    The CE Shop Details

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