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Where To Get Cheap Eye Exams

ASMR | Comprehensive Eye Exam with Trial Frames | Testing Far and Near Vision

Having your eyes checked regularly is important, especially if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

Ive been wearing glasses and contacts for years, so I know how pricey getting an eye examination can be. For this article, I contacted optometrist offices all over the country to get the best idea of where you can get a cheap eye exam.

Heres a look at the best available prices for routine eye exams.

Why Cant I Just Use The Same Contact Lens Prescription From Last Year And Order New Contact Lenses

Although contact lenses may seem to be an everyday part of your life, contacts are considered a medical device and are regulated by the FDA. Due to this safety regulation, it is necessary to have an up-to-date contact lens prescription to be able to order contact lenses. In order to prescribe contact lenses, an eye doctor must evaluate both vision and ocular health on every patient while wearing the lenses. Contact lens prescriptions expire 1 year after the day they were written and expired prescriptions cannot legally be used to purchase new lenses.

How Long Is An Eye Exam

Allow yourself 30 to 45 minutes for your tests and about 1 hour overall. That may seem like quite a chunk out of your day, but trust us: patients often tell us its the best eye exam theyve ever had!

A quick breakdown of a standard appointment:

  • Minimal wait time, as you complete your paperwork
  • Time with our staff for preliminary tests to assist the doctor and to determine your needs, wants and goals for the visit.
  • As much time as needed with the doctor to make sure all your test results, questions, concerns and goals are addressed.

Need new eyeglasses? You can select frames in advance or wait until after your exam. Were flexible to your needs and preferences.

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Best Place For An Eye Exam Without Insurance

I live in Hawaii and am in need of a new pair of glasses. I have a target, walmart, and costco in my town.

Anyone know which place offers the best service for cost? Thank you

Costcos really have a good rate on exams from the attached doctor. Having a membership is not required. The eyeglass exam is cheaper than the eyeglasses and contacts exam.

Having a membership is not required for the exam, but it is to purchase eyeglasses from Costco.

That being said, with a fresh prescription, you can hop over to a website like Zenni Optical, and order dirt cheap glasses.

I got an eye exam done at Target for $55 They gave me a copy of my results & i bought my glasses online through Zenni 🙂

Walmart has been the cheapest for me!

Walmart for me. No insurance. I buy my frames used and send them I. On line to get the lenses made. A little leg work but by far the cheapest method. And I get exactly what I want.

Costco also has a good reputation on quality prescriptions. Consumer’s Report gave it their best chain rating on RX glasses. They don’t have as many frames as some places, but they have a pretty good buyer. So, you do get good variety as well as a good price.

Costco, my eyesight has never been better.

I went to walmart. I have medical but not vision insurance. Turns out I have dry eyes and need eye drops which they were able to bill the visit under medical. So only ended up costing me $10 out of pocket. Doctor was really awesome.

The Cost Of An Eye Exam At Different Retailers

Welcome to Medina Express Opticians

The cost of an eye exam is often less expensive at major retailers than at a local optometrist. You can expect to pay between $50 to $100 when visiting a retailer, compared to nearly $200 when opting for a private physicianâs office.

Below are the average costs of eye exams at vision centers and retailers across the country.


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What Isnt Covered By Vision Insurance

Vision plans generally do not cover medical eye care costs. For example, vision insurance will usually not cover treatment for dry eyes, allergies, eye infection, or eye diseases. Your standard health insurance will usually cover care for these issues.

Vision insurance is also unlikely to cover LASIK since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Again, you can take advantage of any LASIK discounts that are offered.

Non-prescription glasses, such as blue light blocking and gaming glasses, are usually not covered by vision insurance.

Can You Get Vision Insurance And Then Cancel

Most vision insurance plans involve an annual contract, meaning that you must commit for a full year of coverage. Since many plans are offered through employers, you would typically need a qualifying life event to terminate existing coverage, such as leaving your job. Many plans do offer a 30-day grace period where you can cancel within that period just after signing up. If you do insist on canceling before your term is up, you will likely face early termination penalties and fees.

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Eye Exams Are Covered By Health Insurance

Depending on where you live, eye exams might be covered by your provincial healthcare plan. In Ontario, eye exams are covered by OHIP for people under the age of 20 and over the age of 65, as well as for many with low incomes. Everyone else must pay for exams out of pocket or submit a claim to their health insurance plan to help cover the cost.

Most health insurance plans fund up to $80 for an exam every two years, making it easy to keep on a schedule for regular eye check-ups.

How Must Does An Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance Coverage

[ASMR] Comprehensive “Friendly” Eye Examination/Vision Test

This amount varies from region to region and also between different eye doctors. A private eye doctors services generally cost more than a discount eye care center. However, you benefit from more personalized service. If you have a history of complex vision problems, you are likely better off visiting a private eye care specialist who will monitor and treat your case.

Medical schools, optometry schools, and hospitals usually run eye care clinics where you can go for a discounted or free eye exam. These are typically good sources of low cost vision care.

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Does Insurance Cover Eye Exams

This varies from provider to provider. Most policies do not cover routine eye exams. However, many insurance providers offer separate vision plans.

These will usually cover at least a portion of your eye exam costs. If you have vision insurance, the average co-pay for an eye exam is around $10 to $40.

What Is The Cost Of An Eye Exam Without Insurance In 2022

When you do not have vision insurance, you may have some concerns about getting an eye exam, specifically the price.

While you do not want to ignore the health of your eyes, you also want to stay within your budget when seeking an exam from an eye doctor. Our eye doctors have the latest on what to expect in fees and rates in 2022.

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Are Eye Exams At Walmart The Same As Everywhere Else

For the most part, yes. A routine eye exam with one of Walmarts independent optometrists will be used to update your vision prescription and check your eye health using the same methods as almost any other routine eye exam.

Walmart doctors, along with doctors at other stores with optical centers, offer what is called a comprehensive eye exam. This painless process will test most or all of the following:

  • Fluid pressure inside your eyes

  • How well your eyes move together

  • Your side vision

The four main refractive errors nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia are the most common reasons people schedule an eye exam with an optometrist.

Most cases of mild or moderate refractive error can be easily corrected using prescription glasses or contact lenses. Youll receive your vision prescription after your eye exam.

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How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost With Insurance

Rosenbaum Eye Chart Pocket Vision Test for Optometrists /

If you have vision insurance, then your eye exam will cost you much less out-of-pocket. Its common to have a copay for a comprehensive eye examand thats if your insurance doesnt cover it entirely.

But, having vision insurance also means paying monthly premiums, and those can add up to around $150$200 a year, depending on your plan. Many plans will help you pay for prescription eyewear, and that bonus makes insurance worth it for people who plan on buying new glasses and/or contacts each year.

Most healthcare plans dont have a built-in vision component, and wont cover your routine eye exams if youre an adult.

If you want vision insurance, youll probably have to enroll in a standalone plan thats separate from your medical health plan.

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How Can I Use Insurance For My Eye Exam

You can get an annual eye exam using your medical insurance, but it would only include examining for eye conditions and would not cover a prescription for any type of corrective lenses. If you need both care for an eye condition as well as a wellness exam with refraction, you might have to make two different appointments because both insurances can legally not be billed for the same encounter. This can be avoided by paying out of pocket for your refraction and prescription. If you are only interested in getting a routine eye exam and refraction benefit from your vision insurance you will need to do both at the same time, on the same day, otherwise youll end up paying separately for both.

We encourage you to schedule an annual eye exam to catch eye conditions early and keep your eyes healthy. Visit the nearest Barnet Dulaney Perkins practice near you or call to schedule an appointment. If youre unsure whether you should use your vision or medical benefits, please reach out to us or your local BDP clinic, and our team will be happy to guide you.

Should I Visit An Optometrist Or An Ophthalmologist

Routine and medical visits are both full eye exams that cover the same elements and can be performed by either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

If a standard eye exam is needed, then visiting an optometrist will do the trick. They primarily perform vision exams, prescribe glasses or contact lenses, and can detect many eye conditions. Keep in mind that they are not medical doctors, and they may not be as familiar with all the health conditions that can affect the eyes as an ophthalmologist would. However, they can distinguish eye abnormalities and refer you to an ophthalmologist for further evaluation if necessary. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who can diagnose and treat eye diseases, perform surgery, and practice medicine.

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Why Is The Cost Of A Contact Lens Exam More

Simply put because a contact lens exam involves additional testing.

A typical contact lens exam will include:

  • Several tests to determine what size and type of contacts are best for you
  • Verify that the contact lenses fit correctly
  • A contact lens prescription
  • A follow up visit after your appointment to make sure the lenses are fitting properly

But What If I Dont Want To Be Dilated

ASMR VERY Close Ophthalmoscope Examining/Clicking, Eye Exam, Typing, Gloves Medical Roleplay

Great news! Our office has access to the newest technology available with the use of our optomap ultra-widefield, retinal imaging device. The optomap can be used to evaluate the health of the retina and other posterior structures of the eye without having to dilate the patient. That means no drops, no side effects, and imaged documentation of the health of the back of your eye for your patient records. The optomap may be covered by your insurance, however, most insurance plans will cover the optomap at an additional co-pay of up to $35. If you are not using insurance towards the exam, the out-of-pocket fee for the optomap is still only $35!

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Is Vision Insurance Worth It

Whether or not it makes sense to purchase vision insurance will be different for each person and their situation. Consider how often you see an eye doctor and whether or not your prescriptions change frequently to help you decide if vision insurance is worth it for you.

The average eye exam without insurance can cost upward of $150, with the average pair of glasses with lenses in the $200 to $300 range.

Assume your average annual costs are one exam at $150 and a mid-range pair of glasses costing $250 your total annual out-of-pocket cost would be $400. If you paid $15 a month for 12 months for coverage, with an annual vision checkup and pair of glasses covered, you would save $220.

If your vision is fine and you just want a check-up every few years, vision insurance may not be worth it for you.

Eye Exam And Vision Testing Guide

Eye exams and vision testing are an important part of having and maintaining good overall health. Exams test both your vision and your eye health.

Most people should receive an eye exam every year. People with certain eye or health conditions may need more frequent exams. If you are having difficulty paying for the care you need, free and low-cost eye exams are available through many businesses and organizations.

Many different tests may be performed during an eye exam depending on your needs. Your eye doctor will let you know which ones you need after a thorough preliminary exam and a detailed account of your family history.

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Common Questions And Answers

How can I get my eye prescription without insurance?

You can get an eye exam without insurance at places like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. They work with licensed optometrists and provide cheaper rates on eye care, glasses, and contacts.

Can I do an eye exam online?

Yes, online eye exams are available. They are often cheaper and more convenient than in-office visits. However, online eye exams may take longer to complete than in-office exams.

What is the cheapest place to get an eye exam?

Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, and America’s Best are the cheapest places to get an eye exam.

How much is an eye exam without insurance at Visionworks?

Eye exam prices at Visionworks vary depending on your vision care provider and location. to determine pricing and schedule an eye exam.

How much is an eye exam without insurance at Walmart?

The average cost of an eye exam at Walmart is $79. A contact lens exam is $129.

How much is an eye exam at America’s Best?

An eye exam at America’s Best is $50 or free when you buy two pairs of eyeglasses.

In this article

How Long Will It Take To Get My Contact Lenses Once I Order Them

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Typically, it will take 3-5 business days to receive your contact lenses once you have placed an order. Sometimes this time may be shorter or longer depending on manufacturer availability of your specific lens brand and power. Our office does require half of the full payment the day the order is placed and full payment before lenses are dispensed.

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What Is Included In A Vision Exam

During a comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist or ophthalmologist will use a variety of instruments to evaluate your vision and the health of your eyeballs. It will take between 30 minutes to an hour and will examine:

  • Refraction to check for refractive errors
  • Pupillary reactions
  • Muscle function

At the end of your vision test, your doctor will tell you if you need any vision correction or if you have any eye problems. If you need eyewear to correct your vision, you will need to see an optician to be fitted for eyeglasses. You can also be referred to a specialist to discuss surgical options, such as LASIK and LASIK costs.

A regular eye exam will only measure your vision and eye health. It does not include fitting for glasses or contacts. Youll have to schedule a contact lens exam if you need contacts.

Why Many Wisconsinites Dont Have Vision Insurance

Some employer-sponsored health insurance plans dont include vision coverage or offer vision insurance only as an add-on .

Individual vision insurance plans are available, but they usually require a 12-month commitment paid upfront. With many of these plans, patients still have to pay out of pocket for part of the cost of an eye exam, glasses, or contact lenses. For most people, it just doesnt make sense to pay $15-$20 a month for vision insurance .

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Vision Vs Medical Insurance

  • Your 8-year-old accidentally stabs himself in the eye with a pencil.
  • Your glasses are scratched and you need a new pair with an updated prescription.
  • The first scenario is medical medical insurance covers emergency care, surgery, and eye conditions like glaucoma or infection. Though it might dip into eye health, it has no coverage for routine vision services, like an eye exam.

    The second is vision vision insurance is a bit of a misnomer. Its not really insurance so much as it is a benefit. Its a supplemental, discounted program you pay into for preventive maintenance, so when it comes time for your eye exam, you have fewer and less expensive out-of-pocket costs. It doesnt cover the treatment of diagnoses but does cover the refraction portion and the wellness exam. Refraction is a vision test performed by your eye doctor to check if you need prescription lenses.

    A typical vision plan includes a wellness eye exam, lenses and an allowance for contacts, frames or both. Instead of paying full-price at the time, youre paying a discounted price each month. A vision plan can save you a few hundred dollars each year.

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