California Water Treatment Exam Dates 2021

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Dw Operator Certification: Exams

2022 California DMV Written Test #1

Exam Details:

Exam confirmation letters are sent out 2 weeks prior to the examination. If you would like to check earlier if your application has been received, please check via the operator portal.

  • Exam location and times may vary. Refer to your confirmation letter for exact date/time/location.
  • Examinees are encouraged to arrive early
  • A time limit of three hours will be allowed to complete the exam
  • Exam capacity is subject to limitations set by the venue. Applications are considered in the order they are received. Applications received after a venue is full will be moved to another future exam.

Raw Water Augmentation And Treated Water Augmentation

  • DDW should consider a framework that balances the treatment, monitoring, and/or operational requirements to account for RWA benefits. This framework could draw off of the toolbox approach used in the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule that provides flexibility to take advantage of the site-specific elements that are available to a project.
  • We recommend that DDW develop criteria to identify the conditions that trigger revalidation studies and not make this a blanket requirement for all RWA water treatment plants. Requiring such studies of all surface water treatment plants seeking pathogen credit places an additional, high burden on RWA and may drive project sponsors to actively exclude their use. Greater clarity on the crediting of other barrierssuch as small reservoirs and blendingwould further help the industry consider and leverage the benefits of RWA.

Water And Wastewater Operator Certification

Public water and wastewater treatment systems are operated by professionals that are certified by the State of South Dakota. Drinking water and wastewater treatment systems protect public health and the environment only if they are working and being operated correctly. The Operator Certification Program is intended to protect public health, environmental quality, and water/wastewater systems’ investment in their facilities. A voluntary certification program was started in 1954. The mandatory certification law was passed by the South Dakota State Legislature in 1970. There are certifications in water treatment, water distribution, wastewater treatment, wastewater collection, stabilization ponds, small water treatment systems, and very small water systems.

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Enter Today: Advanced Water Treatment Operator Photo Contest

  • We need images of operators at advanced water treatment facilities
  • Submit up to three photos
  • Types of photos were looking for
  • Bonus points for each certified AWT Operator in the photo
  • Well lit, good composition, in focus and high resolution photos
  • Selfies are okay, for best composition we recommend asking someone else to take the photos.
  • Sample images shown here
  • Drinking Water Certification Reciprocity

    Wastewater Treatment Project

    The State of Michigan allows for temporary reciprocity of certification for operators that have certification in another state. Operators holding certification in another state who would like to become certified in Michigan are allowed to apply for a temporary reciprocal license under Rule R325.11914 of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 1976 PA 399 as amended. A temporary license will be issued for a time frame to where the applicant can take and receive the results from the next certification exam, which shall not exceed 18 months. Temporary license holder who pass the certification exams will receive full certification in the State of Michigan. If the applicant fails to pass the certification examination their temporary license will no longer be valid.

    The following list contains items the reciprocity applicants must complete before submission:

    • An exam application to the corresponding license.
    • A copy of your resume.
    • A copy of your position description for job held in the drinking water sector.
    • A copy of all education/training records.
    • A current copy of your drinking water license/certificate.

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    Psi’s Exam Scheduling Contact Information

    All Operator Certification Program exams are administered via Computer Based Testing through our testing vendor PSI. Once you receive an examination approval letter from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection , you may schedule online or call 855-557-0617 to schedule your exam. For more detailed scheduling information, please review the Candidate Handbook located on the PSIs website.

    Operators And Trainees Meeting The Certification Requirements

    All operators and trainees must have a Compliance365 account created to apply for exams with the ministry.

    All profiles must be complete before applications can be submitted.

    Supervisors must verify all experiences.

    Certification Advisory Committee meets to advise on applications.

    All Certification Exams will be approved or denied with the decision communicated approximately 2 weeks prior to the opening of the on-line exam window. Check your portal during this time for updates.

    Once approved, a follow-up email from AMP/PSI will be sent within a couple of business days with instructions on how to schedule and pay for an exam. Once an exam window opens up, it will remain open for 30 days so an operator can schedule and write their exam at one of the testing locations across the province: Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Lac La Biche, Fort McMurray.

    If an examinee misses the scheduled date, contact us. You will be placed into the next testing window, if that is your desire. A confirmation email will also be sent from AMP/PSI closer to the beginning of the next testing window date.

    Yearly exam window schedule

    Exam sessions open for 30 days on these dates :

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    State Water Board Moving Operator Certification Exams To Computerized Based Testing


    The pandemic caused the State Water Board to suspend their certification exams for drinking water and wastewater operators, and both the spring and fall exam cycles in 2020 were cancelled. The exams are typically held in large conference facilities and meeting rooms, with some locations attracting hundreds of attendees.

    The States Office of Operator Certification said there was no way to provide statewide, in-person exams and comply with local and State health requirements. The state is focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved exam participants, proctors and State Water Board staff.

    On November 5th, representatives from the Office of Operator Certification provided a public update via conference call to the SWRCBs Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Advisory Committee.

    CWEAs representatives on the Advisory Committee noted the following certification exam updates:

    • State Water Board staff are working on implementing computerized based testing
    • As an example, CBT is the way CWEA and CA-NV AWWA offer their certification exams
  • Staff brought a proposal to the State Water Board and the directors approved an emergency contract
  • Staff is now working with the CBT contractor to implement the program
  • Staff gave a rough estimate that State Water Board exams will roll-out at testing centers across California in the first half of 2021
  • Exam scores will be instantaneous and provided to the test taker
  • What Happens To Applications Submitted In 2020

    75 California Real Estate Exam Questions (2021)

    The State tells CWEA all applications received for the now cancelled in-person exams will automatically roll-over as applications for the new computerized based test.

    The applicant will be notified via email by the Computer Based Testing provider or the State Water Board about the status of their exam application and the next steps.

    At this time, there are no additional steps applicants with submitted exam apps need to take. Watch for those emails from the State Water Board or the CBT provider.

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    Drinking Water Operator Certification

  • Drinking Water Operator Certification
  • Exam scores will be put on the website by close of business Friday, June 3 , 2022. Remember you must have your exam ID card to view your scores, we will not give these out over the phone. Exam result letters will be mailed out the week of June 6th.

    Operator certification is important in promoting Safe Drinking Water Act compliance. It establishes minimum professional standards for the operation and maintenance of public water systems.

    The testing dates and application deadlines for 2022 have been set. The dates are available on the training calendar. It will be updated as new trainings become available.

    Operator Certification Training & Exams

    The Stabilization Pond class deals strictly w/ ponds and is the best class for preparing to take the Small WW System exam. The Basic WW Treatment class deals w/ all types of wastewater treatment other than ponds and is the best class for preparing to take the Class I WW Treatment exam. Small systems that use ponds for treatment can come into compliance with the OpCert Law by passing either the Class I WW exam or the Small WW System exam.

    Water systems serving less than 500 people that use wells can come into compliance by passing the Small Water Treatment exam. Larger systems must pass the Class I Water Treatment exam.

    All dates are tentative based on number of applicants. Certification exam applications must be submitted for ALL exams including retakes. Applications MUST be received by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at least two weeks before the exam date, as required by the Operator Certification Rules . Applicants will receive a confirmation of their exam receipt by the Department. Applications will be accepted via fax at 773-5286. Check or money orders made out to “DANR-Operator Certification” are required. Applications must be filled out completely as they are the sole source of information used to determine operator eligibility to take an exam.

    The following must have a certified operator in direct responsible charge of their system:

    The following operators must be certified:

    The following forms are available for download:

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    Certifying Individuals Responsible For Providing Safe And Reliable Public Drinking Water To The Communities Of The State

    The New Hampshire Water Works Operator Certification Program ensures that the individuals responsible for delivering safe and reliable drinking water to New Hampshire communities have met specific education and experience requirements, and passed a certification exam confirming their knowledge and understanding of drinking water supply fundamentals. The program also promotes training and education, to assist drinking water operators in professional growth, and works to ensure the standards of the profession are upheld.

    NH RSA 332:E and Administrative Rule Env-Dw 502 require public water systems to have certified water works operators responsible for their operation and maintenance. New Hampshire has five grades of certification for water works operators, from grade 1A to the highest at grade 4. Each grade has its own education and experience requirements .

    To become a certified water works operator in New Hampshire, an individual must meet the education and experience requirements of the certification grade level for which he/she is applying, submit a completed application with fee, and pass the certification examination with a grade of 70% or higher.

    Under the operator-in-training provision, an individual may apply to take a grade 1 exam without prior water works experience. There are also provisions for OIT for grades 2 and 3, and education and experience substitution possibilities.


    Faqs: State Water Boards Computerized Operator Certification Exams

    Public Announcements
    FAQs written by SWRCB OOC, Wastewater News
    Who is providing the computer-based testing?

    Prometric is partnering with the State Water Resources Control Board to provide computer-based Operator Certification testing for the Drinking Water Treatment ,Drinking Water Distribution and Wastewater Treatment examinations.

    I already applied in 2020, will I have to reapply?

    If you already applied for an exam in the spring or fall of 2020 and didnt take an emergency exam, you dont need to reapply. If youve already been approved for an exam, we will be sending you details on how to schedule your exam. If youre unsure of your exam status, please contact the Office of Operator Certification at for Wastewater examinations or for Drinking Water examinations.

    My exam was cancelled in 2020. Am I eligible for computer-based testing?

    Yes. Applicants approved for Spring and Fall 2020 exams are approved for computer-based testing. We will be sending you details on how to schedule your exam, and you dont need to submit any additional items.

    What are the application deadlines?

    There are no deadlines to apply for the exams. You can submit an exam application at any time. However, there is a 60-day filing period for Wastewater Treatment exams of Operator Certification regulations). That means the earliest an applicant can take a Wastewater Treatment exam is 60 days from the date we receive their application.

    When will the exams be held?
    How do I schedule an exam date and time?

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    California Water Associations Comment On Draft Dpr Regulations

    On June 24th, WateReuse California on the Water Boards draft Direct Potable Reuse regulations. The coalition letter included ACWA, CUWA, CA-NV Section of AWWA and CASA. WRCA developed these comments after holding a webcast and panel discussion in April to review the draft regulations and solicit comments.

    A DPR Working Group was formed that assisted in the development of the final letter. In 2017 WRCA and California Coastkeepers Alliance co-sponsored AB 574 , which requires the Water Board to develop DPR regulations by 2023.

    Note: The State Water Board requested stakeholder feedback on the Addendum. The public comment period closed on June 25th.

    From the comment letter

    California State University Sacramento Course Change

    On Sept. 20, 2019, CSUS dramatically changed their enrollment of the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume I. The new Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume I is now divided into three separate enrollments. Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Volume I still consists of only one book. However, completion of all chapter trainings are broken out into three enrollments . A student must complete all three enrollments in order to meet the DEP requirements for completion of Volume I.

    There is no change to the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume II. And as a reminder, certificates of completion for both volume I and II are required to sit for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Class C exam.

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    How Do I Become A Certified Operator

    To become a certified operator, you will need to take the Operator Certification Examination. No work experience at a water or wastewater facility is required to complete an operator certification exam in Arizona.

    Examination Requirements

    • To sit for a Grade 1 exam, you must have a high school diploma or GED.
    • Operators must hold the lower-grade-level certificate for one full year , prior to sitting for the next grade level. To check the effective date of the certificate, use the Operator Certification Database .
    • Testing early requires ADEQ approval prior to sitting for the exam. Use the Operator Certification Portal to begin the review process.
    • To start testing at Grade 2 or higher, qualifying education and work experience is required. Please contact the Operator Certification Program for more details.
    • If you recently passed an operator certification exam or received reciprocity from ADEQ, you will need to visit the Operator Certification Portal to apply. If you passed the exam, you’ll need to include the Individual Mastery Report that you received from the Association of Boards of Certification via email . New certificates will not be issued until the application, IMR and fee have been received by ADEQ.

    Before applying for an early exam, please ensure you have the following qualifications :

    Grade 2

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

    Program Fees

    New Certificate $65

    Renewal of One Certificate $150*

    Renewal of Two Certificates $200*

    Renewal of Three Certificates $250*


    Approval Of Programs For Continuing Education Credit

    CALIFORNIA DMV WRITTEN TEST 2021 (Questions & Answers)

    Courses submitted for Continuing Education Credit must relate directly to the operation, maintenance, or management of a drinking water system. Wastewater CECs are managed separately. If you feel that your course could also qualify for wastewater CECs, please see the Wastewater Operator Certification page for the information on applying for wastewater CECs.

    To obtain approval of a training course, the course sponsor must submit an Education and Training Programs CEC Approval Application and a course agenda for each training program electronically to or to one of the addresses on the application. The agenda must list, at a minimum, the topic of discussion for each segment of the program and the duration of each program segment. Please provide as much detail as you can about the topics and learning objectives of your course to help the Drinking Water Advisory Board of Examiners make their decision.

    Following receipt of the application and agenda, the course will be submitted for approval by the ABE. The ABE meets at least twice a year and all meeting dates are posted on the EGLE website. Please submit all courses for approval at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting. All applicants will receive notification of course approval or disapproval as well as specific course completion requirements after the ABE decision. CEC course approval is valid for three years.

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    Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution System Operators

    In 1971, laws and regulations governing the certification of potable water treatment facility operation were enacted. The regulations establish at what level these facilities should be manned, the minimum qualifications for testing at each of the five grade levels, and the criteria for the renewal and revocation of operator certificates.

    In 1998, the United States Environmental Protection Agency established guidelines for the certification and re-certification of operators of community and non-transient non-community public water systems. On January 1, 2001, new state regulations were adopted to comply with these guidelines and the existing water treatment operator certification program was modified accordingly. The new regulations also established a water distribution operator certification program. This program became the Drinking Water Operator Certification Program .

    The DWOCP was originally under the Department of Health Services and then the California Department of Public Health. In 2014, the DWOCP was transferred to the State Water Resources Control Board in the Division of Financial Assistance.

    The DWOCP is responsible for the testing and certification of approximately 35,000 water treatment and water distribution operators throughout the state of California.

    California Water Treatment Exam Dates

    WATER TREATMENT OPERATOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Final Filing Date T1 – T4 Test Dates T5 Test Dates March 1, 2019 May 18, 2019 June 2019* August 30, 2019 November 2, 2019 December 2019* Exam dates are subject to State Water Board approval. Applications must be POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE the final filing date to be considered for the current

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