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What Do You Need To Know About The Ca Notary Exam

Notary Public Training California (Exam)

If you wish to start working as a notary in California, you should first focus on passing the notary exam. A notary test is not mandatory in every state, but California needs you to pass it and prove you are capable of performing the job properly.

A private company, Cooperative Personnel Services , administers this proctored exam. This is a written test, and you will have to answer 70% of questions correctly to pass.

The Secretary of State will process test scores of participants who manage to get such scores. The ones who fail will get their retake voucher and original application back.

What Are The Best Methods To Get Ready For The Notary Exam In California

Youll need to use the ancient old technique for passing any knowledge examstudying. It works because it ensures you have the knowledge you can use on the test later on.

You will have to study for the notary exam simply because you were not born with the knowledge of the notarys responsibilities and tasks. The question is not what, but how to study.

The first part of this process is a bit dry since you will have to read the Notary Public Handbook for the state of California. You shouldnt skip this step because this book contains every piece of information you need to pass the notary test.

It is not easy to remember everything you read in the handbook, and thats when practice tests come of use. Once youve read the book a few times, you can check your knowledge with practice tests. This study method even brings a bit of fun with it, but mind which one you choose. For accurate information and updated question forms, you should opt for DoNotPay!

California Notary Practice Exam

The best place to take a California notary practice test is through your education course provider, but not every provider offers practice tests. Many students do not realize that this is an important factor in choosing a notary course until it is too late. They have either already paid for and/or completed a course that didnt include practice or they have already failed the exam because they didnt get to practice.

If you have not yet chosen a course provider, we recommend finding a course that includes practice tests. This will help you to not only complete the education that is required by the Secretary of State but also give you an advantage in passing the notary exam on your first attempt.

However, if youve already taken a course from another provider, you can also find practice tests that are sold separately.

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Can You Take The California Notary Exam Online

You may be wondering if you can complete the California notary public state exam online. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The exam must be taken in person. However, dont let this discourage you!

It must be completed in person through CPS HR Consulting, which is the Secretary of States only authorized notary public exam provider.

The California Notary Exam Questions

Ca Notary Practice Exam 2020

The California notary exam is administered by the Cooperative Personnel Service and is considered one of the most strict and demanding application requirements for notaries in America, with a passing score of 70%.

On your California notary exam, you will get 45 questions, and you will need to answer 33 correctly to pass. The questions are multiple-choice, and you have an hour to complete your exam.

If you fail your California notary exam, you will not be able to take it again in the same month.

Preparing For The California Notary Exam Questions

You can begin your exam preparation process with the Notary Public Handbook and use it as a guide. All the questions on your exam come from that manual, so make sure you read it from A to Z.

You can also look up the study material online and make notes, flashcards, or even a presentation. If you see that you still have room for improvement, you can take an online course and research the laws.

Think about what type of learner you are and use it to your advantage. If you are a visual learner, make a PowerPoint presentation or read through your notes several times. If you fall into the auditory type, listen to lectures online or record yourself and play the recording until you have all the questions and answers memorized.

Choose whichever method you think will help you memorize the questions.

Practice tests are your best friend when it comes to any exam! They are the easiest way to acquire and check your knowledge until you are certain that you got this in the bag!

Donotpay Can Help You Pass The Notary Exam In Ca

The notary test in California is simple if you use DoNotPays practice test to get ready for it. Take the practice test as many times until you feel completely prepared for the real deal. You can retake the questions immediately or wait to finish the test and then retake it. Here are the only instructions you need to take:

What Is The Best Way For Me To Study For The Notary Exam In California

The state requires that all notary public applicants take an approved notary public course and submit a proof of completion certificate from that course along with the notary public application that is submitted to the Secretary of State.

Although these courses cover all of the material that can be tested on the state exam, many students find that they need additional practice in order to pass.

However, most state-approved notary public courses do not offer additional study resources. In-person courses typically do not have enough time in the day to cover all of the required material and then administer exams for practice.

Many online courses fail to offer a practice test along with their curriculum. This often leaves students ill-prepared for the difficulty of the notary state exam. A good practice exam can help the potential notary public to test their knowledge by answering practice exam questions to help the test taker to know what material needs to be studied in more detail.

If a students answer to a practice question about a specific topic is incorrect, then that is a good indicator that the student needs to study that topic in more detail before taking the Secretary of State exam. And if a students answer to questions about a specific topic continues to be correct, then that means that a student can focus valuable study time elsewhere.

In The 100% Passing Guarantee

California Notary Class and Exam

We guarantee you will pass the Notary Public State Exam if your purchase our current Notary Public Study Guide. This guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to pass your state exam.

*How our Money-Back Guarantee Works

After you have used our study guide to practice for the State Exam and you attempt and fail the State Exam three times, we will refund 100% of the course and study guide purchase price.

What we expect

All we ask is you make every effort to retake the State Exam in a timely manner if you fail to retake the state exam within 6-months from the time you failed your first attempt and no more than 9-months from the time you purchased our course and study guide to receive a 100% cash refund.

How To Request A Refund

In the unlikely event that you do fail the state exam three times, please email copies of your fail exam letters along with your Notary Council account user name. We will process your request within 15 busy days. Note: The name on your account and name on the failed receipts must match. Money-back guarantee is void after 9-months has passed from the time you purchased the course and study guide.

Please Be Advised: You are responsible for paying for the State Exam and retakes. Your first attempt is $40, and each additional retake is $20.

What Score Do You Need To Pass The California Notary Exam

Many notary public candidates are confused by the way the state scores tests. These people assume that it is scored in percentages. But in fact, the state uses what they call a scaled score instead of a percentage to score these tests.

To pass the test, you need to get a score of at least 70. The Notary public examination has 100 questions and a scaled score from 0-100 is given for people who take it.

The scaled score is not like a percent and cannot be calculated by dividing the number correct by the total number of questions on your state exam.

A scaled score is a conversion of how well you did on one test to the scale used for all other versions of the test. The actual math formula used to make this calculation is not public information.

When you have many tests with different questions, it is not possible to set a specific number for passing. For this reason, the pass point of each test is set based on how difficult the questions are.

The pass points for the state exam are adjusted so that each state exam is the same difficulty. By considering any differences in difficulty between the exams, everyone has the same chance to pass and the way that scores are interpreted will always be the same.

If you pass the test, you get a scaled score between 70 and 100. If you fail the test, then your scaled score is between 0 and 69.

Is The California Notary Exam Hard

For some test-takers, the state exam might be difficult.

The test was modified several years ago to make it much more challenging. Some notaries public who previously passed the old version found the current version to be much more difficult to complete with a passing score.

Many exam takers find it hard to find the right answers if they have not taken an exam prep course that lets them practice for the state exam.

Why Prepare For The Notary Test In California

Assuming you want to start your notary job as soon as possible, you wouldnt want to prolong getting your notary license. If you dont prepare for the test, you wont be able to passits that simple.

In case you fail your notary test in California, you will be able to retake it, but only once during the same month. Setting aside some time for notary test preparation will get you feeling confident enough once the time comes to prove your knowledge.

Notary Exam Practice Test


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    Passing a notary exam isnt required in every state, but in California, it is. The California notary exam is not an easy one either. It will take time and effort to memorize all the California notary exam questions and ultimately pass the test. You can lean on DoNotPay for guidance and a variety of practice tests!

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