Cost Of Sam’s Club Eye Exam

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Alternatives To Sams Club Eye Exams

Should You Buy Glasses From Costco Optical?

If cost is a priority, Sams Club optical is one of the most affordable options for an eye exam. Other retail-based optical centers are comparable as well. These include:

While Sams Club and Costco require memberships to purchase eyeglasses and contact lenses during your visit, Walmart and Target optical centers do not.

Each of these options have similar price points, but its best to call ahead or do a bit of research on your own to make the best decision for yourself.

If you have concerns about your eye health beyond a basic vision exam for instance, if you need to address an eye disease or condition a private eye care practice with an ophthalmologist on hand may be a better option to consider.

Regardless of where you choose to have your eyes examined, be sure to keep up to date with annual examinations, as they are critical to your eye health.

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How To Shop At Sams Club

You need an active and valid membership, except for the pharmacy and cafe, to purchase anything in their stores. In some states, federal law bans the exclusive sale of prescription drugs, gasoline, or liquor.

Many Walmart newspaper ads contain a one-day pass, which non-members can use. Note, however, that the prices for non-members have a surcharge of 10% , except for the following: alcoholic drinks, cafes, pharmacies, and optical. Membership fees dont change during the tenure of your membership.

Whats Available At Sams Club Optical

Sams Club Optical offers a selection of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. If you dont already have a prescription, Sams Club Optical also offerseye exams through independent doctors of optometry.

Previously, prescription glasses were only available for in-store purchase. Now, you can order prescription glasses online or in the store from Sams Club Optical.

Sams Club offers hundreds of different pairs of prescription glasses from more than 50 brands online. Among those, youll find Sams Clubs own Members Mark glasses as well as other popular brands and high-end designer styles.

In addition to a great selection of frames, Sams Club also offers a few different lens materials and types. These include single-vision plastic lenses, polycarbonate single vision lenses and progressives including no-line bifocals. Contact lens solution, eye drops, sunglasses and non-prescription reading glasses are also available online or in-store.

Additionally, you can order contact lenses online by visitingthis website. There, youll find popular contact brands including Acuvue, Air Optix, Dailies, Biofinity and more.

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Welcome To Thomas Kim Od Sams Club Optical

Thomas Kim OD is located in the Sams Club Optical on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.

Were proud to offer comprehensive eye care services and eyewear for the whole family. We make it our mission to provide our friends, neighbors, and community with quality eye care and optometric expertise in a welcoming environment. We are always looking for ways to improve as a practice, too, so you if you have any suggestions or comments, wed love to hear from you!

Our staff looks forward to helping you with all of your eye health needs. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment or stop by our office to shop our in-trend and seasonal frames!

How Do You Schedule An Eye Exam At Sams Club


To call a doctor and schedule an appointment with a doctor at Sams Club, you must do so over the phone. To look up the contact information for your local Sams Club, use the store locator on the website.

You will need to fill in your Club membership information, and then you can talk to the sales representative who will give you an optical recommendation and take your prescription.

Most people will want to pick up a few supplies, like contact lenses or lenses for sunglasses, but they can usually get it all done at the Optical Center in just a few minutes.

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Quantity Of Dollars Paid For The Eyewear

Of course, the actual price for your eyeglasses will vary depending on their type, frame and lens materials, and brand. This different pricing is valid whether you buy them at Costco or Sams Club, as well as whether your vision insurance plan is valid in any of these chains. So be sure to check with the store where you plan on getting your eyeglasses first about the validity of your insurance plan.

Costco generally has more affordable prices for their eyeglasses than those at Sams Club. The affordability of eyewear becomes even more pronounced when promotions and seasonal discounts exist. However, we must say that the best thing about Costco is that its prices are always reasonable year-round.

Sams Club Optical Center

At Sams Club Optical Center you are encouraged to contact the doctors office at your local Sams Club to schedule an eye exam. In case you dont have the number, contact your club to get it for you and then make an appointment. Please note that the price for a standard eye exam is between $50 and $100.

For further use, the optical center is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday hours may vary by club, but it generally opens from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Sams Club: How Much Will An Eye Exam Cost

Because independent optometrists work at Sams Clubs Optical Centers, the prices vary depending on where you live.

On average, an exam for the eyes at Sams Club is $50 to $100. It is possible to get a simple wellness exam, or an exam for your eyes that will allow you to see contacts. The price of the exam can vary.

For exact pricing information, contact your Sams Club Optical Center to find out the cost of an eye examination.

What Kind Of Eye Glasses Frames Does Sam’s Club Have

Costco Eye Exam Review

They offer a guide in choosing the right frame for you. Sams Club carries a large selection of frames to choose the materials, shapes, and colors. The lightweight materials include Titanium, Memory metal, Stainless steel, and Zyl. Special features include spring hinges, silicone nose pads, magnetic sun clips, and FlexPads nose pads. They advise what frames to get based on your skin tone and your faces shape. An associate will help you decide when you go to one of their stores.

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How Much Does A Cheap Eye Exam Cost

Cheap eye exams vary in cost but are usually available for $100 or less. Cheap tends to equate to basic. If you have serious vision health concerns, seek a comprehensive exam.

Cheap eye exams are not recommended for people diagnosed with:

  • Hypertension
  • Serious vision health issues

Eye exams are important for protecting your vision and for early diagnosis of other health concerns. Some basic eye exams can detect problems with heart health, stroke risk, and diabetes-related vision problems.

However, if you believe these issues are a concern for you, its best to set up routine checkups at a full-service eye health center.

Cheap eye exams are ideal for young people, do not suspect any eye health issues, and want to measure their visual acuity.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Get An Eye Exam At Sams Club

For most of the services Sams Club has conveniently located in their stores, you have to have an account with Sams Club to have access.

Eye exams are not covered under the membership benefits. You must purchase your own eye exam and many of them are now more effective and cheaper than ever before, such as the Topcon retinal camera, which retails for less than $100.

But, to order any eyewear accessories like frames or contact solutions, the customer must be a member.

According to the eye doctors that work at Sams Club, the cost of a membership costs more than the savings you will have access to on frames and lenses.

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Does Sams Clubs Optical Center Accept Insurance

If you have vision insurance, it will likely cover your eye exams and prescription glasses. Some stores, like Sams Club, dont accept all kinds of insurance.

à If your vision insurance does not cover eye exams, make sure to ask your eye doctor what your best course of action is.

Unfortunately, when I entered my vision insurance plan in the Sams Club website, I couldnt figure out if it would pay for my eye care.

Most Sams Club locations accept an array of popular vision insurance policies. They also usually sell a lot of pet products, and will try to sell you one of their pet insurance plans.

How Sams Club Eye Exams Compare To Others

Sam S Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

By Anna Barden

Sams Club offers a seemingly endless variety of affordable products and services and eye exams are no exception.

Even if youre not a member of this wholesale shopping club, you can take advantage of an easy and inexpensive way to have your eyes examined when its time for your yearly checkup.

There are a few things to keep in mind when youre scheduling an eye appointment at a wholesale shopping club: For instance, youll want to know whats included in your exam and which eye care products are available to you if you are not a club member.

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What Different Types Of Contacts Are There

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of flexible plastics designed to allow oxygen to reach the cornea while you wear them. The best soft contact lenses have a new feature called silicone-hydrogels in the lens that allows for up to five times more oxygen to reach the cornea and decrease eye infections.

While these types of lenses get hard and deformed when they dry out, contact solution will quickly bring them back to life. They will need to be cleaned often because the lens material captures dirt more often throughout the day.

Rigid Contact Lenses

Rigid Contact Permeable Lenses are a durable plastic contact lens with mild resistance to build up. These type of lenses are harder to get used to but more affordable over a lifetime than soft contact lenses. RGPs also provide a stronger, clearer vision during use adding to your eye health over time. These are perfect for people with astigmatism or significant aberrations.

Does Sams Club Do Eye Exams In 2022

An eye exam can cost upwards of $50-100 depending on where you go. Once youve had the exam, you can pick out your lenses and, if youre a Sams Club member, pick up a frame or two. If you dont have a Sams member discount, you can always shop lenses, frames, and contact lenses online.

You can see more details about eye exam scheduling and other optical services available to non-members by continuing reading this page.

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Do You Have To Be A Member To Access Sams Clubs Optical Center

It is well-know that to shop for products in-store at Sams Club, a membership is required, and that membership can be purchased at any given time.So this is a great example of an adverbial modifier.

In order to access the optical centers, there needs to be a membership in Sams Club.

Because the Sams Club eye doctors work independently, they have the same rates for exams and other services. Whether you are a member or not.

If you would like to purchase eyewear, contact lens or any eye care products from the Sams Club you have to be a member.

Sams Club Does Sams Club Have Eye Doctors In The Optical Centers

American Optometric Association explains eye exams

Sams Clubs Optical Centers have independent doctors.

Doctors at Sams Club essentially view the company as a landlord and rent out the Optical Center, meaning they can set their prices as they see fit.

Since the doctors can charge different prices, there may be significant differences between centers.

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Does Sams Club Take Insurance To Cover Eye Exams

The insurance coverage accepted by the optometrist at your local Sams Club will be unique to that location. To find out which insurance plans are accepted by your local Sams Club optometrist, call the Sams Club Optical Center nearest you.

Without insurance, an eye exam from Sams Club Optical will likely cost somewhere between $50 and $100.

Is There A Warranty On Contact Lenses At Sams Club

Yes. Contacts that come with a manufacturers warranty can be replaced at Sams Club if they tear. Also, if your prescription changes and you have not yet opened the box of contacts you purchased at Sams Club, you can return or exchange your unopened box of contact lenses for your current prescription.

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Can You Buy Glasses Online At Sams Club

After you get an eye exam and have your current prescription, you may be wondering if you can purchase glasses online at Sams Club.

Sams Club has a massive selection of frames available on their website that can be shipped directly to your front door or available for pickup in-store.

Additionally, for orders over $45, Sams Club will ship them to you for free.

What Is Included In A Sams Club Eye Exam

How Much is an Eye Exam at Sam

Sams Club optical centers have optical centers that are identical to those you would find at a routine eye clinic.

vision, color, near and far, and depth perception.

If you have a record of past ophthalmic exams and you notice vision in your right eye has dropped, or you find yourself having difficulty reading or driving at night, you should visit your primary care physician or an ophthalmologist to evaluate your vision.

If you need glasses for distance you need to know what that is and your doctor can look that up for you.

The optometrist will inform you soon after your eye exam has been completed if there are any changes to your prescription.

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How Much Is Sams Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

Sams Clubs regular eye exam costs around $65 without insurance. Sams Club eye exams are completely customizable, ranging from simple yearly checkups to getting new eyeglasses and contact prescriptions.

In order to access these eye exams, you do not need a Sams Club membership, making the exams more accessible.

Sams Club eye exams cost much less than the United States average price for an eye exam, which is $200.

In addition to offering quality eye exams, Sams Club offers name brands, designer, and prescription glasses.

They can also ship several brand name contacts, including monthly and daily varieties. However, if you do not have insurance, it is wise to call to compare prices with your local Sams Club and other local stores, to make sure you get the best price.

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Things To Know Before Visiting Sams Club Optical

Whether you need an eye exam, new glasses or contacts, Sams Club Optical may be a place to consider. While youll have to have an active membership to buy glasses and contacts, anyone can get an eye exam appointment.

When I checked out my local Sams Club Optical, I found a great selection of brands, frames and styles as well as competitive prices. Also, I learned that Sams Club Plus Members are eligible for additional savings.

Before you place an order or book an eye exam, take a look at these five things to know about Sams Club Optical:

Below, youll find detailed information including what you can expect to pay for glasses at Sams Club, how to book your first appointment and how to make sure youre getting the best deal.

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How To Schedule An Eye Exam At Sams Club

To schedule an eye exam at Sams Club, you have a few different options:

  • Contact the optometrists office at your local Sams Club to request an appointment
  • Contact your local Sams Club directly and ask to be transferred to the Optical Center to request an appointment

Appointments cannot be made online.

If youd like to find the phone number for the Optical Center at your local Sams Club, you can search for the location using this store locator tool, then scroll down to find the contact information listed for the Optical Center.

Eye Exam Costs At Sams Club Optical Center

1800 Contacts Online Eye Exam Review: Does it Really Work?

The eye exam costs at Sams Club start around $50 for an eyeglass prescription only, so you can choose the materials used, , basic exam prices at Sams Club can range from $50 to $100, a membership is not required to see the doctor of optometry, they have thHow much is contact lens fitting at Sam’s Club?Routine Eye Exam + Contact Lens Fitting $75.00What kind of eye glasses frames does Sam’s Club have?They also offer a guide in choosing the right frame for you, please contact the optometrist who provided your exam.

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Does Sams Club Do Eye Exams

Sams Club has more services than a traditional drug store. They can provide prescriptions, sell cars, and serve as an optometrists office.

You may be asking yourself what type of eye care services does Sams Club provide. Well, Sams Club has an extensive Optical Center inside most locations across the country. So, you may be wondering about what kinds of eye care services they provide.

Here is a list of what I learned about Sams Clubs eye examination services.

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