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I Failed The Florida Bar Exam What Should I Do

Episode 394: Florida Bar Exam Results – Pass Rates Continue To Fall

Youve received your bar exam results only to learn that youve failed the Florida Bar Exam. This is an incredibly disappointing moment. You may not know how to share this news with family and friends or how to proceed next. Below we provide you with advice on the process of having to study and sit for the bar exam again.

Fiu Earns Highest Scores On Bar Exam State Passage Rate Lowest In A Decade

by Caden DeLisa | Sep 21, 2022

  • Florida International University School of Law graduates performed best on the Florida bar exam administered in July with a passage rate of 81.2 percent. This marks the 8th consecutive year FIU held a better passage rate than the other 10 law schools in the state
  • The University of Florida and Florida State University trailed slightly behind FIU, with passage rates of 78.7 percent and 74.9 percent, respectively
  • Florida Coastal School of Law performed the worst with a paltry 30.8 percent of graduates passing the exam
  • The overall state passage rate of 64.4 percent is the lowest in a decade

Florida International University law graduates earned the highest passage rate of all state law schools on the Florida bar exam, marking the eighth consecutive year the university attained the feat. In sum, graduates taking the Florida Bar exam for the first time had the lowest July passing rate in a decade.

81.2 percent of FIU school of law graduates passed the bar exam during its most recent administering. With the most recent results, more than 88 percent of FIU law graduates have passed the bar exam on their first attempt the highest passage rate of any Florida law school since 2015.

The University of Florida had a 78.7 percent passage rate for its graduates, positioning itself as the second-most university, according to data released by the Florida Supreme Court. Florida State University trailed slightly behind at 74.9 percent.

Fiu Law Earns Highest Scores On Florida Bar Exam Again

For the eighth consecutive July administration, FIU College of Law graduates earned the highest passage rate of any of Floridas 11 law schools on the Florida bar exam. With a first-time passage rate of 81.2%, FIU Law surpassed the statewide average passage rate of 64.4% by 16.8 percentage points.

This years graduates overcame many unusual challenges during their law school experience, and they should all be commended for their resilience, said FIU Law Dean Antony Page. They did so with a poise that served them well for the remainder of their studies and will continue to serve them well in their professional endeavors.

The July 2022 exam marked the first time in two years that the summer administration of the Florida bar exam was offered in person. The exam was administered remotely in July 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2015, more than 88% of FIU Law graduates have passed the bar exam on their first attempt the highest passage rate of any Florida law school.

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Florida State Bar Exam

The Florida Bar was started in 1950. It includes more than 100,000 legal professionals.

Florida is not a Uniform Bar Exam state. Florida has its own bar exam that uses the Multistate Bar Examination , the national multiple-choice test. Florida also requires the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination .

Florida Mbe Review Course

Lawyer Bar Exam Questions

Crushendos comprehensive MBE Suite comes with everything you need to crush the MBE portion of the Florida Bar Exam.

  • 1350+ Licensed NCBE MBE Practice Questions
  • Audio Attack Outlines

Essay Questions and Multiple-Choice

The Florida essay questions consist of three legal essays. Your essay scores, combined with your score on the Florida multiple-choice, comprises 50% of your total score. Florida bar exam essay topics may include the following:

  • Florida Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law and Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • Articles 3 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Chapters 4 & 5 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar
  • Professionalism

Here are helpful practice questions provided by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

The essay questions are followed by 100 multiple-choice questions.

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Florida Bar Exam Passage Rate Lowest In Decade

People who took the Florida Bar exam for the first time in July posted the lowest passage rate for July test-takers in a decade, a review of the data by The News Service of Florida shows.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners on Monday published results of the July exam showing that 64.4% of the 2,225 first-time participants passed. As a comparison, 80.2% of 3,034 first-time participants passed the Bar exam in July 2012. Since then, the lowest passage rate before this year was 67.2% in 2018.

, executive director of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, noted this Julys exam was the first in-person July exam since 2019. The Bar exam was not administered in July 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic and was administered online in July 2021.

Florida International University had the highest passage rate among Florida schools this year, with 81.2% of 133 FIU law students who took the exam passing.

This years graduates overcame many unusual challenges during their law school experience, and they should all be commended for their resilience, FIU Law Dean said in a statement.

The University of Florida law school had the next-highest passage rate, with 78.7% of 150 test-takers passing.

Barry University School of Law posted the lowest passage rate among law schools currently operating, at 49.2%. Florida Coastal School of Law, a private school in Jacksonville that shuttered last year, had 13 students take the exam, with only four passing.

Results Ofthe July 2022 Bar Exam Will Be Posted On Monday Sept 19

As a service to The Florida Bar applicants, the Supreme Court of Florida posts the pass/fail results from the most recent General Bar Examination, usually by noon on the morning of the release. The results will be available online for thirty days after the date the Court officially orders their release. The tentative date will be announced at the bar examination. The results are listed by each applicant’s anonymous Bar Applicant File Number. No names are used in this list and test questions are not released.


Notification of the posting of Bar scores will be sent out by the Court’s Twitter feed @flcourts or and Facebook page


Neither the Florida Supreme Court nor the Bar Examiners ever publicly release how applicants rank on their exam scores compared to other applicants. Some high-scoring applicants will be invited to speak at public induction ceremonies at state appellate courts, but this fact alone in no way indicates that the applicant is the highest scorer on the overall exam or ranked in any particular place or percentile. Applicants, therefore, must avoid making public claims that they ranked in a particular place or percentile. Applicants invited to speak at a court ceremony may only note that they received the invitation because they were among the higher scorers.


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Bar Exam Results Posted

Graduates from the University of Miami had the highest passage rate for those taking the July Florida bar exam. The Florida Board of Bar Examiners released the results from the exam September 22.

A total of 2,367 people took the exam, 722 from out-of-state and the remainder in-state graduates. The FBBE also said 1,025 took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam in March, 314 from out-of-state and the remainder from the 10 Florida law schools.

UM topped those who took Part A and Part B of the general bar exam 218 of the 236 Miami grads passed, or 92.4 percent. Florida International University was next, with 58 of its 64 graduates passing, or 90.6 percent. Next was the University of Florida, where 210 of 235 graduates passed, or 89.4 percent.

Of the other law schools: 169 of the Nova Southeastern Universitys 197 students passed the exam, or 85.8 percent 181 of 212 graduates from Florida State University passed, or 85.4 percent 147 of 173 students from Stetson University passed, or 85 percent 158 of 192 graduates from Florida Coastal passed, or 82.3 percent 108 of 135 from St. Thomas University passed, or 80 percent 93 of 123 from Barry University passed, or 75.6 percent and 53 of 78 from Florida A& M University passed, or 67.9 percent.

Five hundred and fifty eight of the 722 applicants from out-of-state law schools passed, or 77.3 percent. Overall, 82.5 percent of those who took Parts A and B passed.

Bar Exam Pass Rates Slump In New York Florida

Themis Bar Review Exam Pass Rates Explained
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  • Related documents
  • Of 20 states to report pass rates so far, 12 are down and six are up

– It’s shaping up to be a season of disappointment for many would-be lawyers, with New York, Florida and Pennsylvania among the states reporting declines in their pass rate for the February bar exam.

So far, 12 states have reported that their pass rates fell from a year ago on the attorney licensing exam, while another 6 saw modest increases. Two states matched their pass rate from 2021.

In New York, which is the largest bar exam jurisdiction, the February overall pass rate declined to 45% from 49% a year ago. Florida saw its pass fall to 43% this February from 47% last year. Pennsylvanias overall pass rate plummeted to 37% from 51% in February 2021, while just half of North Carolinas February examinees passed, down from 60% a year ago.

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Pass rates have also ticked up in a few states. Illinois’ overall pass rate rose one percentage point to 43%, while North Dakotas surged to 68% this year from 55% in 2021. West Virginias pass rate rose eight percentage points to 56%.

Rosemary Reshetar, the National Conferences director of assessment and research, cautioned against reading too much into the MBE score decline, given that Februarys national average tends to jump around year-to-year.

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What You Need To Know

  • The Florida Bar of Examiners released the results of first-time applicants who took the bar exam in July.
  • Florida International University College of Law topped the list with an over 81% passing rate.
  • Florida Coastal School of Law had the lowest passing rate, with less than 31%.

The Supreme Court of Florida on Monday released the July general bar examination results of first-time applicants from nearly one dozen law schools in the Sunshine State.

And at the top of the list sits Florida International University College of Law, with an over 81% passing rate, while Florida Coastal School of Law is on the opposite end of the results, with less than 31% of its students passing, according to the release.

What Makes The Florida Bar Exam Unique

Florida only offers in-person testing at one location statewide, in Tampa. The exam will take place in the Tampa Convention Center, so it is wise to book your hotel early when traveling into the Sunshine State to take the exam. Also, be sure to arrive at least one day before the exam to map out the area and familiarize yourself with your exam day logistics.

One of the aspects that makes the Florida bar exam difficult is the number of testable subjects. Florida double-tests virtually all of the MBE subjects, whether through distinctions or the entire subject, plus Florida-specific subjects. For example, Torts is tested on the MBE and may show up on Part A. When answering a question on Part A, if Florida law varies from general law , you should answer the question according to Florida law. This means that a student must know the MBE law and any relevant Florida distinctions when answering a Florida multiple-choice or essay question.

Nothing prohibits the examiners from testing any subject in any format. However, only a handful of subjects appear in the multiple-choice section, with the Florida Procedure subjects comprising one segment. For the essays, its important to note that the examiners can test up to three subjects per essay, including their equitable aspects. This significantly increases the number of subjects that may be tested on Florida day. Along with Procedure, its critical to pay particular attention to Florida Professional Conduct and Florida Evidence.

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Florida Bar Exam: What To Bring

What to bring

  • Your current drivers license or picture ID
  • You need to have these items with you for each of the four testing sessions.
  • Pens and pencils are provided to examinees
  • Laptop testers should not bring their laptop in a case or bag

Prohibited items

  • Any item that can connect to the internet
  • Any item that can record audio or video

Fiu Edges Uf For Highest Bar Exam Passage Rate Among Law Gradsa Scene From A Florida Bar Exam Image Via Tampa Convention Center

Bar Exam

Trulieve nabs Benzinga Cannabis Award

Just over half of those taking both parts of the General Bar Examination in Florida passed, according to results released by the Supreme Court of Florida Monday.

The General Bar Examination has two components. Part A includes the Florida portion of the exam, while Part B includes the Multi-state Bar Examination . Completion of both parts comprises the Overall Method.

Of the 2,794 applicants in the Overall Method, 51% passed. Of the 186 applicants who took only Part A, 55% passed, while only 36% of the 102 applicants who took only Part B passed.

The Supreme Court approved 1,417 candidates for admission to the Florida Bar. That number does not represent all passing applicants, as character and fitness investigations for some, required for admission to the Florida Bar, are still underway.

Induction ceremonies will occur on October 12.

Among first-time bar exam takers, nearly 65% passed 1,432 of 2,794 total applicants.

Graduates from Florida International University College of Law performed best on the exam, with more than 81% receiving passing scores.

Students from the Florida Coastal School of Law had the lowest pass rate at just under 31%.

Pass rates for other schools are as follows:

University of Florida College of Law: 78.7%

Florida State University College of Law: 74.9%

University of Miami School of Law: 72%

Ave Maria School of Law: 71.4%

Stetson University College of Law: 64%

St. Thomas University College of Law: 60.5%

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Fsu Is No : Florida Bar Exam Results Are In Here Are The Best And Worst Performers

Based on performance, the state Supreme Court Monday approved 443 candidates for admission to The Florida Bar.

3 minute read

Samantha Joseph


Florida State University College of Law had the highest percentage of first-time candidates passing the state bar exam, according to information released Monday.

FSU led Stetson University College of Law, which came in second, and Florida International University College of Law, which had the third highest percentage for the bar exam administered Feb. 22-23 in Tampa.

Bar Exam Pass Rate By State

The bar exam, perhaps the most gruesome testing experience that western society has yet concocted, is a two-day ordeal that determines who gets to be a lawyer. Its so miserable, in fact, that you could be excused for changing your whole future life course just to take the test somewhere that it isnt *that* hard. To guide you on our your way, in this post we will take a quick look at the states with the best bar passage rates.

The caveat is that a whole lot of factors besides test difficulty determine whether or not people are passing in a given state. Some states attract more talented candidates, both to their schools and later on to the practice of law, so the composition of bar takers is not the same everywhere. The California bar exam, for example, is known for being incredibly hard. Yet it has a passage rate similar to Mississippis, which really isnt known for being that fearsome.

The other thing factor is that people study to the expected difficulty of the test. The bar exam is a pass/fail test, so no sane person was looking to do anything more than give themselves a comfortable margin of error. Thus, people are generally studying harder for the aforementioned California exam than, say, North Dakotas.

That said, bar passage rate is the best measure we have, so lets take a look. Here is where the greatest and lowest percentage of potential lawyers attained entry into the profession. The data below represents a summary for the 2017 calendar year.

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What Subjects Are Tested On The Florida Bar Exam

Corporations, Family Law, FL Constitutional Law, FL Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, FL Rules of Professional Conduct & Rules Regulating Trust Accounts, Partnerships, Trusts, Wills & Administration of Estates , Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

Florida Bar Exam Scores Announced With Uf Having Second

8,241 pass Philippine bar exams 72% passing rate recorded

September 19, 2022Education

The Florida Bar announced its passage rate on Monday for the July 2022 bar exam, and the University of Florida Levin College of Law maintained its recent steady scores.

At UF a passing rate of 80% has been the standard in the past few cycles. With the most recent test, 78.7% of UFs students passed the exam, as compared to the statewide average passing rate of 64.4%. Florida International University had the highest mark this round with 81.2%.

With most scores for the university being above the average passing rate, students at UF have been able to succeed despite the challenges and obstacles faced. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the passing rate for the Florida Bar Exam has generally decreased.

Bar exam passage rates during the past decade have gradually decreased. For the February 2014 test, the passing rate for all students taking the Florida Bar Exam was 72.9%, while the passing rate for the test in February 2021 was 62.4%.

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