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Georgia Institute Of Technology

FE Exam Review: Civil Engineering Materials, Part 1 (2015.10.22)

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the nation’s top research universities, distinguished by its commitment to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology.

Georgia Tech’s campus occupies 400 acres in the heart of the city of Atlanta, where more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students receive a focused, technologically based education.

School Of Pe Fe Review

Unlimited practice and continuous updates

School of PE Pros & Cons 2022

What everyone needs to know about School of PE FE Review


Free Trial:

The best way to find out if School of PE is the right FE review course for you is to try it! Thats why they offer all students the ability to try their prep materials for 30 days free of charge. This is more than enough time to figure out whether this is the right choice for you without any financial commitment.

Complementary Study Materials:

School of PE offers an FE review course that combines the best of both worlds. Alongside 80 hours of detailed lecture content are thousands of practice questions. These help reinforce your knowledge and memory of important concepts not only will it increase your exam score, but it will also help you once you start your engineering career!

High Pass Rates:


Monthly Subscription:

Although there are a lot of terrific features and benefits to School of PE, they come at a continuous cost. Youll need to pay a monthly subscription to continue having access to new lectures and practice questions, which can add up if you take a long time to study

Bottom Line: This is a FE review course thats determined to resolve all of your pre-exam anxiety. Not only do they have high pass rates, but they also give you a full month of free access to evaluate their course first.

Best Live Training: Excel Test Prep

Excel Test Prep

  • Only includes five PE disciplines

Since 2003, Excel Test Prep has been offering virtual and classroom test prep courses for college and engineering exams. The companys course materials include heavily researched and developed test manuals based on stringent quality standards. We chose it for the best live training because it offers in-depth, live online classes with instructors who are not only experts in their field but also trained in test-taking.

Excel Test Prep offers live online courses for five PE disciplines: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and environmental. They are best suited for students who have been out of school for a while and are designed to provide a concise, intensive, and structured review of important exam topics. Each course consists of five to 11 live online classes of seven to eight hours each plus 30 to 84 hours of online videos, depending on the discipline.

The Excel Test Prep courses focus only on helping students pass the exam, unlike other courses that tend to cover FE theory. The courses review important concepts and extensive problem-solving practices, allowing students to get used to solving the types of problems encountered on the exam.

All of Excel Test Prep’s instructors are highly qualified and specialize in the subjects they teach. They have taught FE and PE courses for many years and come from academia and companies like Texas Instruments, Ericsson, Fluor, and The City of Austin Electric Utility.

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Reference Materials And Exam Prep

The NCEES FE Reference Handbook is the only reference material that can be used during the exam. You will be provided with an electronic reference handbook during the exam. For access prior to your exam, you may either purchase a hard copy or download a free electronic copy.

Register or log in to MyNCEES to download your free copy of the FE Reference Handbook.

NCEES offers practice exams. These practice exams contain questions that have been used on past exams and questions written just for study materials to give you extra practice.

Learn more about NCEES exam prep materials.

Ncees Fe Handbook References

FE Civil Review Manual : Rapid Preparation for the Fundamentals of ...

One of the highlights of this CEA course that doesnt get much fanfare is their heavy use of the NCEES FE Reference Handbook. As Im sure you know, the FE exam is a closed book test, EXCEPT for this reference manual from the makers of the exam. As such, the CEA instructors reference this handbook frequently during the course for equations that youll need.

This has the advantage of getting you used to using the NCEES Handbook, so youre completely familiar with it on test day and dont have to inefficiently waste time looking for the equation youre after. Just one more small, but important feature of the CEA course.

If you want to learn more, you can find our full review of the Civil Engineering Academy FE Exam prep course here.

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Why Choose A Full

Testmasters guarantees the student will pass. Testmasters ensures that students who attend every class, does their required coursework, and doesnt pass can repeat the next course absolutely free of charge.

Testmasters has 20 years of experience, preparation materials, and methods. Years of research and experience has helped Testmasters create the most comprehensive exam preparation guides. No one knows the FE-CBT Civil Exam better than Testmasters does. The Testmasters instructors have years of experience and are required to repeatedly take all of the same tests that students are preparing for. Testmasters puts its teachers through a rigorous selection and training process before they can set foot in a classroom. Ongoing training and development, as well as taking the same tests repeatedly, are the secret to their success.

Testmasters guarantees positive results. If anyone knows results, its Testmasters. Weve been helping students achieve their goals since 1991, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

How To Easily Pass A Civil Engineering Fe Exam In 2022

Civil Engineering Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is a basic requirement to become a Professional Engineer. However, passing the FE exam is not a piece of cake. For some students, it seems like mission impossible but for you, this article explains in detail how you can easily pass the Civil Engineering FE exam in 2021.

Generally, there is no fast track to sitting for an passing an exam except due preparation. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is not left out. To sit for this exam once and pass, you would have to prepare rightly for it.

You may have heard or seen countless articles that explain how hard it is to pass the Fundamentals of engineering exams. While there may be an atom of truth, it is definitely not the whole truth. This article explains in details how you can easily sit for your FE exam and pass.

Actually, the first step lies in your thorough understanding of the nature of exam you are about to write. So, this article will explain in details what FE is and how you can easily pass it even at a sitting.

A glance at the table of contents below will reveal all the subtopics discussed in this piece.

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What Score Do You Need To Pass The Fe Exam

There is no stipulated pass mark for the civil engineering FE exam as NCEE doesnt publish the score civil engineering students need to pass.

Though students may not necessarily answer 70% of the questions correctly, a scaled score of 70% is required to pass the exam.

Basically, a portion of previous exam questions is given on subsequent exams. To get more information and to begin the application properly, visit the official website by clicking the button below.

How To Easily Pass Fe Exam For Civil Engineering Students

FE Civil Exam Practice Problems | Surveying

To pass the Civil Engineering FE exam, you must follow the tips below strictly:

  • Register for the FE exam in time
  • Get a copy of NCEES handbook early enough to know what topics to cover
  • Get the specific practice exam for Civil engineering
  • Begin studying months in advance
  • Prepare with books and digital tools
  • Cover all topics for your discipline.
  • Take a prep course and tons of practice exams
  • Review simple maths

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Get Ready For The Fe Exam

The online FE Exam Prep course is designed to maximize your chance at passing the FE exam the first time. It includes:

  • Coverage of every topic on the FE Civil Engineering and Other Disciplines exams: math, probability and statistics, chemistry, ethics and safety, engineering economics, instrumentation, statics, dynamics, material science, fluid mechanics, electrical power and more.
  • Video lectures, homework activities, and quizzes/exams to reinforce your learning and help you gauge your progress on each topic.
  • Practical problem-solving and test-taking strategies to help you get ready for the type of questions you will see on the FE exam.
  • A convenient online format, so you can get ready for the FE exam from any location. All course activities can be completed online, on your own schedule, each week.
  • Personalized help and support to set you up for FE exam success. You can ask questions and get help from the instructors, as well as attending optional weekly instructor-led live study sessions .

Everyone is welcome. Refugees, immigrants and others with documented engineering experience in their home countries are welcome. Current and former engineering students from the University of Arizona and other universities are also encouraged to participate.

How Do I Register For A Testmasters Fe

There are a few options to register for a Testmasters FE-CBT course. You can register online at our website or you can print out the registration form, fill it out and fax or mail it to our office. Our fax number is 713-529-4394. You can also call our office at 713-529-9752 and register over the phone. For the toll free option, our number is 910-3926.

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Why Excel Test Prep Makes The Best Fe Prep List

Though not as widely known as their FE prep counterparts, Excel Test Prep makes our best list for being an all-around solid course with an emphasis on teaching to the exam. As discussed further below, one of the key highlights of the Excel Test Prep course, and in large part why they make our list of best FE review courses, is their focus on cutting out the extraneous information and focusing on the exam. This exam-based curriculum is led by a team of excellent instructors, who earn high praise from our team. The Excel Test Prep teachers are all individuals who know the exam inside and out. In addition, we found most of them to be excellent communicators.

Though maybe not the funniest instructors in the world, they did an excellent job breaking down difficult subject matter and conveying it in a way that was easily understandable. The Excel Test Prep course also offers the same general resources as PPI2Pass and School of PE, but we werent as impressed with their materials as we were with the aforementioned.

They are serviceable and do the job, but there is a clear quality difference when seen side-by-side. In addition, the old school whiteboards they use in their video lessons can become cluttered and hard to read at times. In the end, if you want some lessons that are grounded in exam-based principles and led by some excellent instructors, Excel will be worth a good look.

Online Fe Practice Exams Trusted By Users From All Backgrounds

FE Civil Review Manual : Rapid Preparation for the Fundamentals of ...

As far as Im concerned, PrepFE has disrupted the market for FE exam preparation … – Joseph Tipton Jr.Hi Team, I just came to know that I passed my FE Civil…. I will definitely recommend PrepFE to my friends who are planning to take FE in near future. Once again, thank you so much for your continuous support to become future engineers – Venu MI just passed FE Mechanical. I finished my engineering degree 44 years ago . Your material was a great help. I will recommend your website for future exam takers.- Nicole M

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How Do I Register For The Fundamentals Of Engineering Exam

To register for the FE exams, it is important you earn a degree in engineering from an accredited college of engineering. Usually, registration opens 34 months ahead and closes 46 weeks before the exam date. Usually, registration costs about $175.

Then log on to the NCEES official website to register an account or simply log in to your account if you are an old-time user. Click on the register button to create an account.

You will need a username or email address alongside the password to log in to the registration page. Also, during registration, you should select your discipline which is obviously Civil Engineering.

Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email notification that authorizes you to register.

Simply log in to MYNCEES and select the schedule button. Follow the instructions below to choose the exam venue and date.

To get a Civil engineering Degree Online,

Our New Study Hub: One Place For All Your Study Needs

Our reimagined Study Hub was designed with all of our students in mindpast, present,and futureto amplify their studies and help them approach exam day with confidence. FE Civil examreview course students can study anytime, anywhere, and on any device with these exciting features:

  • Watch, pause, and resume lecture videos where you left off
  • Make timestamped annotations on lecture videos
  • Bookmark recordings to easily review at a later date
  • Easily access eBooks
  • Test your knowledge using different test formats in the Practice Portal Pro
  • Quiz yourself on important definitions with the Flash Cards feature
  • Ask questions to instructors while watching lecture videos
  • Access discussion forums to communicate with other students
  • Study using any device with an internet connection for a seamless experience

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Who Can Take The Fundamentals Of Engineering Exam

Depending on your state, licensure requirements for Civil Engineers may vary. However, FE exams are Professional Engineers preparation exams written by recent graduates of the civil engineering undergraduate program.

In a bid to become a PE, the Fundamental of Engineering exam is one of the two exams written to get licensure.

Only students who have completed a four-year degree program from an ABET or EAC accredited engineering college can sit for the exam.

When Will I Get My Result

Civil FE/PE Exam – Geotech – How to Find Effective Vertical Stress

Exam results for computer-based exams are typically available 710 days after you take the exam. You will receive an email notification from NCEES with instructions to view your results in your MyNCEES account. Results will include information specific to your licensing board regarding how you should proceed based on your performance.

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Best For Accessibility: Civil Engineering Academy

Civil Engineering Academy

  • Large library of video lectures and exercises

  • Only courses for the civil engineer exam

  • No live instruction

Civil Engineering Academy offers practical practice exams that are modeled and ranked in difficulty close to the actual FE and PE exams. The exam prep course uses videos that cut through dense theory and provide students with step-by-step practice problems. We chose it as the best for accessibility because it offers a growing library of video-based lectures and video exercises that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Unlike the other exam prep providers we reviewed, Civil Engineering Academy only offers courses for the civil engineer FE exam rather than for all disciplines. Nonetheless, its unique learning approach and in-depth content make it an excellent resource for those looking to pass the FE civil engineering exam.

The course offers 300 video practice problems that walk students through the problem-solving process step-by-step. Every problem and lecture can be downloaded beforehand to be worked on before viewing the videos. Students can also take two 110-question practice exams.

Civil Engineering Academy offers one-month, six-month, or one-year access to its Ultimate Civil FE Review Course. It also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee:

  • One-Month Access: $297 per month
  • Six-Month Access: $697
  • Practice exams for less than $30

  • Includes FE Reference Handbook

  • No instructor-led educational content

Passing Your Fe Faster Starts Today

Hi, I’m Kenza

Preparing for the FE, I faced a lot of uncertainty. I had no idea where to start or what material was worth studying. I wasted hours searching and relying on outdated material. I was lost and frustrated.

It shouldn’t be this way. No one should have to be overwhelmed, stressed, or discouraged by the FE Exam. That’s why I built the Pass Faster Method.

Because I know every engineer can pass the FE Exam!

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What Is The Fundamentals Of Engineering Exam

The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is a group of seven separate exams administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying , one for each of six different disciplines and one for general engineering. Engineers must pass at least one of these exams in addition to the Practice of Engineering exam in order to become a licensed professional engineer .

The average pass rate for the FE exams is 75%. Exam prep courses help familiarize students not just with the materials covered but with the format and constraints of the exams themselves. As a result, some boast higher-than-average pass rates and many allow students to take their exam prep courses again for free if they dont pass the first time.

What Do Our Students Say About Our Fe Civil Exam Prep Course

FE Civil Review Manual : Rapid Preparation for the Fundamentals of ...

The verdict: they love our review course! Check out some of our favorite FE Civiltestimonials below:

  • “Before taking School of PEs FE Civil Review Course I struggled on the FE and failed three times. I took the review course, studied all the course notes and viewed all the video recordings provided for the FE Civil then passed the exam the first time after studying using School of PE. I plan to enroll in your PE Civil review course when my exam date gets closer.”

    — Mr. Schumaci

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