Firefighter Entrance Exam Practice Test

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Here Are Some Examples Of Job Simulation Tests That You Might See On An Ios Firefighter Pat Test:

Firefighter Written Exam Test Taking Strategies
  • Advancing a weighted sled or charged hose-line which requires a great deal of force.
  • Unloading a 14-ft. ladder, carrying it 100 ft. and then reloading the ladder on brackets.
  • Raising a 24-ft. extension ladder and lowering it again in a controlled manner.
  • Climbing a 24-ft. extension ladder quickly and safely.
  • Lifting and carrying a total of 40 lbs. for 150 feet to simulate carrying equipment.
  • Moving a Keiser Sled completely down the track.
  • Ascending and descending 4 flights of stairs while carrying a hose prop.
  • Dragging a 165-pound dummy a total of 50 feet.

This firefighter entry-level exam ensures that the minimum fitness requirements necessary to perform as a firefighter are met. You will not be able to pursue a career in firefighting without passing this or a similar firefighter fitness test.

Firefighting Test and Preparation Materials

There are several useful tools to assist you in preparing for a firefighting test. Practice exams cover the same areas as the actual firefighter exam. Additionally, they allow applicants to revisit incorrect answers and view correct responses online. Study guides include test-taking strategies, rules, and sample questions. IOS offers general study guide materials designed to prepare applicants for the exam process. IOS also offers state/regional study guides and practice tests custom designed for area-specific exams. To prepare, find a preparation guide specifically created for the test you are taking.

Firefighting Exam Guide: Prepare With Free Practice Questions

Want to become a firefighter? For such a physical job, not everyone is prepared for the written exam that they first have to pass when they first enter the field. This is an entry-level written test and it measures the aptitude of each candidate and is used when recruiting firefighters into the sector.

It focuses on memory, speed, and cognitive skills. It examines how effectively candidates can process information as well as important skills like reflexes, decision making, and accuracy. Although you dont need more than a high school education to become a firefighter, the exam is highly competitive.

If you are not prepared, the exam can be difficult to pass. Therefore it is important to familiarise yourself with the types of questions you may be asked beforehand so there are no surprises on the day.

  • Firefighter exam practice questions
  • Firefighter Written Exam Practice Test 2021 Free Online Quiz

    Firefighter Written Exam Practice Test 2021 Free Online Quiz. This practice exam consists of 42 multiple-choice questions in the following areas: memory and observation, reading comprehension, verbal expression, spatial relations, judgment, and following procedures.

    Normally, you would have about three hours for this test however, for now, dont worry about timing. Just take the test in as relaxed a manner as you can. The answer sheet you should use for answering the questions is on the following page. Then comes the exam itself, and after that is the answer key, with each correct answer explained. The answer key is followed by a section on how to score your exam.

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    Specializing In Nfst Cps Fact And Gledhill

    Looking for a career as a Firefighter? You can’t afford to be without FirefighterPrep. Every year tens of thousands of people apply for Firefighter jobs across North America and Australia. However, the recruitment process is highly competitive, for each of these desirable positions there are hundreds of applicants.

    What Is The Usa Firefighter Test

    Firefighter Recruitment Test

    There is not a standard test that candidates take when applying for a firefighter position, as the needs of each municipality are different. However, many fire departments use similar assessments. These include a personality assessment and an aptitude test. In some cases, the personality and aptitude tests are taken at the same time and are part of the same written test. Other departments have applicants take them separately.

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    Components Of Firefighter Exam

    The firefighters exam paper is divided into two portions by the type of questions. The exam paper is of moderate difficulty and a person with a high school degree can crack it with relative ease. The first part of the test is devised to assess the candidates in basic mathematics, reasoning, and reading comprehension. While nothing too hard is there in the test, an aspirant will need to know how to solve common addition, subtraction, multiplication along with percentage and ratio problems.

    The second part of the exam focuses on the personality of the candidates. A person in this line of work is required to have integrity, the power to make tough decisions quickly, a certain amount of dignity along with the ability to follow orders. So, on top of being of sound mind and body, a persons character is of vital importance in this line of work. There are no right and wrong answers in this section. The answer to each question varies from person to person, and each of them is valid. The answers you give will be matched against the answers that were marked by now successful firefighters when they took the exam. The whole idea behind this section is to test your compatibility for this line of work.

    Risk Free And No Long Term Commitment

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    Firefighter Exam Practice Test 2022 With Study Guide

    Firefighter Exam Practice Test 2022 with Study Guide. Check our latest questions answers for all Firefighter Exam in USA. Download our free printable Firefighter Exam test pdf.

    Firefighting is more than a job or career it is a calling. Perhaps you remember the first time that you saw a fire truck pass by, rushing to some emergency, or watched as firefighters worked to save a life in peril. That day, you began to dream of a career as a firefighter.

    Minutes Plus 15 Minutes For Instructions

    Augusta Fire Department to host firefighter entrance exam

    This firefighter exam was designed to focus on skills that might not be assessed until you would enter the typical oral interview stage of the hiring process. This test could be utilized by agencies in place of an oral interview when conducting one might not be an option.

    There is no prep material for the SBSA-FF.

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    Hours Plus 15 Minutes For Instructions

    The National Firefighter Selection Inventory or NFSI is composed of job related questions that help agencies select qualified candidates to serve as firefighters. The test does not require firefighter experience in order to pass. It contains two sections, Cognitive Skills and Personality Attributes. These two sections are combined into one overall score. During this entry-level firefighter exam, you are not allowed to use aids such as dictionaries, electronic devices, or calculators.

    How To Crack Firefighter Written Exam

    As you now know the basics of the procedure and have a general idea of what beasts you might be asked to slay in your written firefighter examination, let us go over some of the tips that you can consider while preparing for your written test.

    The Firefighter Practice Test is a merger of different categories including Fire Science Basics, fundamental Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Aptitude, universal Judgement and Psychology questions.

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    Firefighter Exam Practice Questions

    To get a clearer idea about how the test will look, here you have an example of the types of questions that might appear on your firefighter exam. To try some short simulation firefighter exam questions head over to For more in-depth preparation, you can also find the full test prep pack for a full simulation exam that mimics the questions, layout, and structure of the actual exam.

    Practice questions

    1.In what room in a single-family house is a fire most likely to start?

    a) Kitchen

    Fire Fighter Exam Samples

    #1 Fire Approved

    HomeRegisterTourFire Fighter Exam SamplesFire Service AcronymsTerms of UseSupport/HelpFAQAbout UsAffiliate Program Below are links to 8 different sample fire fighter exams that were generated from our practice fire fighting exam generator. None of these exams can be graded as can the exams available through our paid subscription. These fire fighting questions cover similar information as most fire department tests and national fire examinations. These ARE NOT likely the same questions that you will receive on your department or national exam, but the concepts and theories covered in our practice fire fighter examinations will help you prepare for them. Fire Fighter Exam Samples

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    Preparing To Take The Cpat


    The IAFF/IAFC standards for the Candidate Physical Ability Test states that each candidate must have the opportunity to attend at least two orientation sessions within eight weeks prior to taking the test.

    During orientation, candidates will receive instruction on the test and the test events, and will have the opportunity to try out the CPAT testing equipment to better understand what will be required.

    Participation in one or more orientation sessions is strongly encouraged. Candidates who take advantage of orientation consistently have a higher passage rate than those who do not. The two orientation sessions are included in the $150.00 testing fee.

    FCTC also provides a complete online Orientation Guide, with detailed information about the test events.


    In addition to orientation, candidates have the option to sign up for at least two timed practice runs prior to the test itself. Unlike orientation, practice tests are a full-scale simulation of the test. There is an additional fee of $25 per practice test. Like orientation, candidates that take at least one practice test consistently pass at a higher rate.

    If you choose not to participate in this pre-test program, you will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the pre-test program and have declined to include it in your preparations to complete the CPAT.

    Getting in Shape to Take CPAT

    • Physical demands of the test
    • Training principles

    Total Questions: Over 200

    The FST tests for basic abilities required for the firefighter position. The FST exam does not require previous firefighting experience or first-hand knowledge of the firefighter position. There are no calculators or web-based electronic devices allowed during the testing process. Any form of spelling aids or dictionaries are also not allowed.

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    The Candidate Physical Ability Test

    The Candidate Physical Ability Test is the next step in the process for many fire departments some put this step first. You should expect to have a medical clearance, or at the very least sign a medical waiver stating that you are in good enough shape to undertake this stressful test, before you will be allowed to participate. The fire department wants to make sure that no one has a heart attack in the middle of the test. So, you can expect the test to be tough.

    Here is an example of the events in a test that you would typically have ten minutes, 20 seconds to complete:

    • Stair climb with weighted vest
    • Ceiling breach and pull

    Take Control And Pass Your Firefighter Exam

    NJ Firefighter Entry Exam

    FirefighterPrep’s unique program provides practice exams and interview preparation for Firefighter positions. At FirefighterPrep we continuously work closely with Fire Departments and Colleges to ensure that our clients receive high quality training and gain the advantage needed to get these highly competitive jobs. Our company is dedicated to helping you get a rewarding and lasting career!

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    How To Pass The Firefighter Aptitude Test

    In order to pass the firefighter aptitude test, you must first develop good study habits.

    While everyone has different study habits, here are some helpful tips:

  • Study without interruption for at least 30-60 minutes.
  • Simulate examination conditions when studying.
  • Read, study, and take practice examinations.
  • Make sure you understand every answer to your firefighter sample questions.
  • Establish a schedule for studying, and stick to it.
  • Hire a professional coach.
  • Follow the recommended techniques for answering multiple-choice questions.
  • Career coaches can assist you on your journey to become a firefighter by helping you navigate the various practice tests, firefighter aptitude study manuals, and guide you through the specifics of each style of firefighter recruitment testing.

    You might find the best way to get better at the firefighter aptitude test is through experience in writing them, applying to various fire departments and participating in different recruitment processes to help to increase your odds of getting hired.

    This allows you to better understand the types of questions asked and become aware of the time constraints for each style of test.

    On the other hand, due to the cost of applying to various departments, it should be noted that this can prove to be expensive. It’s recommended you take the time to practice before using this method.

    Timed Practice Exams And Interview Preparation

    Access to timed-practice exams designed specifically for Firefighter entrance exams, you will gain the confidence and know-how to pass the recruitment written exams on your first attempt! In addition, our interview preparation training material will help you standout during the interview process. Gain the competitive advantage with FirefighterPrep.

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    The Firefighter Selection Tool

    The FST firefighter test has been designed IOS to measure abilities that are important in a successful career as a firefighter. The test is divided into two sections, the first section assess non-cognitive traits and includes a measure of personality and a biographical data, and the second section is an assessment of cognitive abilities.

    While the FST include job-related questions you will not require any firefighting experience or knowledge to pass the test.

    Other than pen and paper, no aids are allowed during the test. No dictionaries, spelling aids and web-enabled devices are allowed, and most importantly no calculators.

    Non-cognitive Traits

    The FST measure non-cognitive traits in two sub-sections: Behavioral Characteristics and biographical data.

    Behavioral characteristics are assessed through a type of personality test. Attitude, motivation, work preferences and interpersonal relations are assessed. The biographical data section assess the experiences in your life and your background.

    The behavioral characteristics section consists of a five-point scale format, from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. This section contains 120 items, with a time limit of 30 minutes.

    Cognitive Abilities

    The second section of the FST measures eight different abilities. The test is laid out in a multi-choice format, consisting of four answer options. The test consists of 80 questions with a time limit of 2 hours. The eight abilities measured can be divided into the categories below:

    Tabe Practice Test Benefits

    Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam

    Using practice tests to prepare for the TABE has many benefits. Sample questions offer many unique benefits compared to other approaches. The advantages of using sample TABE tests include:

    • Increasing Your Speed There are time limits on all of the TABE subtests. Although most students who take the TABE feel that there is sufficient time, taking the TABE practice tests with self-imposed timers help you budget your time effectively.
    • Focusing Your Preparation Taking sample tests will help you understand the areas you know welland the areas you are weak on. Many students waste a lot of valuable study time by reviewing material that they are good at . The most effective way to study is to concentrate on the areas that you need help on.
    • Gaining Familiarity with the TABE Test Format The TABE exam, just like every standardized test, has its own unique format. As you take practice TABE tests you will become comfortable with the format of the actual TABE test. Once the test day arrives you will have no surprises!
    • Improving Your Problem Solving The more sample questions you see, the better problem solver you will become. Solid problem solving skills will be crucial for you to achieve a passing score on your TABE exams, especially the TABE mathematics portion.

    Prepare for your TABE exam the right wayand you will score your highest!

    You may also be interested in other high school related test such as:

    For more information on the TABE test, check out the official website.

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    What Types Of Questions Are On The Firefighter Aptitude Test

    Listed below are the types of questions you might encounter on your firefighter aptitude test.

    Listen to passage

    The listen to passage section assess your ability to comprehend and remember the information being provided to you. It’s a necessary skill as you must have the ability to understand one another and the public.

    Mathematics Problems

    Mathematics allows the fire department to see your ability to manipulate data represented by symbols to produce information in a form that is more useful than the original data. This is important because we are constantly called upon to make decisions based on mathematics.

    Mechanical Aptitude Problems

    Mechanical Aptitude tests your ability to understand the principles of mechanics. There are two basic types of machines. These are simple and compound machines. Both very important to understand.

    Reading Comprehension Problems

    Reading comprehension assess your ability to read a passage and identify relevant information from that passage. For example, they may ask you to put items in the passage into some order or to express the original idea in a clear format.

    Work Relations Problems

    Work relations are very important to understand when taking the firefighter aptitude test. In your career, you will interact with many people. This section checks to see how you would react in certain situations.

    Writing Ability Problems
    Map Reading Problems

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