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Why Is It Important To Use A Valid Contact Lens Prescription

Contact Lenses Eye Exam Cost | Lakewood Optometrist

An Eye Care Professional needs to assess the health of your eyes, which includes inspecting the corneas and the adjacent tissue both before wearing the lenses and also after a period of time wearing those same lenses. This way the professional fitting your lenses has the opportunity to make sure the contacts are providing your corneas with enough oxygen.

Once this has been confirmed, it is important to assess the fit of the contact lens and ensure optimal vision and comfort.

To learn more about the difference between contact lenses and glasses prescriptions and how to read them, take a look at our article on the subject.

Contact Eye Exam Cost Factors

When it comes to the actual cost of an eye exam and contact lens fitting, it can vary. A typical range is anywhere from $19 to over $250. The eye care team at Clarkson Eyecare works with you to answer any questions about costs and help determine if exams are included in your insurance plan.

Some factors that impact the cost of a contact lens exam include:

  • Whether or not you have any conditions, such as cataracts, dry eye, or diabetic retinopathy that may make the fitting of the lenses more complicated

  • The brand of lenses you’ll need

  • The strength of your contact prescription, which can influence the brand or lens type your doctor recommends

  • Additive features, such as eye color enhancement

When Should Someone Seek An Optometrist Vs An Ophthalmologist

According to Dr. Chiang, if someone has healthy eyes other than wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is fine to see an optometrist. A person should see an optometrist if:

  • If they have diabetes but no vision problems and no damage to their eyes from diabetes
  • Youâre seeking annual monitoring
  • A patient has mild cataracts and good vision

If someone has an eye condition or disease, especially one that requires treatment or possible surgery, they should probably see an ophthalmologist. Common eye diseases include glaucoma and macular degeneration. A person should visit an ophthalmologist if:

  • A patient has a sudden change or loss of vision urgently
  • A patient got metal in their eye or another foreign body they should see an ophthalmologist urgently

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Contact Lens Exam Seattle Cannon Eyecare

If you need glasses to sharpen your vision, you can almost certainly wear contact lenses. The doctors at Cannon EyeCare can do your eye exam for contacts. We always strive to fit healthy contact lenses and encourage our patients to use them in a responsible manner. When you wear a prosthetic lens on the front of your eye, you might as well wear it in a healthy way. We will inquire about your current lens wearing habits so that we can make sure you are not putting your eye health at risk.

A contact lens exam will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam , plus you will have a contact lens fitting. This type of eye exam will result in a contact lens prescription . Washington state law requires that all patients have their eye health checked prior to being fit in contacts, so it is not legal to do a contact lens fitting alone without an eye exam. This regulation is really there to keep you, the patient, safe. The goal here is to ensure that the eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses.

Your vision insurance may or may not cover contact lens fits. If you are not using vision insurance, there will also be a $195 fee for the comprehensive eye exam in addition to the contact lens fitting fees detailed above. Very few patients wear hard contacts these days, and we are no longer fitting them.

Your First Contact Lens Exam

Contact lens

Every contact lens exam begins with a consultation where your optometrist asks about your medical history and lifestyle. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all contact lenses. Your doctor will consider your general health, hobbies and profession to decide which contacts are right for you.

The first part of a contact lens exam is a standard eye exam. Your eye doctor will determine your prescription and refractive error using various lenses and letter boards. Next, he or she will perform cover tests. These tests analyze how well your eyes work together.

Your doctor will then use a slit lamp to determine the interior health of your eye. Afterwards, you will have an eye pressure test. A puff of air is blasted into the eye to check for glaucoma. Most people find these tests a little unpleasant, but not at all painful.

Finally, your optometrist will dilate your pupils to see how the back of your eyes are functioning.

Now, your optometrist will move on to the contact lens fitting. These are the measurements that he or she will take. Please note that these steps may happen in any order:

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Average Cost Of A Contact Lens Exam Without Insurance

Typically, the average cost of a contact lens exam ranging between $120-$250.

The average cost of a regular eye exam will vary depending on where you live and the type of optometry office you visit.

With that said, keep in mind these are averages.

Contact lens fittings without insurance can start as low as $100. Youll find big brand names like Walmart and Americas Best will offer the cheapest options. We suggest calling several optical/optometry offices near you to find the best eye exam rates for your needs.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Visiting An Optometrist

According to Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Chiang of Wealthy Mindset, the most common reason is when people canât see well, usually because they need eyeglasses or have cataracts. Other common reasons include pain or irritation of the eye. Some people have diseases of the eye and need to have a regular follow-ups for treatment and monitoring. People with diabetes are recommended to have an eye exam at least once a year to monitor diabetic retinopathy.

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How Contact Lens Exams Work

Contact lens eye exams begin like regular eye exams: your eye doctor checks your eyes for any possible health issues and tests your vision. Contact lens exams also include detailed eye measurements to determine the size and type of contacts you need, as well as a lens fitting and evaluation.

Your overall health, unique eye anatomy, history of contact lens use and other factors will determine which specific tests are included in your contact lens exam. In general, a contact lens eye exam may include:

Corneal topography

measures the transparent front surface of your eye . Precise dimensions are needed to determine which contacts will fit you comfortably.

This is a completely non-invasive procedure. Your eye doctor uses a computer-assisted diagnostic tool to create a 3D map of the curvature, shape and regularity of your cornea.


lets the doctor examine your eyes microscopically, to detect abnormalities or changes caused by contact lens wear.

The slit lamp is a binocular microscope with an adjustable light so the doctor can focus on specific parts of your eyes. You may need eye drops to dilate your pupils, or eye drops with fluorescein dye to highlight any damage on the surface of your eye.

Pupil & iris measurement

is done by holding a gauge near your eye, or by using an automated instrument.

The diameter of your pupil and iris determine what size contact lenses you need.

Tear film evaluation

Why cant I use my eyeglass prescription for contact lenses?


Why Do I Need A Separate Exam For Contact Lenses

The environmental cost of contact lenses

If you plan to wear contact lenses, youll need a separate eye exam because contact lenses are classified as medical devices. The good news is a contact lens exam can usually be performed at the same time as your comprehensive eye exam.

If you plan to wear contact lenses, let your eye doctor know during your routine eye exam so you dont have to book separate appointments.

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Costs Of Extended Wear Contacts

There are some contacts that are approved for extended-wear, which means that you may be able to leave them in your eyes overnight for up to a week or even a month, depending on the type. These contacts are meant to be more breathable than daily use contacts. Mayo Clinic warns that wearing contacts overnight, even if they are approved for this use, can increase the risk for eye infections.

Extended wear contact brands and types include brands, such as Air Optix Night & Day by Aclon, which retail for around $45 a box for six lenses, and Biofinity by CooperVision, which retails for around $65 for a box containing six lenses.

Some extended wear contacts are meant to be changed once every six or seven days, like the Biofinity, while others are approved for monthly wear. Again, the more customized and specialized the contacts and prescription need to be, the more money they are likely to cost.

In general, you get what you pay for. High-end contact lenses may offer more convenience, more customization, and have more features, such as color tint or UV protection. Your eye care professional can help you navigate the landscape and decide which type of contact will be optimal for your eyes and lifestyle.

Other Cost Factors To Keep In Mind

In figuring cost, don’t forget about possible offsets that may bring the price down.

Check to see if your regular health insurance has an optical benefit that may cover a part of the lens cost. A supplemental vision plan is also another option. Such plans may run between $150 to $180 annually depending on where you live. In addition to covering around $120 for either contact lenses or frames for spectacles, they may also include the full amount of a standard eye exam, as well as prescription lens costs for glasses.

At Clarkson Eyecare, our major insurers include United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, VSP and Eyemed. Our team is always happy to answer any insurance questions and help you determine what services are covered. Contact the Clarkson Eyecare team at 393-2326.

After you receive your lenses and wear them successfully, keep in mind that getting a new prescription the next time should be easier. Once you and your Clarkson Eyecare doctor confirm the fit is still comfortable and your eyes are healthy, future visits may simply involve checking your prescription and updating if necessary.

Always be open and honest about how your contact lenses are working for you, and your eye doctor will work with you to find the right option for your vision!

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How Often Are Eye Exams Recommended

The American Optometric Association recommends scheduling a babyâs first eye exam around six months of age. Dr. Chiang suggests children who donât see well should have an eye exam every year. If good vision isnât developed during childhood, someone may never have good vision a condition called amblyopia.

Dr. Chiang also recommends adults who wear contact lenses should be seen annually. Wearing contact lenses puts a patient at high risk for corneal infection. Adults who wear eyeglasses only can be seen every two years. Adults with no vision issues typically go for eye exams less often. You can follow these general guidelines for how often you should get an eye exam:

  • If there is a family history of eye disease, they should get eye exams depending on their family history.
  • Once someone reaches the age of 60 to 65, they should get an eye exam every year due to a higher incidence of glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
  • If someone has diabetes, they should have a dilated eye exam every year.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

Top Fashion Merchandising Colleges: Cohen S Fashion Optical Contact ...
  • Average price: $35 to $95 per lens
  • Annual cost: $70 to $190 per pair

RGP contact lenses are more durable than soft contacts. They can also correct more vision problems. Prices largely depend on the brand, lens type, and what they treat.

Specialty lenses that treat astigmatism or are used in corneal refractive therapy cost more than contacts that treat myopia. Overall, they seem cheaper than weekly and daily contacts.

However, these are custom-made contact lenses. They require a contact lens prescription, imaging tests, and fittings â which can add to the total cost.

If you need RGP lenses for both eyes, or if you plan to buy tinted variants, expect to spend more.

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Lenscrafters Discounts And Deals

AARP membership

LensCrafters can save you money on eye exams and prescription costs. So, if youre a member of AARP, then check with LensCrafters to see how much theyll reduce your total costs.

AAA membership

For eye exams, AAA members can save 30% off at the participating LensCrafters locations.

Official website

To save money, visit the Savings and Offers page on before your appointment to see if any current promotions are available for you. To make things even cheaper, talk with a local representative about whether or not they can give you additional discounts based on what is listed online.

Check out websites like Groupon

Check and similar websites before you visit the optometrist to see if there are any deals on eye exams and eyeglasses/eyewear that can help you save a few extra dollars.

Your Contact Lens Choices

As a quick browse of any contact lens website will show, there are many types available. Contact manufacturers invest heavily in research and development for innovations in lens technology. Today, they come in a huge array of materials, wearing times, sizes and colours.

Approximately 3.5 million people in Canada wear contact lenses. Many people have also switched from reusable lenses to daily disposables in recent years. But what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The main goal of a fitting is to find the type and brand of lens that work best for you.

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Pupil And Iris Measurements

Although there are machines that measure the horizontal and vertical diameter of your pupil, many optometrists still prefer the ruler approach. Whichever method your doctor chooses, he or she will likely use the same one to measure your iris, the coloured part of the eye.

Your contact lenses should not only fit your eye perfectly, but also blend in. These measurements will ensure that your lenses look natural.

What Happens After A Contact Lens Exam

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam at LensCrafters

Once your optometrist has confirmed the fit of your contact lenses, the exam portion is over and youll get your contact lens prescription.

But if youre a first-time wearer, you may have to practice putting your contact lenses in and taking them out. The optometry office is a great place to do so, as your optometrist will guide you through the steps and have helpful tips.

You may be given a set of trial lenses to use over the course of the next several dayssome prescriptions are trickier than others, and its important to get them right. Monitor how you feel while wearing your new contacts and get used to caring for them. At a follow-up appointment, your optometrist will take another look at your eyes while your contacts are in to make sure everything looks like it should.

Now youre free to order contacts online or through your optometrist whenever you need them!

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Important Things To Consider

Finding a LensCrafters location near you is easy. The official website has an online search tool that allows users to schedule exams and find the nearest location easily.

With same-day and walk-in appointments available at most locations, LensCrafters is ready to help you with your eyeglasses needs. To confirm the availability of an appointment time that fits your schedule best, call for more information.

The new CLARIFYE digital eye exam at LensCrafters allows your optometrist to gather five times more information about your eyes than ever before.

Average Contact Lens Fitting Costs

The regular contacts fitting fee at a reliable clinic can start from $25 to even more than $250. These fittings are usually not covered by insurance, and how much does contact lense fitting cost differ by clinic and area of the country. Fittings are difficult for patients with other eye conditions like astigmatism. The prices also vary depending upon the condition of the eye being corrected. Other clinics would charge $140 $180 for soft everyday wear lens fittings, $150 $200 for rigid gas permeable and soft toric contact lens fittings while $210 $ 250 for bifocal lens fittings and rigid gas permeable and $250 $280 for therapeutic contact lens fittings.

If you just had a contact lens exam, you may have been shocked on how much does contact lense fitting cost. Patients often question why the contact lens fitting fee examination is bigger than that of a regular eye exam. It is because fitting patients with the contact lenses includes several steps and some additional time too.

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Why Regular Eye Exams Are Important

Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of preventive care for your eyes. Many common eye problems are easy to manage if caught early. But if left undetected and untreated, some eye disorders could lead to macular degeneration or blindness.11

With Humana Vision, members get a comprehensive eye exam through participating providers once every 12 months with a $15 copay. The cost of vision insurance through Humana depends on your location and age. to find price estimates for where you live.

*Humana Vision plans are not available in all states.

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What Is The Cost Of A Contact Lens Exam In 2022

Online Contact Lens Exam? Yep, There

People are typically surprised to learn the cost of contact lens exam in 2022 while testing is similar to the cost of a standard eye exam.

The primary difference between a contact lens exam and a regular eye exam involves the need for your eye doctor to obtain accurate dimensions of your eyes shape, especially the cornea and lens so that your contacts fit comfortably.

In addition, certain eye conditions may warrant further assessments if you need specialized contact lens to accommodate keratoconus, astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eye syndrome and other unique eye problems.

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