Dental Exam Cost Without Insurance

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Dental Costs With And Without Insurance

My Dental Assisting can help patients with or without dental insurance

Everyone needs dental care at some point. However, not everyone wants to pay for insurance coverage. Chances are youve thought about costs tied to proper treatment. If youre considering covering dental costs out-of-pocket on a per-treatment basis, knowing common procedure costs is important. While avoiding upfront costs from purchasing a dental insurance plan may seem cost-effective, having a great dental plan can greatly reduce your overall cost of care.

What Happens At A Dental Checkup

This type of checkup is done to make sure that your mouth is healthy. Your dentist will make sure that you would be free of any oral diseases, they will also make sure to take preventive steps so that tooth and gum diseases can be prevented from developing.

The frequency of visits to the dentist may vary per patient, some may need to go every six months, and others may need to go more or less frequently, but then the schedule set by the dentist must be followed.

Recommendations For Dental Checkups & Exams

Most dental disease is preventable through regular dental exams, checkups, and good oral hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends that you let your dentist create a specialized care routine for you, which will include regular dental exams and checkups. This may mean you need more than two visits per year based on your specific oral care needs.

If you are prone to tooth decay or gum disease, your dentist may want you to have your teeth professionally cleaned more than two times per year to prevent further oral and medical health issues. Genetics can also dictate more frequent dental checkups if you have a family history of oral health issues or medical diseases that can be picked up through a routine dental exam.

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The Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide:

  • is 84 pages long!
  • copies are available in the reference section of many public libraries
  • although the Fee Guide is suggested almost all dentists in Ontario follow it

Dentist prices do differ significantly between dentists for procedures typically NOT covered by insurance:

  • cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, braces
  • expensive procedures that insurance companies do not cover, such as dental implants

Cost Of Porcelain Fillings

Cost Of Teeth Cleaning Without Insurance : Infographic: Cost of Dental ...

Porcelain fillings, also known as inlays, will cost you anywhere from $700 to $1,418 per procedure. According to the ADA, inlays are not technically fillings, though they can serve the same purpose.

Porcelain-ceramic inlays are the longest and most expensive filling procedure. First, a dentist will drill your tooth. Then they will take an impression of your tooth and the inlay will be made in a lab, based on the impression.

These fillings are the most aesthetically pleasing as they are more resistant to staining. They last up to 15 years.

Find out if a dental savings plan from DentalPlans can save you money on your next dental procedure. Visit DentalPlans.

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Common Problems With Dental Insurance:

  • Waiting period: When you apply for insurance, you cant walk into a dentists office immediately. Instead, you need to wait a set period of time until your benefits kick in. Even then, it wont always cover every procedure.
  • Insurance minimum: Your procedure needs to hit a minimum amount of cost for the policy to cover it. While this usually isnt a lot, you should still be aware of what your policy doesnt include.
  • Insurance cap: Insurance wont pay for procedures in excess of a certain amount. This cap can limit what your dentist can do. And if you need an expensive procedure, you may have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

All-in-all, dental insurance is great if you have it for smaller procedures and preventive dental visits. Itll cover checkups and regular dental cleans .

However, if you need dentures, root canals, or braces, a lot of insurance providers wont cover those expensive procedures.

How Can I Save Money

Instead of paying upwards of $50 per month for dental insurance, consider low-cost dental discount plans. A majority of these plans, for example, can be found on comparison sites such as and can save you more than 50 percent on your procedure.

If you are going to a new dentist, try your best to find one that is offering special offers. This is a great way to potentially take advantage of a low-cost exam.

Ask for a group discount. If you are going to bring in a family, see if they can offer any sort of discount.

Many dentists offer discounts to patients who meet certain income requirements or you can check with the local state health department to see if they can point you in the right direction. If on Medicaid, children, in all states, are covered via the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment benefit. The benefits for adults will vary from state to state.

Check out deal websites such as to find low-cost dental options in your area.

Dental schools are a great source to save up to 70 percent off of a procedure. While it may seem risky, the students will always be supervised by a certified dentist. If youre thinking about going this route, however, be sure to call the dental school ahead of time as many schools have a rather long waiting list.

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Find Local Dental Schools For An Affordable Cost

Local dental schools are an excellent source of high-quality dental services at a reduced cost than at a traditional dentists office. Aspiring dental students can gain experience over the supervision of experienced, licensed dentists while you can get your dental needs taken care of at an affordable cost.

Is there a catch?

For those with extensive dental issues, be prepared to spend a longer amount of time because the licensed dentist will need to advise and work with the dental student as he or she helps your smile.

Too good to be true?

Were not joking! You can check out Free Dental Cares website and find free or low-cost dental clinics near you. Since were located in Beaverton, OR, here are some local free dental clinics for adults.

Risks Of Not Going To The Dentist Because Of Money

Columbia church creates program to get dental care to those without insurance

Thanks to these high dental procedure costs, one in five people dont go to the dentist. Forget about regular checkups. A lot of people dont even go if theyre in pain. Sadly, skipping the dentist can come with very serious consequences.

  • Pain:Nobody wants to live in pain. Yet, a simple infection can cause a significant toothache. If you dont go to the dentist when you feel pain, its only going to get worse.
  • Losing teeth: Cavities, gum disease, and tooth injuries can all cause damage to your teeth. If left untreated, these problems will eventually lead to a state that you cant improve.
  • Daily discomfort: Damaged teeth are often sensitive. Tooth sensitivity can make eating, drinking, and talking painful. Limiting these activities can lead to other health problems.
  • Stained teeth: Without regular dental cleanings your teeth will stain, especially if you drink coffee and wine regularly. While stained teeth arent a health issue, a lot of people dont like how they look.
  • Life-threatening illnesses: Untreated infection and gum disease dont just make your teeth fall out. The disease can spread to your lymph nodes, heart, and brain. You can also get heart disease and strokes which can be fatal.

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Be On The Lookout For Charity Events

There are many dental charities nationwide who provide free dental care to those in need. Some well-known charities and resources include:

  • Mission of Mercy: This nonprofit sets up portable dental stations in public areas to provide dental screenings and services at no charge to those who attend.
  • Dentistry From the Heart: This organization involves dentists volunteering their time to provide free dental services for adults and children for an entire day.

Get A Dental Discount Card

Despite trying preventive measures and limiting your dental cleanings, dental problems may still happen. Injuries, cavities, and gum disease all require a dentist to examine them.

Luckily, if you have a dental discount card, you can get the dental procedure you need at a lower price. You can see a professional dentist without insurance for cheaper.

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How Much Will Insurance Cover

If you have dental insurance, there is a chance that allor a fraction of the cost will be covered by your insurance company. Thegeneral guideline you have to take note of would be that as long as theprocedure would be medically needed, it would most likely be covered by dentalinsurance.

You will have to verify with your dentist as well as yourinsurance company before you can be sure of your exact out-of-pocket cost, butthen most dental insurances would cover preventive dental procedures such ascleanings, exams and other needed procedures like Xrays, but then those mighthave a limit of one or two per year to be included in the coverage.

Insurance may also cover needed treatments such asfillings, root canals, and extractions. However, more often than not, insurancewould only help lower the cost for these treatments, and you would still haveto pay some expense.

Certain Treatments Are Covered By The Quebec Health Insurance Board

Affordable Dental Savings Plan

In Quebec, in the event of trauma or illness, anyone insured by the RAMQ is entitled to certain dental services in a hospital setting at no charge. Any related examinations, x-rays and local or general anesthesia are also covered.

Financial aid recipients and their dependants may have access to various dental services that are covered by the RAMQ and that are provided in a dental clinic or hospital setting.

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If Your Emergency Happened In The Past Three Months

If your dental emergency happened within the last three months, and you are eligible for Medicaid, and your state provides Medicaid dental benefits, you may be able to apply for retroactive Medicaid. This will cover your emergency dental fees, but only for bills from up to three months prior to the date of your application.

This is a very complicated process and we do not recommend completing the form for retroactive Medicaid by yourself. To get help with the process, find a Healthcare Navigator. Navigators’ services are absolutely free. They are extremely knowledgable about the healthcare system, and if it turns out you aren’t eligible for Medicaid, they might be able to connect you with other help to fund your dental emergency with no money.

To find a Navigator near you, head to this search page and type in your location. It will show results for agents, brokers, and navigators , so make sure you choose the Navigators or Assisters option.

Other Options To Pay For Teeth Cleaning Without Insurance

Dental insurance isnât the only way to get access to funds or reduced rates for preventive care services. You may also want to explore non-insurance options to help you afford preventive dental care, like teeth cleanings.

HSAs: If you have a health savings account you can typically use those funds for dental services but check with the IRS to ensure you are using the funds correctly.

Dental Schools or Clinics: These settings typically base cost on a sliding scale. In the case of a dental school, the procedure is performed by a dental student that is being monitored by an experienced, licensed dentist.

Dental Discount Plan: These are not insurance plans. With a discount plan, when you obtain dental services you directly pay your provider a discounted rate for the service as opposed to your provider submitting a claim for services to an insurance company and getting reimbursed by them.

You can generally use a credit card at the dentistâs office. And if itâs a low or no-interest card, it may be reasonable for you to self-finance routine dental care like teeth cleaning on a credit card and pay it off over time.

Remember, if youâre concerned about needing additional services like fillings, thatâs where dental insurance may help.

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What Is The Alberta Dental Fee Guide

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is Published

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a list of dental service descriptions and fees set by the Alberta Dental Association. This guide is optional for each dentist to consider when setting fees for dental treatments. The Alberta Dental Fee Guide has been published since 2017 and provides suggested dental fees.

Transparency of Fees

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide provides an opportunity for you, your dental insurance and dental clinics that follow this guide to coordinate the costs of dental services and dental benefits. No more finger-pointing about the fees being charged!

We Follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide!

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is followed by Calgary Dentists and Cochrane Dentists at our Harvest Dental Care Clinics. Most dental health providers or dental insurance providers typically follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide to calcuate coverage amounts. By having dental insurance follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, there should be less confusion about the amounts covered.

Alberta Dental Fee Guide Updates

October 16, 2022 – Updates to the Canada Dental Benefit program . Make a strategy to use your benefits before most insurance benefits renew. An updated fee guide will be implemented on January 1, 2023.

Ask Your Dentist For An In

Free dental exams offered for Pinellas County kids without insurance on Monday

It can seem overwhelming to pay a bill all at once. Thats completely understandable.

So you may ask yourself, Will a dentist take payment plans?

The answer is Yes! Ask us about an in-house payment plan. Were all about adapting to your needs because every financial situation is unique.

We even accept CareCredit, which is your own medical credit card that makes your care even more affordable.

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Benefits Of Regular Dental Exams

Regular dental checkups can help to identify oral health issues and also medical problems that can impact your entire body, such as diabetes and cancer. Dental exams can provide the following additional benefits:

  • Whiter, cleaner teeth for a brighter smile
  • Ensuring healthy gums
  • Slowing or stalling the progression of tooth decay

Dental exams and checkup costs are going to be a lot less than the expenses related to treating significant gum disease, tooth decay, or oral health problems that can progress without quick and early intervention.

A regular dental checkup is an important part of your medical health and general sense of wellness. They will usually not cost you much out of pocket if you have dental insurance or a dental discount plan.

Does Dental Insurance Save Money

Dental services can be expensive. Many patients try to avoid dental expenditures by avoiding dental insurance altogether. While dental insurance coverage does typically require a monthly or annual premium, and some upfront costs or co-payments, in most cases dental insurance actually lowers a persons overall dental costs. Patients with average dental plans can reduce their costs by the following amounts:

  • 100 percent of costs for annual routine care.
  • 80 percent of costs for fillings, basic procedures, and root canals.
  • 50 percent of costs for bridges, crowns, and other major procedures.

There are more dental insurance options than ever before, so finding the right plan to balance your costs vs. savings is possible. According to The American Dental Associations research, the dental benefits market in 2015 provides more options for Americans and increased transparency by the federal government makes it easier to navigate the system. These governmental changes have made finding information and getting great coverage easier.

The world of great dental care is here, and dental insurance can protect your teeth and bank account. Avoid high-cost dental procedures and browse the marketplace today to locate the dental insurance coverage thats right for you. Start shopping for coverage through Member Benefits today.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Dentist Without Insurance

According to the American Dental Association, cost is the number one reason people wont go to the dentist. And contrary to popular belief, the cost of a dentist without insurance isnt much different from your annual insurance bill.

Before you look at these numbers, its important to remember that modern dentistry has made significant advances to improve the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.

These improvements continue to cause the cost of dental treatment to surge each year. These rising costs make it challenging for those without dental insurance to see a dentist regularly to maintain optimal oral health.

However, that doesnt mean all hope is lost. There are plenty of ways you can have dental work done without having that dental insurance card.


How To Get Dental Work Done Without Insurance

The most expensive types of dental procedures

Approximately 74 million Americans have no dental insurance and have to pay their dental costs out of pocket. And since most people think the cost of a dentist without insurance is beyond their reach, many people have been opting out of their bi-annual dentist visits.

Unfortunately, this can lead to more expensive treatment in the future. Lucky for you, there are several options that exist for those without dental coverage!

Lets talk about them.

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How Much Is A Dental Cleaning Without Insurance

Dental cleanings are a part of life. Many people grow up going to the dentist and having their teeth cleaned once or twice a year. It can be tempting to stop going to the dentist as we get older.

Many people go in for dental cleanings less often as they age. This infrequency can happen for many reasons. Maybe you feel you dont have enough time for it, you assume you can handle cleaning your teeth on your own, or you may even have dentophobia. Some people also stop going to the dentist for dental cleanings because they believe it is too expensive to take on without insurance.

Oral health is a big part of a persons overall health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay. Dental care is an essential part of taking care of yourself.

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